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BARRY DISTRICT NEWS. BARRY. RAILWAY MISSION.—The Converted Coppersmith a' will preach at the Barry Dock Public Hall, Thompson- street, next Sunday at 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 8.30 p.m. All are invited to come. Also The Band of Pilgrims" will conduct services at the Mission Hall in Board School-road, Barry, next Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Yau are heartily invited. HARVEST THANKSGIVING.—The annual harvest thanksgiving services will be held next Sunday at St. Paul's Church, East Barry. The preacher in the evening will be the Rev. E. F. Daniells. Suitable hymns and anthems will be sung, and there will, no doubt, be large attendances during the dav. t.O.G.T.—The usual weekly meeting was held on Tuesday evening, C. T. Ward (in the chair). The Rev. Christmas Lewis was enrolled a member of the lodge, amid great applause. The report of the representatives of the district lodge was read and accepted. Bro. Robins resigned his office of lodge deputy, his term having expired. It was unanimously resolved to recommend to the G.C.T. his re-election. After the lodge business had been disposed of, the following programme was gone through :—Song, Miss Attwood address, Bro. C. Lewis song, Miss Robins; address. Bro. J. Lewis; song, Bro. Richards. ST. JOHN'S AMBULANCE CLASSES.—Another series of St. John's Ambulance lectures are about being commenced at Barry, by Dr. Kelly. York-place, as lecturer. An inaugural meeting was held last Tues- dav at the Police Station, Barry, when the following officers were elected :—Mr. H. de Boer, chairman; Mr. H. G. Collins, treasurer; and Mr. Thomas Parkinson, secretary. The meeting was very well attended, and gave promise of a splendid class, which should take the cake, as far as certificates go, because Dr. Kelly's success as a lecturer is already well known at Barry. The meetings are to take place every Friday night at 8.30. at the Police Station, Barry, the first lecture being to-night (Friday). All those desirous of joining are invited to attend and for further particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Parkinson, Pembroke Chambers, Barry Dock. MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR.-On Monday two engine- drivers found a man lying on the breakwater at Barry Dock. He appeared to be in a fit, and the men called Police-Constable Franks and Mr. G Bartlett, berthing- master, who is a member of the St. John Ambulance Society. The man was removed to Mr. Full's coffee tavern close by, where he was soon brought round. He stated that he was at Swansea, and wanted to get to London, and hearing that an excursion was leaving Oardiff for London that morning, he decided to tramp that far, and having 6s., the amount of the fare, in his pocket, he had abstained from food two or three days in order not to spend it. After leaving Barry Town he was seized with a fit and wandered on to the Dreale- water. where he became unconscious and was found some hours later as stated. When found his pockets had been rifled, nothing being left but his purse and a few papers stating who he was. His name is Henry Lay, and his home is in London. A few charitable friends have decided to pay his fare home. BARRY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH IMPROVE- MENT SOCIETY.-The 1892-3 session of this society was successfully opened on Wednesday evening with a conversazione at the Congregational Church. There was a large number of members and friends present, among whom we noticed the Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A. Coresident), Alderman J. C. Meggitt, Mr. Jones, Mr. J C. Pardoe (surveyor of the Local Board), Captain Murrell, Mr. E. Gould, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Inglis, Mr. W. H. Morgan, Mr. J. Davies, &c. The tables were neatly laid with good things for the inner-man, and were presided over by the young ladies of the society, who carried out their duties in a most excellent manner, and to the satisfaction of all. The pro- gramme', which was a capital one, was arranged by Mr. W. H. Morgan, and was gone through without a. hitch. During the evening the secretary, Mr. F. Murrell. read out to the audience the syllabus which has been prepared for the first half of the session, in which a.re four debates, one upon Should ministers take an active part in politics," and