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BW~ DISTRICT iws~ BARRY. ST pu-lV CHURCH.—Seven tenders, THE TS*<* v9 fi00"to £ 3.000. were received for the ranffms, f1"111 p.(lli's Church. East Barry, and «i"31-h"' and FowlerLlandaff. TijDKEX,s CtABMEXTs._ StEALINO fcC.riOC shave been made to the Fo,; some time the other h<»d-teachers police by Mr. J. tv «• th ci(, thing of the school o £ Barry Board Sch<, th < f the different children i'*™8 departments du.ii- maUer Police-sergeant tvans, iocomi««'y f"; ,)nv 1 Hurry. Harry anil morning ancst-cd a livjncr in Queen-street, another n:imfbj^ak'en to the police-station, the Barry, and. on *u» <rUiltv of the offences with boys confessed to bei £ hrv a!so implicated oneof which they were charged. 1^ cnstto(ly ch;irge;1 the boys named |»e • Is\an,l, who. it was said, with alleged bur0lan children's clothes. Some h,d also stolen hidden by the young «f the stolen clothe* had chapel at. B;irry. thieves bemnd 7 f rc the Penarth magistrates Prisoners were ui».en oe ZSS&'EXfr** p"c,ta- thm's"! illness. COM MITTEE.—A meeting of SCIENCE AND AU1«-; wa? held at the Board- the Science and Ait } the absence of room. Barry, on 5uet -L,n Air J C. Meggitt took Mr. J.Lowdon. the ^(ka Messrs. J. S. the chair. lc iT", ,r> Roberts, W Llewellyn Hosgood. \V. J. H'weJlvn J BenloW. H. Inch. J. Williams. J. B. VleBUlcki;ore, secretary .-On the Da vies, an"1 Eb wellyn "Williams, seconded proposition ot Mi. _| was unanimusly rc- bv Mr. Flowers, fm the coming year. elected chairman ot the c niember of the com- —Mr. J. Davies was ele^ed were -"vdP* w T- Hosgood: Mathei^itip Freehan'cl Drawing Mr. Electricity. Mr. J- F" Vl;Ho^ood and D. Roberts T. Higman— Messis. J. >-• 5\ieis. for Geometrical were authorised to app _ct;(m.—It was decided. Drawing and Building Co » thilt all the classes on the motion of Mi- I\Inlto Board Schools, be held at the formed without and that no classes ^oiiKi in0ll0n 0f Mr. a minimum of five r lewellvn Williams, it was Meggitt, seconded bv Mi • ,U1 honorarium of atrreed to guarantee to t» Vje^ides as the different £ 5 per subject, and as {ronl thc Government and classes would earn as „>• subiect was fixed at 5s. County Council. The fee P nfli—jt xvas stated that for the session or Is. p-' :y[r Waiter Hogg, the intimation haa to b< .bounty Council, of the .raising ««?« it teachers hefore mimoer ot subjects- j therefore, promised to September lOtn. Mi. H-= '(.v;ces if oossible, the committee agveem., t• Pv rran„e a card and time- Mr. Blackmore was Win the classes, if possible, table.—It wa; J:C The distribution of the local prizes by Monday week, i -fi tpt. had been received, was daferved unti! t 'entertainment should be It was suggested that « Qn the motion OT jrivfeti C'B the nig-it ot preseii rpqucstecl to "write to "Air. H. Inch, tuc lecre'• i ■ ,ric^. them to the employers of labour m t eniplov everv allow boys and apprentices m t..cu cmp > possible facility t;, attern c.a^e, L jD;;i; ST Alt Or' BARPA- <T<'°J, ^0Vf. *i0(l<re was held The usual weekly session of ^'ie a, ) The in t'.ie Seti-Yk-w Bro. 1«Jb« wm oppncA iii *«• »»•" £ £ an ommallT I. aid (Chier Temi 1« ): important large attendance, the luisme^, business had character, being transacted. A"^ thr0u"h. It been dealt with, the pvogvamme "»as gone consisted or short readings fiom 1 i}ro followed. The following B'r() Robins. Miss E. E. Thomas, Bro. Rich.ads E. Da vies. Bro. Panniers and B J«- Sept"'13th.'and'tL^uSic are Sarge for^uKSslS.10?'i3y'^g^d programme may b<Sm.-We have much pleasure in announcing that the first grand conceit o t will be grren at the Presbyterian Hall, I'auj,™ Wednesday ne-a In addition to the se\eial piofe. eanes aj ne .a. j under the condnc- sional soloists engaged,.i > Andrew's torship of Mr. G. Bull (Principal St. s Academv Cardiff), will pertorm seveial p<-i son The high-class character of tne concert will, no doubt attract a large attendance, and we trust a S00(^ f""1 •, aid of the Building Fund will be raised as the ^locecd* 'prai-Occupation is an unhealthy one, if you^ are exposed to the weather, or work long hours n cW rooms: if vour constitution is_ weaKened. oi yoii health undermined: or if you are many way not u, to the mark." use (ivvilym lianas Bitters. It never fails to strengthen the weakened system, to brace the nerves and fortify the constitution. bee ajt. page. BARRY DOCK. ROYAL ANCIENT ORDER OF BUFFALOES.