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BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD. — MONTHLY MEETING. The monthly meeting of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board was held at the Board-room, Cadoxton, on Tuesday last. when there were present Mr. J. Robinson 'in the chair). General Lee, Alderman Megcitt, Dr. O'Donnell. Dr. Trehame, and Messrs. J. Barstow. J. J- Williams, George Thomas, \V. Thomas (Barrv). W. Thomas (Sully), Benjamin Lewis, J. A. Hughes (clerk), J. C. Pardoe (sur- veyor), and C. Howe (collector). A DANGE20US PRACTICE. Mr. David Griffiths waited on the Board to point out the damages that resulted from the practice of blasting near public roads without effectual protec- tion in the way of a chain net or some other safe- guard, and instanced an accident that had occurred at the lower end of the Barry-road on August 23rd, the particulars of which have already appeared in the South Wale* Star. After a long discussion the suggestion of General Lee was adopted that "the surveyor be asked to report on the matter to the next Public Works Committee, and that full powers be given to the committee to safeguard the lives and property of those living near the quarry. The blasting operations in the quarry were in the meantime ordered to be stopped. FINANCE COMMITTEE. The report of the Finance Committee wns confirmed, -General Lee explaining that the tender of Messrs. fiagnall and Co. for a loan of £ 6,915 to the Board though not the lowest, being accepted, because the committee thought Messrs. Dagnall could best be trusted to supply the money at the required time. PRIVATE IMPROVEMENTS. It was stated tha,t a mistake had been made in adding up the figures of certain tenders which had been sent in to the Public Works Committee- Mr. lace had sent in the lowest tender for Sydenham- street and Fryatt-street, Barry Dock, and Mr. Love for Kin,rsland-crescent. The contract for the two former streets was, therefore, given to Mr. Ince, and for Kingsland-crescent to Mr. Love. There were some minor mistakes made in other tenders, but theso were comroaritivelv immaterial and the recommendation of the Public Works Committee was in other instances accepted. OPENING- OF TENDERS. Mr Benjamin Lewis asked by what authority had the Public Works Committee, opened the tenders. Hitherto no committee had been allowed to open tenders except after a resolution to that effect by the Board, and he was not aware that such a resolution had been passed in the present instance—Mr. J. C. Meggitt proposed, and Mr. B. Lewis seconded that no tenders should be opened except by order of the Board.—After a discursive conversation, in the course of which it was pointed out that the committee had opened and tabulated the tenders in order to save time, and that on pre- vious occasions when tenders w<e opened by the Board, they had been referred back to the com- mittee, the motion was agreed to. PASSBNGER TRAFFIC TO PONTYPRIDD. A letter was read from the Pontypridd Local. Board to say that Mr. Leyshon, the chairman of that Board, p.nd Mr. Gordon Lenox, one of the members. had buen appointed to wait on the directors of the Barry Company on Friday, Oct. 7, with regard to having the line between Barry and Pontypridd opened for passenger traffic and to ask the Board to appoint representatives to act with Mr. Leyshon and Mr. Lenox—General Lee, Mr. Jewel Williams, and Mr. W. Thomas (Barry) were appointed. THE PATH PERILOUS. A letter was read from the School Board asking the Local Board to take measures to render a path that led up from Main-street to the Cadoxton. Board Schools more safe for passengers.—The Surveyor said it would be necessary to blast the rock before steps could be put there, and it was doubtful whether steps would be less dangerous than the present path.—The question was referred to the Public Works Committee. THE HOSPITAL ON THE FLAT HOLM. In reply to a letter from the Board asking the Cardiff Corporation to agree to the establishment of a joint hospital for infectious diseases on the Flat Holm, with joint nurses and doctors, a letter was read from the Clerk of the Corporation to the effect that the Corporation was not prepared to fall in with the suggestion, but strongly objected to doing so.-The whole matter was referred back to the Health Committee. THE PROPOSED ACQUISITION OF GAS AND WATER. Messrs. J. Robinson. J. C. Meggitt, General Lee, aad Benjamin Lewis were appointed to attend the public meeting of ratepayers on Friday night at the Public-hall, Thompson-street, Barry Dock, to represent the Board, and to lay before the meeting the reasons that had induced the Board to propose to acquire the undertaking of the Gas and Water Company. „ -r. I Mr. Benjamin Lewis The members of the Board had better attend the meeting of the Young Wales Society to-night to prepare for it. (Laughter). RESIGNATION OF MR. W. E. DAVIES. A letter was read from Mr. W. E. Davies, the surveyor's clerk, giving the Board four weeks' notice, and asking for a testimonial.—Mr. W. Thomas (Barry) proposed that a very good testi- monial be given to Mr. Davies, whom he knew personally, and knew to be an excellent and model young man. (Hear, hear.)-Dr. Treharne seconded, and it was carried unanimously. LICENSES. The following licences were granted :—Petro- leum, W. Pinchin, Chesterfield-street, and W. Abbot, Main-street. Fireworks C. Gwinnet, Thompson-street C. J. Thomas, Thompson-street; Llewellyn Thomas, Island-road D. Jones, Holton- road Mrs. iCa-rolinc A. Webber, Main-street, Mrs. A. Jones. To STORE POWDER The Barry Com- pany. MISCELLANEOUS. On the proposal of Mr. Meggitt, seconded by Mr. W. Thomas (Barry), the plan of Mr. 8. Hopkins' house in Glamorgan-street, Barry, which had been rejected by the Public Works Committee. was pa.ssed.-It was determined, on the instance of Mr. George, to purchase a beam scale, instead of a steelyard (the use of which was declared to be illegal) for the slaughter-house.—It was also de- cided to open the slaughter-house as soon as possible, and to take the caretaker into the Board's employ forthwith.—The Recreation Ground was granted to the Barry and Cadoxton District Foot- ball Teeiin till May next for £ 5.—A letter was I read from Canon Alien urging the Board to put the public road leading to the Parish Church, Barry, in proper repair.—The matter was referred to a sub- committee, composed of Messrs. Meggitt and Thomas (Barry.)—The seal of the Board was affixed to a. loan of £ 100 from the Foresters' Friendly Society, Ramsgate. OL--


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