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VIOLIN, JgOW, AND CASE, EXTRA SET OR STRINGS. AND PITCH PIPE, FOR 21s. THE BEST VALUE EVER OFFERED. SEND FOR AND TRY IT! JOHN DAVIES, MUSIC WAREHOUSE, [83 L 11, TREDEGAR PLACE, NEWPORT. SOUTH "Y^r ALES CLOTHIERS, 98, HIGH ST., BARny. ENLARGEMENT OF PREMISES. \Y AND (JO., TAILORS, HATTERS, & OUTFITTERS. XN THANKING our numerous Customers for past favours, we beg to inform them that we have made great ADDITION to our PREMISES, and are now able to compete with the best houses in South Wales. INSPECT OUR SPRING AND SUMMER SUITINGS AND TROUSERINGS, MADE TO ORDER. SUITS FROM 30s. TROUSERS FROM 10s. 6D. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO BESPOKE TAILORING. WT71 /0. have OPENED a FIRST- JJJ. \J CLASS HAIRDRESSING AND GENTS' MERCERY DEPARTMENT— 9; ISLAND-ROAD. BARRY. SPECIAL SHOW OF HATS, TIES, &c.J FOR THE EASTER HOLIDAYS. HAIRDRESSING, SHAMPOOING. & EVERY H REQUISiTE FOR THE TOILET. [_OJ -1- PIANOS, | ORGANS,' I PIANOS. J CHEAPEST HOUSE IS THE TRADE. | Pianos from 10s. 6d. Monthly, Organs from 5a. Monthly. The Public are invi'c-od to inspect R. J. HEATH & SONS' STOCK OF PIANOS, ORGANS, &C., As pounds will be saved by placing their orders with them. Every Instrument Gaurautcc-l and Kept in Tune One Year Free of Charge LARGE DISCOUNT FOR CASH. HEATH & SONS, j PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS AND REPAIRERS, j 51, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, AND 34, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. ———— BECHSTEIN PIANOS. Heath and Sons offer these magnificent Pianos on the Three Years' System and for Cash at most advantageous prices and terms. i.20 JJECKITT'S vgTARCH. JJECIUTT'S BLUE. JfECKITT'S BLACK LEAD. (19 "FOH THE BLOJDTS i;*r. M-U ? IcumraLiSg! I BLOOD PURIFIER! Igprawra RESTORER! t, For c'sansia"? and ciow'inj? the Mood frona tl. i. purities, it cautiot be too liiguiy recoiau^enueu. ( For Scrofula, Scurvy, Ecfccru:j Pimples, Skin and Blood Diseases, j and Sores of all kinds, it is a osrer-iuilm^i and permanent cure. r It Cures Old Sores. Cure3 Ulcerated Sores on the Isecs. j Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs. » Cares Blackheads, or Pimples on the FeC9, l Cures Scurvy Sores. f Cures Cancerous meers. Cures Wood aud Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. i Clears the Blood from all impure matter, j From whatever cause arising. j It is, a real specific ior Gout and Rheuicr.tic pai-.E. It removes the cause from the Blood and liones. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and wr- i ranted free from anything injurious to the j delicate constitution of either sex, t!;e Proprietors | solicit sufferers to give it a trial to tesi; ir.s value. f THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONILL3 Prom all Farts of tlie Wcrld. Sold in Bottles 2s. 9d., and in capes, containing fiT times the quantity, lis. each — gnfficient to eHec; ;• permanent cure in the jrre&t majority of Ion? st;>r.duji> • cases. BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MKDIO!> VENDORS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, or sei l j for 33 or 132 stamps by the Proprietors, THE J>ros.x j A.HD MIDLAND COCNTLBS DBUS COMPAKT, Lincoln. | CAUTION. —Ask for Clarke's Blood Mixture arc! j do not be persuaded to take H n imHu'o*. j VALUABL* DISCOVERT FOR THB HATB.