—A new lodge in connection with the Royal Ancient Order of Buffaloes was opened on Wednesday evening at the Baroness of Windsor Hotel. Penarth-road. Grange- town, when about 60 brethren were present, amongst whom were the followingSir G. Jenkins, S P.G.P.K.O.M. Primo Moore, I3.P.G.C.M. Sir .John Ingram. P.P.G.K.O.M.: Sir John Hammett, P.P.G.K.O.M.; Primo Gilbert, secretary; Primo Robertson, G.C.T Primo Hall. G.C.C.H Primo Williams, G.C.B. and Primo Martin, G.C.M. A most enjoyable evening was spent. YOUTHFUL BURGLARS.—During Tuesday evening some persons broke into the Whitmore Bay (Barry Island) Refreshment-rooms, the proprietor of which is Mr. Hullin, of Penarth. The place was ransacked, and a (piantitv of sweets, cigars, cigaiettes. tobacco, &c.. was stolen. OP. Wednesday moruing Dock Police- con'stable Ralph was on duty near the top of the dock, when he saw three boys going towards the Island, and from information he had gleaned in connection with the robbery he suspected them of being the per- petrators. He immediately gave information to^ the county police, and Police-sergeant Evans and Poiice- constable Barnes, of Barry, followed the boys and arrested them. and on being searched some of the stolen property was found on them. They had gone over that morning to get the things they had hidden on the previous night. The value or the stolen pro- perty was about 15s. The boys, whose names have not transpired, will probably be .taken before the magis- trates at Cadoxton in due course. THEFT OF APPLES.—On Thursday evening Police- constable Herbert Evans, of Dinas Powis, appre- hended a boy named Knight, living at Barry Dock, on a charge of looting an orchard at Dinas Powis, and stealing therefrom a quantity of apples on the previous day. The boy was taken before the magistrates at Penarth on Monday, and dealt with. PABTIAI. COLLAPSE OF A BUILPIXO. — On Saturday morning the large building occupied by a firm of tailors and clothiers in Hoi ton-road, Barry Dock, partially collapsed, owing to a settlement created by certain excavations in connection with an adjoining building in course of erection. Not only was the building itself much damaged, but a large and costly plate-glass window was split in two through the centre. The loss sustained is estimated at a consider- able amount. DAMAGE TO A STEAM EH—The Cyfarthfa steam vessel, which last week damaged her bow against the side of the Dock whilst going towards the entrance of the Dock. has been repaired, and proceeded to sea on Tuesday night. POLICE CHANGE.—The friends of Police-constable Tom Phillips, late of the Barry Dock Police Force, will be interested to know that he has been removed to Neath. His place is taken at Barry Dock by Police- consUblo El worthy, late of the Devon Constabulary. THE CARDIFF MUSICAL FESTIVAL.—Amongst the names of the honorary stewards of the Cardiff Triennial Musical Festival we notice the names of Alderman J. C. Meggitt, of Barry Dock Mr. R. P. "Culley, of the Barrv Dock Hotel; and Mr. Seward, F.R.f.B.A. QUICK DESPATCH.—The steamship Cooknam, of Loudon, docked p.m. tide on Saturday last to load a cargo of the Ocean Company's large coal. She com- menced loading at 1.45 p.m..and finished at 7.55 that evening. Ccugn-1,943 tons 13 ewt.: bunkers, 70 tons 15 cwt.: total. 2.014 tons 8 ewt. LOCAL SUCCESS.—Mr. W. Phillips. of the Board of Trade, Barry Dock, won the first prize fov the one- mile donkey race, held at St. David's, last Wednesday. CAPTAIN* WHALL, the Barry Dock Board of Trade Surveyor, is a way at present on his holidays. Mu." HOWELLS. Clerk to the Board of Trade, Barry Dock, i, spending his holidays at Bristol. THE REV. W. TIBBOXT" goes on Saturday for a three weeks' holiday to Llanstephan. THE WELSH CHURCH— At the meeting of the Lilandaff Church Extension Society, which will be held next Friday at Cardiff, application will be sub- mitted from the Rector of Cadoxton for a grant towards the stipend of a curate for the Welsh Church I at Bariy Dock. SMOKING CONCERT.