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COTTAGE HOSPITAL AND NURSING ASSOCIATION. TRADES' COUNCIL COLLECTION. The following is a list of the collections received up to date by the Barry District Trades' Council for the proposed Cottage Hospital and Nursing Associa- tion :-Ship Nvri,hts, Dry Dock, per Mr. R. White, 14s. 8d. carpenters and joiners. Dry Dock, per Mr. J. W. Flowers, 10s. moulders, Dry Dock, per Mr. Johnstone, 7s. 6d. Steam Launch, Barry Dock, per Mr. Fowler, lis. 9d. employej Lace and Wills, per Mr. Bendall. 41 14s. (id. employes C. H. Bailey, per Mr. Brown, 5s. 9d. employes Junction Dry Dock and Engineering, per Mr. Irish, 2s. 6d. ditto, ditto, Is. 6d. Gould's Foundry employes, per Mr. Gould, lis.; Hodges and Hill's employes, per Mr. H. Clovery, 4s. 6d. High Level Tippers, No. 2 Section, per Mr. J. Lovering, 9s. Low Level ditto, per Mr. C. Reeves, 7s. 4d.; employes Phillips n.nd Evans, per Mr. J. James, 3s. 6d. employes D. Morgan. Holion (in four items), per Mr. W. Copp, ;0 employes Mr. Guernsey, Holton-road, per Mr. Guernsey, 6s. 6d.; employes Lloyd and Topse, builders, per Mr. Robbins, 5s. 6d. employes Mr. Robbins, Station-street, (two collections), per Mr. Robbins, 9s.; employes Mr. Denning, Guthrie- street, 6s. 3d.; employes Mr. Ince, per Mr. H. Fisher, £ 1 2s. 6d. ditto, per Mr. T. S. Thomas, 4s.; ditto ditto, 7s. employes Mr. Rutter, Barry, per T. Gardener, £ 1 9s. employes Mr. D. Jones, Lloyd's Bank, Barry Dock, per Mr. A. Reeves, 4s. 6d.; employes Mr. Sydenham, builder, per Mr. Syden- ham, £ 1 4s. 6d. employes Mr. Rouledge, builder, per Mr. Margree, :!s. lOd.; employes Mr. S. Hop- kins, Barry, per Mr. T. S. Thomas, £ 1 Is. 3d.; Mr. Munn, an employe of Mr. Small, builder, Is. em- ployes on Island Hotel, per Mr. Barratt, £ 1 3s.; employes of Pile and Bass on cottages, per Mr. Venning, 4s. Cd. employes of Caen Bros., Cadox- ton, per Mr. John Lee, lls. 6d.; employes ard friends of Mr. Gilead Brock, 13s. Od.; employes of Mr. Williams, Victoria Hotel, per Mr. Goodman, 14s. Od. employes of Mr. Long. Barry, per Mr. Long, 16s. 6d. Mr. Delve, builder, Is. Od. employes of Mr. Money, per Mr. T. Henson, £ 1 5s. 4d. employes of Mr. J. Davies, Kenilwoith-road, per Mr. J. Davies. 12s. 6d.; employes of Mr. D. Griffiths, Cadoxton, per Mr. Bricknell, 4s. Od. employes of Mr. W. Trigg, Cadoxton, per Mr. E. W. Summer, iis. Od.; employes of Mr. D. Love, con- tractor, per Mr. Baker, 8s. Od.; employes in Cadox- ton Cutting and friends, per Mr. F. Wyatt, 12s. 6d.; employes of Local Board, per Mr. Wakeham, £ 1 6s. Sd.; employes of Morgan Bros. and friends, per Mr. Hughes, £3 10s. 6d.; ditto, ditto, 10s. Od. employes of Mr. Roberts, painter, Barry, per Mr. Roberts, 4s. 6d.: employes of Mr. Ravenhill, painter, Barry Dock, per Mr. Robins. 