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DRINK GALORE IRISH WHISKY. Sold at the Principal Bars in the Town. War- ranted Pure and Wholesome Spirit, a Blend of the Finest Dublin Whiskies. Vide Analytical report. SOLE PROPRIETORS CAREY AND CO., QUEEN-STREET. CARDIFF. ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR— DEUTZ & GELDERMANN, ERNEST IRROY AND RUIN ART'S CHAMPAGNE. BOTTLERS OF BASS'S ALES & GUINNESS' STOUT. Telepkoae 593. Telegraphic Address, Galore.[207 G. H. B. ^7 f GOLDEN HOP BITTER /Sy (LIGHT DINNER ALEXf Is. PER GALLON. y PALE ALE- Is. 2d. Per Gallon A-IILD iod. Per Gullon. //Ky STOUT— x^y Is. 2d. Per Gallon. IN Ah GALLON CASKS AND UPWARDS. [285 IN Ah GALLON CASKS AND UPWARDS. [285 illac,Grecror & SOlIS, l^JOXUMENTAL "TOR KS, T-L I-, KENILWORTH ROAD, CADOXTOX. MONUMENTS IN STONE, MARBLE AND GRANITE. Shops. Restaurants, &c., Fitted with Marble or Enamelled Slate at Moderate Prices. [337 R. Bishop, TAILOR, HOSIER & HATTER,! 50, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. BEST VALUE FOR CASH. N.B.—OPPOSITE THE EMPIRE. [337 WE "TAKE THE CAKE" FOR FASHION & VALUE. FCLLY 25 PER CEST. SAVED OX ALL PntCHASEs PEL CLOTHING COMPANY, LOW PRICE TAILORS. 45, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, (Opposite the Royal Hotel). Splendid Show of all the Newest Summer Fashions. f324 A CURE-A VALUABLE DISCOVERY. What Saved his Life. OPINION OF WELL-KNOWN MEN. Mr. ISAAC EVANS, Neath, Miners'Agent, s:tys :— 7 [ have taken the 4 Coltsfoot' for severe Colds and fcloarseness, and have found it to he undoubtedly of very great benefit. From the Rev. R. D. ROxiERTS. Baptist Minister, Carhuan, Llwynhendy. Dear Sir,-I caught a. very severe Cold, and wa; in consequence for a length of time in a most undesirible Mild painful condition. I then obtained a bottle of Coltsfoot, which soon restored me to my usual health, fc'rom my experience of it, I heartily recommend it to the notice of my fellow-couutrymen.—Yours truly, Mr. Morgan W. James. Rev. R. D. ROBERTS. COLTSFOOT, THE GliEAT CHtiST HEALER AND PROTECTOR, L. a coaipound liquid extract madE' from the active medicinal principles of the" Coltsfoot" Plant, in j combination with or,her highlv recognised remedies. ITS SUCCESS IS REMARKABLE. FULL OF HEALING VIRTUES. A speed)- a.nd certain cure for Conghs. Colds, lafiueaza, Hoarseness. Bronchitis. Asthma, Spitting of fSiood, and old-standing Chest Affections, commonly ovied Consumption. Put up in Bottles, Is. lAd., 2s. 9d.. and 4s. 6d. each. Ask for Coltsfoot, and see that you get it. hy all ChrmL'ts even/where, or Pout Free. Or.'(it tailing by purchasing larger size?-. Prepared onlv bv 1 MORGAN W. JAMES, j Manufacturing Chemist, Llanelly, South Wales. [361 USE ONLY FOTHEE&ILL'S TOBACCO! AND CIGARS. 4, STUART HALL HAYES, CARDIFF. [11 DO von desire to realise the best possible prices and secure a numerous company when you dispose or your Landed Estate, Freehold Property. Stick, "yrWehandise_ or Household Furniture? — See rh;it t our Advertisements are inserted in the Sovfh \VaU* 'Ir.. BRAS POWIS HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. — THE FIRST ANN UAL FLOWER SHOW! WILL BE HELL) AT bryneithin, I DIXAS FOWLS. On WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24, 1892. i SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS. ADMISSION — Subscriber?, at 1 p.m.: Noa- | ibscribers, at 2. admission Is.: Non-Subscribers, at admission 6d. i 233] J. B. MOCKFORD, Hos. SEC. j ARTISTIC mliBITirEE 