another upon the subject" Should the Christian Church provide amuse- ments for the people." He also announced the names of the following officers :-Presidellt, the Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A.; vice-presidents. Mr. E. Gould, Alder- -man J. U. Meggitt, Mr. W. H. Morgan, Captain F. Murrell. and Mr. S. A. Williams; treasurer, Miss A. Mackness; secretary, Mr. Frank Murrell, St. Osyth, Barry committee, Miss Cookson. Miss Cockram, Miss George Mr. J. O. Davies, Mr. J. Rains, Mr. W. H. Guest 'and Mr. Mitchell Landrey. The proceedings were very ablv presided over by Mr. E. Gould, who, in a brief speech, referred to the starting of the society, and also stated that the session was likely to prove a successful one from the excellent manner it had been opened that evening, and with such a good audience. He then called upon the Misses Williams to open the following programme with a pianoforte duett; song, Miss F. Murrell: song, Miss Taylor; song, "Every "bullet has its billett," Mr. J. Cant; after which Mr. John Porter contributed a capital piccolo solo, for which he received a well-merited encore. A very amusing sketch by Mr. W. H. Morgan brought the first part -to a close following which was an interval for refresh- ments. The second part of the programme was opened by Mr. Simmonds, who gave a pianoforte solo; recita- tion, Mr. John Davies; song, "Anchored," Mr. W. H. Morgan (encore, Cymru Fydd "); reading," Scotch," Mr. Inglis. The singing of the Doxology brought to a close a most enjoyable evening each one present being perfectly satisfied with the opening meeting of the society, which bids to succeed. The accompanists were Miss A. Mackness and Miss Taylor, who performed the duties devolving upon them in their usual good style. -On Wednesday evening next, at 7.30, in the large class-room, will take place the opening debate, when all are invited to attend. The subject for debate is, "Am strikes justifiable and of ultimate advantage to the working classes." It will be opened in the affirmative by Mr. °Bert Summers, who will be followed by a paper in the negative by Mr. J. Davies, of the Barry Rail- way Company. The secretary wishes us to state that anyone can. upon payment of one shilling for the six months, become a member, who will thus be entitled to the privileges of debate, and to vote upon the dif- ferent subject. FOOT RACE.—One evening this week fully 100 per- sons were spectators of a mile race, which took place on Colcott-road, near Barry, for £1 a-side, between Mr. Hill, manager of the Working Men's Club, Holton- road, and Mr. G. Thomas, Castleland-street, both of Barry Dock. Both men ran well, but Mr. Hill was the favourite, bets of 2 to 1 being frequently taken in his favour. Hill led the greater part of the way, when he gave up, but Thomas finished the run, and was de- clared the winner. Both men were well on in years. CARDIFF STAR V. BARRY.—The following team will don the jersey for the Barry team to-morrow in the match with the former at Cardiff :-Back, Giggs three-quarter backs, A. J. Medcroft (capt.), J. Rees, J. •Jones, J. T. Saunders half-backs, J. J. Davies and A. Dunn; forwards, T. Williams, D. Lester, R. Williams, J. Porter, A. Williams, Perry, W. Davies, and A. N. Other. CONCERT.—On Wednesday evening the third annnal concert, in connection with the Welsh Congregational Church, was held at the Welsh Congregational Chapel. A first-rate programme had been prepared, and had attracted a crowded and representative attendance. Mr. John Cory, of Porthkerry Park, had been announced to preside, but he was unavoidably prevented from attending, and his place was ably taken by Mr. J. Rees, who said he regretted to state that Mr. Sandford Jones was unable come and sing, as he was laid up with bronchial affection. Madame Glanffrwd Thomas (Llinos y De) made her first appearance at Barry, and the rapturous encores given her every song will, no doubt, be a very pleasant memory to her. She possesses a clear soprano of more than ordinary com- pass, and her voice was kept well under control, and the many little bravura trillos with which she en- hanced her singing lent a very pretty effect. Her rendering of "Come to the Greenwood" was per- fection, and afforded a musical treat to the audience they seldom meet with at Barry. Miss Devonald M.C.W., the other lady artiste, who possesses a very feeling alto voice, we must speak