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BRIDGEND DISTRICT NEWS. BRIDGEND. THE FOOTBALL CLUB.—The attendance at the. annual meeting of the Bridgend Football Club showed very clearly that many in the district take a deep interest in its welfare. The financial statement was satisfactory, and the only incidents of note occurred when the business of electing officers was proceeded with. It was a matter of great surprise and regret to most of those present that Mr. E. Emery, who had captained the team last year, could not see his way to act in that capacity this year, but it gave some satisfac- tion when he consented to act upon the Match Com- mittee. There is no doubt that the new captain (Mr. Fell) will do his best, and the same may be ex- pected from the new secretary (Mr. Graham Verity). We hope that the club will have a prosperous and successful season. A FALSE RUMOUR.—About eleven o'clock on Saturday night it was rumoured in the town that a man up Nolton-road had had his eye knocked out by another man in a fight, and large crowds gathered about the scene of the alleged occurrence. Police- constables Sloley, Brown, Brinson, and Sandford were quickly upon the spot, and maintained order. Upon enquiring further into the matter, the police judged that it was a case in which the injured party should be left to take proceedings himself if he thought proper, and they consequently did not take the aggressor into custody. It was found that the man's eye had not been knocked out, as rumoured, but that Lis face had been cut—it is alleged-with a spur. POACHING.—It is stated that a number of persons have lately been violating the game laws. This is known to the authorities, and unless the offenders cease their misdoings, it is possible they will get into trouble. THE POLICE COURT.—A large number of persona visited the Police Court on Saturday, attracted by the important cases which it was known would be heard. The magistrates very properly ordered all women and young lads out of court during the hearing of one of the cases-those to whom this order referred leaving the court with manifest reluctance. COMIC OPERA.—The Drill-hall was well filled on Friday and Saturday evenings last week, when the comic opera, "Paul Jones was given by a company engaged by Mr. P. R. James, of Pontypridd. The musical portion of the programme was excellently rendered, the songs being especially good. The piece was well rendered throughout, and the many ludicrous incidents evoked much laughter. The acting was of a very high quality, and where so many excelled it would be invidious to mention only a few names so we refrain, but content ourselves with saying that all present thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment, and the only regret expressed was that the company was making such a short stay in the town. Amongst those present on Saturday evening were Mr. County Coun- cillor T. J. Hughes and Mrs. Hughes, and Colonel Turbervill, J.P. THE LATE MR. TOM COOKE.—At the Nolton Church on Sunday morning the Rector (Rev. F. W. Edmondes, M.A.) made reference to the death of Mr. Tom Cooke, who, he said, had regularly attended Holy Communion, and had discharged the duties of sides- man of the church in a highly satisfactory manner. He could assure the relatives of the deceased that they had his heartfelt sympathy. He urged his hearers so to live that they would at last be found at the right hand of God, and pointed out that Christ, by his death, burial, and resurrection, had deprived the grave of its victory, and that no Christian need fear death. REPAIRS ON THE RAILWAY.—A large number of workmen were engaged on Sunday repairing the railway line in the vicinity of Bridgend. DOG AND BICYCLE.—As Mr. E. Emery, mounted on a safety bicycle, was proceeding along Nolton-road on Friday evening last about seven o'clock, ho turned a little to the left to avoid some children who were playing in the street, when a large black dog, choosing that particular moment to cross the street, the machine ran straight against it, causing the rider to dillID6unt rather hurriedly. Fortunately, no damage was done to either man, machine, or beast, and the latter jogged off musing (?) upon street dangers. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—At the ordinary weekly meeting of the Bridgend Board of Guardians, held at the Bridgend Workhouse on Saturday last the Rev. F. W. ffidmoudes, M.A. (chairman), presided, the others present being Mr. Edward Lewis and Mr. T. L. Roberts (vice-chairman), Colonel J. P. Turbervill, Messrs. Wm. Jones, John Thomas, Thomas Thomas, William Howells (Pencoed), Edward John, William Howells (Wick), Thomas Richards, John Rees, Thos. Jenkins, Robert Thomas, Paget, Richard Williams, D. Bowen, and R. H. Cox (clerk).—It was reported that the balance in the bank waa £787 12s. lid.—The relief given during the week had involved an expendi- ture of £ 80 16s. lid., as compared with £ 93 3s. for the corresponding period last year, the number of persons l'elieved this year being 788, as against 862 in the corres- ponding week last year. SANITARY MEETING.