1ANUFACTUMSS. I ITRAPNELL AND GANE, THE BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL HOUSE FURNISHERS IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES. ARTISTIC F UR-NITURE. JgCONOMIC FURNITURE. ^y-ELL-MADE FURNITURE. JNEXPENSIVE F URNITURE. SHOW ROOMS FOR WALES 38 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, "JOINING-ROOM JpURNITURE. JgEDROOM F URNITURE. J^RAWING-ROOM FURNITURE. JJOUDOIR F UR-NITURE. BREAKFAST-ROOM FURNITURE. BILLIARD-ROOM JjMTRNITURE. J^ITCHEN F UR-NITURE. JJOTEL FURNITURE. OUR MUCH RENOWNED i COTTAGE FURNITURE DEPARTMENT, 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. TRAPNELL & GANE, Complete House Furnishers, Carpet and Linoleum Warehousemen, 31 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AT COLLEGE CREXX, BRISTOL: COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. CATALOGUES FREE. ESTIMATES FREE. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO THE NEAREST RAILWAY STATION. [239 PONTYPRIDD UNION. TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of a T MASTER'S RESIDENCE and the CONVER- SION of the CHILDREN'S BLOCK into an IN- FIRMARY. Plans and Specifications may be seen at the Office of the Architects, Messrs. Seward and Thomas, Queen's Chambers, Cardiff. Tenders to be sent to me on or before TUES- DAY, the 23rd inst. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk. Pontypridd, 3rd August, 1892. [388 Barry Dock Sanitary Steam laundry Company, Limited. ISSUE OF LOAN NOT EXCEEDING £ 1,500. T1 HE DIRECTORS of the above offer for sub- scription a loan of not exceeding £ 1,500 in lots of 41.00, repayable in two years secured by trust deed on the whole of the undertaking, and carrying G per cent. interest from date of issue. For further particulars apply to Mr. David Shaw, Vere-street, Cadoxtou or to Mr. F. P. Jones-Lloyd, Solicitor. Barry Dock. [35 2 TENDERS are Invited for OPENING a NEW T LEVEL in the COEDCAE TILLERY SEAM near Blaenau Station, Mon.. for the Coedcae Tillery Colliery Company (Limited). For particulars apply to the Secretary. Mr. G. F. WILLETT, 373] Cad ox ton, Cardiff. The Penycoedcae Quarries Company, Limited, Pontypridd. TO BUILDERS. CONTRACTORS. AND OTHERS. A LARGE QUANTITY of first-class SILLS, J\. STEPS, KERB, CHANNELLING, and other STONE ready for immediate delivery.—Apply as above. [377 Barry Congregational Church. SUNDAY NEXT, AUGUST 7th, 1892, REV. J. H. SIOWELL, M.A., Will preach Morning and Evening, at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Subject for Morning :— "THE PERFECT RELIGION." Subject for Evening :— ANXIOUS ENQUIRERS." All Seats free. Hymn Books provided. CARDIFF HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, 1892. THE FOURTH ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW Including Fruits, Vegetable, and Honey, will be held in the SOPHIA GARDENS, ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, August 17th and 18th. PRIZES P.,300 PRIZES TWO MILITARY BAXDS will play a choice selection of Music. ILLUMINATION of TENTS and GROUNDS. PROMENADE CONCERTS. Concluding on THURSDAY with a magnificent display of FIREWORKS, by Pain A; Sons, London. ADMISSION. FIRST DAY. L p.m To Subscribers only. ? p.m On payment of 2s. 6d. I i p.m „ Is. Od. | 3 p.m od. p Show closes at 10 p.m. SECOND DAY. LO a.m On payment of Is. Od. 1 p.m. „ ed. Show closes at 5 p.m. FIREWORKS, 6d. STAND, 6d. extra. Entrance in Cowbridge-roau and Cathedral-road at G p.m. Entries close Thursday, August 11th. PI. GILLETT, Sec.. 65. Woodville-road, Cardiff."382 VOLUNTEER INTELLIGENCE. .1TIi COMPANY. 