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BARRY DISTRICT NEWS. BARRY. BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS.— At the Cardiff Bankruptcy Court on Thursday, the following cases came before the Registrar (Mr. A. F. Langley) :—Re W. J. Jeifries, builder, Barry.—Mr. George David, solicitor, appeared for the debtor and for Messrs. Reed and Cook. The Official Receiver said he had no questians to ask, and the examination was closed.—lie Charles Eyles, haulier, Barry. This debtor stated, in reply to the Official Receiver, that he was a haulier for builders, and his liabilities had amounted to JE300 or £ 400. He had no assets except some horses and carts, which had been assigned by a bill of sale to Mr. Williams.-In answer to Mr. Wade, for creditors, he said he had had as many as 26 horses, some of which had not been paid for, and some of which he had gold when he was hard up. He had not sold any at a profit and pocketed the money.—In reply to Mr. Williams he said the roads at Barry were so bad that the horses were soon knocked up, and in that way he lost a lot of money.—Debtor having answered a few questions by the Official Receiver, the examination was closed. Re David Evans, grocer, Barry.—Mr. George David appeared for the <*reditors.—The ex- amination was adjourned, as the debtor had not filed a statement of accounts. ALLEGED THEFT OF BOOTS.—On Friday Arthur Charles Oak, a young man, was charged at the clerk to the Penarth magistrates' office (before Mr. Lewis Williams) with stealing a pair of boots and slippers, value 5i. 6d., from the shop of George Cousins and Co., outfitters, of Barry. — Police-constable John Edwards stated that he was on duty at Barry Railway Station on the 3rd inst. at 6 p.m., when he saw prisoner coming along with a bag in his hand. W itness asked him for his pass, and the prisoner said that his brother was coming behind with it. Witness then searched prisoner and found a pair of boots and slippers. He then made inquiries, and found that the boots had been stolen from Mr. Cousins's shop. Wit- ness took prisoner into custody.—Mr. G. Cousins proved the loss of the boots,—Prisoner was remanded until to-day, when he was tried at the Barry Dock Police-court, an account of which appears in another column. THH RECENT CARDIFF ABDUCTION.—Edward Davios, who. it will be remembered from a report in the SOITH WALES STAU of last week, was charged at the Cardiff Police-court with taking a girl, under the age of 16 years, from the jurisdiction of her I parents, and who spent two nignts with her at Barry, was. at the Glamorgan Assizes on Friday, found guilty of criminal intimacy with Rose Kimber, and sentenced to six months' hard labour. 11 FAILUUFL OF A B PY SCHOOLMASTER.—On Thursday last week a meeting of the creditors of Mr. D. J. Greig, Barry, was held in the office of the Official Receiver, Cardiff. Debtor's gross liabilities were stated t., be £ 267 3s. 8d., and there were expected to rank claims for £ 190. The assets were estimated to produce £104 15s. 4d after deduction of preferable claims, leaving a deficiency of £ 85 5s. 6d. The debtor alleges that the causes of his failure were the falling ■off of trade at Barry and Cadoxton during the last six months and heavy expenses. The observations of the Official Receiver were as follow :—The receiving order was made upon the debtor's own petition in conse- quence of having several judgments against him. From a preliminary examination it appears that the debtor came to Barry from Sunderland, in January, 1891, on the advice of friends, for the purpose of open- ing a middle class school. The school was not well attended, and in order to increase his in- come he started a confectionery business with a capital of £ 200 borrowed from his wife's trustee, employing an experienced man to look after the business. This person, after remaining a few months in the debtor's employ, went and started business on his own account in tWe same street. The debtor attri- butes his failure to depression in trade at Barry; he says when he started his takings averaged £ 20 per week, but latterly they have been reduced to £ 5. His promfits, he also states, have only been sufficient to pay his working expenses. He has kept no proper books of account. He is unable to oner any com- position, and has been adjudicated a bankrupt. No resolution was passed, and the Official Receiver re- mained trustee. In the afternoon the debtor was examined in the Bankruptcy Court, before Mr A. F. Langley, registrar. He stated that he went to Barry two years ago. He went from Sunderland to start a private school. He noticed that there was room for a confectioner s shop, and started one as a speculation. It paid at first, but the business fell away. He put into it £ 200, which he had borrowed from his wife. The school did not pay.