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In the Matter of the Barry…






LOCAL NOTES. PROPERTY OWNERS AND THE "STAR." We have received a somewhat childish letter from Mr. J. Jewel Williams, who complains that we have" publicly libelled" him. There is nothing that we would so much regret a"1 to be guilty of libelling any persor, be he mem- ber of the Local Board or not, but we must claim for ourselves the right of fairly commenting on the public actions of our public men. Our object" in alluding to Mr. Williams was simply what we stated it to be n our last issue. We said that the three mem- bers of the Local Board who were opposed to the enforcement of the bye-law, in regard to flushing apparatus were also interested, directly or indirectly., in house property in the Barry district. This statement we are prepared to adhere to. We have never said that Mr. Williams is incapable of voting straight" on the Local Board. We are quite prepared to say that he votes straight according to his lights but his lights are somewhat dim on certain questions. We would as soon allow landlords to legislate for the country as allow propers-owners to make bye-laws for the Local Board. WEEKLY I'OliK'E COURT. The South Wales Sfal" has been the first and the most constant advocate of a weekly police court for the Birry district. It will be re- membered that in the spring of this year, one of our representatives interviewed all the promin- ent public men of this district, including General Lee, Alderman Moggitt, Mr. Arthur Hughes, Mr. Alfred Jackson, and others, on the advisability of getting a weekly sitting of the police court at Barry Dock. By that means we were instrumental in maturing public opinion, and the Local Board were induced to present a memorial to the local magistrates praying for a weekly sitting. On Saturday last the magistrates, sitting privately at Cardiff, con- sidered the memorial and decided that in future a weekly police court should be held at Barry Dock. This will not only effect a great saving to the county, but will save the inhabitants of the district a vast amount of inconvenience, and will relieve us of the danger that was incurred, by the withdrawal from the district of so many of our already short-handed police force on an important day. THE RAILWAVMEX'S MEETCXG. On Sunday last +.be men employed by the Barry Dock and Railways Company met at the Park Hotel, Barry, to inquire into the causes that had led to the dismissal of Mr. Harry Davxes, the late train foreman at the low level cabin. The meeting constituted itself into a rough-and-.ready tribunal, with Mr. Morgan Nicholas, one of the company's engine drivers, acted as chairman. Too much praise cannot be given both to the chairman and to the men for the very orderly, fair, and impartial character of the proceedings. Mr. H. Davies spoke for him- self, and gave his version of the matter Mr. Alfred Hobbs was allowed equal fair play in giving his version. Not one of the subsequent speakers was allowed to express an opinion on the merits of the case, for the Chairman had said that it was a meeting for holding an inquiry, not for passing a judgment. It was regrettable that one. of the speakers should have allowed himself to transgress the rule, and to spoil the judicial character oE the meeting, but that speaker was an outsider, and not a railway employe. 1.HL VA '"IES' VERSION. Mr. Harry Davies gave a very clear, lucid, and fair account of the events which led to his