—K your hair is turning grey or white, or falling off, use "THE MEXICAN HAIR RENEWER," for it will positive: restore in every case Grey or White hair to its original colour without leaving the disagreeable smell of moit Restorers." It makes the hair charmingly beautiful, ,,3 as promoting the growth of the hair on bal-i -ti where the glands are not decayed- Price :5s. iid. an Oil to make the Hair soft, glossy, aud luxuriant, ask for "CARTER'S COLOGNE OIL." U Is, of ail dealers. Wholesale depot, o3, Far.-in, a Roai, London. RUPTURES. — HOW CURED. PEARCE & Co., liemovod to 14, STATION TERRACE opposite Taff Vale Railway Station. Cardiff. MAKKRS of SOFT BAND TRUSSES. ARTI- FICIAL LESS, ARMS. EYES, LEG IRONS. SPINE SUPPORTS, BELTS, ELASTIC I'WvAddU: 14, STATION TEBRACE, C^DIFF. J Opposite Taff Yale Railway Station- ^nVTURES, HERNIA. How can it be cured A Consult aLlEN PEARCE. P™ cooncs 13 T < PABADE, [23 Mayberry Williams, i 79, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD IS NOW SHOWING | TflE YEIJY LATEST NOYELTIES IN MILLINER MANTLES, JACKETS, CLOAKS, ULSTERS, MACKINTOSHES, DRESS GOODS, FURS, &c. ALSO Extraordinary Value in Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Flannels, Skirtings, Umbrellas, Gloves, &c. NOTE THE ADDBEisS [34 79, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. THE BISHOP QF6ANB0RI 8! WIHM recently at his n itire riiee, raid that among the many eminent notabilities who had lecn born j be .-ncntiuned the author of "LEW;S' RHEUMATIC LSS&NCE, the well- Hi Item remedy for Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica and Lumbaso. > >}} V R OUR NATION ii Uow co-m-inccd that, external application; are u*eU*<s, a it imvoss-Me for J, fii gnri,toltrikeatt:ie root of the evil, and "LEWIS' RHEUMATIC ESSENCE' is dedned to be the J {{( reliable rer,ud>j y*t discovered. It is impo'sihle to conv-mce everybody througn mi advert cement; J 81 » a fair trial will be suKeent to convince, even i.t the went possible old standing ca^es. J {«{ Of ail CheMtt* and Medicine Vendors throughout pie World at 2/9 fcr Bottle; or Post Frtefrom ;{ J0a*< LLOYD LEWIS, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, ABKUAYRON, S.W. ) STIIDT YOUR HEALTH, IOJL BY DRINKING LEWIS'S DANDELION COFFEE, It is a most Delicious Beverag'e. HEALTHY! REFRESHING I and INVIGORATING i For persous Buffering from Weak Digestion. Bilious and Li^er Complaints, Impure Blood, Hysteria, &C., it is the best Beverage, and should be used by everyone, in preference to Tea, Cocoa, or Ordinary Coffee. IT IS NOT A MEDICINE! BUT A DELICIOUS ARTICLE OF DIET. Patronised and recommended by the faculty. Sold by all Grocers in Tins, 6d., Is., Is. 6d., and 2s. each. I Be sure to ask for LEWIS'S, and do not take any other. ¡ SOLE PROPRIETORS AND MANUFACTURERS— [37 JAMES LEWIS & CO., Id., CARDIFF, .A. ""ÇU"on.deri:u1 Ws For Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddiness, Fulness and Swelling after meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Blotches on tha Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, &c. THE FIRST DOSE WILL GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. This is no fiction. