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PONTYPRIDD DISTRICT NEWS. PONTYPRIDD. 1 FAILURE OF A PONTYPRIDD JEWELLER.—The first meeting of the creditors of Thomas Evans, r jeweller, 24, the Arcade, Pontypridd, was held on Friday, at the offices of the Official Receiver at Merthyr. The statement of affairs showed gross liabilities amounting to £ 384 3s. 5d., of which £ 337 18s. 5d. was set down as being expected to rank for dividend. The net assets available for distribution, after satisfying preferential claims to the extent of £ 46 5s., were returned at £164 Is. 6d., leaving a deficiency of £ 173 16s. lid. END OF THE CARPENTERS' STRIKE.—With? the settlement of the carpenters' strike, which has at last taken place, the whole of the disputes in the building trade at Pontypridd have now been disposed of, and it is hoped that the numerous important jobs which have remained at a standstill since the 1st of May last will now be proceeded with and hastened to comple- tion. About 100 carpenters were concerned in the struggle, but most of this number found employment elsewhere, so that the number of those actually idle was very small indeed. There have been conferences innumerable between masters and men, and it is now said that a settlement might have been arrived at a month ago had it not been that there was for some reason a desire that the masons' dispute should first be ended, so that both masons and carpenters might re- sume work together. When the masons came to terms last week negotiations w<?re resumed between the car- penters and their employers. On Saturday evening the men's delegates met their fellow-workmen at. the headquarters of the lodge, the Maltsters'.Arms Hotel, where a draft agreement was submitted and approved of. Subsequently representatives of employers and employed met at the New Inn Hotel, when there were present Messrs. Michael Julian (chairman), Alfred Richards (secretary), and Watkin Williams on behalf of the masters, and Messrs. David Morgan (chairman), Gomer Davies (secretary), and W. H. Williamson on behalf of the workmen. A provisional agreement was dis- cussed, and as this has now been finally adopted, the struggle may be considered as ended. The terms are much the same as those conceded to the masons, except that the joiners get an advance to 8d. an hour instead of the 9d. granted the operative masons. The crux of the dispute had reference to the payment of overtime, the carpenters claiming to be allowed time and a quarter for the first and all succeeding hours of overtime. The employers, however, while ready to grant time and a quarter for all hours after the first., insisted upon the first hour being exempted from this rule. The difference being so small, the men ulti- mately waived the claim with reference to the first hour, and the agreement was thereupon ratified. DISORDERLY HOUSE AT PONTYPRIDD.—At the Pontypridd Police-court on Wednesday—before Mr. Evan John, Mr. Godfrey Clark, and Mr. C. Jones-a respectably-dressed man named Jethro Davies, living in Tramroad Side, was charged with allowing his house to be used for immoral purposes, while William Welsh, Mary Ann Roberts, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Holland, and Sarah Benbow were brought up on a remand charged with aiding and abetting. It appeared in evidence that on the morning of the 23rd July, Police-constable Davies and Police-constable Jarman visited the house and sought admittance. This being refused them, they burst open the door and entered. All the bedroom doors were also locked, and one of these was also forced open. Here the police found four men and six women, five of whom had since absconded, and warrants had been issued for their apprehension. The defendants were among the number found in the room.—Mr. James Phillips ap- peared for Davis, and said that the owner of the house was Mrs. Davies. The defendant was entirely. ignorant of the fact that girls were in the house on this particu- lar night. He was aware that his wife often allowed girls to remain there overnight, and he had several times quarrelled with her on that account.—The Bench sentenced Davies to two months' imprisonment with hard labour, without the option of a fine. The other defendants were mulcted in a penalty of X 1 each.




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