—On Thursday evening last a smoking concert was held at the Buffalo Institute, Thompson-street. Barry Dock. There was a large and appreciative audience, over which the popular K.O.M., P.C.C. Sir D. W. Jenkins, presided. As is usual at the smokers" at the Buffalo Club there was no lack of talent. MissPattie Transfield sang her well-known songs, and Primo Will Lyle, a new Bufïalo song he has composed, entitled The Buffaloes' Home," for which he received a well-merited encore. In response to the encore he snug Get your hair cut" Mr. \Y Lewis again delighted the coiiij), t N with some inimitable parodies on popular songs, Messrs. J. Biddell, Butler (2), A. Jones, Sir D. W. Jenkins, and Blanchard (London) ab.o singing some first rate songs. The burlesque on '"The Corsican Brothers, was given by Primo Welch, W. Lyle. and Butler in a first rate style. The burlesque was much enjoyed. Messrs. Rees (Barrv i and \V. Lewis presided efficiently at the piano. DANCE.—On Monday last (Mabon's Day) the usual monthly dance was given at the Buffalo Institute. A large number of Buffaloes and Butfaloesses attended, monthly dance was given at the Buffalo Institute. A large number of Buffaloes and Butfaloesses attended, and the dance was in every way a success. The duties of Master of Ceremonies was ably carried out by Mr. 1 E. Langdon, and the arrangements were carried out in a most satisfactory manner. The dance music was supplied by the Buffalo String Band. Songs by Bros. Lewis. Biddell. Butler. D. W. Jenkins, Mac lonald (who sang for the first time in public, his song being There was an old man "), and other Bros. Tiie pro- ceedings terminated in the early morn. BIBLE CHRISTIAN The first anniversary of the Bible Christian Chapel. Court- road, was celebrated during the past week. The cele- bration commenced on Sunday, when eloquent and stirring sermons were delivered by the Rev. J. Cleverdon Honey (of Bristol), brother of the pastor, in the morning and evening, and in the afternoon the Rev. J. H. Stowell, M. A. lBalTv) delivered an address. There were fair attendances. Mrs. Murphy presiding at the organ. On Wednesday the celebration of the anniversary was continued by a tea and after-meeting. The tea was supplied and superintended by Mrs. Honey, Mrs. James Cruise, Mrs. Michael, Mrs Nicholls, Mrs. Windsor. Mrs. Lavis, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Sheaues. Mrs. Edmondes, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Levers. Mrs. Sadler, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Squires, Miss Honey, and Miss Tomlin, who were kindly aided in their efforts by several gentlemen connected with the Church. The cake, buns, ifcc. which was of a very wholesome charac- ter, were supplied by Mr. Benjamin Lewis. The tables presented a very tasteful appearance, being decorated with flowering plants, Jtc., and nearly 200 people sat down to tea. After tea the evening meeting was held in the Chapel, Alderman J. C. Meggitt presiding. He was supported by the Revs. Dr. A. D. Rees. Jabez Honey (pastor), J. C. Honey, Ton Evans, and J. H. Stowell, M.A. The Chairman having given a brief congratulatory and encouraging speech, he called on the pastor to niake a statement. The rev. gentleman said that as a printed statement of accounts would be issued at Christina 3 next, he would give a very brief statement, partly in reference to the spiritual condi- tion of the Church, which they were seeking to cherish and advance in the place. They had realised ,t'500 towards the building fund. He was thankful to the friends who had done so well for them. As far as the spiritual work was concerned, they wanted members. They had never been better pleased than when they had been able to do Christian work, in the best Chris- tian spirit. Their church-fellowship numbered fifty persons as the result of their work in this locality. Their Sunday School numbered 202 scholars, with an average morning attendance of 50, and in the after- noon 150. They had an excellent band of teachers. He was exceedingly pleased with their Sunday School tethers. It had" been said that iu nmt Sunday j Schools there were more ladieS than gentlemen j as teachers, but in their Sunday School it was the reverse. They were an excellent band of devoted teacher, carrying on very energetic work.. They were of a temperance spirit. Not that they