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LLANDOUGH AND COGAX HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. The fourth annual show of the Llandough and Cogan Working Men's Horticultural Society was held at the Cogan Board Schools on Wednesday. Amongst the patrons of the society are the Marquess of Bute. Lord Windsor, Sir E. J. Reed. K.C.B., M.P.. Sir Morgan Morgan, Mr. A. J. Williams, M.P..and other distinguished gentlemen, The president for the year is Mr. W. Lister Jones, Llandough. Mr. E. B. Riley was an excellent chair- man of committee, ably assisted by Messrs. J. Bryant, W. Lisle. R. Radford, A. Redwood, W. H. Richards, and J. Sanders. Mr. S. John proved an efficient hon. treasurer, and Mr. R. A. Lewis headmaster of Cogan Board Schools, was. as usual, an exceptionally serviceable hon. secretary, by whom most of the arrangements of the show were fully carried out. The number of entries was fully 300, and the prizes in all amounted to nearly £30. Amongst those present during the afternoon were Mr. W. L. Jones, the Rev. L. U. Jones, Mrs. and Miss J. S. Corbett, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. F. Gaskell. Mr. G. Pile, Mr. Morgan Howell, Mr. T. Lewis, Mr. D. Morgan. Mr. J. Pavev. and Mr. W. Williams. The show was opened about 2.15 by Mr. E. B. Risey, in the un- avoidable absence of the president. The different rooms were tastefully decorated by the committee, ably assisted by Mrs. R. A. Lewis, Miss Griffiths, and Miss J. Lewis. In the unavoidable absence of the president, Mr. W. Lester Jones. Mr. E. B. Riley, the chairman of the committee, declared the show open at 2.30 p.m. The Cogan Military Band was in attendance dur- ing the afternoon, and played several selections of music. The judges were :-Of the allotments. Air. Pugsley (of the Mount, Dinas Powis) ana Mr. Greatrex, Courtyralla of the flowers and vege- tables, Mr. Meredith. St. Pagan's, and Mr. Hockey, Llandaff. Mr. Crossling, Major Thornley. Councillor 0. H. Jones,and Mr. C. H. Heywood exhibited some lovely flowers. The arangements went off without a hitch, and reflected great credit on the secretary (Mr. R. A. Lewis) and the committee. The attendance throughout the day was very fair when the unfavourable state of the weather is taken into account. The following is a list of awards :— CLASS A, (Confined to cottagers of Llandough and Cogan). FLOWERS.—Pansies—2, J. Brown. Roses—1, Miss Lowrie. Geraniums—1, Kate Deacon; 2, Fred. Hill. Musk—2, A. Redwood. Window plants-I, J. Brown 2, Kate Deacon. Fuchsias—1, E. Knapp; 2, J. Brown. Bouquet of wild flowers—1, E. Williams; 2, B. G. Morgan. Basket of wild flowers—Rebecoa Michael- son. Best specimen of any plant other than above— 1, J. Brown. ISGETABLES.—Apples—1, W. Deacon 2, Henry Stephens; 3, Thomas Price. Blackberries—1, A. Michaelson 2, E. G. Morgan; 3, E. Knapp. FniÍt, notiiacluded in above—T. Price. Potatoes-I, R. Berry 2, A. Redwood; 3, A. S. Briffett. Potatoes-I, R. Berry; 2, W. Deacon; 3, E. G. Morgan. Cauli- flowers-I, J. Brown; 2, M. Long 3, J. Barnett. Celery—1, R. Smith 2, T. H. James 3, E. G. Morgan. Cltrrots-I, W. Leaver 2, J. Sanders 3, F. Thyers. Parsnips-I, J. Bryant; 2. E.G. Morgan 3. T. llosser. Onions—1, F. White; 2, M. Lay 3, T. H. James. Peas -1, A. Redwood 2, H. Riden 3, H. S. Briffet. Beans-I, A. Redwood 2, H. S. Briffet 3, J. Brown. Beans (broafl)-I, J. Brown; 2, T. Rosser: 3 W. Deacon. Cucumbers—1, C. Michaetson 2, \V. Deacon. Red cabbage-I. T. H. Jumes 2, A. Red- wood 3, W. Thomas. White cabbage—1, C. Michael- son 2, W. Leaver 3, M. Lay. Turnips—1, A. Red- wood 2, W. Leaver 3, E. G. Morgan. Lettuce I W. Leaver 2. D. Hole 3, B. Michaelson. Vegetable' marrows-I, W. Deacon 2, A. Akers 3, J. Barrett. Shallots—1, H. Rider; 2, C. Michaelson; 3, F. G. Morgan. Leeks—1, T. Rosser; 2, A. Redwood 3, C. Michaelson. CLASS B. Confined to cottagers of St. Andrew's, Michaelstone, Leckwith, and Penarth. Hand bouquet of cut garden flowers-I. W. Cox 2, J. Meaglev. Best specimen of any plant except fuchsias—Edmund Lewis. Apples—1, W. Hedges 2 W. Cox. Best specimen of any fruit except apples— T. Cram. Kidney potatoes—1, Ed. Lewis; 2, W. Hedges. Round potatoes—1, Benjamin Greatrix; 2, W. Cox.. Carrots and parsnips—1, W. Cox; 2. T. Cram. Peas-I, J. Jeffs; 2, W. Cox. Beans-I, Henry Wright: 2, W. Cox. Cucumbers—1, Benjamin Greatrix; 2, T. Cram. Marrows—1, J. Jell's 2. Ed. Lewis. Onioii,l. J. Huns; 2. Ed. Lewis. Broad Beans-I, B. Greatrix; 2, W. Cnx. Cabbage—1, B. Greatrix; 2. W. Cox. Basket of vegetables—1, W. Cox 2, T. Cram. CLASS C. (Open to all comers). Stove and greenhouse plants in bloom — T. Blackmore. Exotic ferns—1, R. Crossling; 2, T Blackmore. Roses—1, R. Crossling; 2, G. Parker. Bouquets — I. R. Crossling 2, T. Blackmore. Fuchsias—1. J. Brown. Grapes-I, W. Peters 2, F. B. Tudball. Peaches-I, ,Yo Peters 2, T. Pusgley. Any fruit, excluding grapes and peaches—T. Pugsley. Vegetables—1, W. Paync 2. T. Pugsley. Peas-I, George Parker 2, T. Richards Cucumbers—1, H. Warner; 2, T. Blackmore. Tomatoes— H. Warner 2, T. Blackmore. Beans- 1, G. Parker; 2, A. Redwood. SPECIAL PItIZES. Vegetables (given by Mr. W. Williams)—1, H Redwood; 2, R. Smith. Vegetables grown on Mr. Clode's garden (prize given by Mr. T. B. Clode)—J. Saunders. Best garden on Mr. Clo(le's land—1, T. B. Crossman, 38 marks; 2, H. Riden, 34 marks. Vegetables grown in Mr. Evan Morgan's garden—1, Phillip Hooper. Best allotment garden, 10 perches or less—1. F. Thyers, 42 marks; 2, H. Riden, 41 marks. Best allotment garden, 10 perches or more-I, T. Rosser and R. Smith. 53 marks each 2, J. Saunders, 49 marks. Vegetables grown from seeds purchased from Messrs. Norton and Co.—1, E. Lewis; 2, T. Cram.