2ND GLAMORGAN ARTIL- LERY VOLUNTEERS. COMPANY ORDEKS.—Barry Dock, 12th Aug., 1832. Drills for the week commencing 15th Aug., 1892 :— Monday 15th, Gun Drill. Tuesday 16th, Repository Exercise. Wednesday 17thj Gun Drill. Thursday 18th, Repository Exercise. ilridi", 19tli. Gun Drill. Hours of Drills, 7.30 to 8.30 p.m. All Carbines, Swords, Great Coa.ts, and Camp tCits to be returned to Store at once. By Order, (Signed) J. JUST. HANDCOCK, Capt., Commanding 11th Company. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER -D SERVICE (LIMITED). DAILY SERVICE between CARDIFF and WESTON by the Saloon Steamer LADY MARGARET. LEAVE CAKDIFF. LEAVE WESTON. FRI,, Aug., 12.-8.15, 10.30 FRI., AUR. 12. — 9.20, 11.50 a.m., 6.10 p.m. a.m., 7.20 p.m. SAT., Ausr. 13.— 7.45, 10.0 a.m., SAT., Augr. 13.—8.45, 11.10 12.20. 7.15 n.m. a.m., 6.0, 8.15 p.m. HON., AwJ. 15. —7.40, 10.0 MON„ Auff 15. —8.45, 11.0 a.m., 12.15, 7.35 p.m. a.m., 1.20, 8.25 p.m. TL'ES., Aug. 16.— 3.30, 10.40 TUES., Aujr. 16.—9.30, 11.50 a.m„ 1.0, 3.15 p.m. a.m., 2.10, 8.0 p.m. WEI)., AU?. 17.—9.45 a.m., WED., Au>r. 17 — 10.45 a.m., 12.10, 2.20, 4.35 p.m. 1.10, 3.30, 9.15 p.m. a.m„ 1.0, 3.15 p.m. a.m., 2.10, 8.0 l,.m. WEI)., Au?. 17.—9.45 a.m., WED., Alii!. 17 10.45 a.m., 12.10, 2.20, 4.35 p.m. 1.10, 3.30, 9.15 p.m. THUKS., All' 18. — 11.15 THURS., Au?. 18. — 12.15, a.m., 1.30, 3.45 p.m. 2.30, 5.40 p.m. FRI., Aug. 19.—12.30, 2.45, FRI., Aug. 19.—1.35, 4.0, 7.0 5.15 p.m. p.m. 5.15 P.111. p.m. For full particulars see Bills. EDWARD ROBERTSON & CO., Agents, 105, Bute Docks, Cardiff. Barry Dock Regatta WEDNESDAY, AUG. 17th, 1892. Under the patronage of the RIGHT HONOURABLE LORD WINDSOR. AND THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE BARRY RAILWAY CO. COMMITTEE :— Col. Cuthrie (Chairman) R. T. Duncan, Capt. Davies (Viqe do.) J. Davies, K. John. W. Sanders. E. F. Richards, J. Clare, F. P. Jones-Lloyd. S. Harwood, H. II. Powell, F.Trott. Dr. Trebarne, R. H. Wilson, Capt. Whall, S. Thorning, Capt. Jones, J. Whittle, A. R. Clarke. Referee. Capt. DAVIES. iJudgt-s (Sailing). Capt. WHALL. Do. (Rowing). Capt. MURRELL, Senr. Starters (Sailing). Capt. JONES and J. CLARE. Do. (Rowing). R.T.DUNGAN. Hon. Treasurer, W. H.MORGAN, Lloyd's Bank, Barry Dock. EVENTS :— I.-ALL COMEHS SAILING RACE, open to all Pilot Boats of the Bristol Channel. Prizes—1st, 30Z. 2nd. 15/. 3rd, 5/. Entrance fee, 10-Y. ûd. Any sail allowed except racing main- sail. Distinguishing Flag—Pilot's Flag. 2.—PILOT BOAT RACE, confined to Barry .Single Licensed Pilots. Length of keel not to exceed 33ft. 6in. Prizes—1st, 101. 2nd, 6/ 3rd, 4Z. Entrance fee, 5-v. Distinguishing Flag—Pilot's Flag over White Flag. 3.—AMATEURS' OPEN BOAT SAILING RACE, open to recognised Boat Clubs of the Bristol Channel. Boats not to exceed 16ft. over all. Centre boards allowed. Prizes—let, Piece of plate kindly given by Messrs. T. Thomas and Sons .1 9 2nd. 21.: 3rd, ll. Entrance fee, 10-f. Distin- tinguishing Flag—Yellow. 4.-HoBBLIXG YAWL SAILING RACE, open to Car- diff. Penarth. and Barry Boats, not exceeding 23ft. keel. Prizes-1st, 51.; 2nd, -U. 3rd, 31. 4th, 21. 5th, 1/. Entrance fee, 5.v. No re- striction on sails. Four boats to start or no third prize. Distinguishing Flag-Blue. 5.—OPEN BOAT SAILING RACE. Boats not to exceed 16 feet length of keel. Prizes-1st, I 21.10»'. 2nd, lZ. 10.v. 3rd, 15-v. Entrance fee, Is. 6.