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DiNAS POWIS FLOWER SHOW. ALLOTMENT PRIZES DISPUTED. A public meeting- was held at the National Schools, Dinas Powis, on Monday evening, for the purpose of distributing the prizes to the winners at the recent flower show. Amongst those present ware:—?>liss Lee. the Misses Edwards. ltev, Canon Edwards (treasurer). Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Alexander, Mr. J. B. Mockfold (hon. sec.), Mr. T. Cram, Mr. J. Greatrex, Mr. Frank John. Mr. Jenkins, and others. Mr. 1. Cram presided, and Miss Lee kindly under- took the distribution of the prizes.—The Chairman asked the treasurer to give a brief statement as to the financial position of the society, and, in com- pliance. Canon Edwards said the state of things was. in his opinion, very satisfactory. The total amount subscribed towards the show was £ 67 13s. 8d. (Hear, hear.) They could not expect to have as much contributed next year, but he was pleased to inform them that from the receipts of the last show there would be a surplus of about £13. (Hear, hear. Mr. Alexander: "I hope to see it .1.:20. sit.") The rev. treasurer cchoed Mr. Alexander's wish. and, continuing, said the amount received at gates was £7 13s. 6d.. exclusive of the subscribers, and they had 84 subscribers. A good deal of the success of the show depended upon the beautiful weather with which they were favoured, but they were considerably indebted to Mr. Alexander for his great kindness in allowing them unrestrained use of his magnificent grounds. (Ap- plause.) The manner in which the whole arrange- ments had beeneonduetedwasaproofofthesplendid capacities of those in whose hands the arrange- ments were entrusted, and he was sure the success of this was a good augury for its future welfare. (Applause.)—Mr. Alexander said he was much obliged to them for their kind expressions, and would only be too pleased to repeat the loan of his grounds for any object so praiseworthy as that of the flower show. He then asked Miss Lee if she would Kindly give out the prizes. (Hear, hear.) Miss Lee, amid applause, came forward to the table, when Mr. Frank John rose, and, with apologies for interrupting the proceedings, asked the Chairman if he would be in order to request that the allotment prizes should be withheld for a fewdays, to allow the gardens of the prize-winners to be inspected, as he was aware that the exhibits of those winners were not grown in their gardens. The Chairman Have you given notice of this fact to the committee ? Mr. John XV,. sir. Chairman Well, I cannot entertain the question here. Mr. Alexander: [f there is a question of fraud ——— The Chairman The question cannot be enter- tained here, and I will not allow it. Mr. Alexander I am in possession of the meet- ing. and ———— The Chairman I rule against you. Mr. Alexander The meeting is a public meet- ing, and I am at liberty to discuss and ventilate any question of fraudulency. The Chairman I cannot allow it, sir. I must ask you to desist, or I resign. Mr. Alexander Well, that rests with you if you wish. I am serry- The Chairman The rule says the decision of the judges shall be final. After some discussion the question was post- poned to the committee meeting after the distribu- tion of prizes which then took place, after which Miss Lee said she was glad to be able to give these prizes, and hoped the interest would be increased by the next year's show. To have a nice garden she considered to be the best of things, and no one took a greater pleasure in garden-keeping than her brother. (Loud applause.) General Lee was devoted to garden cultivation, and spent a great deal of his time that way. (Hear, hear.) Garden- ing Miss Lee considered to bo a pleasure in itself. (Applause.) Miss Lee, accompanied by the Misses. Edwards, then left the schools, and whilst going out three hearty cheers were given for the ladies." COMMITTEE MEETING. A committee meeting was then held, among whom were the Rev. Canon Edwards, Mr. D. T. Alexander. Mr. T. Cram (chairman), Mr. Greatrex. Messrs. John, Thomas, Jenkins, &c. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed, after which those who had sold tickets for the show handed in the money tht-y had received, Canon Edwards said the greatest thanks were due to the kind friends who had sent flowers for decorating the show, and hoped a hearty recogni- tion of their kindness, together with that of Mr. Alexander for the use of his beautiful grounds, and Major-General Lee and Miss Lee for opening the show. X Mr. Mcckford said he wished to thank Mr. Alexander, especially, for his many useful sugges- tions which his great experience in those matters rendered doubly useful in the present case, as it was their first show. (Hear. hear.) Mr. Alexander said that he thought the gentle- men who worked hardest were Mr. Greatrex and Mr. Cram. and he begged to include them in the vote of thanks which he proposed, and which was accorded them with much cheering. The secretary was instructed to write to each one who had sent flowers, &c. for decoration, tendering the hearty thanks of the committee. A rough statement of accounts showed that the total amount received, including ticket money and subscriptions was £ 67, and about £ 5 more remained to be collected. Bills already paid about £20 6s. Od. The baud's ex- penses were £ 5 14s. A dispute arose on Friday with the two men who were engaged to clear the grounds. They agreed to do the work for 2s. each, and when it was done demanded IUs. each, but ultimately had to go away with the 2s. agreed for. The total amount of expenses incurred, including prize money, was t:53 16s. Od.. leaving n balance of about t;13 which had been deposited in the Xational Bank. A long discussion then took place upon the alleged fraudulent allotment ex- j hibit-s, and after some warm arguments Mr. Frank John proposed that the garden of Mr. Moore, winner of the first prize, should be examined as he (Mr. John) could prove the vegetables he had been successful with were not grown in his garden. Also the spring cabbage prize, awarded to Mr. B. Greatrex, was disputed, and after prolonged dis- cussion. Mr. Alexander proposed and carried the resolution, that Mr. Wm. Treaeder should visit the trardens in question, and decide the dispute. Votes of tfcanks ended the meeting.