7s. Od. employes of JSmrr-y Dock Ketvs, per Mr. 1. LI. Thomas, 8s. Od.; Glamorgan Coal Trimmers, per Messrs. T. Hayea and W. Rees, £1 10s.; John Amos and friends, 5s. Od. employes of Barry Dock Hydraulic Department, per Mr. A. Heard, £ 1 6s. 6d.; carriage and wagon builders' men, per Mr. T. Hale, 12s. 3d.; Coal Tippers, No. 1 section, per Mr. J. Rees, 10s. 6d. Coal Tippers No. 1 section, per Mr. W. Baker, lis. Od.; Barry running sheds, per Mr. F. Payne, 11 2s. 6d.; Barry running sheds, per Mr. H. Mule, £ 1 Os. 6d.: Barry railway fitting shops, per Mr. II. Pearce, 13s. 6d. Mr. F. Burgess collected from friends, 3s. 6d.; Permanent Way Department, Barry Railway, per Mr. T. Pearson, lls. Od.; ditto, per Mr. Staff. 9s. 6d. ditto, per Messrs. W. Egan. and C. Rose, 7s. 6d. loco boiler makers, Barry Railway, per Mr. A. Summers, 12s. Od. smith's shop, Barry Railway, per Mr. E. Davies 8s. Bd,; carpenters' shop and labourers, Barry Railway, per Air. E. John, £ 1 ls.Gd.; hydraulic department (engine-houses), per Mr. J. Hoppington, 14s. 6d.; do., per Mr. J. Williams, 8s. 6d. electric department, per Mr. Shingler 9s.; Cadoxton Station staff, per Mr. Howells, 4s. Ba.rry Dock staff, per Mr. Taylor, 4s. do., per stationmaster, 7s. 6d.; Dinas Powis Station staff, per Mr. Griffiths, Is. 6d.; Cadoxton School staff, per Mr. Ewbank, £ 1 9s. Id.; Holton-ioad School staff, per Mr. Higman. £ 2 6s. 5d. Barry School staff, per Mr.Rees, 15s. Barry pilots, per Mr. T. Davies. 5s. Milkman, per Mr. T. Thomas, Is.; collected North side Main-street, per Mr. F. S. Thomas, Is. employes of Mr. Ince, per Mr. T. S. Thomas, 2s. 6d. BOXES. Wenvoe Hotel, Is. 8d. Royal Hotel. 2s. 2Jd. Witchill Hotel, Is. Id. King William IV., Is. 2d. Three Bells Hotel, Is. 2d.; Victoria Hotel, per Miss Howells, 10s. 03d. do., per Miss Jones, 9s. I id. do., per Miss Corney, 9s. llld. 2 Barry Dock Hotel, 3s. Barry Dock Re- freshment Rooms, 3 £ d.; Ship Hotel, Id.: Marine Hotel, 2s. 5d.; Messrs. Andrews and Son's Coffee Tavern, lOd. Mr. Jones' Coffee Tavern, 3s. 7d. per Shaftesbury Commercial Hotel. Cadoxton, 7s. 9Jd. per Harrys' Restaurant, Barry Dock, Is. 4id. per Bazaar. Cadoxton, Is. 3d.: per Mr. 2 Cleverdon, barber, Vere-street, 6s. 6d. per Mr. Redrupp, barber, Main-street. 4d. per Mr. Below, barber, Barry-road, 4d. per Mr. Marsh, barber, Holton, 3s. 8d. per Mr. Gwinnett, barber, Thompson-street, Is. 4d.: per Mr. Sideman, barber, Thompson-street, Id. per Mr. Griffin, barber, Evan-street, 2d. per Mr. Thomas, barber, near. Post-office, Barry, 6d.; per ditto, Market- L, buildings, Barry, 4^d. per Mr. Evans, barber, Island-road, Barry, Is. 7d. per Mr. Clark, tobacconist, Barry, lid. per Miss Norman, Thompson-street, Is. 7M.; per R.A.O.B. Institute, Is. 6d. per Carlton Club, Vere-street, 13s. per Mrs. Grundy. 