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CORRESPONDENCE. THE PROPOSED UNITED DISTRICT CHOIR. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. SIR,-In last week's issue of your local con- temporary there appeared a report of a meeting which was held at the Public-hall, Barry, on the 23rd ult., for the purpose of forming a Barry District Male Veice Party. It was thought that by making the party a district one it would be I w possible to enter for the male voice competition at the Pontypridd National Eisteddfod of 1893. On behalf of the Cadoxton Choral Union, as an existing- body, Mr. W. Howe, conductor, and the Secretary were deputed to attend this meeting, having authority to state that the committee of the Cadoxton Choral Union were prepared to j render all possible help and support to the project (in so far as to appeal to the male section of the Cadoxton Choral Union to become active members of the new party) provided they (the meeting) promised to help the Cadoxton Choral Union to form a Barry District Choral Union. Of course. the Barry District Male Voice Party was not then in actual existence, therefore the party could not pledge itself, but what we wanted, as was sub- sequently explained at the meeting, that that meeting—which could undoubtedly have resolved itself into the Barry District Male Voice Party had negotiations been successful-should pledge itself to render us help. For the benefit of your readers, Mr. Editor, we will detail what actually took place at the afore- said meeting. Mr. D. Farr was appointed chair- man, and after explainingithat the meeting had been called to discuss the best way of forming a Barry District Male Voice Party, he invited the Cadoxton representatives to give their views in the matter. Accordingly the Secretary rose and stated that he (Mr. Howe) represented the Cadoxton Choral Union, as an existing body who were prepared-to render all possible support to the movement, provided that the Barry District Male Voice Party (meaning the meeting) promise to help the Cadoxton Choral Union should they decide to form a Barry District Choral Union.— Mr. Howe then got up and made some supplemental remarks, after which the matter was discussed.— At length a proposition, made by the Secretary of the Cadoxton Choral Union, seconded by Mr. Howe, and an amendment, proposed by Mr. James, seconded by Mr. Ryan, the amendment being carried with but three dissentients, who, of course, supported the proposition. We should here like to point out that before a Barry District Male Voice Party can be organised, the Barry Male Voice Party must go out of existence. We contend that this was not done, seeing that the meeting did not appoint a secretary pro. tern. and, further, that the Secretary of ths Barry Male Voice Party undertook the duties of secretary and submitted the proposal and amendment to the meeting. Again, we might casually remark that a singing practice took place before the business was brought on. This implies also that the Barry Male Voice Party did not go out of existence. Now, if the Barry Male Voice Party think it desirable to call a meeting to re-organise the party and make it a Barry District Male Voice Party, so can the Cadoxton Choral Union think it desirable to re-organise and raise a Barry District Choral Union. What we wanted was merely this if we promise to support you in your project, will you promise to support us in our project, because had they as a meeting promised to help us, we would imme- diately have called a meeting for the express pur- pose of raising a Barry District Choral Union. The matter of conductorship, which seemed to irritate the major portion of those assembled very much, is a matter for appointment by each meeting. Mr. Howe stated in the course of his remarks that" call two properly-convened meetings in the centre of the district—one for the purpose of form- ing a Barry District Male Voice Party and the other a Barry District Choral Union, and I will abide by the decision of those meetings regarding the conductorship." We submit. What could be fairer ? And what shows our disinterestedness more than this Our sole object is to further the cause of music in the district. If Mr. Howe's object was one of personal ambition, as was im- puted more than once, he would not have made such a statement. Not wishing to trespass further on your valuable space, and thanking you in anticipation for the insertion thereof, we remain, &c., S. J. BARSTOW. Chairman of Cadoxton Choral W. E. DAVIES, Hon. Sec. t Union. LOCAL PILOTS AND THE BARRY DOCK REGATTA. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. Sir:,—I have just seen your last issue with a letter signed by a Friend of Pilots re the Barry Regatta. The reason why I did not enter my boat was that the year previous to the Polly being built there was an allowance of half'a minute to the foot, and the Polly, of Cardiff, being 38ft. Y, z, long, and the J. N. Knapp 35ft.. I lost the race by about three or four seconds. If the time allow- ance had not been taken off I should have beaten the Polly with the J. N. Knapp. Had the Regatta Committee of Cardiff been straightforward I should still have been the owner of the J. X. Knapp, and the Minnie would not have been built. Thus the excitement between the two ports would still be in existence. I could hardly have been expected to enter the Minnie, where I should have been handicapped, as I was with the J. N. K.. to the extent of half a minute to the foot. The Minnie is 41ft. long, which makes a considerable difference. This is a well- known fact to the public of Newport and Cardiff. I have always had to fit my boat out at my own expense, with the exception of blocks, spars. and other materials from the builder's yard, and these I had to return. Whoever the I- Friend of Pilots" may be, it strikes me very forcibly that he wants his or his froind's boat fitted out free of cost, and I hone he will succeed in getting it done. -1 am. &c„ ISAAC DAVIES. August 29, Newport and Barry Pilot.