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THE UlNAS POWIS HIGHWAY HOARD. -+-- A monthly meeting of the Dinas Powis High- way Board was held on Wednesday at the Barry Dock Police-station. General Lee presided, and there were also present Mr. D. T. Alexander, Mr. W. Thomas (Sully), Mr. Thomas Williams, Mr. Oliver, Mr. J. Thomas (Michaelstone-le-pit), Mr. -J. M. Savours, Mr. Morris (clerk), and Mr. F. Laurens (surveyor). The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. A RATE OF NIXEPEXCE IX THE )'<)[ XD. The Surveyor presented his estimate of expendi- ture for year ending March 25th, 18!>3. It was £3,179 5s.. which sum did not include main read repairs. He also produced a general balance -sheet of the finance of the district, and recom- mended that a rate of lOd in the £ be made to meet the current expenses. He begged to draw .attention to the very bad state of the roads, which would necessitate extra material and labour I during the coming winter. Added to that. the fact of a large increase in the price of labour and material in this year's contracts over that of the preceding year—no doubt caused by the reduced guage of the stones—they would not be surprised to find his estimate above that of former years. He need scarcely remind them that in April last, -owing to the Eastbrook-road in St. Andrew's Parish being in such a bad condition, the County Council only paid half the cost of maintainanee. £36, saying at the same time that if the road was not better kept up in future they would with- draw their contribution altogether. He also wished to draw attention to the present method of laying metalliug- which was dune by simply tipping the material for mending the road over, and allow it to work in as best it could. The roads ought first to be picked open.—Mr. Williams asked whether the surveyor would recommend that in all places where stones should be laid, the road should be opened first.—The Surveyor replied in %the affirmative.—General Lee thought that it was the best way to do so.—Mr. Alexander thought it was better to face the difficulty, pay the money, -and have the roads put in thorough order.—The Surveyor said that: when the road was picked open the ■metalling went in whole, and the material was saved.—-The Chairman said the surveyor had shuvvu he knew his work, and they must trust to ■him.—Mr. Alexander said they must have things done properly, and face the difficulty.—Mr. j Thomas said with farming at such a low ebb they were unable to do these things without a pinch to the farmers.—Mr. Alexander said he look at it from a public poltiu of view. He knew things were bad for agriculturists, and he was sorry for the fact.—The Chairman said they must face the circumstances of the case.—Mr. Oliver asked how would they do if the farmers could not pay.—Mr. Alexander said in that case the landlords must pay. j —Mr. Williams suggested a Sd. rate, but the Chairman said it was bet ter to have the thing done in one call. Practically it would only be 9d. in the £ — Mr. Morris said, in answer to Mr. Alexander, that a 8d. rate would only bring in £ 1.531.—Mr. Thomas asked if the rate for the half-year following would be the same—lOd. in the v£.- The Chairman said very possibly it would be. He advised them to have the lOd. rate, and have the thing done.- Mr. Thomas proposed that a 8d. rate be made.— Mr. Lougher seconded.—-Mr. Alexander said the ratepayers were not all farmers.—The Chairman said the railway company paid a great part, quite a third of the rate.—Mr. Alexander said supposing they paid a rental of £ 100, it would only mean a difference of 16s. gd.—The Chairman said it would be a wise policy to have the roads put in order.— Mr. Williams said he objected to day work. It was impossible for a surveyor, however good, to look after a lot of men. He thought the work ought to be done by contract.—The Chairman said he J felt sure Mr. Laurens would not waste their money, and it was wise to carry out this recom- mendation. Dinas Powis and Wenvoe were the parishes that would suffer most. He pressed upon them to pay the heaviest part of the rate now, and know what they had before then.—Mr. Alexander said in view of the opinions expressed, he would propose that a 9d. rate be made.—Carried unanimously.—-It was decided to leave the business in the hands of the Chairman, Mr. Alexander, and Mr. Jones to appoint a referee in accordance with the request of the authorities. --It was decided that all the members should go over the road to see the way in which the con- j tractor had carried out his contract, so that in future they would be prepared to express an opinion on the matter.—It was left to Mr. Morris to inform the members of the Board when the visit 'would take place. J THE WENVOE ROAD. The Surveyor reported that the widening and ^diversion of the old parish road at Wenvoe. had not yet been commenced owing to a difficulty in filling up the old road. The permanent improve- ment could not be carried out without obtaining permission of Quarter Sessions. Until this was obtained, the surveyor recommended that the road be left open, and the other work proceeded with whilst the fine weather lasted.—A resolution was agreed to leave the matter in the hands of the surveyor, he not to spend more than £ 10 on keep- ing the present road open. MISCELLANEOUS. The Surveyor reported that a bridge in Sully parish, near the company's road, required repairing. The approaches should be raised, so as to allow an easy gradient over the bridge.—Mr. Thomas said the bridge was not in Sully but St. Andrew's.—Mr. Alexander proposed, and Mr. Thomas (Sully) seconded, that the improvement be carried out. The Surveyor asked for a sum of £ 60 to meet expenses, and a sum to pay bills, the whole amounting to nearly .-OOO.-Thc Chairman asked .how the balance at the bank stood,—The Clerk said it amounted to £ 89, and t50 had been paid in -during the week. j The Surveyor said that fencing should be erected at St. Lythan's, around a quarry used by the Board there. The quarry is at present in a ■dangerous condition.—This was agreed should be •done.—Mr. Sheppard, of Dinas Powis, had written asking that the royalty due on stones from his quarry at St. Andrew's this half-year be paid at once, as the money is due to his landlord. The "Sum -wai £ 4 3s. 4d.—This was agreed to. The Surveyor reported that he had visited and in- spected the place near Cattwg-glas in Welsh St. Donat's parish to see if a bridge was required. He did not recommend the construction of the bridge, as the road there was not frequented. On the motion of Mr. Alexander, seconded by Williams, it was decided that the Surveyor should get a typographic machine for the copying out of circulars for the use of the members. THE LATE SURVpYOJtJ. The question of the audit, of the: late surveyor's books was considered. Mr. Alexander presided, as General Lee had been obliged to leave to fulfil an appointment. The late surveyor-refused to finish his books for presentation for the audit, and a magisterial order would have to be obtained to compel him to do so.—The Clerk said that if the hooks were not made. up by Monday week the magistrates would make an order on him to do so, on the non-fulfilment of which he would be fined. -The Chairman remarked that this was the result of engaging a non-efficient surveyor.


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