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one Box of these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX." BEECHAM'S PILLS, taken as directed, will quickly restore females to compJete health. They promptly remove any obstruction or irregularity of the system. For a Weak Stomach; Impaired. Digestion; Disordered Liver; th-y act like nM!{ic :—a few doses will work '"r>n<lcrs upon the Vital Organs; Strengthening the moseolcr System; restoring tho long-lost Complexion bringing hack the teen edge of appetite, and arousing with II > BOSKBDD OF HRALTH the PHTSICAI. ENERGY of the human frame. Thcao CCS "facts" ADMITTED hy Ahoasanfla, in all ctewes of society, and one of the best, pnarantees to tho Nervous and Debilitated ii that Beteham't Pitts hare the lArgett Sale of any Patent Medicine in the. irorTd. Vnll airfctirrs triih (I\tl lox. Prepared only by THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, LancMhire, England. Sold everywhere iu Is. I'd., and 2s. 9, uich. PAPURAU CENEDLAETHOL CYMRU Y GENEDL GYMREIG- Bob Dydd Mercher. Pris Ceiniog. Y PAPUR MWYAF A GOREU YN YR IAITH GYMRAEG. Yr unig Bapur ynm Nghymru sydd yn talu yr un sylw i'r De a'r Gogledd. Yr unig Bapur yng Nghymru sjdd yn Cyhoeddi ARGRAFFIAD ARBENIG I'R DEHEUDIR. Yr unig Bapur yng Nghymru sydd yn rhoi bob wythnos ERTHYGL ARBENIG I'R GLOWYR A'R ALCANWYR. LLYTHYRAU O'R SENEDD, gan T. E. ELLIS, A.S., a LLOYD GEORGE, A.S. LLYTHYRAU I'R GWEITHWYR, gan MABON, A.S. ERTHYGLAU GAX BRIF LENORION CYMRU. + Y WERIN. Bob Dydd Sadwrn. Pris Dimai. Y PAPUR DIMAI LLAWNAF 0 NEWYDDION CYFFREDINOL A DYDDOROL. Y GENEDL A'R WERIN YW Y PAPURAU GOREU I'R CYMRO, I'R GWEITHIWR, I'R TEULU, I BAWB. YN EISIEU, Dosbarthwyr a Gohebwyr ym mhob ardal. Ymofvner trwy lythyr- BERIAH GWYNFE EVANS, SWYDDFA'R GENEDL, CAERNARFON. TO INVESTORS. LESLY AND CO., STOCK AND SHARE BROKERS. s T. STEPHEN'S CHAMBERS, rpELEGRAPH STREET, TT ONDON, E C. WE have the pleasure of calling atten- tion to our Fortnightly Syndicates (Limited), for dealing in Stocks and Shares on the Combination System, and which, since their inaugura- tion last year, have proved a source of considerable profit to our regular Subscribers. Departing from the ordinary method invariably adopted by the Syndicate Agents, we find it more con- ducive to business, and much more satisfactory to Subscribers, to afford them all, and every information as to the extent of the respective Syndicates, and the amount of Stock dealt in, reserving to ourselves the privilege selecting, as occasion may offer, the Stocks to be operated in, and of closing the same at such moment as our juJgment may suggest to be the most opportune for securing profits. We would point out that we have no fixed price for Syndicate Shares, inasmuch as each Syndicate is com- posed of varying subscriptions the Subscribers thu* occupy the same relative position, as profits are divided in proportion to the sum-i individually invested, our own charge of one-eight commission on Stocks opened being first deducted. Our Syndicates are formed on the 1st and 15th of each month, in subscriptions of from 12 to £ 50, the minimum sum affording clients the opportunity of testing our system with a very moderate outlay. A Syndicate once formed, we lose, no time in opera- ting and immediately advise each Subscriber of the current amount being dealt with, and the actual quantity of Stock opened, thus approximating to each Member the exact amount of Stock covered by his subscription, and