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POSTMEN'S PICNIC. The Cardiff Postmen held a first annual picnic on Bank Holiday at Coldnap, Barry. Luncheon had been ordered at the Ship Hotel, and at one o'clock about 130, with the P.O. Band at the head playing a rollicking air, marched from Barry Station to the Hotel, and partook of a delightful spread, the Menu of which included chicken, lamb, ham, with potatoes and salad and the wines champagne, port, sherry, &c. The merchants and tradespeople of Cardiff contributed very liberally towards the picnic, and had their been time no doubt more gentlemen would have contributed. Among the subscribers are Messrs. Spiridon and Son, Duke-street, Handsome Flower Basket. Barry and Co. Fitzroy Barometer. £ s. d. „ Cory Brothers (Limited) 2 2 0 „ D. Davies and Son (Limited) 2 2 0 Worms, Josse and Co 2 2 0 „ Powell Duffryli Co 2 2 0 Insole and Sons. 2 2 0 „ The Ocean Coal Company 2 2 0 „ Watts. Ward and Co 1 1 0 John Cbry and Son 110 Nixon Navigation Company 1 0 0 Messrs. Perch and Co. and Messrs. Howell and Co., drapers, two hand bags Messrs. Andersoil, Anderson, and Anderson, 1 brief bag: Heitzmann, St. Mary-street, opera glass; Hutchins and Co.. clock; W. Lewis, Duke-street, album: Ingram, High-street, cruet; G. Carpenter, St. Mary- street, pair boots. Other presents were given by Jotham and Son, Masters and Co., Price and Son, John James and Co., Fulton and Co., Cary and Co., Cross Bros.. Foster Brown, and Rees, Mr. John (Volun- teer), Mr. Griffith James, Mr. A. G. Beer (Three Herse Shoes), Mr. S. A. Brain, Mr. Stainforth (Church- street), Mr. Pedler (Royal Arcade), the Postmaster, Mr. Bazeley and Mr. W. T. Jones (superintendents), Mr. Mattock and Mr. J. B. Loyns ( assistant superin- tendents), and Inspector Charley. The following ladies and gentlemen were of the party ;—Mr. G. Fardo (postmaster), Master and Miss Fardo, Inspector Charley, Messrs. W. T. JonEs (postal superintendent). T. Bazeley (telegraph superintendent). C. Mattock (assistant superin- tendent). J. Evans (assistant superintendent), and Mrs. J. Evans, Mr. A. Underwood (assistant superintendent, Mr. Arnold (postmaster, Barry Dock), and Mr. Sansome (bandmaster). Before leaving the table Mr. Fardo said he had decided not to have any speechyfying to interfere with the men's pleasure, but he was obliged to depart from that decision because he could not refrain from saying that there were then present such a class of men as he had never had to deal with before. A steadfast, smart, intelligent, and reliable body, he meant the postmen of Cardiff. (Loud applause.) Since he had come to Cardiff, and that was only three years, he had done is utmost to ameliorate their condition-(hear. hear) -to get them better pay. (Hear, hear). He said he had no sooner expressed a wish to meet the postmen at some such entertainment as this than than Inspector Charley (loud and prolonged cheering)— had put his practical and intelligent mind to it, and the thing was arranged. He should like next year to combine the whole de- partment. and have the telegraphists and postmen at one great picnic. (Hear, hear.) He closed by saying how pleased he was with the efficiency of the band, and thought great credit was due to Mr. Sansome, the leader. (Applause.) He was obliged to the merchants and tradesmen of Cardiff for the Liberal way they had contributed towards the picnic, and the surplus would be held over for the next year's. He then said he would propose a toast which would meet with the approval of all, 14 The Queen." The toast was drunk with great gusto, amid loud cheering. The party afterwards strolled down to Coldnap, and amused themselves with sports, bathing, and games, as each one's in- clination might lead. The races that had been arranged beforehand were (1). 120 yards foot- race for bandsmen only 1st, A. J. Godfrey 2nd, H. How 3rd. H. Howard. (2), 100 yards foot- race for officers of 10 years' service and upwards 1st. J. Smith 2nd, W. Loyns 3rd. J. Collett. (3), Quarter mile, open to non-winners: 1st, R. Brooks: 2nd, W. A. Winde 3rd. F. W. Roe. (4), 120 yards do.: 1, F. Bennett; 2nd, E. Macey 3rd, H. E. Humphries. (5), 100 yards three-legged race 1st, S. Bovers and F. W. Bennett; 2nd. C. F. Duvener and F. W. JeSries 3rd, H. E. Humphries and Roe. (6). 50 yards sack race 1st. F. W. Jeffries. (7), High jump. 4ft. 3in. 1st. R. C. Brooks 2nd, C. Nicholls 3rd. S. Boyers. (8), 220 yards consolation race. Several prizes. The races were entered into with great, spirit, and were watched with great interest by a large f number of persons who had gathered around, The prizes were distributed by Mis.- Fardo on the following evening at the monthly uniform inspection. At half past five they returned to the Ship to tea, and afterwards the b ind played dance music for those who wished to dance, the pleasure being now enhanced by the presence of several ladies who joined in the dancing, and all b.-came, if possible, more merry than before. The party returned at 9.10, with a sigh for their less fortunate brethren who were compelled to remain at home on duty. All enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and the bandsmen on the return journey endeavoured tel keep up the pleasure to the last.



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