—TRADESMEN'S PAIR-OARED BOATS, boats not to exceed 15 feet i; inches length of keel. Prizes—1st, 21. 2nd, 11. 3rd, ION. Entrance fee, 2*. 6d. Four boats to enter or no third prize. Entries to be confirmed by Committee. 7.—PAIR-OARED RACE, confined to Barry licensed boats not exceeding 14ft. 6in. length of keel. Prizes—1st, 21. 2nd, It. 3rd, 10s. Entrance fee, Is. 8.-P AIR-OARED RACE, open to Cardiff, Penarth. and Barry licensed boatmen. Prize—1st., 31. 2nd, 21. 3rd, 11. Entrance fee. 2s. Boats not to exceed 16 feet length of keel. Licences to be produced on entering. 9.-RIGGEI:S' RACE, boats not to exceed 15ft. 6in. length of keel. Prizes-lst. 21.; 2nd, 1Z. 3rd, 10*. Entrance fee, Iv. 10.—BARRY DOCK EMPLOYEES' RACE. Prizes— 1st, 5Z.; 2nd, 21. 10s. Entrance fee, is. Coxswain allowed. 11.—Pair-Paddle Barry Licensed Pilots' Punt Race. Prizes—1st, It.; 2nd 10*. Entrance fee, h. To be pulled by Pilot's Assistants. 12.—PAIR-PADDLE OPEN ROWING RACE, boats not to exceed 14ft. 6in. length of keel Prizes- 1st. 21. 2nd, Ii. 3rd. 10s. Entrance fee, Ix. 13.—TRIMMER'S SnovEi RACE, four men in a boat. Prizes—1st, 2! 2nd, ll. Entrance fee, Iv. Three boats to start or no second prize. 14.—STERN SCULLING RACE. open to any licensed boatman. Boats not to exceed 16 feet length of keel. Prizes—1st, 1Z. 2nd, 10-<. Entrance fee. Iv. 15.—MEN'S AMATEUR SWIMMING RACE, 400 yards. Prizes—1st, It. 2nd, 10.<. 3rd, 5s. Entrance fye. Ix.. IS.—NEOPOLITAN POLE DANCE. Prize, ll. No entrance fee. 17.—DUCK HUNT. Time, 20 minutes. Prizes— Winner. 25s.: Loser, 5s. Entrance fee, Is. for boat and Is. for duck. All disputes to be decided by the Referee, whose decision shall be final. Courses. Distances, Direc- tions, tec., may be obtained of the Hon. See. on the morning of the Regatta at Dockmaster's Office, Barry Dock. All Distinguishing Flags to be displayed at mast head. The First llace will br Started at 12 o'clorh Ûwrp Entries close at Five p.m. on WEDNESDAY, the 10th August, 1892. after which no entry will be received. THE BAND OF TIIE SEVERN VOLUNTEER DIVISION ROYAL ENGINEERS (by permission of the Officers) under the Leadership of Mr. J. MATTHEWS, will be in attendance during the day. The SALOOX STEAMER BOXXIE Doox has been engaged to follow the Races. For further particulars, tec. apply to the Hon. Sees., to whom all entries must be made :— F. E. AITKEN. ) Joint Hon. Sees., T. G. DUNCAN, I Barry Dock. 'Tis not in mortals to command success but we will do more, we will deserveit," LLOYD AND COMPANY, The Largest Distributors of MEN'S, YOUTHS', & BOYS' CLOTHING in the District, RESPECTFULLY INVITE AN INSPECTION OF THEIR IMMENSE STOCK OF FASHIONABLE CLOTHING, Made to Measure or Ready for Immediate Wear. Men's Suits, Complete, 12/6, 14/11, 16/9, 18/3, 19/11, 21/6, 25/ 27/6, 30/ to 45/ Men's Tweed and Cashmere Trousers, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/6, 8/6, to 15/11. Youths' Tweed Suits, 7/6, 7/11, 8/6, 8/11, 10/6, 12/6, 14/6, 16/6, to 30/ Boys' Eton and Rugby Suits, 6/11, 7/11, 8/6, 9/6, 10/9, 11/5, 12/6, 13/11, to 19/6. Boys' Sailer, Jersey, Brighton, and Norfolk Knicker Suits, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, 4/11, 5/11, 6/9, 7/6, to 16/6 Men's. Youths', and Boys' Underclothing of Every Description in Eadless Variety, at Popular Prices. TTTAT AND CAP DEPARTMENT. Includes Gentlemen's flexible Felt Hats (Fashionable Shares), in Black, Brown, Drab, Slate, Tan, &c. at 1/6, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, to 5/11. Men's and Boys' Fancy Tweeds, Cloth