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"SOUTH WALES STAR" PRINTING DEPARTMENT. pRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTIOX JQONE EXPEDITIOUSLY & NEATLY. pAMPHLETS, CIRCULARS, AKD AUCTION j; ILLS. j CHEAP JJANDBILLS A ¡ GPECIALITY. ¡ gALE CATALOGUES, JJEPORTS &c. gUSINESS CARDS; &c. J I BOOKBIXDING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. QHEAPEST TpSTABLISHMEXT IN THE I DISTRICT. 1 The Place to Spend a Happy Bay,. ABERKEXFIG FRIENDLY SOCIETIES' FETE AND GALA, MABON'S DAY, MONDAY, SEPT. 6th. The Committee have much pleasure to announce I that they have engaged Mr. Alfred Montgomery, the Original Premier Fete and Variety Agent. London, to provide the following Grand Combina- tion of Star and Special Novelties. THE TWO RALETTOS, ¡- Gymnastic Marvels and Aerial Double Trapeze I Artistes in their Grand, Graceful, and Daring Explots in Mid-Air. AZAR, The Boneless Wonder. Sensational Contortionist, Posturer, Bender, and Indiarubber Acrobat, from the late P. T. Barnum's Hippodrome. The Black Brilliants— TOM TOKIE AND SIMPLE SAM— I In their Funny Negro Eccentricities and Diverting, Droll, Darkie Doings, Burlesque Artistes, Quaint Comedians. Dancers. kc., also in- troducing their Comical Donkeys. VALMORE AND DAVILLA, Acrobats, Tumblers, and Clever Drawing-room Entertainers. PROFESSOR PERRINO, And his Marvellous Performing Terriers, from the Royal Agricultural Hall, London. Also Special Engagement of MR. CHRIS. iSULLIVAN, I The Emperor of Comics. C him on his Granny's Back and U will B pleased. Also MASTER JOHNNY SULLIVAN, The Infant Comic, seven years of age, who will appear in English and Irish Characters. See them Hear them Don't miss them. GRAND TOOTBALl TOURNAMENT (Nine-a-side), under Rugby Rules. Prize, Nine Dressing Bags to winning team. Entrance, 3s. each team. Etrance forms may be had on application to the Secretaries. The whole to conclude with the Grandest and Most Magnificent Display of FIREWORKS Ever given in the Neighbourhood, by Messrs. W. and J. Wilder, the Celebrated Pyrotechnists of Birmingham, including the following designs :— The Illuminated Star, the Cascades of Golden Fire, the Double Scroll, Jewelled Trees also, for the first time in Wales, they introduce their celebrated mechanical design, the Skeleton Acrobat, <kc. mechanical design, the Skeleton Acrobat, &c. ILLUMINATATION OF GROUNDS AT 8.30 P.M. Balloons with Fireworks, kc. THE TONDU BRASS BAND will play Selections and Dance Music at Intervals. Gatex Open at Twelve Noon. Admission Sixpence. First-class Refreshments, Tea, &c. on reasonable terms. Trains from all parts. Applications for space for Shows should be made to-the Secretaries. 405] HITCHINGS & CARR, Secretaries. THE BEST PUBLIC HOUSES FOR WORKING MEN. THE METROPOLE TEMPERANCE HOTEL (Opposite the Taff Vale Railway Station, Cardiff), Dining Rooms, Smoke Room, Assembly Room, Cloak Room, and Lavatories. FORTY BEDS. GORDON rpEMPERANCE JJOTEL, ASD RESTACRANT, i 281 AND 282, BUTE STREET (Corner of Custom House Street), 25(3, BUTE STREET, AND 3, CUSTOM HOUSE STREET. CARDIFF. THE NEPTUNE, (Corner of PATRICK STREET) will shortly be opened. BAKERY WHARF STREET. Specialities by an Experienced French Cook, Directories for use of Customers. THREAD AND COXFECTIOXERY OF ALL KINDS. WHEATEN BREAD—A SPECIALITY. BEDS FROM ONE SHLMNG PER KIGHT. Visitors leaving Town by early Boats or Trains, please note—these Hotels arc Open every Week- day Morning at Four o'clock. NIGHT POUTERS. E. THOMAS (Cochfarf), 371] PROPRIETOR. ±iiu -LluiU JMiiitJU.V The'Hero'Remedy <7 of the Age. Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Create New Blood Create New Blood Create New Blood Rev. PRINCIPAL EDWARDS, Pontypool. DEAR SIR —I am sure, you will be glad to hear that your" BLOOD PILLS are most highly valued. My experience is that they are b UNEQUALLED. They seem to me to be the pleasant est, safest, and most ejjeetive medicine. They are simpiv EXCELLENT. They ought to prove a universal boon. Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Produce Healthy Skin Produce Healthy Skin Produce Healthy Skin « I OPEN SORES AND I Sir-—My little daugh- S"K"TW 'RAQP' ter ^as been suffering S-H1JN -ttAbJi a great deal from a rash, with pimples, whioh came out on her hands and face, extending all over her body her face got so bad until it got into open sores. I am happy to say that under the treatment of your famous "BLOOD PILLS." and an outward application of •• Gomer's Balm," her body is nicely cleared, also her hands and face. New-road, Llandilo. M. HANCOCK. The above was ? very interesting case. She was in a pitiable state. Now completely cured. 1 consider the case to be a good test of the value of your" BLOOD PILLS."—Rev. D. B. JoNEs, Llandilo Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Secure Active Liver Secure Active Liver Secure Active Liver Rev. B. D. WILLIAMS, Waunarlwydd. SIR—I have very great pleasure in being able to testify to the value of your HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS." I took one box of them about a month ago, and since then I feel as well as ever. I have known nothing yet that renews my strength and revives me as these Pills do. My complaint was Indigestion, accompanied with great weakness and palpitation of the heart. I would highly recom- mend them to all sufferers. Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Ensures Strong lerves Ensures Strong Nerves Ensures Strong Nerves From Rev. D. B. JOXES. Gowerton. I have been a sufferer for many months from Nervous Debility, Indigestion, and weak Eyesight and so bad has the latter been that I have been compelled to abstain J_Yom reading. But the re- sult of taking your "Blood Pills has been to com- pletely strengthen the Nervous System, relieving* Indigestion, and much improving the Eyesight. Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Hughes's Blood Pills Guarantee Vigorous Stomach Guarantee Vigorous Stomach Guarantee Vigorous Stomach WORN TO A J was, at the beginning of QTTtiiT Timn-w this year and the end of last, t. JV.uij.EiIUr(. very poorly with coughing- and throwing up, and could not deep had no appetite. I was worn to a skeleton. I heard of your BLOOD PILLS." I sent for a box. and continued using them. I soon found great relief. I could sleep at nights, cough stopped, and able to eat well am now as well as ever. 1 must praise and highly recommend them. DAVID THOMAS. Hobshill Mountain, Pembroke. Every Man, Woman, Boy, and Girl Suffer- iug from Indigestion, Headache, Skin Rash, Scurvy, Biliousness, Constipation, Nervous- ness, Low Spirits, Fits, should take these. Pills without delay. THEY CURE WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE FAILS. Sold by every Chemist and Patent Medicine Vendor, at Is. l^d.. 2s. 9d., 4s. 9d. by Post at Is. 3d., 2s. lid., 4s. 9d.. from JACOB HUGHES, Manufacturing Chemist, PENARTH, CARDIFF. Sonet— Genuine without thePjWifi Trade Mark on a lied Label 011 Each Box 1 Printed and Published for the Proprietors by W. LLEWELLJ-X WILLIAMS, at the Star Printing Works, Yere Street,"Cadoxton-juxtat-Bajry. in the County of Glamorgan, August 26th, 1832.