of in high praise. We feel justly proud of the Barry Male Voice Party. Their chorus singing more thanjustificdany predictions of success which we have predicted for them in the past. Perhaps the "Valiant Warriors," which was given in good time and martial style, was the best of their efforts, but the chorus, -'Sleep, 0 Sleep," was also a treat. Professor E. P. Mills accompanied the different songs. The proceedings were terminated byithe singing of "Hen Wlad fv Nhadau," which was led off by Eos Wenallt and Llinos y De. The following was the programme :— Pianoforte solo, Professor E. P. Mills chorus, Sleep, 0 sleep." Male Voice Party song, Llam y cariadau," Eos Wenallt (encored); song, "Holy City," Miss S. Devonald; song, "Off to Philadelphia," Mr. D. Farr; song, Nymphs and shepherds," Llinos y De (encore, 11 Killarney "); chorus, Valiant warriors," Male Voice Party; ipianoforte solo, Professor E. P. Mills; song, Come to the greenwood," Llinos y De (encore, "Bells of Aberdovey") song, Children s Home," Eos Wenallt; song, "The Briton's Lament," Miss S. Devonald (encore, "Pretty maid at college); duet, Eos Wenallt and Llinos y De song, Angels ever bright and fair," Miss Devonald; song, "Star of Bethlehem," Eos Wenallt; song, "Yr ehedydd," Llinos yDe; quartette, "Good-night, beloved," Mrs. G. Thomas, Miss Devonald, Mr. Farr, and Mr. TISmiYOUR WATCH WRONG ? IF SO, and you wish it put in reliable order, why go to town when you oan get anv class of Watch, repairs done «<jually well at Barry by W. COOMBS, Market Hall ] Buildings, late with Mr J Hettich 60, Queen-street, Cardiff [301 To follow a good example" is praiseworthy, but to offer a spuriousimitatio. II of a good medicinal pre- paration, in order to profit thereby and defraud the public, is a mean and despicable act. Avoid imita- tions of Gwilym Evans' Bitters, many of which are being palmed upon the public as genuine Quinine Bitters. See advt. page. [17 BARRY DOCK. ACCIDENT TO A STEAMER.-On Thursday after- noon, whilst the steamer Glenfield, of Stockton, was on her way from the dock to the basin, loaded with coal, she collided violently with the pierhead, doing considerable damage to herself, pierhead, and the hydraulic pipes, thereby causing a temporary stoppage of the dock gate and tips. Fourteen of her plates were knocked in, and her stern got badly damaged. The estimated coat of the damage altogether is be- tween £300 and £ 400. The vessel was subsequently discharged, and will in due course enter the Graving Dock for repairs. ACCIDENT.—As a workman named Wardrup, who lives at 8, Glebe-street, Cadoxton, was on Tuesday last at some buildingsin Thompson-street, Barry Dock, he met with a serious accident. He was engaged in carrying stones up a ladder, when one of the rungs gave way, and he fell down a distance of 13ft. to the ground. He sustained a severe injury to the right arm and a scalp wound about 10 inches in extent. Dr. O'Donnell was called in, and though the injuries were found to be serious, Wardrup is making satisfactory progress. LARGE SAILING VESSEL.-The largest British sailing vessel that has yet docked at Barry came in with Tuesday evening's tide. Her net register is 1,263I!tons, and gross register 3,444. She is 346ft. long by 46ft. and 25ft. 5in. She arrived here in tow of the Liverpool tug, the William Joliffe, from Sunderland. The vessel is quite new; and will load her first cargo, which will be coal, to be shipped by Messrs. Cory Bros., Ltd., at Barry Dock. for Rio Janeiro. The builders itre Messrs. Piukergill and Co., Sunderland, and she is fitted with steam winches and all the most modern improvements for working cargoes and dispatch. Her owners are Messrs. E. F. and W. Roberts, Liverpool, for whom Mr. S. A. Williams acts at Barry Dock. On Saturday and Sunday the general public will be allowed to inspect the vessel, and a collection in aid of the Cottage Hospital and Nursing Association will be made. PRIMITIVE METHODIST MISSION.—Mr. Oldfield (Cardiff) will preach in the Mission-room, Holton- road, on Sunday next, October 9th, at 11 and 6.30. FIRE.