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THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN! SAILORS' MISSION. MEETING AT BARRY DOCK. At the Seamen's Institute and Rest. Barry Dock, oil Monday evening last, was celebrated the second anniversary of the opening of this branch in con- I nection with the British and Foreign Sailors Society. There was a large attendance of seamen and others interested in the noble work of this society. The chair was occupied by the esteemed president, Mr. John Cory. J.P.. and among those present we noticed Mr. Lewis Williams, J.P.. Car- .1iff; the Rev. Edward W. Matthews (secretary of The parent society, deputation from London).'Alder- man J. C. Meggltt, Captain Davies (Dock Master), Captain Murrell, Captain Kilgour, Mr, Meakin, the Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A.. Mr. George Rutter, 31r. J. (rlenel* Grant (hon. sec.), Captain Sharples (Dock Missionary), and others. The meeting commenced by those present sing- ing Blessed be the Fountain," after which\ Mr. Butter engaged in prayer. Revive thy work having been sung, Mr. Cory rose to address the meeting, and in his opening re- marks said that it was with a feeling of pleasure that he was with them that evening, who had met together in the interest of a society which had for "74*years been doing a noble work among sailers in the various ports of the world, and which had achieved such admirable and splendid results. Havin" spoken in eulogistic terms of the worthy secretary—Mr. 'Edward Matthews—the speaker referred to the successful work of the branch during the vear, carried on under the able guidance of Captain Sharpies. Multitudes of seafaring men, he said, who were once depraved and drunken, had signed the pledge of total abstinence, and become both sober and respectable many prodigal sons had through the society's grand work, been re- stored to their homes, whilst husbands and fathers who had been a curse had become a blessing to their families. In alluding to the wants of sailors, the speaker said there was no class of men who had a stronger claim on their sympathy, for, as a nation, much was owed to them for the great work they had done, and which they were still doing. The sailor's life was one of hard- ship and peril, and when he came on shore the temptations that abounded to demoralise him on «very hand called for earnest and direct work on his behalf. The speaker brought his speech to a close by saying that the society was in need of three things—viz., lady workers, financial support, and prayer. Captain Sharples then presented his report. from which we gleaned that he had addressed 295 meetings, attended by 6,229 persons he had paid visits to 1,585 ships in both Cardiff and Barry Docks he had conducted 76' services in Cardiff on +ho mission's behalf 112 Testaments had been -ven away and he had distributed 9,921 tracts f_re8ented to the mission by Alderman Cory) the reading-room had been attended by over 13.000 sailors°and others, whilst he had given away 350 ceis of literature (presented by the Revs. J. H. Stowell L. Ton Evans, and others). The report also stated that 60 seamen had taken the pledge of total abstinence, and that they were greatly in need f literature for presentation to sailors, and so pro- vide them with reading matter while on the ^M^Gkant (the hon. sec.), CardifE. delivered a most stirring speech, in the course of which he pre- sented the following financIal report :-Amount received in the building, £ 17 15s. 7d. given in ^Wrintions. £ 20 10s. 6d.; total, £ 38 6s. Id. the expenses amounted to £ 45 4s. 6>d., which left a deficit of £ 6 8s. 5.}d.—this debt was entirely wined off bv the collection taisen at the meeting, the amount realised being £ 6 8s. 10id. He also read a letter of apology for non-attendance from Mr Moxey J.P., and which stated that his name could be put down for a sovereign towards the Lewis^Williams, J.P., Cardiff,moved the fol- lowing resolution: That this meeting records its thanksgiving to God for the Christian work carried on among seamen, both in distant and home ports, and specially commends the Barrv Dock Sailors' Home and Institute, and that, as well as the work at Cardiff, to the sympathy and sup- port of all, whether connected with the sea or not. This was seconded in a neat speech by the Rev. Edward Matthews, London, and carried unani- j mouslv. Mr." Richards, of the Sailors' Rest, Cardiff. having said a few words, Mr. Proud sang Are you coming home to-night I Captain Murrell moved that a hearty vote of thanks be accorded the chairman for his presence there that evening, which was seconded by Captain: Kilgour, of the steamship Hermaiiah. and sup- ported by the Rev. J. II. Stowell. The vote of thanks was carried with acclamation, and the meeting terminated, one and all haying spent a most enjoyable evening.





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