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CORRESPONDENCE. ..1 THE DEFEATED SIR JOHNS. I TO THE EDITOR OF THE SOUTH WALES STAR. SiRy—I was more than pleased to read your able and piercine leader dealing with the defeated Sir Johns. There is something so touching in the event that three great knights bearing the hoetmred name of John should fail to obtain a seat in the coming Parliament is not only unusual, b«ft unprecedented in the history of Wales. We have not had so many knighted applicants for seats before. But does it not strike one at first sight as if there was a fatality in the fact of an I applicant being a knigkt in Wales I Were we to stop for a moment to ask how many knights and baronets were rejected here in Wales during the past fortnight, we "will find that three Sir Johns—Sirs Geerge Elliott:, Watkin Wynn, Morgan Morgan, and Joseph BaSley Phillips-eight knight", failed to do win se;istn5 for the benighted party. The three Sir Johns wem assisted by Sir John the First; so, in reality, VP rh:<.ve beaten Sir John Bung Barleycorn, with the inseparable three, Y tri Syr^hn Mnr hmdd'o'u bron. Would it not be better Sen- the three Sir Johns to have their names Cha&jfed to something else ? We found that, chameieWv-like, they have changed bheir politics. 0 We have looked to 'Sit John Llewellyn years for temperance reforms. he has gone bilCk upon his former self, lie is-ne,.w a temperance renegade is for Sir John Jenkins, we would not look to him fer temperance reforms. Did not his father live in 1 public-house years erv at Morriston ? We rejoice in the gletioiis defeat of the three. Welshmen are very focd of three trite sayings, 'triaiod), now they triy rejoice in two triads, at east—The three Sir '&ohns, and the three Tory nembers of Wales. We have heard long-^go that Wales could in the 'uture send her Tory"<etembers to Parliament in a narrow. Well. it ftsr vprilv he c'lnnø haw ffii. I 'UI.A.a. .V" I..J. ¡Pryce Jones can wifeeS. Mr. Kenyon, or vice ver.ta, .they can spell about, they can get there on a tricycle, that is the wiembers of the Wales known to Englishmen, exckMixg Colonel Morgan. I was present at tike National.Eisteddfod years ■jago, when Sir JohE. Ft.ie.-4ton brought down Mr. Staples, then Lord Mayer of London, to the Eistedd- rfed. He had a seat fwtle borough in view then un- dcubtedlv. It is rough on him to miss getting it after all. Now, Mr. Editor,! bkiak that the fact that Wales hawing done so well for Mr. Gladstone and Home Rsle should not preveit us being forgotten iu. the immediate ftitaure.; some legislation in long arrears due to Wales -sbessld speedily be taken in haad. The three gimte beaten in Wales, besides thetthree Sir Johna, are Bung, Broad Cloth, and Squiredom. Now, fcuvief silenced the three, we ougfct for such a aebk victory have thorough amendments of the Licensing Laws, Disestablish- men! and Disendowmeatt, and a thorough land law. In closing my leister I would suggest to the Wide-awake members xji' Eisteddfod committees that -èf they would like to have a subject for their programme that wotM prove even greater draw tfcan that at Bridget#: Eisteddfod, it would be an ode,t.pon the pathetic-secne of Wales' rejection of the Jfcnights. Suck a ilieeie would be worthy of the inspired poets of Wales—I am. &o., wl. VULCAN. Portha wl. VULCAN.










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