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UW DISTRICT NEWS. BARRY. WELSH INDEPENDENT CHURCH.—The Sunday School of the above Church held its quarterly meeting last Sunday afternoon. The superintendent, Mr. J. Rees, Board School, took the chair, which he filled in a worthy manner. The Rev. J. Evans, from the United States, who is on a visit to his native country, occupied the pulpit morning and evening. We may state that this is the second Sunday for the Church to worship at the Public-hall, which place they have been fortunate enough to purchase from the Barry Estate Company. The following programme was gone through most creditably, after read- ing a portion of the Scripture and prayer:— Recitation, Rachel Evans, 43, High-street, What shall I do"; recitation, Master D. Sydney Owens, Love him when He comes song, Daniel Bryant, Droswch chwi rwy'n gweddio"; recitation, James Howells, Y Clefyd Sabbothol Band of Hope, under the leadership of John Hicks, Dychweliad y Gaethglwd"; recitation, Rachel Evans, 51, High- street, O, Annwiol, tro a By w song, John Hicks, Gosteg For." Then an address was delivered by the j Rev. J. Evans on the importance of treasuring the Holy Word in our memory and hearts while in our young days. Dadl, Hannah Jane Evans and Mary Anna Davies song, Daniel Bryant, "Nac ildia i demtasiwn"; catechism on the history of Joshua, Edward Howells and his class; song, Miss M. A. Evans, Llythyr fy mam;" recitation, Edward Howells, "Jesu wrtho ei hun; song, D. Bryant; recitation, Mary Anna Davies, Cusan olaf Mari fach;" song, D. Farr," Beth ddaeth o'r 4Amen hymn, Pam bechadur, byddi farw," on tune Meribah, Wm. Hughes. Miss Thomas very ably laccompanied at the harmonium, and a thorough good and enjoyable meeting was brought to a close. BRITISHIWOMEN'S TEMPERANCE ASSOCIATION. —A meeting of this association was held at the Wes- leyan Chapel, Barry, on Monday evening, the 4th inst., 18 and among those present were :—Mr. and Mrs. Inglis, Miss Inglis, Mr. and Mrs. Williams (Cardiff), Miss Ida Williams (Society of Christian Workers), Mrs. and Miss Moxey, Mrs. Rutter, and Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A. The chair was taken by Mrs. Inglis, who had arranged for the evening an agreeable musical pro- gramme, in which the Misses Inglis, Lowden, Taylor, and Adams kindly took part. Most interesting and instructive addresses on the benefits of Temperance were delivered by Mrs. Inglis, Mrs. and Miss Williams. ST. JOHN'S AMHCLANCE.—Another series of St. John's Ambulance Lectures will be given by Dr. Kelly, of Barry. Any one desirous of becoming a member must send in his application at once to Mr. Thomas Parkinson, 6, Roinilly-roatl, Barry, hon. secretaiy. BAlmy V. PONTYPRIDD QUOIT MATCH—This match was played on the latter's ground on Saturday, July 2nd, and resulted in a draw. Scores :—Barry— W. Martin, vice-captain, 21 E. J. Roberts, ditto ditto, 15: T. Ward, sec., 21: R. Uwins, 13; T. Davies, 9; C. Owen, 11; R. Illingworth, 21 J. Sainsbury, 21; total, 133. Pontypridd—J. Mcintosh, 18; J. Mc- Gregor, 21; L. Williams, captain, 7: R. Davies, 21 G. Rankin, 21 J. McMorland, sec., 21; B. Rankin, 15 J. W. Davies, 9 total, 133. IS YOUR WATCH WRONG ? IF SO, and you wish it) put in reliable order, why go to town when you can get any class of Watch, repairs done equally well at Barry by W. COOMBS, Market Hall Buildings, late with Mr. J. Hettich, 60, Queen-street, Cardiff. [301 BARRY DOCK. COAL TRIMMERS' OUTING.—On Monday a num- ber of coal trimmers, accompanied by their wives and sweethearts, had an outing to Llantwit-Major. Starting from the Barry Hotel at 9.50 the party (numbering 70) journeyed to Llantwit-Major in four breaks. Games of various descriptions, walks, &c., were indulged in until dinner time, when the party adjourned to the Cross Keys, where they partook of a substantial repast. Primo Ford presided, and at the con- clusion of the repast proposed the loyal and patriotic toasts. The toast of the Coal Trimmers" was proposed and drunk by the visitors, and Mr. Farr, leader of the Barry choir, read several verses on the coal trimmers of Glamorgan, which he had composed for the occas- sion. Songs and dancing followed, Mr. Ford playing the fiddle in his accustomed manner. Strolls on the beach followed, and tea. afterwards was partaken of, and the party left at 9.30, arriving home at 11 o'clock. The weather was all that could be desired, and the party throughly enjoyed themselves. MR. D. EDWARDS, reliving officer, has removed from Cadoxton to Pembroke-terrace, Holton-road, Barry Dock. ON Sunday morning next the ordinance of believers' baptism will be administered at the English Baptist Chapel. L' F WELSH C. M. CHAPEL.—The opening services of this new place of worship were held on Sunday and Monday last, July 3rd and 4th, when the Revs. W. Daniels, Penmark; T. Jones, Llansamlet; and T. Edwards, Carnarvon, officiated. The congregations were very large, especially on Sunday afternoon. On Wednesday evening the Rev. J. W. Matthews, Cadox- ton, Captain R. Davies, Barry, and Mr. John Lloyd, Barry, attended as a deputation on behalf of the East Glamorgan Monthly Meeting to in- corporate the new Church. Twenty-six mem- bers desired to be enrolled. tlmt. evening, and there are many more to follow in their footsteps. It is evident that there will be a very strong Church here soon. The following members were appointed to per- form the various duties connected with the Church for the next three months:—Mr. Thomas Davies, Castle- land-street, secretary Mr. W. Jones, Holton Farm, treasurer; Mr. D. J. Evans, precentor. Mr. J. D. Davies to arrange for supplies to preach and- to make announcements. The Church also unanimously decided to give a call to the Rev. W. Daniels, Penmark, to become pastor. CADOXTON. ACCIDENT.