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THE CHOLERA EPIDEMIC. 1 PRECAUTIONS AT BARRY DOCK. [ Great precautions are being taken by the Dock Company, the Local Sanitary Authority, and Customs < to prevent the cholera being imported to this district. The usual cholera instructions have been issued by the Superintendent of Customs (Mr. Plowman) to the pilots, and a special order by the Dock Master, im- pressing upon them the necessity of extreme care as to what vessels are brought into the dock, and in any case of suspicion to communicate with the medical officer before docking the vessel. Up to the present there has been no necessity to resort to this latter t course. Two or three steamers have arrived from Hamburg and Rotterdam, and these on arrival have been immediately examined by the Customs' tide officers and Mr. Leyshon, the sanitary inspector, who attend at the pierhead every tide, and in each case have been at once passed. In addition it is expected that shortly a tug will be requisitioned to intercept all inward vessels before they enter the roads, so that the minimum of risk will be incurred at Barry. INTERVIEW WITH DR. NEALE. I A STAR representative called on Tuesday night on Dr. Neale, the medical officer of Health for the Barry District, to ascertain what steps had been taken by the Local Sanitary Authority to prevent the introduction of cholera. Vessels have been constantly coming into Barry from the infected towns on the Continent, and some anxiety is felt, erpecially after the account of the interview of a Daily Nc/rrepresentative with Coun- cillor Trounce had been read, as to whether proper precautions had been taken. What means have been taken," asked our repre- sentative, to prevent the incoming of a vessel with cases of cholera on board ? "Until this afternoon," replied Dr. Neale," I had no authority whatever to board any vessel before she came to the dock entrance. I have, however, just received an order from the Local Government Board authorising me to do so, and to inspect any foreign emigrants, and to prevent their landing, if necessary." Hitherto, then, all foreign vessels could come as far as the dock entrance without inspection ?" Yes and I had no authority even then to prevent an entrance, unless there was actually a case of cholera on board. If it was merely a suspected case, I could do nothing." How do you propose to prevent infected vessels from coming as far as the entrance now that you have the power to board them outside ?" The Barry Dock company's steam launch has been temporarily set at my disposal, and I shall take measures to inspect all vessels before they come near the entrance." "Do you think there is any danger that the ballast water which may have been brought from infected towns abroad will helpto bring the epidemic here ?" I don't think there is much danger of that. Salt water is generally used for ballast, and that is not likely to become infected. When fresh water is used, that is, as a rule, emptied outside the dock gates after being disinfected, and is. therefore, rendered harm- less but we cannot prevent ballast water from being emptied inside the dock, but we always use disinfec- tants." In the event of any cases of cholera coming, where do you propose sending them ?" Well, you know nothing has been definitely decided on yet. Dr. Walford, the Cardiff Medical Officer of Health, lias written to me requesting oui clerk to communicate with Mr. Wheatley, the Town Clerk of Cardiff, asking if we might use the infectious diseases hospital on the Fiat Holm." In case you received permission from the Corpora- tion to use the Flat Holm Hospital, and there were more than six cases of cholera, what would you propose to do with the other cases ?" We would have to use our own Infectious Diseases Hospital, near the Timber Pond though I consider it most unlikely that the necessity will arise. In no port in England have there been as many as six cases received. Our hospital, nntil very lately, was far more convenient than that of Cardiff." When will you know whether the hospital on the Flat Holm can be used ?" The Local Board has a special meeting to-morrow night, and we shall probably know then." SPECIAL MEETING OF THE HEALTH COMMITTEE. On Wednesday evening a special meeting of the Health Committee was held. Dr. O'Donnell presided, and there were also present Mr. J. Robinson, Dr. Treharne, Mr. Thomas (Barry), Dr. Neale (medical officer), Inspector Leyshon, Mr. Pardoe (surveyor), and Mr. J. A. Hughes (clerk). The chief business was to consider a report which the medical officer had drawn up to be presented to the Local Government Board from the Board, showing the nuisances of the district, and the steps the Board had taken to prevent an i outbreak of cholera in the district, in accordance < with instructions received from the Local Government Board.—The Medical Officer said he had written to the Barry Company asking that special precautions should I be taken at present, and they had answered expressing their willingness to do so.—Mr. Robinson said there s was a man doing nothing else but going around and seeing to the matter.—The-Medical Officer said that < he had said nothing about the seamen's homes in his ( report, as they had no bye-laws.—The Clerk said they i had the informal consent of the Board of r Trade but it was necessary to get the Board's < formal consent. The Loeal Board had passed bye-laws. Every vessel arriving is inspected by In- 1 spector Leyshon, and the Barry pilots were ( particularlv careful to put the usual ques- s tions to the masters of the vessels, and, if t there was cholera on board, not to bring ] them into the dock before they had acquainted the i officials with the fact. The water supplied has also been i the subject of strict precautions.—The Medical Officer 1 asked that a steam launch be got in order that the 1 inspector might board vessels in the Roads. Up to the t present they had had the use of the dock launch, but i there were difficulties in the way of their continuing ] their usuage of it.-In the event,of the directors re- c fusing the loan of the launch after Friday, the a medical officer was instructed to hire one until the t Board meeting on Tuesday. The Clerk, Dr. O'Donnell, ( and Dr. Neale were appointed a sub-committee to con- s fer with the Deputy Mayor, Medical Officer, and r Town Clerk of Cardiff with regard to the proposal to g place any cholera patients from Barry at the Flat t Holm Infectious Hospital. t (