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nw DISTRICT NEVIS. BARRY. CONGREGATIONAL BIBLE CLASS -The members of the Men's Bible Class in connection with the Barry Congregational Church met on Sunday afternoon last, and addresses were delivered by Mrs. Inglis, Barry, Mr. Hotchkiss, and Mr. John Haves. There were about 60 members present, and the addresses were listened to with much interest. Mr. Hotchkiss expressed himself very pleased with the progress they had made since he was here last. and thought great credit was due to the officers and promoters of the classes. GLLAN'D CON'CEUT.—A grand evening concert will be held on Wednesday next at the Barry Congrega- tional Church in aid of the Church's building minis. The chair will be occupied by Mr. J. Cory, J.P., Porthkerry Park, and the proceedings will commence at 7.30 I.O.G.T.—The Star of Barry Lodge held its usual weekly meeting at the Sea View Restau- rant on Tuesday evening last, Bro. T. Ward, C.T., in the chair. At the conclusion of the lodge business an interesting musical programme was gone through. The chief diversion of the evening was "questioning the chairman." A question was put to the chairman upon the rules of the Order, and if not answered immediately he was compelled to vacate the chair to the questioner, who was himself subjected to the same test. The proceedings terminated about 9.30, the evening having been much enjoyed. MISSION SERVICES.—On Sunday a special mission was commenced at the Barry Congregational Church by Mr. Hotchkiss, of Birmingham. The services were not so well attended as might have been expected, but the weather and aounter attractions were against a large attendance. During the week special services for women and young men were held. GrWXLYM EVANS' Quinine Bitters is purely vege- table, and certified by Analysts to be pure and harmless. It may be safely taken by delicate ladies and children in all cases of weakness, and is a certain remedy in all disorders of the stomach. See advt. in another column. [16 IS YOUR WATCH WRONG? IF SO, and you wish it put in reliable order, why go to town when you cm get any class of Watch, repairs done equally well at Barry by W. COOMBS, Market Hall Buildings, late with Mr J Hettich 60, Queen-street, Cardiff [301 BARRY DOCK. LARGE STEAMER.—The new steamer, the Southern Cross, of 7,300 tons gross register, arrived in Barry Dock for bunkers on Friday night. This was her first trip, and she left on Saturday for London, where she will take in a general cargo bound for the Colonies. She is the largest ship that has yet docked at Barry. TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION.—The monthly meeting of the Barry District Teachers' Association was held at the Holton-road Board Schools on Saturday last. Mr. T. Higman presiding. Among thoae'present were Messrs. E. T. Williams, H. Whitehouse, T. R. James, — Edwards, T. W. Siidmersen (B.S.), J. E. Thorpe (sec.), Miss Fleming, Miss Merryman, Miss Lewis, Miss M. A. Jones, Miss Rees, Miss Williams, and others. The minutes of the last meeting were read and con- firmed. It was decided to form recreative evening classes at the schools. The election of an executive committee was postponed till the next meeting, also the appointment of a local solicitor. Miss Merryman. Holton Schools, and Mr. R. A. Lewia, Cogan Board Schools, were elected members of the Association. Tliis was all the business of importance. QUICK DESPATCH.-The new steamer Southern Cross, built by Messrs. Workman, Clark, and Co., of Belfast, and owned by Messrs. Wincott, Cooper, and Co., of London, arrived at Barry Dock last week, "having made the passage from Belfast in 25 hours! This is the largest steamer ever docked at Barry, the dimensions beingLength, 400 feet; breadth, 48 -feet; depth, 32 feet 8 inches; and deadweight capa- city. 7,300 tons. The steamer called at Barry for bunkers only, and had to sail on Saturday night under any circumstances. The coal was supplied by Messrs. Mann, George, and Co., coal contrac- tors, of London and Cardiff, who loaded over 1,800 tons in the remarkably quick time of eighteen hours. The steamer commenced load- ing at 1.30 a.m. on Saturday, and finished at 8 p.m. the same day. This is said to be the quickest work on record for such a quantity, and reflects great credit on the suppliers and Messrs. Evan Thomas, Radcliffe and Co., the local agents for the steamer. The loading was personally superintended by Messrs. Mann, George and Co.'s local manager and Captain Hesketh for Messrs. Evan Thomas, Radcliffe and Co. RAILWAY MISSION.—Mr. Protheroe will preach at the Barry Dock Public-hall on Sunday next, at three p.m., and Mr G. Rutter will preach at 6.30 p.m. All are welcomed. Mr. Protheroe will also preach at the hall in the Board School, Old Barry, next Sunday, at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. EXCITING- INCIDENT.