—The examination was closed. MARRIAGE OF MR. R ICHAH.DS.-On Tuesday morning, at St. Margaret's Church, Roath, the marriage was solemnised of Mr. E. F. Richards, architect, Barry, and Miss Edith Woodward, Roath The Rev. W. L. Crichton officiated at the ceremony. The bride, who was attired in a dress of white corded silk, richly trimmed with lace, was accompanied at the altar by her sisters, Misses Bertha and Mabel Wood- ward. In the afternoon the happy pair left for Jersey, where the honeymoon will be spent. I.O.G.T.—The "Star of Barry" Lodge held, usual weekly meeting on Tuesday last, and a ca-^ial musical programme entertained a large atten(l- ce of members and visitors, the proceedings most interesting for which Bro. Richards i,nd Sister Robins were responsible. On next T*sday evening a novel programme will be perform f>- entitled" Sing, Say, or Pray." "SULTRY weather i3 ver- .rjing to me, I cannot stand it! said a deli.i-»"Toung man a few days ago. "Nor could I," repl; a his friend, until I took a course of Gwilym. Ivans' Bitters last year. It has braced up my teiii wonderfully. Try it without delay." See ad't page. r9 IS YOUP WATCH WRONG? IF SO, and you Whl it put in reliable order, why go to town when Vjll can get any class of Watch, repairs done equa.Ky well at Barry by W. COOMBS, Market Hall Holdings, late with Mr. J. Hettich, 60, Queen-street, Cardiff. [301 BARRY DOCK. THE CASE OF HOUSEBREAKING.—George Fame, who was remanded to the Assizes at Swansea, for breaking and entering the shop of Constantine Picker- ing and Co., and stealing therein a tin of sausages and of lobsters, at Barry, was on Friday sentenced to one month's imprisonment. MINISTERIAL.—One of the oldest and most respected Welsh ministers at Barry-the Rev. G. Lilechidon Williams, Baptist minister, Barry Dock-is giving up the charge of his Church. Mr. Williams has worked hard and energetically with the Church, which he was the means of starting at Barry Dock, and the members of his Church and his numerous other friends are gotting up a testimonial for him and Mrs. Williams. DISTRICT TEMPERANCE COUNCIL.—The mem- bers of this society held a meeting on Friday at which arrangements were made to oppose licences at the approaching session. It was decided also to hold a public temperance meeting to which it was intended to -bring some prominent speakers. On Friday (to-day) another meeting will be held at which all interested in the canse of temperance are invited to be present. 4Chair to he taken at 7.30 prompt. PRIMITIVE METHODIST MISSION.—A week of special services will be conducted by the Rev. G. Gar- butt, of Cardiff, commencing Monday, August 15th, and each evening during the week in the Mission-room -over Davies and Sherwood's shop, Holton-road. Ser- vices will commence at 7.30 p.m. OUTlSG.-The employees of Messrs. Laurie and Jehn, engineers and founders, will enjoy their annual outing at Southerndown on Saturday next, a repol t of which will appear in this column next week. TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT.—A very successful tea party was held at the Salem Chapel, Barry Dock, on Wednesday evening. Among the ladies who kindly assisted at the tables were-Mrs. Jones (Green Farm), Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Jenkins, Greenwood-street; Mrs. Petty, JSewland street; Mrs. Rees, Station-street; Miss Rees, Station-street; Mrs. Evans, Buttrells Mrs. Thomas, Tynewydd Mrs. Jenkins, Glebe-terrace Mrs. Thomas, Greenwood-street; Mrs. E. Phillips, Newland-street: Mrs. Gibbon, Evan-street; and Mrs. Williams. After the tea, a most interesting concert was given, presided over by the Rev. Llechidon Wil- liams. The following are the names