and Velvet Caps, in Most Approved Shapes, 2id., 4Jd., 6 £ d., 8 £ d., to 3/6d. 2 2 Jy/J-ECHANICS' DEPARTMENT. f Is Composed of Tons of the Best and Most Reliable Mates in Cord and Mole Trousers. Cord and Mole Vests, Duck, Dungaree, Drabette, Drill, and Serge Jackets and Trousers, tec., tec. _-0_ ONE TRIAL IS SUFFICIENT TO PROVE THE SUPERIORITY OF OUR C OTHING NOTE THE ADDRESS- [13 J LLOYD & COMPANY, THE LEADING CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS, MAIN-STREET, CA DOXTON. NORTH BRITISH AND MERCANTILE INSURANCE (JOMPANY. FOUNDED 1809. F I R"E, J^IFE ANNUITIES. ASSETS EXCEED £ 10,000,000 STERLING. SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE OFFICE ST. A R Y-S T R E E CARDIFF. LOCAL DIRECTORS:— Sir W. T. LEWIS, ROBERT FORREST, Esq., JOHN GUNN, Esq., Sir J. J. JENKINS, Colonel CHARLES LYNE. MANAGER W. SOUTHWELL JONES. Agenta Wanted where the Company is unrepresented. [152 WANTED. ANTE D.-Respectable BOYS to Sell the South w Wales Star at Bridgend. Good commission.— Apply at the Stal" Branch Office, Friday mornings. DO you want your FINGER BILLS, Handbills and Circulars conscientiously Distributed in town and country ?—Apply X. X. X., Star Office, Cadoxton. TO LET. RESPECTABLE LODGINGS VACANT, suit- P, able for respectable Young Men, near Barry Dock Station. Terms moderate. — Apply, C.B.A., STAR Offices, Cadoxton. [392 LODGINGS (East Barry) for one or two young L men, with a homely and quiet couple no children.-Apply M., Star Office, Cadoxton. [380 TO LET, that comfortable RESIDENCE, known as LANCASTER HOUSE. TONDU, standing in its own Grounds, and within a few minutes' walk of Railway Station. Rent moderate. — Apply Mrs. Routledge, at above address. [379 HOUSE TO LET.—NO. 5, Hillside Villas, Porth- kerry-road. Barry, five bedrooms hot and cold water papered, etc.—Apply, Richards, builder, Porth- kerry-road. [374 TO BE LET.—Premises known as the ANGEL RESTAURANT (late in the occupation of Mrs. De Witt); Public-hall attached.—Apply, L. Y. Owen, 25, Vere-street, Cadoxton. [352 HOUSES TO LET.—Rents from 6s. 6d. per week. Apply at the Barry Estate Office, Market Buildings, Barry. [345 TO BE LET, about 16 ACRES of Arable and Pasture LAND. The Arabic Land well adapted for Market Garden purposes, near to Barry and Barry Dock. Also between 10 and 12 Acres of Pasture Land in the same neighbourhood.—Apply Stephenson and Alexander, 5, High-street, Cardiff. FOR SALE. DO you desire to realise the best possible prices and secare a numerous company when you dispose of your Landed Estate, Freehold Property, Stock Merchandise, or Household Furniture ? — See that vour Advertisements are inserted in the South Wales Star. MISCELLANEOUS. "TTARD WATER" TOILET SOAP.-A per- XTL fected Corrective of hard water, expressly manufactured for delicate skins. Highly recom- mended by medical men. Proprietor, W. R. HOPKINS, 100, High Street Barry. [351 PRINTING of all kinds, LETTERPRESS and LITHOGRAPHIC, done promptly at the "STAR" OFFICE, VERE-STREET, CADOXTox.-The Parcels Post affording great facilities for cheap and rapid transmission of parcels, the Management will henceforth avail themselves of it to forward small parcels of circulars, Ac., to their many country custom- ers. Orders executed by return of post when so re- quired EDUCATIONAL. THE CADOXTON BOARDING AND X DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS THE OLD COURT. PRINCIPAL MISS SMALL. Assisted by Trained and Certificated Englishiand Foreign Governesses, and visiting Masters. Class for Littlo Boys. Governess Pupil required. Private Lessons given in Music, French, and German. Terms on application. [32 ("10WBRIDGE SCHOOL.