—A meeting of the Rural Sanitary Authority was held at the Bridgend Work- house on Saturday, the Rev. F. W. Edmondes in the chair. Messrs. Paget, R. Williams, Colonel J. P., Turbervill, Wm. Street, Thomas Richards, Edward Morgan, William Hopkin, T. Bowen, and R. H. Cox (clerk) were also present. Mr. Randall, Medical Officer, and Mr. Miller, Medical Officer for the Cow- bridge District also attended. ALLEGED INDECENT ASSAULT.—At the Magis- trates' Clerk's office on Tuesday, before Mr. Charles Price Davies, a collier from Margam, named David Davies, was brought up in custody charged with assaulting Clara Bartle. From the statement of pro- secutrix it appeared that whilst she was engaged in a shippon milking cows belonging to Mr. Jenkins, farmer. Ynisygwas, on Monday I?st prisoner, who had been standing near the door watching her, came in, and indecently exposing his person attempted to assault her. Prosecutrix, however, struggled with him, and eventually got free and ran into the house. She informed Mr. Jenkins of what had occurred, and he at once went after the prisoner, and catching up seized hold of him. Prisoner resisted, but being secured gave a false name and address. Prisoner was remanded until to-morrw, bail being allowed. PORTHCAWL. CARDIFF NATURALISTS' SOCIETY. — The third! field meeting of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society took place on Thursday afternoon at Newton Nottage, near Porthcawl. The party, numbering about 30v proceeded to Porthcawl hy the 2.5 p.m. special excursion from the Great Western Station, and on arriving there found the weather very favourable, though it had been rather threatening at starting. They proceeded to Newton Nottage and inspected the church, where there is a. very curiously carved pulpit and a massive saddle- back tower. They then walked down to a very curious well, which has the remarkable property of being full at low tide, and of being empty when the tide runs ill. Mr. T. H. Thomas thell pointed out the spot where he made the discovery of the slab, now built into the Car- diff Museum, on which were the footprints of Broitto- zoiim Thomci* Next the party proceeded to Nottage Court, a most interesting old mansion, containing some excellent carved oak and inlaid fu,miture. A Jacobean four-post bellstend was much admired. In the nooks about the ancient structure many objects of interest were observed, and the tapestries attracted consider- able attention. The visitors next made their way to the Esplanade Hotel, where an ample meat tea was provided, and to which it mè1Y fairly he i;1Íerrerl the fullest justice was done. After a stroll on the beach the members returned, arriving in Cardiff abont 10 o'clock, after having had a most enjoyable excursion. THE VISITORS.—A huge number of visitors left Porthcawl on Saturday last, there being quite a rush for tickets by the 2,20 train. A great many also left by the 6.0 train, there is no apparant lessening, though, in the numbers which seem to be walking and enjoy- ingly lounging about in typical visitor fashion, as a great many came in on Monday. Scveral excursions came in to Porthcawl last week, including one from Aberdare, viz., the members and friends of the Welsh Methodist (Bethania) Sunchy school. There was also an excursion from Aben1<tre on Monday last. the visi- tors being the members and friends of the Baptist School. It is expected that Monday next (Mahon's day) will practically end the season as far as large ex- cursions are concerned. FAREWELL CONCERT.—On Monday evening last a farewell concert was given to Mr. E. H. Davies, who intended leaving Porthcawl on the following day .after a lengthened stay. He had made a very facetious chairman at thc miscelbneons eetertainments which have been held in and out of doors. There were, amongst other things, somc singing competitions, the sopmno solo being won by Miss A. Austin, K ewton. CONCERT.—The concert held last week in aid of the building funds of the new Zion Church was so suc- cessful that it was decided to have a repetition con- cert 011 Tuesday evening last. Madame Williams- Penn was again the chief vocalist, and her songs were much appreciated. OBITUARY.—We very much regret to record the death of Miss Matilda. Pearce, youngest daughter of Mr. James Pearce. pilot, &c., Porthcawl. Deceased, who was quite young l24), was well (known and highly respected, and deep sympathy is felt for her sorrowing relatives. The funeral took place on Tuesday amid every token of respect and sympathy. DEATH AND BURIAL.—We much regret recording the early death of Miss Pearce. Miss Pearce was well- known in the neighbourhood. She was the youngest daughter of Mr. James Pearce, pilot, Porthcawl, and was in her 25th year. She died, after a long sickness, patiently borne, on Thursday night last, her death j casting a gloom over the village. The funeral took place nit Tuesday, and every token ot respect was paid that can be shewn to the dead. Elegant and superbly pretty were the wreaths and crosses that were sent to the funeral. Mr. H. and Mrs. Rogers, and Miss John sent across; Miss Bessie Wessendorf, a wreath; Mrs. Leyshon, Pontypridd, wreath Mr. and Mrs. David, Sunny Side House, wreath; Mr. and Mr. Thomas, chemist, wreath Captain and Mrs. Short, Cardiff, j wreath; the Misses Lewis, Glantivy House, wreath the Misses Jones, Poplars, cross; Miss Mably, Pen- twyn, Cornwall, wreath Mr. and Mrs. Bullen, Swan- sea, wreath: Rev. R. N. Gordon and Mr. Gordon, wreath; Rev. W. Jones, rector, and Mrs. Jones, wreath Mr. and Mrs. Couch and Son, Neath, wreath parents, brothers and sisters, wreath and cross. The Rector officiated at the funeral. The family beg to thank their friends for the sympathy shown them in their bereavement, and further beg them to accept this as an acknowledgment. NANTYMOEL. THE ELECTRIC LIGHT.