on which his profits are calculated, no Subscriber being, in any case, liable for more than the sum he actually subscribes. Each Syndicate rarely extends oyer more than a week or ten days, thus avoiding carrying over ex- penses, which can only accrue in the event of a Syndi cate being exceptionally kept open for any special reasons. On the closing of Stocks, Subscibers receive due notification, and cheques are promptly dispatched to each for his pro rata share of profits added to the amount of his orignal subscription. This system of doing business has met with the dis- tinct approval of our clients" and, owing to the advan- tages it affords them, has tendered considerably to increase our connection. So far we have no reason to be dissatisfied with the result of our operations, seventeen out of nineteen Syndicates having realised handsome returns equal to nett a average profit of over .50 per cent. for each Syndicate, and viewing the difficulty attendant on successful Stock Exchange speculation, these results are, we consider, highly satisfactory. We de not attempt to emulate various advertising Syndicate agents in making impossible proSta out of abnormally small sums, nor do we subscribe to the equally absurd proposition of guaranteeing clients against loss. We bring to bear on our business, upwards of ten years practical experience of the Stock Markets, and we do our best to further our Clients interests. The Syndicate operations are always protected by a fair margin, and while we are content with reasonable profits, in the event of adverse market movements, losses are curtailed as far as possible. Trusting that a perusal of our letter will lead to your joining our list of Subscribers, LESLY AND CO., April, 1892. [990 EDGAR FENNELL Fishmonger I" AND Fruiterer. 84, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD, BEGS to thank his numerous Customers for their kind Patrunage in the past, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit tltey favours in the future, Lazenby's and all kinds of Tinned Fish at the lowest Prices. BEST QUALITY. POTTED CPAM FRESH DAILY In lIb. and lIb. Pots. All Kinds of Fruit in Season. ——— [55 PATRONISE THE TOWN YOU LIVE IN, AND DON'T FORGET THE ADDRESS — EDGAR FENNELL 84, Taff-Street, PONTYPRIDD. USE ONLY FOTHERGILLIS TOBACCO AND CIGARS. 4, STUART HALL HAYES, CARDIFF. [11 FURNISH ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. HOUSES OR APARTMENTS Completely Furnished on a New System ADOPTED solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and enquiries usually made by other companies are dispensed with. WE HAVE AN IMMENSE STOCK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF CHEAP AND SUPERIOR QUALITY. All Goods sold on the Hire System at READY-MONEY PRICES. WE MAKE NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT, AND ALL GOODS SENT HOME IN A PRIVATÉ VAN FREE OF CHARGE. No Stamp or Agreement Charges made no Bill of Sale everything private. Arrangements com- pleted without delay, and being Manufacturers, WE GUARANTEE QUALITY, And will undertake to supply Furniture, etc., At 10 per cent. less than any price list issued by any firm in Cardiff. ELEVEN SHOW ROOMS. Call and inspect our IMMENSE STOCK, and com- pare Prices before purchasing elsewhere. WE SUPPLY £6 WORTH FOR 2 s- 6D. WEEKLY. £ 10 WORTH FOR 4s' WEEKLY. £ 15 WORTH FOR 58. WEEKLY. £ 20 WORTH FOR 6s WEEKLY. And so on in proportion. Special terms for larger •quantities. No objectionable agreements used. