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CADOXTON-BARRY HIBERNIA BENEFIT SOCIETY, ANNUAL DINNER. The second annual dinner of the Cadoxton- Uarry Hibernia Benefit Society was held at the Witchill Hotel, Cadoxton, on Wednesday night, Dr. O'Donnell in the chair. Among those present besides were General Lee, Alderman Carey (Car- diff), the Rev. Father Hyland, Drs. Kelly rnd Bray, Messrs. D. T. Alexander, O.* McCann and Mrs. McCann, J. C. Cleverdon, J. G. Greener, J. MaDonnell (secretary). R. J. O'Mahoney, J. Jeremiah, H. Burbidge, Gilead Brock, J. ¡ Harrison, J. Fulford and Mrs. Fulford, Mrs. and Miss McCarthy. An excellent dinner had been provided by Host and Hostess Hoddinott in his usual generous style. After the tables had been cleared and Father Hyland had returned thanks, The Chairman proposed the usual loyal toasts, which were duly honoured. The Rev. Father Hyland, in proposing the toast of Ii The Cadoxton-Barry Hibernia Society," said that the society should be supported on account of its usefulness. But he considered these societies not merely useful to the sick and helpful to the relatives of the dead, but they provided an educa- tion to those concerned in them. (Hear, hear.) They caused a man to look into and,provide for the future, not in a selfish way, but for the sake of those dearest to them on earth, for the wives of those who were married, and, in the case of those who were not, for the wives they hoped to have. (Hear, hear.) In this respect they presented a living imitation of Almighty God himself, one of the attributes of the Divinity being Providence. These societies also provided a real bit of practical Home Rule. (Laughter and cheers.) It was a real bit of education to keep the rules and manage the society. (Hear, hear.) After contrasting the position of working men 40 years ago with their position to-day, the rev. Father said that it was being now more generally re- cognised that the working man was worthy of a decent living and a decent house, and that when his strength was leaving him, and when manhood was verging on old age, !he was worthy of something better than the workhouse. (Loud cheers.) Working men were not dumb driven cattle, mere materials to gather up wealth for those who did not earn it themselves. (Hear, hear.) The real secret of the bettering of the condition of working man was combination and it was in combination that his future hope lay. He. therefore, wished the Hibernia Benefit Society success, he prayed it might flourish and increase till it had done its work for the benefit of the people. (Loud applause.) Mr. J. McDonnell, in responding, read a state- ment of accounts, which showed that the Society had a total balance in hand of £60 3s. 71d, that the total number of members on the books was 50 financial and 4 honorary members. There was not a member at that time on the sick list, (Hear, hear.) The banner had nearly been paid for through the generosity of friends, and through the quarterly contributions of the members. (Hear, hear.) The Juvenile Society had not realised their anticipations, but still the funds showed that they were a few pounds to the good. (Applause.) Dr. O'Donnell proposed The Visitors."—General Lee, in responding, dwelt on the excellent innovation they had started in admitting ladies to their dinner. (Hear, hear.) He was of opinion that the more women were let into the affairs of the men, the better it would be for the men. (Hear, hear.) The wise man would make his wife his perfect confidante in all money matters, and if a responsibility was thrown on a woman, she would always act up to it. Where men had failed in the past, it had been because they had not thrown sufficient responsibility on their women. (Loud applause.) Alderman Carey (Cardiff) and Mr. D. T. Alexander (Dinas Powis) also responded. Other toasts were Kindred Societies," proposed by Mr. McCann, and responded to by Dr. Buist and Mr. J. Harrison The Press," proposed in eloquent and flattering terms by Dr. Kelly, and responded to by Mr. Llewellyn and Mr. W. LI. Williams il The Host and Hostess," proposed hy Dr. O'Donnell, and responded to (in the absence of Mr. Hoddinott) by Mr J. Jeremiah and The Chairman." proposed by Mr. Alexander. At 10.30 the party adjourned to the adjoining room where dancing was indulged in till the early hours of the morning. General Lee leading off with Mrs. McCann.—Several songs were sung in the course of the evening.