—The work in connection with the electric lighting of the district is being rapidly pushed forward, and it is expected that it will be suf- ficiently advanced to allow the lamps to be used in the coming winter. COITY. SCHOOL EXCURSION. — The scholars and their parents and friends who attend Mr. Peter's Private Day School at Coity paid a visit to Southerndown on Monday-: A large number went in breaks and traps, and the procession was headed by the Coity Brass Band. LLANTWIT-MAJO R. VISITORS.—The town is full of visitors. It is many years since so many have taken advantage of the fine weather to visit our ancient town. While the beach is improving yearly for bathing, the sand is gaining in extent, and in a few years the beach is likely to be one sheet of sand. THE EARTHQUAKE.—The shock of earthquake which passed over part of South Wales on Thursday morning week was felt at Sea View, near St. Athan, and several dishes were broken on the kitchen shelves Also at Gilstone where some china was thrown down at Mr. Joseph Spencer's and broken. Some of the household were very frightened. WEST ABERTHAW. FlRE.—On Monday last a mow of hay, valued at £100 was burned down. The mow was the property of Mr. Edwards, and was not insured. The mow took fire by one. of the harvest hands throwing down & match with which he had lit his JfÏpe. A valuable mow of barley close by was saved by the energy of the neighbours. ABERKENFIG. SERVICE OF SONG.—The service of :song, entitled The Battle of Life," was repeated in the Carey English Baptist Chapel on Sunday evening. Mr. Jessie Hurley presided, the conductor being Mr. W. E. Colman. The Tondu String Band, under the leader- ship of Mr. J. H. Lewis, accompanied, and the service was much enjoyed by all present. It is said that many were unable to gain access to the room as so many were present. ANNIVERSARY DINNER.—On Saturday Last, the 20th inst., the members of the Cadair Fir Farll Lodge of True Ivorites assembled at the Ansel Hotel to celebrate their anniversary. At one o'clock a pro- cession was formed, headed by their magnificent new banner, followed by the world-renowned Tondu Brass Band, under the leadership of Mr. J. H. Lewis (Uew Aber) then came the juveniles and adults. Having reached Jerusalem Chapel a short and practical dis- course was delivered by the Rev. R. Johns. Service being over, the procession wended its way to Tondu, Brynmenin, and Bryncethin, returning to their head- quarters about four o'clock where an excellent spread had been prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Kingdom. Great praise is due to them for the beautiful things that had been prepared, to which all did justice. Amongst the company present were the Rev. E. Davies, Rev. R. Johns, Dr. Jones. Dr.' Thomas wrote stating his inability to be present owing to illness. Dinner being over the members assembled at seven o'clock when there was an excellent programme provided. Mr. J. Lloyd was voted to the chair who proved to be the right man in the right place. The following programme was gone through in good style:—Address, Chairmnn: selection. Band: song, "Y Milwi dewr, Mr. J. H. Lewis (Llew Aber) competition, reading first sight, five competitors, prize divided between E. and T. Hopkin; song, Mr. T. Hopkin; selection, Band; competition, spelling-bee, five competitors, prize divided between Robyn ddu and E. Hopkin; recitation, Mr. Dan Jones: song, "Y bacligen dewr" (by special request), Mr. J. H. Lewis (Llew Aber); competition, singing any Welsh song, three competi- tors, best, Mr. Wr. Edwards: selection, Band. The singing of Mr. J. H. Lewis was grand, his rendering of "Y bachden dewr" was a treat: while the band eclipsed all their former performances, especially in their selection of Welsh airs. After the usual thanks to the chairman and others, one of the best anniver- saries was brought to an end. SOUTHERNDOWN. THE COUNTESS OF DUNRAVEX and family are expected at Dunraven Castle in a few day?. The greater portion of the domestics arrived on Wednes- day with the luggage. VISITORS.—Southerndown was again visited by a great number of visitors on Monday from Coity and Aberkenfig, the band of the latter place coming with the Aberkenfig party for their outing to the sea- shore. OUTING.—Mrs. Thomas, of Glanmore, Southern- down, invited her employees at the Heath, Cardiff, to her residence at Southerndown to enjoy a day's outing at the seaside on Tuesday. The party arrived about 11.30 a.m. in the Southerndown brake from Bridgend. After enjoying a good spread at Glanmore, they spent the remainder of the day 011 the beach, then had tea at the house, returning to Cardiff with the mail, well pleased with their seaside trip.