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS:- South Wales Furnishing Co., 31, CASTLE STREET (Opposite the Castle), [236 CARDIFF. THE NEW VOX JJUMUNA ACCORDION. A New Instrument, with Two Draw Stops, one Imitating the Human Voice. Money returned if not approved of. Price, carriage free, 12s. 6d. Send P.O.O. to the jq-EATH jyjUSICAL gUPPLY gTORES, l WINDSOR-ROAD, NEATH. I G. BHACEY, Manager. A Large Assortment of QRGANS, PIANOS, MANGLES, SEWIXG MACHINES, For Sale on our New Hire Purchase System, 2s. 6d. Monthly. F48 K1TT & Co. I T T S A P I D QURE. PACKAGES (with MIXTURE, PILLS, and LOTION) 4s. 6d. Cures in a. few days all DISCHARGES, either Con Btitutional or Acquired, Kidney Troubles, Pains in the Back. CONTAINS NO MERCURY. LOST yiGOUB RESTORED KITT'S VITAL RESTORATIVE, THE GREAT REMEDY for MENTAL and PHYSICAL DEPRESSION. Iivaluableto the Single and Married. 4s. 6d. The above can be obtained, post free, from KITT & CO., [53 MEDICAL HALL ,39, BUTE-ST., CARDIFF. ASK FOR THE SOUTH WALES CELEBRATED JAMS AND MARMALADES. gOUTH WALES JAM AND MAlt- MALADS COMPANY (LIMITED), CANTOR CARDIFF. [50 E. J. ROBERTS, PLUMBER, GASFITTER, SIGN-WRITER, p HOUSE-DECORATOR, &c., 81, HIGH STREET, BARRY, Established 1885. Thousands of Pieces of Paper from 2d. per Piece and upwards always in Stock. Largest Establishment for PAPER HANGINGS and GAS FITTINGS in the District. Estimates given. [8 JAMES PRICE, I- ;0 £ 2 :J < > » 13 < ..J < fT1 :J CY :< The Modern Bakery •y and Restaurant, Regent-street aqd Ijolton-road, BARRY DOCK. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BAKER, PASTRY- COOK and CONFECTIONER. PURVEYOR TO THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS THROUGHOUT THE DISTRICT. BREAKFAST BOLLS. FRENCH ROLLS. DINNER COBS. VIENNA BREAD. DIGESTIVE BREAD. JEWS' BREAD. SANDWICH LOAVES (all sizes), And a host of other Specialities Daily. PRICE'S A 1 PORK AND VEAL AND HAM PIES An Ordinary daily at One. Private Sitting and Bedrooms. Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Chops, and Steaks at all times. Finest Hungarian. English, and American Flour, Wholesale and Retail, at prices which cannot be beaten (for Cash), delivered at a few minutes' notice. Always a Large Stock of leading millers only to select from. I do not buy low-priced Flours. Huntley and Palmer's Biscuits-a great variety. Pattison's (the b°t=t) Sweets-a large stock. Cad- bury's Chocolate Goods—a varied assortment. Agent (either Buying or Commission), whole- sale only for fresh farm butter, new-laid eggs, home-cured hams and bacon, poultry of all kinds, &c., &c., &c. [767 GEORGE'S COUGH BALSAM! A MARVELI.LOUS REMEDY FOR COUGHS COLDS, INFLUENZA, uSMCHITIS, ASTHMA, &c., &c. When other things fail (those that are puffed the most are generally the greatest frauds), get a Bottle, take according to directions, and re- port its wonderful power to your friends. NOTE.