of those who kindly took part:—Glee, "Sleep, 0 sleep," Male Voice Party song, Alone on the raft," Miss Edith Jenkins; song. Mr. John Hicks; song, Mrs. Abrahams: recita- tion,Mr. T. Davies song, The village blacksmith," Mr. D. Farr duet, Messrs. Farr and Petty song, Mrs. Abrahams; glee, The little church," Male Voice Party; song, Auntie," Miss Edith Jenkins glee, Latigh and grow fat," Male Voice Party: finale, Hen Wlad fy Nhadau. PRAYERS were offered on Sunday last at the Holton- road Wesleyan Chapel for the speedy return to health of the Rev. Graham Payn, the late minister in charge at Barry, who whilst in charge of the Wesleyan cause -as Barry had succeeded in making himself liked and respected by all with whom he had been brought in contact.. OPEN-AIR SERVICES.—A contingent of the mem- bers of the Open-Air Mission visited Barry Dock on Sunday evening, and held an open-air service at the corner of Thompson-street and Holton-road. A large number of people assembled to listen, and the proceed- ings passed off in a seemly manner. MR. J. BEATIE, late agent of the National Amalga- mated Sailors and Firemen's Union at Rotterdam, and formerly of Barry Dock, has been appointed assistant- secretary to take charge of the Penarth branch. OWING to the heavy downpour of rain on Monday night the whole of the basement at the Barry Dock Hotel was swamped with water to the extent of three or f»ur feet. The water invaded the premises so .suddenly that there was no time to remove the contents of the Jarders, with the result that a quantity of pro- visions were spoilt, and the kitchen fires were put out. The female domestics were carried to thehigher parts of house by the barmen. THE NEW ENGLISH CH URCII.-This Church was to have been opened by the Bishop of the Diocese on Monday but in consequence of some dispute amongst those to whom the construction of the Church has been entrusted, his lordship was advised that the open- ing could not take place on the day named. A LLOYD'S TELEGAM of August 8 states that tht Allonby (s), previously reported to have arrived at Bayonne, after stranding off Ushant, has been beached and surveyed. Two plates forepeak were crushed in and four frames and floors broken. The plate on port bow holed, and several butts fore and aft started, and REGATTA.—The second annual regatta will be held on August 17 at Barry Dock. It seems likely to turn out a very successful affair. Last year the committee were -handicapped by the fact that it was the first venture; but the little difficulties of last ye&r have J been overcome, and there if every prospect of a most interesting and successful regatta. The List of Events may be seen in our advertising columns. SHOP-ASSISTANTS' OUTING.—The shop-assistants of Barry District on Wednesday went for an outing to the Leys. The party numbering 40, including the ladies left Barry Dock at 1.30 p.m. in brakes, and after an enjoyable drive arrived at the Leys about three o'clock. Tea was partaken of at the Ocean Hotel at 5.30, and about 9.30 they left for Barry. The gentle- men who got up the affair were Messrs. W. 8. Lewis (Cadoxton), J. Lloyd, D. Jones, and T. Lewis. SUDDEN DEATH.-On Thursday evening a seaman, named George Hold, of Belgium, residing with a Mrs. Sully, lodging-house keeper, 9. Travis-street, died very suddenly. In the morning he got up, Called Mr. Sully, and asked him to get him a cup of tea, as he felt very ill, and he would not want any breakfast. During the day deceased took some powders, salts, and mustard and water,{to see if it would do him any good, but none of these medicines did him the slightest good, and between six and seven Mrs. Sully sent for a doctor, but before one could be procured the poor fellow expired.