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PENARTH POLICE COURT. MONDAY.—Before Colonel Guthrie (in the chair), Mr. Llewellyn Wood, and Major Thornley. THE PENARTH WOUNDING CASE.—This case, in which Julius France, a Russian sailor, charged Jeremiah Lynch with wounding him at Penarth on the 31st September, and which has been adjourned several times, again came on. The case waS ad- journed from the last court for the appearance of the young man named Eli Sims, who was not pre- sent at the last court. The prosecutor's evidence was read out and interpreted to prisoner. Eli Sims, Martha Sims, and Dr. Mayram's evidence was read over to them, and Mr. Jones, for the defence, called Samuel Burt, of Sydenham-street, Barry Dock. He had a conversation with France at Lynch's door on Sunday fortnight, and he then said that Lynch was the wrong man, and that it was the big man who used the knife and cut him. He also promised to come to Lynch's at three o'clock to settle the affair so as not to bring it before the court.—Mr. Jones said it was entirely a question of identification, the boy Sims being the only one who said Lynch caused the wound, and he also commented on the fact of Burt's evidence. and gave as his opinion that no jury would convict on the evidence which had been given, and, there- fore. he asked the Bench to diamisa the case.—Tha Bench decided to send Lynch for trial at the next Quarter Sessions at Swansea. Prisoner remarking as he left the dock that he was innocent of the charge. DETAILING A BAG OF CLOTHES.—William Burchell, a boarding-house keeper, of Barry Dock, was charged with detaining a bag of clothes, the property of John Spear, a seaman, who went to lodge with defendant three weeks ago. He had a bag of clothes, value £ 3, when he went there. Defendant locked him out on Monday night, and, when prosecutor again went to the house prisoner told him to clear out, and said he should not have his clothes until he paid him. He owed defendant 22s. for two weeks board, whieh he said he would pay him as soon as he could. He could not re- member borrowing more than 5s. He considered 35s. was all he owed him. Trade had been very slack at Barry, and he had not been able to ship. -In reply to Mr. Morris, who appeared for the defence, Drosecutor said he had been delayed because he could not get his clothes, and had been obliged to incur extra expense whilst waiting for the clothes.—The Bench decided that prosecutor .should have his bag oh payment of defendant'# debt, 39s. CONJUGAL L'NHAPPINESS AT BARRT DOCK.— Thomas George Williams, of Barry Dock, was •charged with assaulting his wife on the 19th Sep- tember at eight o'clock in the evening. The defen- dant came home, and prosecutrix told him that their child had been taken ill. He replied that it was through her neglect, and that she had not taken proper care of it. He cursed, and threatened to be hung for her; took hold of her by her shoulders, and shook her very violently, the baby being in her arms. After that he threw a knife at her. but which went over her head.—Mrs. Clarke, with whom the couple live, gave evidence, and the Bench bound defendant over in the sum of X10 to keep the peace for six months.