—One dose relieves, a few doses cure. In Bottles, Is. I'd. and 2s. 9d. each. The COUGH BALSAM will be found pecu- liarly servicable for RELIEVING ALL PAINS, from whatever cause arising, such as Tooth-Ache, Ear-Ache, Pain in the Chest or Bowels, Diarrhoea, &c., &c. If Vocalists. PuMie Speakers, Clergyman, See., only take a small teaspoon/id before exertion, they would altmys carry a bottle with Jliem it has extraordinary power in strengthening and clearing the voice. George's Infants' Powders Are universally admitted to be the SAFEST and BEST, containing NO OPIUM, or anything in- jui icus to the youngest Babe. For Teething, Fits, Measles, Scarlatina, and other ailments, they are a Sure and Certain Specific. A MOTHER'S BEST HELP AND COMFORT In Packets, Is. lid,. each. MORI EN writes :-Your Balsam should be made extensively known, for as a remedy for a cold it is, I believe, UNRIVALLED. From GEORGE PROSSEK, ESQ., Lancillow Hall, Abergavenny: Dear Sir,-Please inform James Hoddell, Esq. Walton, Clevedon, where your Cough Balsam may be had in Bristol or Clevedon. I have found your Balsam FAR SUPERIOR to any other I have ever ased for all kinds of Coughs. Dear Mr. George,-Your Infants' Powders are a boon, and a blessing. They are true life preservers. I regard my little boy as a LIVING MONUMENT of their efficacy. One of their marvellons features is the certainty of their operation. Fits had never such an enemy. A stock is always kept in the house, as a wonderful sentinel to guard the safety of child Ufe.—Yours sincerely, THOMAS RICHARDS. i tre, 11th March, 1891. Baptist Minister. GEORGES' BALSAM AND POWDERS Are sold everywhere, or direct from the Pro- prietor- B. A. GEORGE, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, PENTRE, PONTYPRIDD, GLAM. [64 JOHN EDMUNDS, (Late with Morgan Bros.,) PAINTER, GLAZIER, PAPER-HANGER, AND GENERAL DECORATOR, 28, HARVEY-STREET, CADOXTON-BARRY. Estimates given for every description of work. Your esteemed Orders respectfully solicited. I [237 J. E. LEVERS & SON, HAY AND CORN MERCHANTS, OMMISSION AGENTS, &c., HAVE ALWAYS ON SALE AT THEIR STORES ON THE MOORS-ROAD, CADOXTON, BARRY, VERY PRIME HAY and CHAFF, Also a Choice Selection of HORSE AND CATTLE FEEDING STUFFS Consisting of WHITE AND BLACK OATS, CRUSHED HORSE FEED, CRUSHED BEANS, SMALL ROUND MAIZE, BRAN, SHARPS BARLEYMEAL, &c. CALL OR WRITE FOR PRICES. SHOPS SUPPLIED. [71 WOODHAM AND SON, HIGH-STREET, BARRY, GREENGROGERS AND POTATO MERCHANTS. All Kinds of Fish Daily when in Season. GENERAL HAULIERS. A Brake for Picnic Parties for the Summer Season. Dog-cart on Hire. [7 L FURNITURE REMOVED AND WAREHOUSED ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PJLLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, In either sex (acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and Pains In the Back. Guaranteed freefrtm Mercury. Sold in Boxes, is. 60. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent to any address for sixty Btamps by the Makers, Tn E LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COPMTIKS DRUG COMPANY, Lincoln. Wholesale Agents, BABCLAY & CONS, London, and all the Wholesale Houses. E. BROGDEN & CO., 16, GLEBE ST., PENARTH, GREENGROCERS AND JpOTATO m ERCHA-NTTS. All Orders, Shipping or otherwise, promptly attended to, either at Penarth or Barry Dock. [197 SHAW AND Son, AUCTIONEERS, ACCOUNTANTS, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENTS, AND • MORTGAGE BROKERS. RESTS AND DEBTS COLLECTED UPON SPECIAL TERMS. ——— [S3" OFFICES: 12, VERE-STREET, CADOXTON | DYERS & CLEANERS 1 OF fl HATS, BONNETS, OSTRICH FEATHERS, LADIES' DRESS, AND GESTS' CLOTHING. ORCHARD'S^ 