-The coroner, Mr. E. B. Rees, was communicated with, and an inquest was held the following morning at the Barry Dock Police-station. —Mr. Haker was chosen foreman of the jury. -Peter Bye, sailor, a fellow lodger, first gave evidence, after which Mrs. Margaret Sully said she lived at Trivis-street, Barry Dock, and let lodg- ings. George Hold had been with her a week to the previous day. He had a room to himself. He was a sailor, and was about 46 years of age. He didn't tell her where he came from, but he was a native of Belgium. He had not been drinking, and was all right in health until yesterday morning, when, about seven o'clock he called her husband and asked for a cup of tea, as he was not very well. He was to have signed on a ship the day before. She went up after breakfast and asked him what was the matter, He complained of a pain in the stomach, and asked for a Seidlitz powder. She sent her girl for two powders, which he took one after the other. She went up just after and asked him again how he felt, and he said he felt very bad and nothing went through him. He said he had been like it before. At his request she sent for some Epsom salts, which he ^took |be:ween one and two. Between three and four he too.t some mustard and water, to take a feeling of sickness from his stomach but it was of no avail. She was alarmed, and sent for » doctor, and the doctor sent two powders and said he could not come without a note from the relieving officer. She was with him at seven, when he died. He was then on the floor, as he harl been shifting from the bed to the floor to try and assuage the pain by shifting about. They did all they could for him. He was just dying anrllay 011 his side. He was a married man with a wife and family.—Mr. George Albert Stevens, surgeon, of Barry Dock, said he had seen the body of the deceased, George Hold, and examined it. There were no marks of injury. He was a strong-looking man. There were no symptoms of poison having been taken, and, from the evidence, he should say the deceased had suffered from a severe attack of peritonitis, brought on by inflamation of the lining of the bowels. —The Coroner asked Mrs. Sully why she had not sent for medical assistance before, and she said she should have done so but the man said he had been like it before, and when she did send the man was kept about by the police whom he asked to tell hirn where the parish doctor lived, and when the man got to the doctor, the doctor said he could not come without an order from the relieving oiRoer.—Mr. Hutchins, a juryman, thought some arrangements should be made whereby the doctor could come without having to go through the formality of receiving an order from the relieving officer .and that he should be paid for his services.— The Coroner quite agreed with Mr. Hutchins' remark, and said that by the present condition of the Poor Law the parish doctor had to have an order before visiting anyone who applied for medical aid. He also said it was the duty of the police to aid in every way anyone who should make inquiries of them as to the abode of the medical officer.-The jury found a ver- dict That the deceased died from an attack of peri- tonitis, resulting from a stoppage of the bowels. The Coroner remarked that it was a pity a doctor had not been fetched to the poor man before. CADOXTON. ALLEGED THEFT.—At the office of Mr. Morris (clerk to the Penarth magistrates), High-street, Cardiff, on Thursday morning (Aug. 4th) a man named William Venn, described as a baker and confectioner, was charged—before Mr. J. S. Corbett—with stealing a purse containing 30., the propeaty of Anne Ward, on Tuesday, the 2nd inst.. at No. 19, School Board-road, Barry.—Prosecutrix, in her evidence, stated that she left her dress hanging in the passage on Monday even- ing. but on the following morning found her pocket turned inside out and the purse and the money missing. She heard the prisoner, who was a lodger, leave the house early in the morning, and gave information to the police.—Police-constable D. Roberts stated that he arrested Venn in a house in Lower Holme-street Cadoxton, and in reply to the usual query prisoner said, It is all right." On being searched, witness found on him nine shilling pieces and three sixpenses. -Prisoner was remanded to Cadoxton Petty Sessions, to be held on Thursdav, bail being allowed. THE CARDIFF IMMORALITY CASE.-lAt the Swansea Assizes on Saturday Martha Griffiths. who allowed her house to be used for immoral purposes by Charlotte Emmott and Alice Young, who, it will be remembered, visited Cadoxton and slept there the night previous to the committal of the offence, was sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour. I.O.G.T.