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BARRY W.D.) SCHOOL BOARD. I A meeting of the Barry (U.D.) School Board was held at the Holton Board Schools on Monday night, Mr. J. Lowdon in the chair. There were present besides Mr. J. Rees, Dr. W. Lloyd-Edwards, Mr. W. H. Lewis (clerk), Mr. Treharne Rees (clerk's deputy), and Mr. W. Seig (attendance officer). RILLS. After the minutes of the last meeting had been read and confirmed, the following bills were passed:—T. Higman, salaries, £154 7s.; T. Ewe- bank. salaries, £lU4 5s.: J. E. Rees, salaries, £70 6s. 7d. A. Seig, salaries, £.7 10s. J. X. Davies, salaries, £6 58.: Bank of England, interest on loans. £178 13s. 5d.: ditto. £62118". 2d. W. W. Williams, stationery,.£4 12s. 9d. Barry Railway Company, carriage of desks. £2 F.s. 7d. Knight and Co., financial statements. 5s. 3d. C. Howe, poor and general district rates, £1 4s. 6d. D. Howells, poor rate, 18s. lljd.; W. Lewis, office stationery, £3 10s. 2d.; Superintendent Wake, conveying two boys to" Formidable," £1 12s. 2d. London and Provincial Bank, cheque books, £2 lus. 4d. D. Owen and Co., ledger. £1 10s. D. Griffiths, repairs. £ 8 2s. lad.: W. and T. May. black board and e:1.sel. £. 1 2s. lid.; ditto, cookery department. £1 5s. 4d.: J. II. Abbott. fenders, £1 7s.: J. Nicholas and Co., sewing material. £8 lls. ICd. Morgan Brothers, fixing glass, 16s. 4d. E. J. Ince. repairs, £3 4s. lOd. gas and water, £29 13s. 7d. Smith Wales Star, printing and advertising. :f.:4 lis. Western Mail. £ 3 Is. 6d. S/lllth Walex Daily JVewa, £ 3 4s. 6d.; W. H. Lewis, £4; Walkington and Co., £8 3s. 8d.; Sehoolvtaxter, £2 9s.; Sellout mi-stress, £1 1:?s.: John Morris. police and clerk's fees, £14 10s. !)d. O. Bray, :2 4s. lOd.; W. Townsend, £ 9 4s. 7d. ATTENDANCE OFFICER'S REPORT. The report of Mr. W. Seig, attendance officer, showed that 79. absentees had been visited during the past month, and 1:13 notices served. The officer complained of a serious falling off in the average, attendances during the past month. mainly owing to the fact that there had bo:;n so many Sunday School treats. For example, on the previous Wednes- day one-third of the whole number attend- ing at Caddxton Schools were absent. Through this means the average attendance, which but for this would have been about 80 per cent., had fallen for the week to 76 per cent. The report further suggested that it would be advisable that Sunday School treats could be so arranged in future as to fall within the summer holidays.—The Chairman remarked that there wis no doubt that these treats had occasioned a serious financial loss to the Board. Later on a letter was read from the Barry District Teachers' Association, complaining of the same thing, and suggesting that the Board should write to the different ministers.—The Clerk was instructed to do so, and to remind them again next year. THE NEW MEMBERS. On the motion of Dr. Lloyd-Ed ward-, Mr. John Rees was elected a member of the Finance Com- mittee vice Mr. E. F. Biackmore. and Mr. Rees and Dr. Edwards were elected members of the Visiting Committee. Mr. Rees thanked the Board for the honour they had done him. and he wished also to convey to the Board the satisfaction felt by the Trades' ^Council at the election of their nominee as a member of the Board—one whom they had some confidence in. and who had tried, however imperfectly, to promote the interests of the Council. He knew that it would take some time to make a good member, and it could not be expected that a new man would be as efficient or as qualified to deal with the details of the Board's work as his predecessor, Mr. Oliver Jenkins, had been. He trusted, however, that in those differences which must arise in small matters of detail between men of independent opinions, they would give one another every credit for sincerity of purpose. His object at all times would be to make the schools as efficient as pos- sible, without at the same time overstepping the mark in the matter of expenditure. He trusted also that with close attention to his duties he would become well-acquainted with the Board's routine work. Dr. Lloyd Edwards also thanked the Board for electing him a member, and he was especially glad to find that he had been elected in such very good company. He had no doubt that Mr. Rees would prove to be a most useful member. The Chairman expressed his great pleasure in receiving them as colleagues, and trusted that they would both attend the meetings of the Board regularly. EVENING CLASSES. A letter was read from Mr. J. E. Thorpe, the secretary of the Barry Teachers' Association, sug- gesting the formation of recreative evening classes for the coming winter. The teachers, it was said, were very willing to render all the assistance in their power, and tha Board was urged to take immediate steps to form such classes.—Dr. Edwards wished to know if the Government gave a grant towards these evening classes.—The Chairman said that a grant would be given if the code subjects were taught, and as much more could be taught as they liked. He was, however, doubtful of the success of the classes. The Science and Art Classes had not been so well attended during the last winter as had been expected, and the Science and Art Classes, which had a very large scope, would, to a largo extent, cover the ground of the recrea- tive classes.—Dr. Edwards May not these classes, which are a sort of continuation classes and less advanced than the Science and Art Classes, be successful where the others are not.'—The Chair- man said that if that were so he would be very glad to help. They must not, however, argue from the case of a large town like Cardiff.—The Clerk was ultimately asked to write to the secretary with regard to the subjects which the Association would suggest should be taught, and to report to the next meeting of the Board. OPPOSITION TO A LICENSE. Dr. Lloyd-Edwards drew attention to the fact that a license would be applied for at the next licensing sessions for a Hotel situate on Barry Hill, and near to an acre of ground which had been purchased by the Board. He considered that, if a license was granted, the value of their property would be much deteriorated, and he would, there- fore. propose that the Chairman should be asked to attend the next licensing sessions an behalf of the Board, and oppose the grant of a license to the proposed new hotel on Barry Hill. Mr. J. Rees Is there no other meeting of the Board before the liconsing sessions The Clerk No. Mr. J. Rees Then I have great pleasure in seconding the motion. The resolution was carrier, and the Chairman said he would be very pleased to attend before the magistrates in his capacity as Chairman of the Board. EXAMINATIONS. The Clerk informed the Board that the drawing examination of the South Kensington Science and Art Department would be held on September 29, at 10.25 at Cadoxton and 1.45 at Barry Dock. The date of the examination at Holton was not yet known. A circular letter was also submitted by the Clerk, which had been drawn up according to the instructions given by the Board to the parents of children attending the schools, asking for their help in enforcing regular attendance of children. now that the examinations were so close at hand.— A discussion ensued as to the best means of distri- buting the circulars, and it was decided to give them to the school children to take home. m Mr. J. Rees If the South Wale* Star will make a note of it that will be quite sufficient. MISCELLANEOUS. Several parents appeared before the Board whose children had been irregular in their atten- dance.—A letter was read from the Education Department asking- the Board to advise them of the result of Miss Maria Evans' examination for the Queen's scholarship.—Miss Wilcox applied for an increase of salary according to the Board's scale. An advance of £5 was given, to begin in September.—This was all the business of im- portance.




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