35, ADAM ST., CARDIFF. Hats and Bonnets altered or re-made. New and Bonnets made to Order. Leghorn Hats cleaned and made Fashionable Shapes, like New. AGEXT AT BARRY— H. B. TAYLOR, Wool and Fancy Respository, DURHAM HOUSE, 111, HIGH ST. AGENT AT CADOXTOK- M. PHILLIPS, j Wenvoe Bazaar, | 76] (Near Railway Station) VERE STBEKT- «K"eating'S POWDSB." Killa FlBJis. Bags. Moth*. Boetiei. K"EATING'S POWDER." Kills Flea: Bugs, Moths, Beetto» POWDEE." Kill3 Fleas, Bugs, Moths. ITEATING'S POWDEB." Kills Fleas. Bugs, Moths, BeatlM. KEATIKG'S POWDER." Kills Fleas. Bngg. Mothg. B*?etlwi- Thia Powder to celebrated, is Perrectly unrivalled in destroying BUGS, FLEAS, MOTHS. BEETLES, and att luseota (whilat per- fectly harmless to all animal lite). All woollens and furs aboala to well sprinkled with the Powder before placing away. It is inv&lu&bis to take to the Seaside. To avoid disappointment insist upon having Heating's Powder." No other Powder is effeotnal. Sold only *» t tin*, 6d.. Is., and 8s. 6d. Beware ot imitation. Don't be deceived.. WORMS IN CHILDREN, j WORMS IN CHILDREN, J are easily, surely, and with perfect safety got rid of by nsiM K EATING'S WORM TABLETS. Nearly all children suffer from Worms. If suspected, do not wait, you can with ease cure tho ehild (has no effect excepton worms). Sold by all Chemists, in Tins, Is. lid. each. SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS. —Principals of Private and other Schools will do well to adver- tise in the South Wales Star, which circulates very largely in the South, East, West, and Rhondda Di- visions of Glamorganshire. Quotations for a series mt.,y be had on application to the Manager, at the Office, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry, or of the local representatives. "THE SOUTH WALES STAR, WEEKLY, ONE PENNY. X Head Office: Vere Street. Cadoxton, Barry. > Scale of Advertisement Charges. SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Hou*< to Let. Apartments Wanted. Hous; s Wanted. Apartments to Let. ■, Situations Wanted. Miscellaneous Wants. i Situation-? Vacant. Articles Lost and Fonnd. • Words. 0ua ^hrec Six W rds. Insertion, j Insertions.! Insertions. j 20 Wor.ls 0 8 1 0 1 6 j — J 30 Words 0 3 I E 2 3 < 40 Words 1 0 J 2 0 3 J Acl,litionallO Worda.i 0 _3 0 8 0 It GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENTS. Parliamentary Notices, Addresses to Parliamen- tary Electors, and Notices in connection with$ Parliamentary Elections, &o. 12s. • per inch per Insertion. LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVERTISEMENTS. Prospectuses of Public Companies, Addresses too Local Board, School Board, and Parochial Electors,, and Notices in connection with same, &c., 6a, per inch per Insertion. AUCTION SALE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Auction Sale Advertisements 3s. per inch- GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 to 4 insertions Is. 9d. per inch per insertion 6 to 8 „ Is.6d. „ „ 4 9 to 13 „ Is. 3d. „ 52 Is. „ „ 1 PARAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS. 13 insertions. 6d. per line per insertion. 26 „ 4d. „ n. 52 „ 3d. I], Paragraph Advertisements under 4 lines charged 41ines. IMPORTANT NOTICE. -;oj "THE SOUTH WALES STAR" J May be obtained every Friday morning, price One Penny, at our offices at Vere-street, Cadoxton; i (Barry) Penarth; Caroline-street, Bridgend j and I cntypridd or of the following agents :— ABE CWYNFI.