—On Wednesday morning, at about 12.30, what might have been a very serious fire took place at 42, Regent-street, the residence of Mrs. Neath. It appears that at the time mentioned, the sister-in-law of Mrs. Healy, a lodger, went upstairs for a chair, and whilst on the stairs saw smoke issuing from the back bedroom, which is over the kitchen. She at once rushed into the street, and called the assist- ance of two young men who were passing. They succeeded in putting the fire out, but the con- tents of the room were entirely spoilt. The fire is supposed to have been originated by a spark going from the kitchen fire into the bedroom flue and igniting some shavings there, which must have caught the bedding. No injury, except a few burns, were inflicted on those who extinguished the fire. ACCIDENT.-On Wednesday morning a man named Arthur Wells, Basset-street. Cadoxton, working at the deep-sea entrance, Barry Dock, met with a serious accident by falling from the side wall down on the rock bottom, causing a severe wound in his head. Dr. Powell attended him at his lodgings, and he is now progressing favourably. CADOXTON. LABOURERS' UNION.—Mr. W. Harper, who for the last three years has acted as secretary to the Cadoxton Branch of the National Amalgamated Labourers' Union, has relinquished that position. It was with great difficulty that Mr. Harper could get the branch to accept his resignation-a reluctance which testifies to the very satisfactory manner in which Mr. Harper has carried out his duties. The branch, finding that Mr. Harper could not be prevailed upon to continue in office, unanimously decided to elect Mr. W. J. Waller to the vacant position. The number of members at present belonging to the branch is between 200 and 300. I.O.G.T.-The usual weekly meeting of the St. David's Lodge was held on Thursday last, Bro. W. E. Davies, C.T., in the chair. Bro. Richards resigned his post of lodge deputy, his term of office having expired. The lodge unanimously resolved to recommend to the G.C.T. his re-election. At the conclusion of business, the following programme was proceeded with :— Speech, Bro. S. Davies, senr. song, Miss Attwood recitation, Bro. Pearce song, Bro. Richards; speech, Bro. Horsey. BOARD OF TRADE EXAMINATIONS.—At the Board of Trade examination held in Cardiff this week for engineers' certificates of competency Mr. John F. Morgan, Llanelly, was successful in passing (first class). Mr. Morgan is a brother of the head machinist of the South Wales Star. SCHOLASTIC.—We would bring before the residents of the district, who are seirching for a thoroughly efficient school to send their daughters to, the fact that the scholastic establishment at the Court, ef which the Misses Small are the principals, is without doubt one of the most superior and excellent schools in this part of the county. The Misses Small are assisted by a fully qualified and experienced staff, which includes Mrs. Aldana, of Penarth, who teaches French and German. The curriculum is a most comprehensive one, and in- cludes the teaching of all the many accomplishments which every lady should possess. The arrangements for boarders are excellent. The Court is situated in one of the most healthy parts of the district, and the grounds afford unusual opportunities for exercise. Every home comfort is given, and from every point we can confidently recommend the Court School to all parents and guardians who are in want of a really superior school. There is also connected with it a Kindergarten for little boys, which is under excellent control. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICER.-The har- vest thanksgiving services of the Parish Church, Cadoxton, were held on Wednesday night last. The Church was beautifully decorated with evergreens, flowers, plants, &c., intermingled with different kinds of fruit, very tastefully arranged, and giving the building a most attractive appearanee. The Rev. E. W. Williams, of the Cogan Church Mission, preached an excellent and interesting sermon, taking for his text, Be not deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth so shall he reap." The rev. gentleman dwelt in eloquent terms upon the thankful- ness we ought to feel towards the Almighty for the many benefits we daily received, and the wonderful resources God had opened to man; and concluded with the exhortation t,1 the congregation to make the service a thanksgiving service in deed as well as name. Special hymns were sung by the Church choir, and the anthem Daughter of Sion," was especially well rendered. Miss Porter officiated at the organ. The whole of the decorations were arranged by the Misses Jenkins, Miss Morgan, and Miss Porter.—At the close of the service a collection was made towards the Curacy Funds. THE STEAM LAUNDRY.