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DRINK GALORE IRISH WHISKY. Sold at the Principal Bars in the Town. War- rauted Pure and Wholesome Spirit, a Blend of the Finest Dublin Whiskies. Vide Analytical report. SOLE PROPRIETORS: CAREY AND CO., QTEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. I ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR— TIEUTZ k GELDERMANN. ERNEST IRROY AND RUIN ART'S CHAMPAGNE. BOTTLERS OF BASS'S ALES & GUINNESS STOUT. Teleftjaone 593. Telegraphic Address, Galore.[207 G. H. B. GOLDEN HO BITTEPT, DINNER ALE) PER AY 'pl' PALE ALE- I Is. 2<'1. Per Gallon MILD ALES- I 10d. Per Gallon. I STODT- I iS X AND CP WARDS. ("285 MacGreg'or & Sons,! ^/J- O XIIMENT AL WORKS. KENILWORTH ROAD, CADOXTON. MONUMENTS IN STONE. MARBLE AND GRANITE. Shops. Restaurants. &e., Fitted with Marble or Enamelled Slate at Moderate Prices. [337 R. B i s n o p, TA! HOSIER & HATTER, 50. QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. BEST VALUE FOR CASH. N.S.—OPPOSITE THE EMPIRE. [367 WE I TNKE THE CAKE" | FOR FASHION & VALUE, For.r.v 25 PEE CENT. SAVED ON ALL PI-RCHASES MODEL CLOTHING COMPANY, LOW PRICE TAILORS. 45, St. Mary-street. Cardiff, (Opposite the Royal Hotel). Splendid Show of all the Newest Summer Fashions. [324 rSTTTVT ISSUaAHCE OFFICE o u JN (firs)- FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1891 £ 373,700,000. For further information apply the following Agents Cadoxton Mr. n. G. DAVIES. 1 'J: Mr. DAVID Jo\R>. CERTIFIED UNDERTAKERS AND CO'M 'I PLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. I; The Best and Cheapest in the District for ail h Classes of Funeral C';v;s. Hearses. Shellioier?.( | *■. Mourning Coaches, at Mayne. Hooper & Ce_ f High-street, Barry; and at 30. Windsor-road Penarth. [62 ACTOE-A VALUABLE DISCOVERY. ■ What Saved his Life. OPINION OF .WELL-KNOWN MEN. Mt, ISAAC EVANS, Neath. Miners: Agent, says :— £ have taken the Coit.sf«w>t '"for severe Colds and ;1oa.;vsencss. and have found it ro hI: undoubtedly of very great benefit. From the Rev. R. D. ROx'ERTS. Baptist^Minister, Carhuan. Llwynhendy. L>eur Sir,—I caught a very severe Cold, and was in onsequsnce for a length of time in a tnost undesirable :o;tl painful condition. I then obtained a bottle of O'sfoot. which soon restored me to my usual health, {?• nm my experience of it. I heartily recommend it thii notice of my fellow-countrymen —Yours truly. MR MORGAN W. James. Rev. R. D. ROBERTS. I COLTSFOOT, THC uREATCHEST HEALER AND PROTECTOR. L. i ->«KIpound liquid extract nude from the active. medir-ijiii! principles of t!1e Colt;;foot" Plant, in :or?iMnation with other hishlv recognised remedies. ITK SUCCESS IS REMARKABLE FULL OP HEALING VIRTUES. A speedy and certain cure for Coughs, Colds. Ini!ueiiaa, Hoarseness, Bronchitis. Asthma. Spitting of FJloc.d, and old-standing Chest Affections, commonly called Consumption. 2,rr. ip in Bottles, Is. li<b, 2s. 9d.. and 4s. Gd. each. Ask lor Coltsfoot, and see that you sret it. • i.>. i. v. Chemist* everywhere, or Post Free. G sarm'q by purchasing larger ."i.zrs. Prepared only by Morgan W. JAMES, Manufacturing Chemist. Llanelly, South Wales. [331 USE ONLY EOTHERG-ILL'S TOBACCO' AND ClfrARS. 4. STUART HALL HAYES. CARDIFF. [11 TflSOAT AFFWjriO»S AND HO>.ESi;KF.5o. Ad suf- .• ■ring from irritation of the ihrcat air.oarsoaess xv-Iil Se n-recably surprised ar the almost immediate :\0ie £ atforded by the u'e of Brown » Brei.chial CS Tapse famous }ozer.?,s ,) MV o, resectable chemists m th'S «o»uitrv as • •• <r,-vbm. Peoole tronWed with a "hrickutg couffu. •dr-yW* cold," or bronchial afc^-non*. < j:m .f ;:y Jh.IV !<>> soon, as s:■ nilar tioublfts. i: al owv i • '• I'ysult :u serious Pulmi>nary an*. A?U t1- Uotw.' -See that tl.« words lii r.') iJ- ;1 "is are oo the liov*erniT4ent >! 