—Mr. T. Morgan, Commercial-street. j ABE:! }LEXFIG.—Mrs. Lewis, chemist. BAB 3 ">.—F. C. Milner, Post-office. BAItr.» DOCK.—W. H. Smith & Son, Barry D#cJf Station. H Mr. Marsh, stationer. Jl BBID -END.—Mr. W. M. Daviea, Glannanfc Cottage. M Mr. D. Bowen, Kenfig Hill. M Mr. Bacan, newsagent. JH „ Mr. D. Williams, 20, Caroline- streets 9 „ Messrs. W. H. Smith and Son. 4j| „ Mr. D. Jonea. „ Mrs. Evans. Mr. W. Woodward. „ M. Bird. „ H. Woodward. „ Mrs. Evans, Post Office, Blaokmill. BRITON FEEBY.—Mr. D. L. Jones, Cynalaw. BLAENGABW, GABW VALLEY.—J. Evans, Blaen- garw, Pontycwmmeri BBYNMENIN.—Mrs. Da vies. BBYNCENTHIFT^MRS. Lewis, Long-row. CADOXTQJJ (T$AJLRY).—W. Townsend, newsagent, Barry Road. „ Miss Bray, stationer, Main-street. „ Mr. Thomas Fair bairn. Vere- street. „ Jones, stationer, Holton-road. COGAN.-Hopkins, stationer. CARDIFF.—W. H. Smith & Son, Cardiff Station. „ W. H. Smith & Son, T.V.R., Queen-street e „ Mr. Sanders, newsagent, Castle-road Roath. „ J. Gulliford, 20, St. Mary Street. COWBBIDGE.—Miss Davies, stationer. „ Miss Williams, stationer. DINAS POWIS.—Mrs. Evans, draper. EASTBROOK (DINAE POWIS).—J. Morris, grocer. FERNDALE.—Mr. D. Davies, Strand. GILFAPH GOCH.—J. A. Lacy, Bookseller. HAVOD.—Mr. John Thomas, Post-office. LLWYXYPIA.—Mr. D. Evans, Stationers' Hall LLANTWIT-MAJOR.—G Cummings, bootmaker. LLANTRISAKT.—E. John, groeer, Llanharran. J. Llewellyn, chemist. LONDON.—J. Mayhew, 131, Fleet-street. MARDY.-Mr. Evan Jenkins, newsagent. MAESTEG.—P. H. Watkins, Commercial-streei. „ M. Isaac, stationer, Commercial-etreek J MOUNTAIN ASH.—Mr. E. Jenkins, stationer | NANTTMOEL.—D. Howells, bookseller. NEWTON.—W. Phillips,, Post-office. PENARTH.—W. H. Smith & Son, Penarth Station. „ Mrs. David, stationer, Glebe-street. „ Mrs. Paseley, stationer, Glebe-street PENCOED-—Mr. Thos. Davies, Grocer. PENDOYLAN.—H. Evans, Post-office. PENBHIWCEIBEB.—Mr. W, Major, stationer. PENYGBAIG.—Misses L. and M. Evans, Tylacelya House. POBTR.—Mr. S. Fudge, Post-office. PENTRE, YSTBAD.—Mr. Thomas Watkina. „ Mr. Thomas Davies. PONTYCLOWN.—Mrs. Donne, Post-office, near LJaa trisant Station. PENLLIKE.—Mrs. Bassett, newsagent. PONTYCYMMER.-T. Richards, bookseller. „ B. Griffiths, 11, Commercial Place PONTYPRIDD.-D. Morgan, stationer, 1, Taff-streefc. „ W. H. Smith & Son. „ D. Arnett, chemist, Taff-street. Mr. W. H. Key. „ E. R. Evans, Penuel-sqoare. „ W. V. Rees, stationer. „ J. Roberts, Post Office, Graig. PONTYBHIL.—T. Jones, Post-office. PENYGBAIG.—Mr. Price, Post-office. PORTHCA WL.-D, Hutchinson, newsagent. „ Mr. Samuel Lewis, grocer. ST. ATHAN.—Mr. Fred Evans, Grocers. I SOUTHEBNDOWN.—Mr. Verity, Postmaster. TREFOBEST.—Mr. Richards, Forest-road. „ Mr. Hill, newsagent. TREHARRlES.—Mrs. Morgan, bookseller. TONYPANDY.—J. W. Williams, newsagent. „ Mr. J. W. Richards, chemist. „ Mr E. Jones, Clydach-road. „ D. Evans. „ J. W. Evans, Bryntawel-terraoe. TONDU.—W. H. Hitchings, newsagent. TREORKY.—Miss Jones, stationer, Bute-street. TON, PENTBE.—Mr. LI. Phillips, 32, Church-road. TYLOBSTOWN.—Mr. W. Williams, Post-ofllce. „ Mr. Rees DavieB, East-road. TYNEWYDD.—Mr. Llewellyn, chemist. TONYBEFAIL.—Mr. Le>vis, Post Office. WENVOE.—Noah Jenkins, Wenvoe Arms. YSTBAD.—Mr. D. Jones, newsagent. YNYSYBLWL.—D. Rogers, newsagent. i