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ROUND THE TOWNS. [BY MR. GAD-ABOUT.] A local doctor fills in Hme by flying a kite on Cadoxton Common. Some of the frequenters of the Barry Dock Police Court while away the time by knitting. Seventy ladies used bathing machines on Barry Island between ten and three o'clock on Saturday. A notice in a jeweller's window recently stated that This clock strikes the hours and quarters every hour." Asked the age of her promising son at the Barry Dock Police Court, a mother said. I can't tell exactly, Sir, as I ain't no scholard The Hibernians intend having great cracks at their supper and dance, and are going to make it worth any one's while to be there. It has been remarked that there are doctors on every public body in the district, but oil the Burial Board. Why do they fight shy of it ::< The Rev. E. Evans, Lampeter, who preached at Barry on Sunday is the happy possessor of the most melodious voice in the Welsh ministry. # The Buffaloes are undoubtedly a jovial class of men with feeling hearts in their bodies, as was I evidenced at the concert on Friday night. 4: Doors are increasing rapidly in the neighbour- hood of Barry Dock. It is nearly time the police again asked for the production of licences. Inspector Rees conducted the business of the Barry Dock Police Court on Thursday very etliciently in the absence of Superintendent Wake. Miss Pattie Transfield is certainly a precocious child, but she will require a lot of training before she will be able to take a portion of any standing in a concert hall. The proceeding's of the Temperance Council on Friday night were of such a nature that it was considered unsafe to admit reporters. What Another conspiracy Since the inauguration of the Buffalo Institute a few months ago. I notice the walls have been decorated with a dado surmounted by an artistic terra-cotta wall-paper. The lively young inhabitants of Cadoxton, on Saturday evenings at the Public Hall, trip merrily to the enrapturing strains of a tin-whistle, accompanied by a concertina. I hear that Mr. Alfred Williams, son of the esteemed Mr. J. J. Williams, Tynewydd, is going over to the majority shortly. I mean the married part of mankind. I wish him every joy. Goodness what an amount of cherry paste was used by a singer at the Buff's concert on Friday night. No wonder the company engaged to play in My Sweetheart failed to come up to scratch. Mr.J.A.HughesattheBarry Burial Board meet- ing said architects were but mortal: meaning it was unfair that an architect employed by the Board should have to decide between them and a con- tractor. Mr. R. Percival. of the National Provincial Bank. Cadoxton. won his heat in the 120 yards race on Saturday at the Cardiff Cycling Sports, but was not placed at all in the final. Better luck next time' There was plenty of room for a charitably in- clined individual to render help to half a dozen poor chaps who struggled a good while to get a safe into an office in Yere-street on Monday afternoon. The only Welsh place of worship in Barry where the" Amen" i", sung at the end of the hymns is the Independent Chapel. High-street and judging from its fate on Sunday night it isn't likely to be very popular. The commoners intend prosecuting the gentle- man who last Sunday afternoon cut his name on one of the seats on Cadoxton Common and the captain of the Salvation Army will be on his track for desecrating the Sabbath. Wednesday was the children's treat day at Barry. The English Methodists, Wesleyans. and Welsh Independents enjoyed themselves on Barry Island, and the Welsh Baptists and the Barry Dock Welsh Methodists went to Sully. The magistrates at the Barry Dock Police Court told three parents to take their sons home and give them a good thrashing for misbehav iour. '• Yes," replied one of the mothers. and be brought here for marking them." There is a form of entertainment served up in ithe far far West of America at which the audience •pay the highest price for seats farthest from the -stage, and nearest the exit, for the greater facility of leaving should the performance be much worse .than usual. Mr. B. G. Davies was the only member who attended the Burial Board meeting at that appro- priate spot, the Cemetery, on Saturday last. Mr. John Robinson expressed his willingness to attend on Sundays, but notion other days. I suppose he feels good on the Sabbath. Vere-street on Monday made a good Show. 'Capturing the ourang outang was not in it. A. -sailor left himself drop from the top room of Webb's boarding-house, and tried to leave without leave. Webb and the dogs gave chase, and the ifox was brought to bay in no time, mauled about :a bit and re-hung up at the top of the house. A correspondent writes :—" A new kind of nui- sance in Vere-street is the number of dogs who seem to thing they have a right to congregate out- aide the tradespeople's doors and there indulge in any amount of fighting and barking, to their own apparent satisfaction and the annoyance of passers- by. New, indeed Two engineers from ships which lay in Barry took out their women folk for a row on Saturday •in the harbour. The boat, however, got stuck fast in the mud a dozen yards or so away from the land, -and the enterprising boatmen had to remain there li the cynosure of neighbouring eyes of a huge crowd that had gathered round—till three o'clock <cn Sunday morning. The visiting committee of the Cadoxton-Barry Burial Board must have done some individual visiting on their own account on Saturday even- ing, for, except Mr. B. G. Davies, not one came to the meeting. I have heard that some of them consider meeting at Merthyrdovan cemetery is too much of a good thing, and they adopt this absentee method to put an end to it. Legal jokes are not often very clear, but judges .do not usually land themselves in the position of Judge Gwilym Williams, and have one at their- -own expense, "Whenever I asked him to compen- sate me for the damage his horses had done to my .potato field, he sent me to the devil, your Honour," said the plaintiff. "And you came to me in pre- .ference ? said his Honour, • "Mr. J. Davies, the very efficient and uniformly -courteous secretary of the Barry Science and Art Classes, finished his year of office last Tuesday. 