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TEMPERANCE MEETING AT BARRY DOCK. On Tuesday evening a large and enthusiastic meeting of the District Temperance Commiutee was held at the Weslevan Chapel, Tiolton-road. Mr. J. Cory, J.P. (president of the Council) presiding-, supported by Councillor E. Bevan, J.P. Rev. Seth Joshua, the Revs. Cannon Allen, M.A., W. Daniels L. Ton Evans, J. Honev. Christmas Lewis, J. H. Stowell, M.A., W. Tibbottj W. Williams. G-. LI. Williams, Dr. Howe (secretary of the C.E.T.S.), Mrs. Inglis (of the British Women's Temperance Association), Mr. C. Clemence, Mr. James Cruise, Mr. J. D. Davies (of the Welsh Temperance Association), Mr. W. J. Flowers, Mr. J. R. Llewellyn. Mr. J. Robins, and F. W. Taylor. The Chairman, in opening the meeting., said it was convened for a great purpose, that of support- ing the grand cause of niox'al and social welfare, and to put down the pernicious practise of drunken- ness which appeared to be growing in their midst. He asked the Re v. J. Honey to propose a resolution which had besn drawn up. (Hear, hear.) Mr. Honey then read the resolution That this meeting is gratified with the success which lias attended the recent formation of a Temperance Council for this district, an'! rejoices at the heartiness and unanimity so generally shown by the various churches and the Temperance organisations in seeking to check the injurious drinking habits of the people, and invites the co-operation of all persons who are interested in the moral and social elevation of the community; and said he had great pleasure in laying that re- solution befora the meeting, which he was assured would be welcomed by all friends of Temperance. jrr_ Seth Joshua, in seconding the resolution. said he did not know much about that kind of buane^s, but his heart was with the Temperance cause, and anything that lay in his power he was willing to do. He dwelt upon the dire effects of shebeening and club-drinking, which made life to some people one protracted sin. and made earth a living hell to them. (Applause.) The Rev. Canon Allen, in supporting the • resolution, said it had his hearty approval, but he was not much of a speaker, and when he wanted to make a good speech (he told them in confidence) he stole one. (Loud laughter.) The rev. gentleman raad an extract from the 1854 volume of the Edinburgh. and also from the Time* stronglv condemning those who were addicted to alcoholic drinks.—The resolution was also supported byDr. Howe, who did so in an able and impressive speech upon the good results attained by the society of which he was secretary and other temperance societies with which he was acquainted.—Upon. being put to the meeting the resolution was carried unanimously. The Chairman then called upon the Rev. Christ- mas Lawis to propose the following resolution That, this meeting of the inhabitants of Barry and Cadoxton deprecates the amount of drunkenness, pnvcny and crime in our midst owing to the facilities for the obtainining of drink, and respectfully urges the Licensing Justices to refuse to grant any new application to be applied for at the forthcoming Brewster Sessions, being of opinion that the number of houses already licensed is more than sufficient to meet the present requirements of the district. The Rev. Christmas Lewis, in doing so, made a most amusing speech, but at the conclusion the rev. gentleman made a few telling points, which were loudly applauded, Councillor E. Bevan. rose to second the resolu- tion, and. after some amusing remarks, said he b«<™ed to differ with the report read by the Rev. Canon Alien: that article spoke strongly against the drunkards, but he thought it was the drintc deserved the blackguarding. (Loud applause.) He said there were seven millions oi total abstainers in'this country, and that was a strong argument against those people who thought they must have a^drop of drink or they would die. (Loud ap- plause.) Well then, said he. let them die- (laughter)—or go to gaol. (Renewed laughter.) In there, said he, there was no drink to be obtained, and it was a strange thing that people who went in emaciated and worn out wretches came out, after a short period, in better health, strength, and in every way better than when they went in, both and physically. (Loud and continued applause.) He did not agree with partial abstainers and people who took a little drop. He asked was it not the people who took a little drop for a night-cap—(laughter)—and that sort of thing. who became drunkards. (Applause.) He ceuld not agree with Canon Allen that the Council should seek the help of partial abstainers, and declared anyone admitted to the Council ought to be a teeto- taller. (Loud and continued applause.) The Chairman put the resolution to the meeting, and it was carried amid tremendous cheering. Pastor Ton Evans proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman for the very able manner in which he had performed the duties, and was seconded by an excellent and well delivered address by the Rev. J. H. Stowell, 51. A. The proposition was carried amid much applause, and the Chairman suitably responded, which ended the business of the evening.






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