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BARRY A N D CADOXTOX LOCAL BOARD. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. A meeting of the above committee was held on Tuesday night at the Board Offices. Mr. Alderman Meggitt in the chair. There were also present Dr. O'Donnell, Mr. W. Thomas, Mr. barstow. Mr. Pardoe (surveyor), and Mr. Willett (deputy-clerk.) The Surveyor showed plans for r.he connection of the houses at the back of the Witchill Hotel with the sewer. Complaints had been made in the matter. and the surveyor had been asked to report on the matter. The Surveyor also submitted plans showing- how the property at the Cadoxton Brook might be connected with the Local Board's system of sewer- age. The surveyor said he hoped to have the sewer at the junction of Commercial-street and Court-road ready this week. He 'had made in- quiries as to the complaint made before the Board of the emptying of the cesspool by the con- tractors. Mr. "Rucklay's men. He had seen the contractor who told him it had been done without his knowledge, and that it should not occur again. The suivevor reported that Messrs. Pile and Bass, of Cardiff, builders, had written to him with regard to the drainage of the six new cottages they proposed erecting on Barry Island, the plans of which had not been passed on account of the drainage proposed. They said the same system of drainage was in general use in .other places, and had been passed by the Cardiff Local Board. They asked that the surveyor might inform them of any othersystem of drainage possible, and thecommittee instructed the surveyor to communicate with Messrs. Pile and Bass, and report to the committee. The Surveyor reported that two houses had been pro- ceeded with by Jlr. S. Robins before the plans had been allowed. At the last meeting Mr. Robins had submitted a plan for one house in Station-street, and afterwards commenced building two houses.—• Mr. Samuel Lewis was erecting one house in Thompson-street.—It was decided to write to them. -TheL-matter of Mr. Jeukin Brock's contract next came up. and, after a lengthy discussion, it was decided that, a3 soon as Mr. Pardoe gave his certifi- cate. the Board should take over the road and pay the money, and settle with Mr. Brock. THS EXTENSION OF DOCK VIEW EOAD. The Surveyor submitted plans from Messrs. Severt and Thomas showing the route of the pro- posed extension along Dock View-road, Station- street. Castleland-street, and Graving Dock-street. —After some discussion, the surveyor was in- structed to report further on the matter. PLANS. Plans were submitted for alteration of a lock-up shop in Thompson-street for Messrs. J. T. Dando and Sons for a bakehouse at the rear of 77, High-street for Mr. Meaker for two houses in Newland-street for Mr. S. Bitton additions to 19 and 20. Hunter-street, for Mr. Daniel Lewis alteration to a house in Gwenloline-street for Mr. Lewin: two houses in Station-street for Mr. S. Robins (plan referred back to be initialled by the architects). APPLICATION FROM THE BURIAL BOARD. A letter was read from the Clerk of the Burial Board, asking the Board if they would allow Mr. Evans, one of their inspectors, to act as Clerk of the Works for the erection of a new cemetery chapel at Merthyrdovan, and. if so, what would be required to be paid for his services.—The Clerk said that the Burial Board had held another meeting since that letter was written, and decided to adver- tise for and appoint a clerk of the works to devote his whole time to the work—Several members of the committee objected to the idea, and no action was taken in the matter. I THE TRADES COUNCIL A}7D THE LOCAL BOARD. A letter was read from Mr. John Rees, secretary of the Trades Council, asking the result of the committee enquiry into the mason's complaints as to the sub-letting of contracts.—Dr. O'Donnell said Mr. Richards had produced the time-sheets. and they had asked the Trades Council on their parts to rebut the evidence.—Mr. Thomas had pre- sented the report of the sub-committee upon the matter, and they found the charge was not proved.—The Chairman thought they had better send a copy of Mr. George Thomas's report to the Trades' Council, and this was agreed to. FURTHER STREET IMPROVEMENTS. The Chairman mentioned that as they had had a Local Government inquiry upon the proposed loans for street improvements in Glamorgan-street, and as there was but little doubt the loans would be consented to, he begged to move that tenders be advertised to for carry- out the work. If the matter was delayed very long the winter would be upon them before anything was done.—Dr. O'Donnell asked if that did not apply to Kenilworth-road and Oban-street.—The Surveyor said the Bourd had plans for these streets that had never been opened.—The Chairman included these two streets in his motion, and Dr. O'Donnell seconded.—Mr. Thomas demurred. He agreed with doing all that could be done by the Surveyor as soon as possible, but he would not advertise for tenders. He t thought they could not carry out the Glamorgan- street works without doing the parish road.—The motion was then agreed to. THE PLANTING- OF TREES. The Chairman said that the time had come when they should recommend the Board to plant trees upon the Holton, Weston, and Court road. He begged to move that tenders be adver- tised for for planting trees and the erection of tree-guards.—Mr. Thomas seconded.—This con- cluded the business.



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