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'# 'J BARRY. CRICKET MATCH.—The Barry Dock Cricket Club defeated the Citiiaya Cricket Club at the Buttrills Field, Barry, on Saturday last, by 56 runs, the scores being Barry 77, Cathays 21. KO'.VIXA CLUB.—The Barry District Rowing Club win be formally opened nex; Saturday, when repre- sentatives from the Penarth, Llandaff, and the Taif Rowing Clubs will be present. In the afternoon there wii. be i- procession of boats, and at 7.30 p.m. in the evening a smoking concert will be held at the Ship Hotel. We may add that the subscription is £ 1 Is. a year, and that all intending members should apply to the secretary. Mr. T. Griffiths, of Lloyd's Bank, Barry Dock. THE ATTENDANCE AT RAILWAY MISSION SERVICES.—In our census ligures last week we gave the attendance of adults at the evening service in con- nection with the Barry Railway Mission as 15, instead of 95. thus making the total attendance for the day 154 and not 74. This makes the Railway Mission to have a larger attendance than the Barry Parish and English Baptist causes. PKOPUSED NEW BENEFIT SOCITY.—A meeting -was announced to be held on Wednesday evening at the Barry Market-hall for the purpose of forming a local branch of the Cardiff and County Superannuation andi Benefit Society. General Lee (who was announced to preside), Dr. T. Garrett Horder, and several'of the promoters from Cardiff put in an ap- pearance, but, owing to the small attendance, it was decided to postpone the meeting for a month or so. when it is intended to inaugurate the new lodge by holding a smoking concert. CAUOIFF AND BARRY PERFECT THRIFT SOCIETY.—In connection with the well-known "Per- fect Thrift" Societies, which have been attended with such success in various parts of England and Wales, we are pleased to learn that a branch society is to be «st.ibiiaiie:.l in the Barry district. For this purpose a public meeting will be held in the Thompson-street Public Kail, Barry Dock, on Friday evening next, when :\1: John Rees, secretary of the Barry and District Trades Council, will preside. Mr. W. Horsley, the founder of the society, will deliver his popular lecture. "How to live rent free," and addresses will also be delivered by Councillor John Jenkins (Cardiff), Mr. W. LI. Williams, B.A., editor of the South Wales <S/Hr. and Mr. William Copp, president of the Barry Traces Council. The local directors of the society wiil ba Mr. J. Rees and Mr. W. LI. Williams. Perfect Thrift Societies have been established with great success in the following (amongst other) cowns:- Hull (two societies), Manchester (three societies), Hulme (three societies), Birmingham (fourteen societies), Leeds (six societies), Newcastle (four societies), Woolwich. Grantham, Tunbridge Wells, Ex eter, Falmouth, Torquay, Wrexham, Huddcrsfield, Rotherham (two societies), Bournemouth (two societies), Halifax (two societies), Southampton, Horafortli, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Stockton. Brad- ford, tfce., Ac. PRIVILEGE TICKETS FOR RAIIAVAY7.IEX. — In connection with the interchange privilege ticket move- ment, which, in common with the other railway servants throughout the country the Barry railway employees are initiating, a meeting of the Barry men will be held at the Barry Hotel on Tuesday evening next. PARISH CHURCH CRICKET CLUB.—A cricket club h.t.s been formed by the young men attending the BolTY Parish Church, and a pleasant practice game wa3 held at the Porthkorry Park on Saturday after- r,<v;n last. The officers of the club already elected are -President, Rev. Canon Alien secretary, Mr. Morris, London and Provincial Bank treasurer, Mr. Miller; vice-oresidents, Captain Whall, Rev. J. de Heaume, Mr. E. '6. Johnson, and Mr. F. J. Jones. IMPORTANT LOCAL PROPERTY SALE—From the advertisement which appears id another column, it will be seen that on Wednesday week, May 18th, Mr. John Young will offer for public competition several lots of property. The lots comprise business premises, villas an 1 dwelling houses, which are situate at Bassett- street. Thompson-street, Travis-street. Barry Dock The Parade, Barry; Guthrie-street, Hannah-street, The Moors, Cadoxton, Arc., Ac. The sale will commence at 2 o'clock. The solicitors of the sale are Mr. F. P. Jones-Lloyd, Barry Dock, and Messrs. Lloyd and Pratt, Ne wport, who, with the Auctioneer, at his offices, Barry Dock Chambers, Barry Dock, and 7, Tredegar- plac;, Newport, will be pleased to furnish further in- formation. GRAND ENTERTAINMENT—in aid of the funds of the Barry. Cadoxton, and District Nursing Association an entertainment was given at the Barry Public Hall on Wednesday night, before a large and highly appre- ciative audience. Amongst those present were:- General L«e, J.P-. Mr O. H. Jones, J.P., Fonmon; Canon Alien and the Misses Allen, Dr. and Mrs. Neale, Mr. John Robinson, Mr. D. T. Alexander, Dr. W. Lloyd-Edwards and Miss Edwards; Mrs. Meggitt, Dr. and Mrs. Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Parcloe, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Douglas, Mr. aid Mrs. R. S. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips (r:ondon and Provincial Bank), Captain and Mrs. Whall, Mrs. Willett, Miss Jones (Tredogan). Rev. J. Price, Rev. J. De Heaume, Misses Brooks, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Rees, Mrs. R. W. Dyer, Captain and Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Sibbering Jones, and Messrs. F. Small, Jones, Parkinson, Ac. The first part of the programme was miscellaneous, and con- sisted as follows, the various tableaux being very pretty and effective :—Overture, !-Fauso," pianoforte tableaux (with recitation) Nydia, the blind girl of Pompeii," Miss Axten song, '• The Goodwin sands," Mr. W. H. Taylor tableaux (with recitation), Ceres and the seasons," the various characters being per- sonified as follows :—" Ceres," Miss Axten Spring, Miss Daunton; Summer, Mrs. Powell: Autumn, Miss Da vies; Winter, Mrs. Neale: song (encored), lrfaid of Arcades," Mrs. Owen Jones, R.A.M.; recitation, Joan of Arc," Rev. Canon Allen; tableau, "Joan of Arc," Mrs. de Heaume; song, "My Lass," Mr. W. H. Taylor: tableau, Nationalviolin solo (encored), "11 Trovatore," Mr. Henri de Boer; tableau, "Gi:>sies": song, "The Postillion," Mr. W. H. Taylor. Mrs. Owen Jones' song was vociferously applauded, and Mr. Taylor, in his various pleasing renderings, created a distinctly fav ourable impression. The second part of the pro- gramme comrucnced with a violin solo by Mr. de Boer (which was deservedly received enthusiastically), after which the musical comedy" Perfection "-which was played on the recent occasion of the opening of the Barry Parish Hall — was performed, the various part3 being taken as J ollows Kate O'Brien," Mr8 Owen Jones; "Susa." (" Kate's" maid), Mrs. K. S. Robinson; Sir Lawrence Paragon," Captain Whail; Charlea Paragon" (his nephew), Mr. Cadmfcn: Ram (a servant), Mr. Waddell. With regard to Mrs. Owen Jones, we cannot do better than to quote the general opinion of all present, and say that she looked charming, and gave a splendid Tendering of the important part allotted her Mrs. R. 8. Robinson was a very pretty Maid," and acted with confidence a jollier uncle than Captain Whall there surely never w;,a; Mr. Cadmari was quite safe in the part of the nephew, and in the character of "Sam" Mr. Waddell was enabled to convulsively tickle the » .dience. During the evening General Lee spoke a jtft-.v words on behalf of the Nursing Association, and asked the audience for their financial assistance, sympathy, and prayers on behalf of the work. The proceedings were very successful throughout. THE BUILDERS' STRIKE. — This unfortunate dispute still continues, and the building work of Cardiff contractors in the district is at a stand-still. Apparently not much interest is evinced in it locally. Surprise is expressed that the union plasterers have been called olf the "jobs" of Cardiff firms in the district. CARDIFF SUBMARINERS BALL.—At this annual -event at the Assembly-rooms of the Cardiff Town-hall on Tuesday, amongst those present were Major- General H. H. Lee, J.P., Mr. O. H. Jones, J.P. (Fonmon), Lieutenant J. Arthur Hughes (Barry), Mr. and Mrs. W. Llewelyn Williams, Dr. W. Lloyd- E hvards. Mr. and Miss Edwards, and Mrs. Pardoe, Mr. F. P. Jones-Lloyd, Ac. ODDFELLOWS MEETING.—At a meeting of the members of the Loyal "Lod Windsor" lodge of Oldfellows (M.U.), Nu. 7107, held at the Barry Hotel on Tuesday evening, it was decided tha.t the formal opening should take place with a dinner at the Barry Hotel on Tuesday, May 24th. when all brother Oddfellows are cordially invited to attend. District Officers from Cardiff, Cadoxton, and Dinas Powis are expected to be present. A special meeting of the lodge, for the purpose of inviting members, will be held the same evening at seven o'clock, and the dinner will take place at eight o'clock. Those wishing to become members should give their names to Mr. Sydney Davies, F.G., Newport House, Barry, or to the secretary, Mr. G. Taylor, 6, Burlington-street, Barry Dock. LOCAL MINISTERS AXD SHEBEENING. — The Ministers-)' Fraternal Association has ox late given some attention to the shebeening as it exists in this locality. They have now decided to call a public meeting, at ■which they will submit two resolutions — one recognising tlii magnitude of the evil and a second pointing to some remedial step. It is hoped this meeting wiil be very widely attended, and result in con- siderably strengthening the efforts of the police and magistrates to put down the illegal traffic. His Honour Judge Gwilym Williaui3 has written heartily sytapaihising with the object of the meeting, and assaring the ministers that any recommendation emanating therefrom addressed to the Standing Joint Committee shall receive prompt attention. Major General Lee has also expressed his sympathy and intention to be present. The date is fixed for Tuesday next. May 17th, 7.30 p.m., at Barry Dock. CADOXTON. ANOTHER BIG EISTEDDFOD.