placed any restrictions, or required from anybody who joined them to take the pledge, but the majority of the people who took part in the work were total abstainers, and thorough-going ones. They had a prosperous Band of Hope. He wanted to look wider than their own sect. He wanted to embrace in his work the entire district in which they lived. If they put a sectarian Church forward he should very soon clear out. (Applause.) The Revs. O. D. Keen, J. C. Honey, J. H. Stowell, and Ton Evans followed with splendid addresses, which we regret we are notable to give on account of pressure on our space, Mrs. Murphy sang) a solo and votes of thanks to the Chairman, ladies. Ac.. brought a very successful meet- ing to a close. Collections were taken towards clearing off the debt, and they amounted to about £ 6. WEEKLY POLICE COURT.—Mr. J. Robinson, Chairman of the Local Board, presented a petition to the magistrates on Thursday, asking for a weekly sitting. General Lee received the peti ion favourably, but said that no answer could be returned till the petition had been presented to the chairman of the local magistrates. THE LICENSING QUESTION.—On Tuesday even- ing a prayer meeting, in connection with the opposi- tion to the applications for public-house licenses to be made on the following Thursday, was held at the Bible Christian Chapel, Court-road The meeting was conducted by the Rev. J. Honey (pastor) and the Rev. Ton Evans. There were about 50 persons present, representatives of the Churches of the district. NATIONAL LEAGUE.—The members of the Barry Branch held their usual weekly meeting on Sunday last, Mr. O. M'Cann presiding. After the ordinary business had been disposed of, three new members were enrolled—Messrs. Holland, Fox, and Curran. In the afternoon, a party of nine members of the Hibernia Benefit Society drove down to Penmark for the purpose of adding some new members to the society. CADOXTON. THE STAR FOOTP>ALI. CLUB.—A meeting of the promoters of the Cadoxton Star Football Club was held at Archer's Coffee Tavern, Main-street, OIL Wednesday evening last, when there was a good attendance, those present including several district men. The following officers were appointed for the coming season — President, Mr. T. Howard Morgan, Rectory-road captain, Mr. T. Williams: vice-captain, Mr. G. Ridler: secretary, Mr. E. M. Howell, 1, Gilbert-street, Cadoxton: committee, Messrs. P. Ryan, E. Williams, J. Evans, and S. Hodge. The ground of the new club is a field near the Murch, which is naturally adapted to form an excellent ar"a. A meeting of the members took place at Archer's Coffee Tavern, Main-street, on Tuesday evening last. Mr. R. Kirkness in-the chair. It was docided that Mr Follick should have the order for the club's jerseys. the colour chosen being white and amber. It was also decided to allow the Rovers Football Club to have the use of che club's ground, viz., the Murch Field, which is situated near the brickworks, Palmerstown, together with the use of the dressing-rooms. The members will hold a practice meeting on Saturday afternoon next at three o'clock. DEPARTURE OF THE REV. J. H. HOBSON.—The Rev. T. H. Hobson, B.A., whose ministrations the Wesleyans of and Barrrv have regarded with especial favour, and of whose departure they learned with unfeigned regret, left on Thursday last for his new sphere of labour in the Bootle Circuit ot' Lancashire. The rev. gentleman is succeeded at Penarth by the Rev. J. D. Stevens. PLOUGHING MATCH—An adjourned meeting of the Wenvoe Ploughing Match Committee was held at the Trcharne Arms, under the presidency of Mr. Tom Thomas, Shop Farm, on Tuesday night, and it was decided to hold the match on the 12th October instead of the 5th, as was announced a short time since. BICYCLE ACCIDENT.