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THE TWO CHANGES. Dean Owen has gone to Lampeter and Tom T31 lis to the Treasury Bench. Here closes a chapter of Welsh history. Disestablishment in Wales may have taken a forward or a backward step by Mr. Thomas Ellis, action; but the dream of a Welsh National party, comprising the best men of Tory and Liberal views, such as Grattan achieved in Ireland in 1782. and for which Thomas Davies strove and fought, is for the present over. I do not think that Welsh labour Welsh Land Reform, or Welsh Home Rule even will suffer. Sam Evans or Lloyd George can fight well for these things, but those gentlemen, much as one may admire the sturdy force of the one or the flashing genius of the other, are Radicals, and have the credit of Republicanism. Now, Liberalism and Toryism, both at the bottom rest on certain principles Of human nature, which will not change, and they must both be with us, though in varying quantities in Wales. Toryism, even if freed from snobbery and English influences, could not welcome such men as leaders. Therefore, while things are at present, the National party in Wales must still hang on to the Radicalism of England. I think that Mr. Ellis has weighed the situation, and conceived his line to be not, perhaps, the ideally best, but yet the best practical course. Wales cer- tainly accepts his judgment, and so those who think Wales wrong must possess their souis in patience. Meanwhile the Dean has our best wishes. Let him do his best to make the Church national in the future let him teach the Welsh lad the noblest lesson of Catholicism—that every age in the world is God's special revelation: let him teach the future clergy of the Church in Wales that it is their duty to accfcpt the spirit of the age, and see that in the pros- perity of their country lies the interests of their Church. He has already done much to raise in the eyes of Nonconformists. He may yet in- troduce a new religions feeling of harmony and unity into the sectarian rivalries of Whales, and may yet, as the reward of his toils, get from the religious preacher of the future the social peace and national rrdtriotisOlthat at present we may not expect from the politicians. ALIQUIS. ) .—