'a. | I .iy Jo;i:r L. h^ovi'S. i-• U A European depot, 3J, rarx.aoa^u ^uoou ARTISTIC FTJMITURE MANUFACTURERS. TRAPNELL AND GANE, THE BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL HOUSE FURNISHERS IX THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES. ^RTISTIC F URNITURE. jgCONOMIC F URNITURE. w ELL-MADE F URNITURE. JNEXPENSIVE FURNITURE. SHOW ROOMS FOR WALES 38 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, JOINING-ROOM F URN ITU, RE. gEDROOM JIURNITURE. JJRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE. JJOUDOIR F URNITL-RE. B REAKFAST-ROOM F URNITURE. gILLIARD-ROOM FLRNITL"RE. J^ITCHEN JPURNITURE. JJOTEL JjlURNITUEE. OUR MUCH RENOWNED COTTAGE FURNITURE DEPARTMENT, 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. TRAPNELL & GANE, Complete House Furnishers, Carpet and Linoleum Warehousemen, 31 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AT COLLEGE aREES, BRISTOL: COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. I CATALOGUES FREE. ESTIMATES FREE. I ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO THE NEAREST RAILWAY STATION. [239 BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. YAIE-STEEET, BARRY. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. WILLIAM THOMAS has been instructed to SELL bv AUCTION, at the Barry Hotcd, Barry, on THURSDAY. August 11. 1392. at Three o'clock p.m.. subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, in one or more lots, all those nine well and substantially bniit < DWELLING-HOUSES, Being Nos. 45, 47, 49. 51, 53, 55. 57, 59. and 61. Vale-street, Barry, let at 5s 6d. per week, held under a lease of 99 years from the 1st day of May. 1891, at the annual ground rent of e2 ICs. 3d. each. For further particulars apply to W. Thomas, Esq., Solicitor, Albert Chambers. Ho;h-street. Cardiff. or to the Auctioneer, at his OHioes, Vere- street, Cadoxton. and 1, Romilly-road, Barry. [384 BARRY AND CADOXTON BURIAL BOARD. THE above Board are prepared to receive appli- -L cations for the position of CLERK of WORKS in connection with the erection of the CHAPEL at their Cemetery. Salary, £ 2 10s. per week. Applications, enclosing testimonials, to be de- livered to me on or before the 10th August, endorsed Buritl B.) trd Clerk of Works Appointment." J. ARTHUR HUGHES, Clerk. Burial Board Office. Cadoxton, 28th July, 1892. [376 Ystradyfodwg Local Board. TO CONTRACTORS. BUILDERS, ROAD- MAKERS, AND OTHERS. THE above-named Board Invite TENDERS for the SEWERING. LEVELLING. PAVING. KERBING. CHANNELLING, LIGHTING, and COMPLETING of TWENTY-FIVE STREETS on the Bailey Estate in the Ton and Gelly Districts at Ystrad, in the Rhondda Fawr Valley. Plans and Sections, with Forms of Contract and Bond and Specification, may be seen, and Forms of Tender obtained from the Surveyor. Local Board Offices. Pentre Rhondda. up to the 8th August next inclusive. All Tenders are to be Delivered under Seal on ov before the 11th AUGUST NEXT, addressed to the Chairman of the Board, and endorsed Tenders for Bailey-street Improvements at Ton." The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any Tender, and reserves the right to accept a part of any Tender without accepting the whole thereof, and no Tender will be regarded which is not upon the form supplied by the Board, By Order, J. W. JONES. Surveyor. 25th July, 1892. [375 Barry Dock Sanitary Steam laundry i Company, Limited. ISSUE OF LOAN NOT EXCEEDING £ 1.500. THE DIRECTORS of the above offer for sub- JL scription a loan of not exceeding £ 1,500 in lots of £100, repayable in two years secured by trust deed on the whole of the undertaking, and carrying 6 per cent. interest from date of issue. For further particulars apply to Mr. David Shaw, Vere-street, Cadoxton or to Mr. F. P. Jones-Lloyd, Solicitor. Barry Dock. f352 RENDERS-are Invited for OPENING a NEW T LEVEL in the COEDCAE TILLERY SEAM near Blaenau Station. Mon.. for the Coedcae Tillery Colliery Company (Limited). For particulars apply to the Secretary. Mr. G. F. WILLETT, 373] Cadoxton, Cardiff. The Penycoedcae Quarries Company, Limited, Pontypridd. TO BUILDERS. CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS. A LARGE QUANTITY of first-class SILLS, STEPS. KERB, CHANNELLING, and other STONE ready for immediate delivery.—Apply as above. [377 Barry Congregational Church. SUNDAY NEXT, AUGUST 7th, 1892, REV. J. H. STOWELL, M.A., Will preach Morning and Evening, at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Subject for Morniug :— "WAITING FOR THE MESSIAH" Subject for Evening :— THE MESSIAH WAITING FOP, US." All Seats free. Hymn Books provided. MI swirl w Will reduce from tu o t. fire VNN pouwUper week acts on the food in the ftoiiwh, pre- p*"SL es.! ii i t. it-n conversion into Fat. ^old by Ch^m;9t8, Senrl <tamp for 0 Botanic Medicine Co., 3, New Oxford-street, London, W.C.

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