'No wonder, considering how much of the success of the classes has depended on Mr. Davies. that the other members of the committee passed him a cordial vote of thanks. Mr. Davies is one of the best type of self-taught, intelligent Welshmen, whose advance in knowledge only makes stronger their love of the old language. I have to thank some lady at Barry for six rock cakes which have been sent to me for review." I regret that I was so hungry at the time they were received and that the cakes looked so tempt- ing, that I took very little time indeed to review" them. I liked that sort of reviewing so much that I am willing to do it again. I have also to thank some enterprising admirer for a basket of aiice mushreoms. One of the office boys of the SOUTH WALES STAR hails from Philadelphia. His travels take in New York, Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, and New Orleans. The precocious youngster is willing to Cross the briny ocean And be off to Philadelphia," or to theChicago Eisteddfod, if the manager would only raise his wages and appoint him special cor- z, respondent. N.B.-His name is not Pat Leary. In the Cardiff Exprrsx I seem to feel the familiar touch of the hand of Spinnaker Boom" this week. The Daily Xi'ir* said that there very few lunatics in Glamorganshire hence, it said, only Radicals were returned by it to Parliament. The U-rprcM has neatly turned the point. There are only a few lunatics," it says, in Glamorganshire. There would be more if there were less Radical M.P.s in Parliament." A correspondent of mine wrote me a most inno- cent little paragraph about the way two small urchins treated a member of the Salvation Army on a Sunday night. For my pains I am called a fool and a liar, if not something worse, and I am consigned to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone." If this fellow, who calls himself a Captain of the Salvation Army, is a fair speci- men of General Booth's followers, I must change my opinion of what I had always looked upon as a section of the charitable Church of Christ. No wonder King David, with his great knowledge of mankind—for I suppose men of the kidney of Captain Prosser lived in those times-did not wish to fall into the hands of men. CORRESPONDENCE. Dear Mr. Gad-About.—Another wild goose was feathered in Main-street on Wednesday after- noon last, and on Wednesday night another wild goose spread its wings and flew away from Vere- street. I hear his credit ors are engaged in a veritable wild goose chase after him.-I am, yours &c.. CYMRO. Dear Mr. Gad-About,—I notice that Captain Prosser., of the Salvation Army, calls you a fool. Since the Christian sold'er likes Biblical verses so much, especially those that deal summarily with his brethren, let me commend this to his notice Whosoever shall say, thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.Yours, &c., HATER OF CANT. SJE Dear Mr. Gad-About,—Why is it there are so many widows come to live in Barry lately ? It is almost impossible to get a decent house there, as there are so many of the interesting creatures' come to live there. Is it because there are so many single professional gentlemen in the dis- trict?—I am, yours &c.. GWIDMAX. Dear Mr. Gad-A bout,—I think you ought to hear a bull that was made the other night at a temperance meeting. A local minister was de- claiming against those who had accused the mini- sters of not coming boldly forward to support the Temperance cause as they should. But where are they now:" he eloquently asked. And if they were here in this very room. I would ask them to their very face, Where are they now etc,, HEX GYBYDD. Dear Mr. Gad-About.—We hear a great deal these days about starting a new industry on the Moors. It has always been a surprise to me that no brewery has been started here yet. Mr. Duncan said the other night that if we only produced what we ourselves consume, we would do pretty well. I can only say if a company produced as much beer as is drunk by the people of the district, it would do a roaring trade. Possibly, however, the water is too bad.—Yours, &c., W. S. Dear Mr. Gad-About.-I was down on the Island last Saturday, and in a weak moment I hired a bathing machine. After undressing, I waited for a time to be taken into the sea in the machine, but after some time I got tired and walked in. I found then I had to walk out a dis- tance of ten or twelve yards to reach my bathing machine, the object of admiring interest on the part of several people, not all of one sex. I got my feet covered with sand, which I failed to remove with the aid of the wet towels given me. Surely the public are entitled to better service for their sixpence.—I am, yours &c., llmxy. Dear Gad-A bout. — I was at a meeting the other night at which there happened to be present a ;ood number of ministers ofdiiferent denominations sitting on a front bench, and from a habit they had jf putting one leg over the other I noticed they nearly all wore elastic-side boots, from which I conclude, after giving the matter some profound thought, that this kind of boot is favoured by the dergy, from the fact that it prevents the outburst )f violent expressions consequent upon the break- ng of a lace, more especially when you have to jateh an early morning train hence the beaming imile with which a minister greets the unfortunate ayman, who, gasping and flustered, ignoininiously 'alls into the train just as the guard blows his .vhistle.—Like the Ivy, Dear Gad-About, I cling to ihee. HANDBAG. Cadoxton.