—A sad accident befel Mr. J. H. Edwards, manager of the branch establishment, situated at Holton, of the firm of J. Phillips and Co., on Tuesday evening last. It appears that about 9f30 Mr. Edwards, accompanied hy Miss M. Phillips, and Master A. Phillips, was returning from business to Cadoxton on his bicycle, which was a safety. On arriving at the bottom of Weston Hill the unfortunate young gentleman informed his companions that he in- tended taking a short ride along the Barry Dock-road. It was very dark at the time of the occurrence, and the lamp near Weston Bridge had not been lit. Mr. Edwards had not gone further than the bridge before he came across a stone, which overturned the machine, the result being that his head came in contact with the wall, and his knees against the channelling. This heavy fall rendered him unconscious, and a few friends at once went to his assistance carried him to the residence of Mr. J. Phillips in M ain-street, and placed him in bed to.await the arrival of medical aid. Upon examination, however, it was found that besides receiving a severe shaking, he had a nasty bruise upon the crown of his head, together with an abrasion of about three inches below the right knee, and a deep cut upon the palm of his left hand. We find upon enquiry that Mr. Edwards is recovering as favourably as can be expected. MR. WILL DOUGLAS was one of the judges at the Cardiff Coal Trimmers' Sprrts held on the Harlequins' Grounds at Cardiff, on Monday. The proceedings were of a successful nature, quite 5.000 people being present. MR. ROBERT HUGHES, Town Councillor of Cardiff, who presided at the annual dinner of the King William IV. Buffalo Lodge, has been appointed one of the hon. stewards of the Cardiff Triennial Musical Festival. SINGING FESTIVAL.—A most successful singing festival was held at Pontypridd-street (C.M.) Chapel, Cadoxton, by the different Welsh religious denomina- tions in the Barry district. The afternoon meeting was presided over by Mr John Lloyd (Barry), and the evening meeting by Mr. D. Jones (Barry). Addresses were delivered during the (lay by the Revs. W. Williams, J. W. Matthews. W. Tibbott Morris Isaac, — Rees (Pontypridd), and others. The conductor was Mr. T. Prosser, and the accompanists were Mr. Matthews (Cadoxton). and Miss Lewis (Barrv). CADOXTON AND BARRY HISTRIONIC SOCIETY. —The Cadoxton. and Harry HistriAiic Society will gi \'C a performance in October. The admirable farce, I- The Lottery Ticket," and a drama, entitled" Paul J.wlet," will be the pieces used. The principal character in Paul Jawlett will be sustained by Mr. A. E. H. Stewart, the stage manager. The proceeds will be devoted to a local charity. SHOCKING OCCURRENCE. — Shortly before ten o'clock on Wednesday night a married woman, named M rs. Brock, wife of Mr. John Brock, living at No. 5, Fair lord-street, was putting her baby to bed, and talk- ing at the time to a neighbour named Mrs. Brown- John, who happened to be in the house., when she uttered a deep. heavy sigh, and fell headlong from the top of the stairs to the bottom, the child, which was in her arms, falling with her. The child, fortu- nately, escaped injury. Mrs. Brocic was about 40 years of age. Her husband is an engine-driver, employed in the Rhondda Valley. Deceased on Wed- nesday afternoon complained of pain in the head. \Vhcn Dr. O'Donnell arrived at the house, the poor woman was found to be dead, death being probably instantaneous. THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE. — The Nourse- Hanbury celebrated variety combination, including Miss Aduie Conover, Joe Emmett, Kate Doyle, Florrie Gilmore, Mr. Gus Hazleton, and other musical stars, have been engaged for seven nights to perform at the Theatre Royal, commencing Saturday evening next. They will perform amongst other things 11 A Waif," and A Bilious Attack." Special prices have been arranged for the seats, and considering the amount of well-known talent engaged, there should be good audiences every night. I THE ROVERS RUGBY CLUB.—A meeting of the members of this newly-formed club was held on Wed- nesday evening last at Archer's Coffee Tavern, Main- street. The chair was occupied by Mr. G. Ridler, and there was a good attendance of members. It was decided that the colours of the club should be white and blue. The following officers were appointed :— President, Mr. H. G. Morris, Grammar School cap- tain, Mr. Edward Howells vice-captain, Mr. William James; secretary, Mr. A. Williams, 27, Treharne- road. It was resolved that the order for jerseys be given to Mr. Lloyd, outfitter, Main-street.—A match will take place on Saturday afternoon next on the Quarry Field with the Cadoxton Juniors. CADOXTON DISTRICT FOOTBALL CLUB.