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TALYGrARN COTTAGE GARDENERS' SHOW, The above- event came off on Thursday, the lUJli., inst. The judges were Mr. Edwards. Llansanwr, and Mr. Davies, Penllyne, and gave perfect satis- faction to each of the exhibitors. The manage- ment was not nearly so good as last year. That may. perhaps, be attributed to the inability of Mr. Wright to attend. He has been, we are sorry to state, unable to leave his bedroom for the lASt five months, and his absence made some things rather awkward. The attendance was very fair, being quite as good, if not better, than at the previous shows. Among those present we noticed Mr. G. T. Clarke, Mr. Godfrey L. Clarke, and Mrs. G. Clarke. The latter-mentioned distributed the prizes. Both Messrs. G. T. and G. L. Clarke spoke a few words on the occasion. The Llantrisant Fife Band played on the grounds. The following are the names of the prize-winners :— DIVISION 1 (OPEN). Collection of Vegetables.—1st prize, Charles Lock. Collection of Potatoes.—1st prize, William Williams, Bridgend. Brace of Cucumbers.—2nd prize, E. D. Alexander, Penllyne. Dish of Green Peas.—1st prize, David Adam. Dish of Scarlet Runners.—1st prize, David AdaDl- Dish of Broad Beans.—1st prize, David Adam. Six bunches of Out Blooms.—1st prize, A. Hole. CLASS 2 (COTTAGERS). Collection of Vegetables.—1st prize. J. Devonshire. Collection of Potatoes.—1st prize, R. Lewis. Potatoes, 12 kidneys.—1st prize, J. Devonshire. Potatoes, 12 rounds.—1st prize, J. Devonshire. Cauliflowers.—2nd prize, Edward Williams. Celery, 3 sticks.—1st prize, J. Devonshire. Carrots, banches of B.-1st prize, A. Hole. Parsnips, bunches of):6.-1st prize, Evan Matthews'* Ystradowen. Onions (spring sown).—1st prize, A. T. Dale. Onions (autumn sown).—No competitors. Onions (potatoe)—1st prize, George Farr. Shallots, 12.—1st prize, Martin Rees, Ystradowen. Green Peas, 12 pods.—1st prize, George Jacobs. Beans, Scarlet Runners.—1st prize, Ed. Cooke. Beans, Broad.—1st prize, G. T. Muuden, Ponty- clowu. Red Cabbage.—1st prize, J. Speed. White Cabbage.—1st prize, H. Haines. Turnips, bunch of six.—1st prize, Eva.nl MatthclVly Ystradowen. Leeks, bunch of six.—1st prize, Ed. Williams. Lettuce, two headb.-1st prize, Edwin Thomas. Vegetable Marrows, two.—2u(i prize, J. Devonshire Pumpkins,-two—No competitors. Rhubarb. 4 sticks.—1st prize, Richard Haines. Radishes, two bunches.—1st, E. Bevan. Brace of Cucumbers.—2nd prize, John Speed. Dwarf French Beans, 12 pods.—1st prize, John Speed. Savoy Cabbage, two heads.—1st prize, J. Devon- shire. Calceolaria, one pot.—1st prize, A. Hole. Fuschia. one pot.-1sl prize, A. Hole. Geranium, one pot.—1st prize, A. Hole. Musk, one pot.—1st prize, A. Hole. Group of 4 Window Plants.—1st prize, A. Hole. Cut Blooms, six b.inches.—2n 1 prize, A. Hole. Bouquet of Wild Flowers, by school children under 14 years old (given by Mrs. Godfrey L. Clark).—1st prize, Katie Robb 2nd, Ada Varker 8rd, Hannah Farrant. Best kept and CroppedJ Cottage Garden.—1st prize, A. Hole; 2ud, E. Cooke 2rd, George Varker. Best Flower Garden—1st prize, A. Hole; 2nd E. Williams. Best Kept and Cropped Allotments (given by Godfrey L. Clark).—1st prize, E. Williams; 2nd J. Devonshire 3rd, George fc'arr. Pontyclown Allotments.—1st prize, R. Lewis 2nd, Francis Morgan. Special prize given by Messrs. Daniel'. Brothers, Norwich :— Best collection of Vegetables.—1st prize, John Speed 2nd. George Tarr. Special prizes given by Messrs. Garaway and Co Bristol:— Best Collection of six kinds of Vegetables.—1st prize, J. Speed: 2nd, J. Devonshire 3rd, A Hole. -c.&r-




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