4s. 3d.; per Sou-th Walt' Star,11d. 3d.; Mr. H. Inch, fitters, Graving Dock, £1 12s. 5d.; Mr. W. Harpur, Is. Gd. Mr. Buckler, 4s. Mr. F. Bishop, 7s. 6d. employes of Messrs. Meggitt and Jones, per Mr. Harris, 10s. Mr. P. F. Flowers, carpenters and joiners, Dry Dock, 10s.; Mr. Delve, contractor, Is. Mr. Baker, Section 1 tippers, lis.; workmen on Mr. D. Morgan's building, per Mr. Copp, 3s. 6d. Mr. Davies, Kenilworth-road, 12s. 6d. Mr. Long, Barry, builder, 16s. 6d.: work- men on Victoria Hotel, per Mr. Goodman, 14s.; workmen on Mr. Robbin's job, per Mr. Robbins, Is. foundry, Dry Dock, per Mr. Johnstone, 7s. 6d.; employes of Mr. Money, ;E I 5s. 4d.; running sheds, per Mr. F. Ranger, £128. 6d.: do., per Mr. D. Mule, Z., I Os. 6d.; Mr. F. Wyatt, 12s. 6d. Mr. Harley, stationmaster, Barry, 7s. 6d.; Barry Dock Station staff,per Mr.Taylor, 4s.; Cadoxton Station staff, per Mr. Howell, 4s, Mr. F. Burgess, 3s. 6d. Dinas Powis Station staff, per Mr. Griffiths, Is. 6d.; Mr. Roberts, painter, 4s. 6d.; carriage works, per Mr. T. Hale, 12s. 3d.; boilermakers, per Mr. A. Summers, 12s. fitters, per Mr. H. Pearce, 13s. 6d. Barrett, Barry Island, dEl 3s. per Mr. E. John, carpenter, £118. 6d.; per Mr.T. S. Thomas's employes, (S. Hopkins), £ 1 Is. 3d. per T. S. Thomas, 3s. 6d.; per Mr. Jones's plumbers, 4s. 6d. per Messrs. Morgan Bros., 10s. per Mr. Gilead Brock, 13s. per Mr. Ellecott, Barry Dock Post-office, 9s. per Mr. Plowman, customs, £ 1 10s.: per Mr. Henry Davies, 4s. 4d.; per Mr. Loverings' tippers, second subscriptions, 18s. per Mr. D. T. Howe (employes at Aitkin's timber yard), £128. 6d.; per Mr. Prince's plumbers, 3s. 6d Mr. Plowman, ILlVf. Customs, £ 1 10s. Barry Dock Post-office staff, per Messrs. Arnold and Elliott, 9s. em- ployes of Mr. Aitken, per Mr. D. Howe, £ 1 2s. 6d.; coal tippers No. 2 section, per Mr. Lovering, 18s. Traffic Department, Barry Dock, per H. Davies, 4s. 4d.; employes of Mr. Jones, plumber, per J. C. Prince, 7s. 6d. fitting shops department, Barry Graving Dock, per H. Inch, £ 1 12s. 5d. Mr. Harper, Is. 6d.; Cadoxton Steam Laundry, per Mr. Buckler, 4s. coal tippers No. 2 section, per F. Bishop. 7s. 6d.: employes of Messrs. Meggittand Jones, per Mr. Howells, 10s. Permanent Way De- partments, Messrs. Whittington and Humphrey's gangs, per Mr. Robinson, 1215.: Local Board and Rate Office staffs, per Mr. G. Willett, 8s. 6d.; Mr. T. Thomas, wheelwright, Cadoxton, 2s. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. SIR,—The Council are very sensible of the efforts made on behalf of the object they have in view, and desire to thank all very heartily for Itheir sacrifices, and to ask those who have completed their collection to send the same to me at No, 4, Iddesleigh-street, Cadoxton, when a receipt for all sums received will be duly provided and published in the local Press on the following Thursday.- Yours. &c., J. REES, Sec. 4, Iddesleigh-street, Cadoxton.





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