—The annual meeting of the members of this club took place at the Club-room, Witchill Hotel, ozvlVIonday evening, Dr. P. J. O'Donnell, president, in the chair. Among those present we noticed Mr. H. (4. Morris (Grammar School), Mr. Felix Williams, Mr. W. Llewellyn Williams. Mr. Percival, Mr. Hcddinott, Mr. J. Nelmes (lion, sec.), Mr. W. L. Hughes, Messrs. Ekers, Tom Morgan,Simpson,H. Burbridge,Cox,Lewis, H. Jones,<kc. It was decided, after a long discussion, to continue the club for another season, and that an attempt be made to obtain a suitable site adjoining the Barry-road, be- longing to the Local Board. The chairman was deputed to meet the members of Sites-Com- mittee of the above Board with reference to this field. The chairman was again re-elected as president of the club, and Messrs. Hoddinott. T. Howard Morgan, Percival, R. G. Morris, and W. M. Douglas were unanimously elected vice-presidents. The com- mittee consists of the following gentlemen :—Messrs. Felix Williams, Ekers, Cox, Percival, and Lewis. The following officers were also elected :—Captain, Mr. Tom Morgan, SOUTH WALES STAR office; vice- vaptain, Mr. J. Hopkins; treasurer, Mr. Perdva!; hon. Secretary, Mv, J, H. Jfcliues (re-elected). Mr. Hoddinott kindly consented to the club having the nccessary rooms at his house. Matters of further consideration also cropped up. amongst which was the advisability of insuring the club, which was deferred to the adjourned meeting to be held this evening (Friday) at 8 pm.—On the motion of Mr. Felix Williams a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Dr. O'Donnell for presiding. BIRTH.—On Wednesday morning Mrs. Jones, the wife of Mr. L. W. Jones, the South Wales Union and Birmingham and Metropolitan Bank, Yere-street, Cadoxton, of a son. Mrs. Jones and baby are doing well. PENARTH. LOCAL BOARD.—On Thursday evening at 7 p.m., a special meeting of the Board was held for the pur- pose of deciding upon a course of action to be taken with reference to the inquiry, by County Council Commissioners, into the recent application of the Board for a division of the district into four wards and an increase of three members. The members present were Messrs. G. Pile (in the chair), T. Lewis, D. Cornwell, W. B. Shepherd. D. Morgan, W. J. Morris (clerk).—The Clerk having read the notice of the inquiry for Monday next, Mr. Shepherd informed the Board as to what- had occurred at the meeting of the County Council when the matter was discussed.—A brief discussion ensued, after which the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:—Moved by Mr. Cornwell and seconded by Mr. Lewis That this Board is still of opinion that it is desirable that the district be divided into four wards, and that the number of members should be 12." Moved by Mr. C jrnwell, and seconded by Mr. Shepherd, That the members be allocated as follows :—North Ward, Messrs John, Shepherd and Pile South Ward, Messrs Cornwell, Morgan, and the new members (when appointed) Central Ward, Messrs. Bevan, Forrest. and Lewis West (Cogan and Llandough) Ward to be represented by the added members. COUNTY COUNCIL IXQUIRY AT PENARTH.— Aldermen H. P. Charles and Thomas Williams, and County Councillors H. W. Lewis and .Richard Morns, the committee appointed by the Glamorgan County Council, held an enquiry at the Board-room, Penarth, on Monday afternoon with reference to the proposed division of the Penarth Local Board into wards, and the augmentation of the number of members. The scheme of the Board, which had been endorsed by the ratepayers, was laid before the committee,-and, there being no opposition, it was understood the committee would recommend its adoption. BONVILSTONE. THE OLD POST INN.—This noted hostelry and healthy rural resort has been favoured with visitors from all parts during the spring and summer months, who have met with such courteous and civil treatment from the worthy host, Mr. Lemuel Roberts, that they will be pleased to pay another visit next season. The Old Post is well-fitted up, the catering is excellent, and every convenience for callers and as the season is now closing we cannot do better than recommend all who wish a pleasant day's outing to pay this fine old place a visit.—Com.


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