—Preparations for all J Examinations. NEXT TERM BEGINS SEP- TEMBER 14th.-For Prospectus apply to the Headmaster. [366 PORTHCA'WL REGATTA. UNDER THE DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE OF Lord Windsor, Colonel Turbervill, A. J. Williams, Esq., M.P.. E. Evans Bevan. Esq., J. Brogden, Esq., Miss Talbot, Mrs. Stiles, James Marmont, Esq., R. C. Hunter, Esq., M.D., Edward Knox, Esq., tec., &e. THE Porthcawl Annual Regatta, AQUATIC & OTHER SPORTS, WILL BE HELD ON Wednesday, Aug, 17, 1892. Programmes, ljd. each, now ready, and can be tiad on application to the Secretary, Porthcawl Re- gatta, Porthcawl. [381 EYESIGHT. SPECTACLES ADAPTED TO SUIT ALL CASES OF DEFECTIVE VISION, AND FRAMES FITTED TO EVERY SHAPE OF FACE By an Optician of 25 Years Experience. SIGHT TESTED FREE. Special attention is invited to J. R. WOOD'S Celebrated PERISCOPIC PEBBLE SPECTACLES and FOLDERS. 1,000 TESTIMONIALS Reeoeived during the last Three Years. J. R. WOOD, OPTICIAN, 4, Castle Arcade, High-Street, 201] CARDIFF. THE SCHOLASTIC TRADING CO., LTD., 7, ST. JOHN'S SQUARE, CARDIFF. SCHOOL BOOKS. SCHOOL MATERIALS. GOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS. NEW MAP OF GLAMORGAN, 6 FEET BY 4 FEET 6 INCHES, Fully Coloured for School or Office use. JUST PUBLISHED. F200 FJ.OEILINE !— FOB THE TEETH AND BHEATH.—A few drops of the liquid "FIorinue" crinkled on a wet tooth-brush produces a pleasant lather, which thoroughly cleanses the teeth from all parasites or impurities, hardens the gums, prevents tartar, stops decay, gives to the teeth a peculiar pearly-whiteness, and a delightful fragrance to the breath. It removes all unpleasant odour arising from decayed teeth or tobacco smoke. "The "Fragrant Floriline/' beiiig com- posed in part of Honey and sweet herbs, is delicious to the taste, and the greatest toilet discovery of the age. Price 2s. 6d., of all Chemists and Perfumers. Whole- sale depot, 33, Farringdon Road. London. HOME CURE FOF DEAFNESS.—A book by a noted Aural Surgeon, describing a System of, curing Deaf- ness and Noises in the Head by which a self-cure is effected at home. The Rev. D. H. W. Harlock, of the Parsonage, Milton-under-Wynchwood, writes :—" Try the system by all means, it is first rate, and has been of the utmost service to me." Post free 4J.-DE VEHE \.ND Co., Publishers, 22. Warwick-lane. London, KO W. E. YAUGHAN AND CO., STEAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF-ROAD, CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS :— 2, QUEEN-STREET, I rApmTnf 248. BUTE-STREET, ^AKlJi* 60, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH. 53, COMMERCIAL-STREET. NEWPORT. 83, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. 27, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. Parcels Received and Forwarded Regularly to the Dye-works by District Agents Parcels amounting to five shillings sent direct to works will be returned carriage paid one way. Trade books and price lists sent free on application. W. E. V A UGH AN AND CO. ARE CELEBRATED FOR CLOTHES AND DRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, producing permanent colours, a superior finish, moderate charges, and promptness of dispatch. [227 ALSOP, BROADNEAD, BRISTOL. .¿ c:c> c:C> t:z=- ao.2 t: s Col s r\-x cst o o e.ot œ <> s o ë¡. o -s. -< 0:> a:2 0:> :=w 413