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PRESENTATION AT BARRY. On Saturday afternoon an interesting presenta- tion took place at the Board Schools, Barry, to the young man, named Samuel Attwell. who on the morning of the 16th July last made such gallant, efforts to save the life of a fellow workman named Samuel James, who. whilst engaged in repairing the dredger, David Davies, in the Barry Dock. met with such a sad end. The whole of the circumstances were fully detailed in the South ITales Star at the time, and they will no doubt still be fresh in the minds of our reader?. As we stated at the time, Mr. S. A. Williams, the teacher of the Bible Class of which Atwell is a member, interested himself in the case. First. Mr. Williams wrote to the authorities of the Royal Humane Society, but on consideration the secretary wrote to Mr. Williams and referred him to the Royal Society for the Protec- tion of Life from Fire. Some correspon- dence therefrom ensued, with the ultimate result that the secretary wrote and informed Mr. Williams that the society, after due deliberation, had decided to give a medal and JnO to Mr. Atwell for his gallant efforts. Mr. John Robinson, the resident engineer of the Bairy Company, presided, and made the presentation. There were also present the Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A., Dr. Powell, Mr. John Lowdon. Mr. Alderman Meggitt, Mr. J. Rees. Mr. and Mrs. Hale (Newport), &c.. &c. Before making the presentation, Mr. John Robinson explained the whole affair related the various circumstances of the case, and read the correspondence which had ensued betwoen Mr. Williams and the different societies. The duty he had been asked to perform, he said. was one which gave him great pleasure—to present to Mr. Sam Atwell, a silver medal and £ 10 from the Royal Society for the Protection of Life from Fire, for distinguishing himself by trying to rescue Samuel Jamps. a fellow workmen, whilst they were both employed on the dredger, the David Davies, on the 16th July. Mr. S. A. Williams. Barry Dock. had taken the matter up with the approval of the Deputy Coroner (Mr. Carver). He had much pleasure in handing Mr. Atwell the medal and money which had been awarded him for his great services in trying to rescue the life of his fellow workman. (Applause.) Mr. Sam Atwell, who, on receiving the medal and two bank notes, was warmly applauded by those present, said he could not not put into words his feelings at that very Droud moment in his life. He thanked them very "much for coming there. When his fellow workman, Mr. James was burnt, he had no thought of this presentation he only had done what he would do again—(applause)— and what any other ordinary young man would have done. (Applause.) He was very thank- ful to them for the very great interest they had taken in this raotter. (Applause.) Mr. J. Lowdon said he was very pleased to be there on such an occasion. It always did one good to look at any young man likel Mr. Atwell who was willing to do such an action. It was very much more difficult for a man to be brave in such a case, than when stirred by the strains of music, and the roar of cannons. (Hear, hear.) He was very pleased to be there to congratulate Mr. Atwell. and he hoped his conduct would encourage his comrades to do likewise. (Applause). Mr. S. A. Williams then made a short speech, and related the story of the gallant deed of Mr. S. Atwell, illustrating it by means of a large photo- graph. It had been a great pleasure for him to do what he had, and he was glad to know the society had seen fit to recognise such a noble example for the young men of Barry to .follow. (Applause.) Short congratulory addresses were also given by the Rev. J. H. Stowell, and Mr. Alderman Meggitt, the latter moving a vote of thanks to Mr. Williams for the way in which he had taken the matter up and brought it to such a successful ending.—Dr. Powell seconded, and it was carried unanimously.—Mr. Williams responded, narrating how that. when Mr. Atwell went for Dr. Powell, he did not say any- thing about his own injuries until after James had been sent off to the Infirmary. (Applause.)—Mr. Williams then proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Robinson for making the presentation. (Applause.) —Mr. J. Rees seconded.—In response. Mr. Robin- son said it ways always a pleasure to him to be able to afford pleasure to others. (Hear, hear.) The proceedings then terminated. The silver medal, which was enclosed in a nice -case, bore the inscription on one side of Duty for Honour," around the border being inscribed Royal Society for the Protection of Life from Fire, 1843." On the rim was engraved "Samuel Atwell. Barry Dock, f6th July, 1892." On the op- posite side of the medal was a view of a rescue from fire. The medal is hung by a red silk band from a silver clasp, so that Mr. Atwell can, if he chooses, wear it.