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DINAS POWIS HIGHWAY BOARD. The monthly meeting of this Board was held at the St. Nicholes Police Court, on Wedesday. General Lee presided, and there were also present Mr. Tudor Crawshay, Mr. Valentine Trayes, Mr. Williams, Mr. W. Lougher, Mr. T. Thomas, Mr. D. Lougher, Mr. W. Evans, Mr. Oliver Thomas, Mr. Morris (clerk), and Mr. F. Laurens (surveyor.) The minutes of th? the last meeting were read and signed by the Chairman. The Clerk reported that he had exchanged agree- ments on behalf of the Board with the Barry Railway Company, and the company had paid over the £100 agreed on. The Surveyor's report was read. In it the Surveyor reported that the fencing around the St. Lythan quarry had beed carried out at a cost of X2 10s. The Surveyor reported that the contractor for the widening of the Wenvoe parish road, com- menced his work on the 13th of September. The agreement was that he should be paid half the amount when half the work was done.-As the work would be half completed in a month, he asked that a cheque be made payable on his ap- proval.—Mr. Williams drew attention to the way in which the contractor was making the work. He had never seen a bank so wretchedly constructed. The contractor had had no experience of bank- constructing, and the bank would, undoubtedly, have to come down.—The Chairman thought the Board should take the whole of the bank down, as he thought it was the fault of their section.—Mr. Williams said he thought the contractor should take the bank down at his own expense, as he had had no business to undertake work he knew nothing about.—The Chairman said that was quite so, but he thought there was something else wrong besides the bank. It was of no use putting a -good bank on a bad bottom. He suggested that a sub- committee should be formed to view the bank.—It was unanimously agreed that General Lee, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Williams should form a sub- committee, and they were instructed to pay the contractor £ 150 when he had finished half the work to their satisfaction, the matter of the bank to stand over for a month. The Surveyor reported that the culvert it was decided to make at Greenaown Farm, Bonvilstone, had cost £ 16 instead pf £ 15, owing to having made the culvert 5ft. longer.—It was agreed te pay the extra dCl. The Surveyor reported that the dry wall on the highway at St. Andrews was in a bad state, and should be rebuilt.—The Chairman said he had seen the wall for two years past, and although it wanted re-building, there was no immediate hurry, and it would be advisable to leave it until the finances of the Board were in a more flourishing condition.- This was agreed to. On the suggestion of the Surveyor, and after a long conversation, it was decided to give notice to the farmers to trim their hedges and remove the road scrapings opposite their lands. — If the scrapings were not taken away within a week, the Surveyor was instructed to have them cleared away. Mr. Thomas brought forward the condition of the Wenvoe-road, near Mr. Nell's residence, and the matter was referred to the surveyor. Mr. Frank Emery, appeared before the Board, and asked that the Board should allow him e2 compensation for damages caused to his horse and harness on the 13th September last by the horse stumbling into a hole, on the Board's highway, caused by a defective culvert.-On the proposition of Mr. Williams, seconded by Mr. W. Lougher, it was decided that the clerk should write and offer Mr. Emery £ 1.