—The installation of the newly-elected officers took place at the weekly meeting on Thursday last, and it was announced that on one evening a good musical programme would be given at an entertain- ment. AT the Swansea Assize on Tuesday Henry Beard, 36, labourer, who pleaded guilty to committing a rape on Elizabeth Llewelyn at Peterston-super-Ely on the 12th July, was sentenced to twelve months' hard labour. EXCURSION.—A good number of people from Cadoxton went by the excursion boat to Weston on Wednesdav. Quoir CLUB.— A. meeting to start a Quoit Club will be held at the Shaftesbury Hotel, Cadoxton, on Friday night, at 7 30 p.m. LOCAL PETITION.—In the House of Commons on Tuesday Mr. Arthur J. Williams presented a petition in favour of one system of voting by ballot in all elections for local administrative bodies from the Glamorgan Gounty Council. DEATH.-It is with infeigned regret we have to chronicle the sudden death of Mr. E. W. Willey. manager of the Newport branch of the National Bank of Wales, which took place at his residence, Parkdale, Clytha Park, Newport, on Wednesday afternoon. Deceased was a Conservative and a Roman Catholic, and was the father of the popular manager of the Cadoxton branch of the National Bank of Wales. PENARTH. LOCAL BOARD.-The adjourned meeting of the Public Works Committtee was held on Monday night at their offices, Mr. Bevan in the chair. The plans submitted by the Taff Vale Railway for the widening of Windsor-road Bridge, for their proposed double line, and the lowering of the present road under it, were again considered. The Board resolved unani- mously not to pass the plans. A special meeting of the committee was couvened for next Monday evening at 6.30, an hour before the full Board meet, to further deliberate upon the matter. CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY. — The 21st quarterly meeting of the above society was held in the meeting room over the Store. The President (Mr. G. Pile) read the report and balance-sheet for the quarter ended June 25th, and the same must have been a very gratifying one to the membership. She sales for the quarter amounted to il,711 2s. 9&d., and the net profit thereon, after paying all expenses, die., amounted to £ 136 16s. Oid. This it was decided to dispose of by paying to members Is. 6d. in the £ on their purchases, and the balance to depreciation, reserve fund, &c. This society, which was started in 1887 with a member- ship of about 70, and a capital of £80, has increased its membership to 282 and its share capital to Y-1,060 7s. 9d., this of itself speaking volumes for the strides co-operation has made in Penarth. Early last year the society purchased two houses in Glebe-streot and adapted them to the requirements of its growing busi- ness, and it cm now boast of possessing one of the handsomest and best-fitted shops in Penarth. Mem- bers are expected to hold at least two £ 1 shares, but these can be obtained by dealing at the store and allowing the quarterly dividends to accumulate until the necessary amount is made up. LOCAL HOARD.-The adjourned meeting of the Board was held on Monday night.—Mr. Pile, who presided, moved the following resolution:—"That this Board expresses its deep sense of the loss sustained by it in consequence of the lamented death of Mr. James Edwards, who for so many years devoted so much time and care to the affairs of the Board, both as chairman and member, and at the same time to ex- press its sincere symyathy with Mrs. Edwards and family in the great loss they have sustained."—Mr. Morgan, who seconded, and Messrs. Bevan and Morris, who supported it, all in appropriate speeches, descanted upon the worth and nobility of character of the deceased.—The Board unanimously rejected the proposals of the Taff Vale Railway re Windsor-road Bridge, but requested their surveyor to furnish them with plans by next Wednesday, and to forward them after the Board's approval to the company, represent- ing to the latter what the Board were prepared to accept. A little anomaly then ensued re temporary theatre in Penarth. The Public Works Committee the preceding Friday had passed the plans for this theatre, remarking they were the best ever submitted to them. On Monday night Mrs. Horton, in the place of her husband who was ill in bed, waited upon the Board, supplied with credentials from the police at other towns where she had run a theatre. Shealso mentioned two sureties in Penarth. Both testimonials and sureties were tacitly approved.