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BRIDGEND NOTES. T The '•'annual sc-rviccs in connection with the Hope Baptist Church were held last Sunday, the special preacher being the Rev. T. W. Mcdhurst. At the morning service he made reference to a question of which, as he said, a great deal was heard in these days, viz., religious education. He remarked that there were many who wished to divorce secular education and religious education, but he took it that they must not divorce the two, because he thought they cculdnot impart any instruction that was worth receiving if they separated it from teaching the fear of the Lord. At the same time the preacher admitted that there was something to be said in favour of the contention of those who helel that the State should not give sectarian education of any kind, on the ground that it was the duty of the different Churches to train up their young in religious matters. The object of the preacher was to show that in his opinion the Baptists, as a body, were not doing as much as they should in the religious training of the children. The preacher said that every member of a Christian body, when he grew up, should be able to give an intelligent reason why he belonged to the body of the Christian Church which he did, and it should be their object to so train the children that they would be able to do so. The Bridgend Liberals had a grand time of it on Saturday afternoon, when Mr. Arthur J. Williams, M.P., was met at the station by a large body, headed by a brass band. Shortly before the express arrived Mrs. Williams drove up, and was most heartily greeted. All the way to the Town- hall the streets were crowded.to excess, and the popularity of the return of the hon. member was most unmistakably evidenced by the applause with which he was everywhere met. The references by the hon. member, County Councillor T. J. Hughes, and Mr. John Davies. to the circumstances against which the Liberal party had had to contend during the campaign was listened to with attention, and the remark by Councillor Hughes that the Liberals could afford to be generous elicited continued applause. There can be no doubt that the Tories have strained every nerve to oust the popular candidate, but as Mr. Williams remarked whilst referring to another contingey, they proved themselves power- less to resist the will of the people. The indebtedness of the party to the Bridgend Women's Liberal Association was expressed in fitting terms by Mr. John Da vies, whose sentiments were most cordially echoed by the hon. gentleman on behalf of Mrs. Willipms and himself. We trust that the result of their efforts in this contest will prove an incentive to those interested in the Women's Liberal Association not to relax their efforts, but to go forward—increase the member- ship—and then in future contests their aid will prove even more welcome to the party than it has done in the past. To-morrow (Saturday) the local Cyclying Volunteers will have a meeting for drill at Porth- cawl. We understand that the cyclying corps from Bridgend, Neath, and Pontypridd will meet at Porthcawl, and after drill will spend the night in the town. On Sunday morning they will have a church parade at Porthcawl Parish Church, and will be headed to the Church by the regimental band. Doubtless many residents in this locality will avail themselves of the opportunity of watch- ing the turnout of the cyclists both to-morrow and on Sunday. We are pleased to note that now the local cyclists have mastered the intricacies of the new drill, and have creditably passed their annual inspection, they will have more opportunities of taking part in the runs which have been arranged by the cycling club. We learn that several runs have been fixed, and hope that the members will turn out in good force on the various dates, so as to encourage the club officials who have devoted considerable time in arranging the details of the season's programme. The cricket season is now so far advanced that football enthusiasts are already beginning to form pleasing anticipations of the 1892-93 season. It (is said that the prospects of the Bridgend Club are of a satisfactory character, and, with a good list of fixtures, there is every hope of the club having an exciting and victorious career.

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