—On Monday evening an incident of an alarming character took place at a box- ing booth belonging to Mr. J. Stokes, Holton-road, Barry Dock. It appears that a number of seafaring men entered the booth, and two of the number re- quested Stokes to box with them. Stokes consented to brave an encounter with one of the men, and whilst stripped and in the ring the man's companions loudly proclaimed that if Stokes "bested" their man "they would do for him." Stokes had the best of it, and immediately a knife was produced by the man's com- panions, wh..) threatened to stab Stokes, but they were prevented from doing any injury by those who were present. Police aid was summoned, but up to the present no arrest has been made. The men, it is -Alle-,ed, belong to Liverpool. ACCIDENT AT THE DOCK.-About mid-day on Wednesday a lad, one of the crew of the Norwegian bwju.e Albion, now discharging flooring boards in the Barry Dock Jiasin, was engaged in the hold in cou- xjectiQij wj.th the d'&eWijjjig of the cargo, when three tiers: of boards capsized aa4 fell on his leg, causing a simple fracture. Dr. Liying.};ooc set the limb, PRDlIUVE METHODIST 'm.ssios>-9n Sunday last special services were conducted in the *iJ>ovo .JJission-room, when a series of recitations, readings, 80I03, and special singing were rendered bv the scholars and teachers of the Sunday School. The service?, iiftenwoii and evening, were well atfcsh4d. On "*&ml alter oiiuuiy ttext preaching services will be con- ducted in the Mission-room, Holton-road at 11 and 6.30 instead of 3 and 6.30. Sunday School at 10 and 2.30, Band of Hope, Tuesdays at 7 v'clock. TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT.—On Wednesday evening, September 28th a tea was given in the aboy# room, when abijut- gO children ana 20 adulti partook* of » £ 00d lea, including Mr. and Mrs. Smith Jones, Mr. ailf. Mrs. Brake, Mr. and Mrs. Draper, Mr. and Mrs. Wedlake, Mrs. Hicks, 1fr. Dibble, Mr. and Mrs. Hen- ahaw, Mrs. Baz&trd and Mrs. Thomas. After tea a very interesting entertainment was given, when reci- tations wcr6 given by Ernest Melvine, Charles Morgan, Frederick Cowling, Mary Henshaw, Sarah Dowdeswell, Edith Colley, Ethel Miles, and Nellie Dowdeswell, solo by Mrs. Wedlake. Mr. Smith Jones gave a very able address, followed by Mr. G. Brake, who proposed a very hearty vote of thank3 to Mr. Smith Jones for presiding over the meeting. This was seconded by Mr. G. Wedlake, and carried unani- mously. A VESSEL FROM HAMBCRG.—The steamer Whit- field, hailing from the cholera-stricken port of Ham- burg, was signalled off Barry on Monday evening, and Dr. Neale, the medical officer of health, declined to permit her to enter until she had been thoroughly examined and disinfected, which was done on Tuesday morning by Mr. Leyshon, the Board's inspector. The vessel was allowed subsequently to enter the dock. CADOXTON, SERIOUS ACCIDENT.—On TUESDAY W'teK: Mrs. G. Willett, wife of Mr. G. Willett, of the South Wales 1::itar, met with a very Beriods accident. Mrs. Willett was walking along the garden walk of her residence at Charlotte-road, and in consequence of the rather slippery condition of the path she fell down, fractur- ing her wrist, and giving a severe shock to her system. Dr. Gore was immediately sent for, and did all that lay in his power to alleviate Mrs. Willett's sufferings. Mrs. Willet is progressing as favourable as can be ex- pected, although it will be some time before she will be able to use her wrist again. I.O.G.T.—The usual weekly meeting of St. David's Lodge was held at the Shaftesbury Hotel on Thurs- day, Bro. Richards, lodge-deputy, in the chair. The chief feature of the evening was a fruit banquet, which was heartily enjoyed by all present. The attendance at this meeeting was unusually large, the number of members on the lodge list being now over one hundred—On Tuesday evening last some of the members visited the Rose of Cardiff Lodge, and took part in an excellent musical programme. Bro. Webber, lodge-deputy, presided. MOUNT PLEASANT SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR.—Owing to the slight indisposition of Pastor L. Ton Evans on Saturday lust the usual weekly meeting of the society was postponed. NEW BANK MANAGER.—Mr. Pain has been appointed manager of the National Bank of Wales, Cadoxton, vice Mr. A. E. Willey, who has been pro- moted to the managership of the Newport Branch. WINDING-UP OF LOCAL BUILDING COMPANIES —We are informed that the Coigne-terrace (Barrv Dock) Building Company (Limited) and the Barry Castle Building Company (Limited) are being volun- tarily wound-up, and the proceeds will be divided' amongst the shareholders. The latter have 43 houses at Barry, but only 13, we believe, are let. The sec- rectaryof the companies named was Mr. D. Shaw accountant. PENARTH. NARROW ESCAPE OF A DIVER.