—Mr. Morgan then proposed that the licence be passed, remarking UP*1 the good effects which would accrue to Penarth in keeping men from the public-houses.—Mr. Cornwell was also in favour of the licence been given.—No one, howevor, seconded Mr. Morgan's proposition, and the licence was therefore refused.-The woman who had retired, thinking her licence granted, and was on her way home, was then run after and informed of the I decision of the Board.—The Clerk was commissioned to request the Cardiff Gas Company to have an officer at Penarth, THE LATE MR. JAMES EDWARDS.—At a full meeting of the Penarth Local Board held at Penarth I on Monday evening, the following resolution was f moved by the chairman (Mr. Pile) and supported by Messrs. Morgan, Beavan, and J. N. Morris:—" That this Board expresses its deep sense of the loss sus- j stained by them in consequence of the lamented death of Mr. James Edwards, who for so many years devoted so much time and care to the affairs of the Board: and at the same time expresses its sincere sympathy with Mrs. Edwards and family in the great loss they have sustained. THE RECENT ASSAULT CASE.-At the Glamor- ganshire Assizes at Swansea yesterday. Alfred Hutchins, labourer and a well-known football player Daniel Radley, fireman and William Sidford, shunter, were indicted for assaulting and robbing Charles Halvorson, at Penarth. Evidence was called to show that after the prisoners were committed, the prosecutor, in conversation, said, Ain't these chaps fools not to come and see me, and square the case ? If they had given me £10 I would have quitted the country, and never come back." He added, "I was drunk at the time, and am not sure whether they were the men or not." Prisoners were found not guilty, and they were discharged. LOCAL BOARD.-The adjourned general meeting was held on Monday night, Mr. Pile presiding.—The Board ordered their plans it widening their road under Windsor-road Bridge, which had been prepared by their surveyor, to be forwarded to the Taff Railway Company at once.—Mr. Morris, the clerk. then read a letter form Inspector King, who tendered his resigna- tion, through ill-health, of inspectorship of lodging- houses and the captaincy of the Fire Brigade.—Mr. Bevan proposed that a vote of thanks be accorded to Mr. King for his faithful, effective, and invalu.ble services, and extremely regretted his incapacity to further serve the Board.—This was seconded by Coun- cillor Shepherd and supported by Mr. Lewis, both of whom testified to the exemplary manner in which these dual offices had been filled.—This was concurred with by the whole Board. PRIMROSE LEAGUE.—The Penarth habitation of the Primrose League held their annual pic-nic on Wednesday afternoon at Barry Island. About 70 were present, including the Executive Committees, Mrs. Ingram being the Ruling Councillor.' Mrs. W. R. Parker was invested with the Star of Merit by Mrs. Turberville Jackson, the secretary. SULLY. WALNUTTREE PICNIC PARTY. A party of pleasure seekers arrived here from AY alnvrttree on Monday last, but, unfortunately, the weather being so inclement, they were obliged to remain indoors, and afterwards return by an early train. DINAS POWIS. FLOWER SHOW.—On Wednesday. August 24th, as will be seen from the advertisement columns, the first Annual Flower Show, in connection with the Dinas Powis Cottagers' Horticultural Society, will be held at the Bryneithen grounds. The society includes Michaelstown-le-Pit, Sully, and St. Lythans. The rules definne cottager as one who does not employ pro- fessional help continuously or intermittently. No hothouse plants which which have been in the green- house for a month previous to the exhibition will be admitted in the Cottagers' Show. All entries are to be sent in five clear days before the show to the secretary, Mr. J. B. Mockford, Dinas Powis Schools. Entrance fee to non-subscribers to cover any number of exhibits. Prizes given for geraniums, cut-roses, vegetables, honey, etc., etc. The secretary will supply entry forms and all information. ■ 1 v





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