—A little boy named James Stevens, aged five years, residing with his parents in Hunter- street, had a very narrow escape from meeting with an untimely end, on Tuesday morning. It appears that the boy, with otherschool children, had just left the Board School, and was proceeding home. When near Vere-street a truck Belonging to the Barry Company, driven by a man named Catherines, came down the hill. The boy crossed in front of the horse, which, being frightened, jumped aside and knocked the child down. Before the driver could stop the horse the wheel had passed near the child's head, inflicting several gashes and bruises. A man Burns stopped the horse at once and took the child to Dr. Treharne, who at once saw that no bones were broken or serious injury done. Dr. Gore after- wards attended the child at his home. The little chap is doing well. Not the slightest blame can be attached to the driver of the truck. The horse was a fresh one and of rather a spirited nature, and it is a matter for thankfulness that the injuries were not of almore severe description. BARRY AND CADOXTON FOOTBALL CLUB.—The committee of the Barry and Cadoxton Cricket Club held a meeting on Tuesday night, 5th inst., at the Witchill Hotel, Cadoxton, Mr. J. F. Williams in the chair. After the minutes of the preceding meeting had been read and confirmed, Mr. William Hughes proposed, and Mr. H. Waters (vice-captain) seconded, that the secretary, Mr. J. H. Nelmes, be empowered to arrange fixtures for the Football Team for next season, and that a general meeting of the club be called in August. It was also decided to have a knife and fork tea at the Witchill on July 13th, tickets Is. 6d., which may be had from the secretary, or Mr. William Hughes, Cadoxton. MOUNT PLEASANT ENGLISH BAPTIST. — The school anniversary will be held at the above place on Sunday next, when Mr. Macpherson (a coloured native from Jamaica) will deliver addresses both morning and evening. In the afternoon Mr. David Howells will address parents. Recitations, solosf dialogues, and duets will be given. Special hymns will be fsung by the choir and the children. Services will com- mence at 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 6.30 p.m. On Monday evening a miscellaneous entertainment will be given, consisting of solos, duets, ttc. Mr. Macpherson will s speak of Sunday School work in Jamaica. PENARTH. LOCAL BOARD.—On Monday evening the Board held its usual monthly meeting, Mr. Pile 'presiding. The Chairman read a letter which ihad been handed in, and bearing the signatures of a considerable number of ratepayers, requesting the Board at an early date to call a public meeting of the ratepayers for the pur- pose of taking steps to divide the district into four wardsT The clerk was not sure that the Board could call a meeting for the purpose. The clerk was re- quested to confer with the gas company, asking them to appoint some of their staff to collect their Penarth quarterly accounts at Penarth, and thus spare the consumers the cost and waste of time in having to go to Cardiff to pay their accounts. BOAT CLUB RACE.-On Saturday afternoon a very exciting sailing race took place off Penarth. The fol- lowing boats competed-Oof Bird (Mr. Batchelor), Doris (Captain Corfield), Kitty (Mr. Heitzman), Jab- berwok (Mr. Edwards), and Edith (Mr. Ashford). The course was twice round the Hook, middle and west Cardiff Buoys, and back to the boathouse. The wind after the first round lulled considerably, and, in consequence, Mr. Ashford and Captain Corfield Lrave up the race. The other boats continued, and finished the race shortly after eight o'clock in the following order :-lst, Kittie, 7h. 50min. 25sec.; 2nd, Jabberwok, 8h. 3min. 50sec.; 3rd, Oof Bird, 8h. 4min. 30sec. By time allowance the Oof Bird took second place. The prize was a silver badge and a sum of money given by Captain Wilkinson, the late commodore of the club. The money was divided between three boats. Captain Wilkinson acted as umpire. CLYDACH VALE. DISTRESSING ACCIDENT.—On Friday, July 1st, a distressing accident happened at Clydach Vale. It seems that whilst Henry Thomas, aged 8, the son of Mr. Edward Thomas, 31, Bush, Cwm Clydach, was on his way to the Clydach Vale School, he fell under loaded wagons, and his head thereby was severed instantly from his body. Before the children can walk to the Clydach Vale Board School they must (when coming from the Owm Clydach side) go over two rail- way crossings. During the day the engines take empty wagons from the Pwllyrhebog Incline to the Clydach Vale Pit, and then return with loaded ones. The boy, from what we can glean, attempted to catch hold of one of the wagons whilst in motion. This naturally accounts for the sad accident. The incident caused great excitement throughout the neighbourhood and the adjacent ones. A bridge is much needed where the accident took place. Much sympathy ia felt for tke bereaved parents.