—On Friday, at eleven a.m., a diver, employed from CardiS for the purpose of assisting in the operations for floating the vessel Accrington. had a very narrow escape of losing his life. It appears that the water had been pumped out, the vessel plugged, and the diver from Cardiff had been sent down on the outside to p.ttuh up the hole. To do this he had to remove one of the plugs which had been placed in the vessel for the purpose of stopping the inflow of water. As the plug was removed the suction drew in the man's arm right up to the shoulder, and he was kept tightly wedged to the ship's side. The diver telegraphed in the usual wav to those above the water, but they were unable to removo him from his perilous condition. A messenger was sent to the Penarth Dock, and Mr. Taylor, the diver attached to the latter place, immediately proceeded to the spot. Tie went under the water, and after some difficultyreleascrl the diver from his dangerous position. When brought to the surface, after having been under water for over one hour and a ha If, it is needless to state that he was in a very exhausted condition. FALL FROM A SCAFFOLD.—On Friday afternoon, about 3.20. a man named Thomas Hickle, residing at James-street, Penarth, who was employed as a labourer at the new Hall which is being erected for Messrs. Andrews and Sons, met with a frightful accident. It appears that he had just carried a load of material up the ladder, and as he was stepping from the ladder on to the scaffold fell back on to the road, a distance of about 40ft. A man working on the scaffold neither saw nor heard the man fall, and nothing was known of it until a little girl, who saw him fall from a. distance, ran into the yard and told the men of what had happened. Dr. Moynan was immediately in attendance, and ordered the man's removal to the Infirmany. The man was frightfully braised, and his hip bone was fractured. Thomas Bickle, of James-at.. Penarth, a labourer in the employ of Mr. Solomon Andrews, who fell from a scaffold at Peuarth on Fri- day morning, and was afterwards conveyed to the Cardiff Infirmary, died at the institution on Monday evening, the immediate cause of death being ex- haustion, consequent upon the injuries he sustained. APPOINTMENT OF MR. EDWARDS'S SUCCESSOR -At a meeting of the directors of the Taff Vale Rail- way Company, held on Tuesday, it was decided to appoir.t Mr. Samuel Thomas, collector at Penarth Dock, to the discharge of the duties heretofore 'en- trusted to the late Mr. James Edwards. Mr. Thomas has, since the death of Mr. Edwards, taken charge of the dock, and is, of course, fully conversant with all the details of the business and the practical manage- ment of affairs. PROPOSED PRESENTATION TO INSPECTOR KING. —A meeting, called by Mr, H. S. Watkins, was held at the National Schoolroom, Penarth, on Wednesday evening to inaugurate a movement for presenting Inspector King with a gift in recognition of his long and faithful services. There was a representative attendance. The Rev. W. B. Sweet-Escott consented to act as president of the movement, and Mr. D. S. Johnson, of St. Fagan's Hotel, as treasurer.— 11 -7 An energetic committee was formed, and it is anticipated that a substantial testimonial will ultimately be presented to Inspector King.—A letter was read from General Lee, of The Mount, Dinas Powis, regretting that he could not be present, expressing sympathy with the undertaking, and promis- ing a subscription to the fund. LLANTWIT-MAJOR. DEATH.—We regret to record the death of Mr. Thomas Boldwin, of the Curriers Arms, at the early age of 34 years. The deceased, who has been ailing for some months, died somewhat suddenly on Wednesday, the 21st inst., after been confined to his bed for a few days. He leaves a widow and four children to mourn his loss. The funeral took place on Monday last at the Parish Church, the vicar officiating. The body was followed to the grave by a large number of his fellow townspeople. SCHOOL BOARD.—An adjourned meeting of the above Board was held at the Board-rooms on Monday last. There were present Mr. D. J. Jenkins (in the chair), Messrs. Nicholl, Thomas, Deere, and Hopkins. A number of cheques were signed, and after a long discussion the upon hour of meeting, the time was altered from six p.m. to seven p.m. The attendance officer reported the attendance since the holidays was not satisfactory. This concluded all the business of general interest.




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