—A meeting of the direc- tors of the Steam Laundry was held on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Lewis Lewis was elected secretary in the place of Mr. D. Shaw. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.-On Sunday last the anniversary services of the Cadoxton Wesleyan Chapel were held, and were very largely attended. Special hymns and anthems were rendered under the leadership of Mr. Davies, Mr. Wensley presided at the organ. The preacher was the Rev. H. Graham Payn, who preached very eloquent sermons at the morn- ing and evening services.—On Wednesday last tho annual tea party was held at the same building. The ladies who assisted at the tables were Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. B. Lewis, Mrs. Daviesj Mrs. Gear, and Mrs. Wensley. In the evening a meet- ing was held in the chapel, at which Mr. Kernick presided. The speakers were the Revs. R. Jenkin (superintendent of the circuit), H. G. Payn, and T. Fawthrop. At the close of the meeting a collection was made in aid of the trustee funds. EX.HIIS A TIONS. The examination in the local School Board will be as follows :—Holton: October 12,13,14,17, 18; Barry Dock: October 11, 19, 20; Cadoxton October 21, 26, 27. CADOXTON ROVERS F.C.—A meeting of the mem- bers of the above club was held at Archer's Coffee Tavern, Main-street, on Wednesday evening last, for the purpose of electing officers, when the following were elected:—Captain, Mr. S. W. Hooper vice- captain. Mr. E. Howell; secretary and treasurer, Mr. H. M. Williams. The committee appointed consisted of the following :—Messrs. G. Dando, W. Bowkes, A. John, and D. H. James. The following will represent the club to-morrow (Saturday) with the Holton Crusaders:—Back, D. H. James; three-quarter backs, S. Hodge (captain), A. John, E. Howell, and G. Tamblyn half-backs, H. M. Williams and Watson forwards, M. Evans, J. Price, A. Dare, W. Bowles, C. Dando, P. Deere, M. Miles, and W. James. Reserve F. Wilson. CHORAL UNION.—We are requested to state that the next practice of the above will take place this (Friday) evening, at eight p.m., in the assembly-room of the Shaftesbury Temperance Hotel, Vere-street Cadoxton. It is intended to take up a better work this winter than last, and a most cordial welcome is given to all music-lovers to join, and it is hoped they will attend in good numbers this (Friday) evening. Mr. W. Howe has been re-elected conductor, and Mr. W. E. Davies secretary. We wish the society every success, and trust that their efforts this winter will prove as successful as of last winter, which proved one t of the finest performances ever produced in the dis- trict and when we consider that the proceeds of the performance ( £ 8) were handed over to the funds of the Barry, Cadoxton, and District Nursing Association, all cannot fail to see that the society is deserving of every support. WENVOE. PLOUGHING MATCH.—From an advertisement in another column it will be noticed that the annual dis- trict ploughing match will be held at Nantbrane Farm, St. Nicholas, on the 13th inst. A first-rate programme has been arranged, and valuable prizes will be given. It is anticipated that this year's match will be unusually successful, a lot of good entries having been secured. DINAS POWIS. DINAS POWIS F.C. v. WHARTON F.C., CARDIFF. —These teams tried conclusions on Wednesday after- noon last in real football weather, and before a fair field of spectators, on the Common. The game resulted in a win for the homesters, the half-time score reading Dinas Powis, 2 tries, 1 minor Wharton, nil whilst the final score was, Dinas Powis, 2 goals, 4 tries, 2 minors; Wharton, nil. The following composed the Dinas Powis team Back, B. H. Alexander; three- quarter backs. A. Jones. E. Cule, H Miles (capt.), and C. Harry half-backs, Pauley and J. Rees forwards, W. Rees, W. Jossen, V. Cohertson, Ludger, W. D. Williams, T. Ashton, A. J. Williams, and W. Howells. SULLY. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES.—Harvest thanksgiving services were on Wednesday evening conducted at the Parish Church by the Rev. Chancellor Wood, Llandevand, Mon., and who was formerly rector of this parish for 38 years. The interior of the Church had been neatly dressed with flowers, wheat, &c., by Mr. Daniells (the Rectory) and Miss Maxwell, pulpit, lectern, and front, attracting the attention of the many that assembled in the Church during the evening. The services commenced at 7.30 before a large congregation, who attentively listened to the eloquent sermon of the above rev. gentleman. During the evening, the choir sang in an exquisite manner the 107th Psalm, and was accompanied on the organ by Miss Collins, schoolmistress. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, wheat, and corn were contributed by Miss Rees, Sunny House the Rev. Mr. Daniells, Rectory Mrs. Thomas, Cog Farm and Mr. Thomas, The Hayes. PORTHCAWL. HARVEST FESTIVAL.—Harvest thanksgiving ser- vices were held in the St. John's Church, Newton Nottage, on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 27 and 28. On Tuesday evening the Rev. David Pugh, rector of Bettws, preached in Welsh to a small congre- gation, undoubtedly owing to the very wet weather which prevailed. On Wednesday the congregations were larger, the church being filled during the evening service. On Wednesday there was a celebration of Holy Communion at 8 a.m. At 11 a.m. a sermon was preached by the Rev. Stephen Jackson, vicar of Llan- gynwyd. In the evening the Rev. David Phillips, Llangeinor, preached, and the Revs. William Jones and R. W. Gordon read the lessons and prayers. Offer- tories were tak»n at each service towards the funds of the Cardiff Infirmary. The church was very prettily decorated with flowers, fruit, &-c., and suitable texts. FOOTBALI.The Porthcawl team have now entered well upon their winter work, having already played three matches, and, shall we say it-lost each one. The three matches already played have been against 'a Cogan, Llantwit, and Bridgend. The match with the latter team on Saturday last was most stubbornly con- tested from first to last, with the result named. ALTERATION OF TBAINS.—The beginning of this month witnessed a great alteration in the number of trains running to and from Porthcawl, no less than 10 being discontinued. The usual winter trains only run now until further notice. PENMARK. HARVEST THANKSGIVING.-The harvest thanks- giving services were held in the Parish Church on Wednesday evening last. The Church was crowded to excess, several ladies and gentlemen from Barry being amongst the congregation. The decorations were very prettily arranged, and the fruit, flowers, and corn presented a very pleasing effect. The Rev. Canon Roberts, of Cardiff, preached an impressive sermon, taking his text from the 4th of St. Mark, part of 28th verse, "First the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear." There was a full choral service. The choir rendered the anthem, Lord of the Harvest," in a very creditable manner. The vicar, the Rev. E. Morgan, read the service, and O. H. Jones, Esq., J.P., read the lessons. The collec- tion was in aid of the Cardiff Infirmary. The tenor solos were taken by Mr. G F. Willett and Mr. Jones. LLANTWIT-MAJOR. CONCERT.—On Wednesday in last week -a very successful concert was given at the Town-hall, the proceeds were for the benefit of the Bethel Baptist Church Restoration Fund. Dr. Simpson occupied the chair, and the room was crowded, and a very good balance will be available to such a worthy object. Mr. D. Afanlais Lewis made his debut before a Llantwit audience, and well sustained a reputation which came before him. Mr. J. Edwards, baritone, an old favourite at Llantwit, added to his popularity; while Miss Charlotte Ann Hopkins and Mrs. Kibblewhite sang in good taste. Mr. Wm. Evans (Pelagms) gave two good recitations, and Mr. Wilkins a couple of solos on the violin. Mr. E. John was the accompanist. FOOTBALL.—On Saturday the Llantwit team journeyed to Cowbridge to play the first of four matches arranged for this season. The team was somewhat weak, several young players donning the war paint for the first time. A good game resulted in a win for the home team by 2 goals. 1 try, to 3 minors. The game was a very even one. The Cowbridge men were penned in their own 25 for three-fourths of the time, but the visitors were, through want of playing with their heads, instead of trusting too much to strength, unable to take advantage of their opportu- nities to add more than minors. Cowbridge were able to enlist the services of Whapham, the Oxonian, who is a native of the town, and he made two splendid tries, his fine turn of speed and clever, all-round play being equal to his celebrated brother, the Swansea three- quarter.