—On the August Bank Holiday a grand eisteddfod 13 to be held at the Cadoxton Market-hall, fnll particulars of which ap- pear in our advertising columns. The chairman for the dav will be Judge Gwilym Williams, Miskin. and Mr. W. Llewellyn Williams, editor of the South Wales A'ar, will be the conductor. The adjudicators will be as follows :—Music, Mr. D. T. Piosser (Eos Cynlais), Treorky; poetry, piose, Jtc., Rev. M. E. Thomas (Cynwyd), Cardiff. Full particulars and programmes may be obtained of Mr. J. D. Davies, Holton-road, Barry Dock. ANNIVERSARY' SERVICES.—The fifth annivcrsary sesvices of the Mount Pleasant English Baptist Chapel, Cadoxton, were held last Sunday, when ser- mons were prea.ched by the Revs. Edward Roberts, D.D., Pontypridd, and Isaac O. Stalberg, Penarth. Collections were male in aid of the Building Fund. PUBLIC ENQUIRY INTO THE WARDS QUESTION. -The Glamorgan County Council have issued a public notice to the effect that a proposal having been made for the division oj. the Barry and Cadoxton Local Government district into wards, and for the apportionment of the members of the Local Board among such wards, and whereas the Council is satisfied that a prima facie. case has been made out for the pro- posal referred to, a public enquiry into the Local Board's application will be held at the Police Station, Barry Dock, to-morrow (Saturday), at 12.45 p.m., by Alderman H. P. Charles and Councillors J. Blandy Jenkins and A. Pendarves Vivian, the committee appointed by the County Council to hold such inquiry, at which all persons interested may attend and be heard. The case for the Local Board will be con- ducted by the Clerk, Mr. J. Arthur Hughes, and officers and members of the Board will be present to, if necessary, give evidence. IMPORTANT LOCAL PROPERTY SALE AT CAR- DIFF.—At the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, on Saturday afternoon at half-past three o'clock, Mr. D. T. Alexander will hold an important property sale. The various lots will consist of freehold land adapted for building sites, and situate in the parishes of St. Andrew's, Merthyrdovan, and Sully parishes. Full particulars in reference to the several lots will be seen in the advertisement of the sale, which appears in another column. NEW ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL CHAPEL.— The opening ceremony in connection with the new Roman Catholic School Chapel at Court-road, Cadoxton, takes place on Monday next, and will be a most important function. The Right Rev. J. C. Hedley, D.D., O.S.B., bishop of Newport andMenevia, assisted by the Very Rev. Mgr. Williams, and the leading Roman Catholic clergy of the district will be present to perform the ceremony and conduct Divine Worship at eleven o'clock a.m. Bishop Hedley will preach, and will celebrate Ponti- fical mass. The clergy who attend are requested to bring a cassock, surplice, and biretta. At the conclu- sion of the ceremony and service a public luncheon will be held at the Witchill Hotel, Barry-road, Cadoxton, at one o'clock, over which the Bishop will preside. The estimable pastor of the Roman Catholic cause in the Barry district, the Rev. Father Hyland, is busy perfecting the arrangements, and everything points to the opening ceremony prov- ing a most successful one. DOG HANDICAP.—The second of a series of 200 yards' dog handicaps, promoted by Mr. B. Hoddinott, Witchill Hotel, will be held at the Witchill Athletic Grounds, in this town, on Saturday. The race will be open to all dogs not exceeding 30ib. in weight. Handi- cap, 21r yards to the lb. "SPANISH SKRENADERS.Commencing to-night (Friday), Miss Marie Clifford's excellent female com- pany of instrumentalists and vocalists will give three evening performances. A sacred concert will be held on Sunday evening at eight o'clock, admission to which will be by silver collection. On Saturday after- noon a children's performance takes place at three o'clock. THEATRE ROYAL. — On Monday and Tuesday evenings a splendid company gave a dramatic per- formance of the sensational play, Victory." HISTRIONIC SOCIETY.—The members of the newly-formed Barry and Cadoxton Histrionic Society make their maiden* bow on May the 25th, when a public performance will be given at the Theatre Royal, Cadoxton. The farcical comedies, Silent Woman and Anything for a Change," will be performed. Fuller particulars will appear in due conrse. CADOXTOX BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS.—This well-known and deservedly successful local educational institution re-opens on Monday at the Old Court, Cadoxton, and not at Rectory- road as previously. The school premises in Rectory-road have been found to be totally inadequate, and Miss Small, the principal of the school, with commendable enterprise, has taken the Old Court. We have no doubt that with the additional scope for educational work, the success of this admirable school will be largely increased. MAY DAY DEMONSTRATION—Amongst those who took part in the May Day demonstration at Cardiff were the following, representing the Barry and District Trades' Council :-Mr. William Copp, presi- dent Mr. J. Rees, secretary; and Mr. Gilead Brock, treasurer. I BARRY TRADES COUNCIL.—At a. recent meeting of the Barry and District Trades Council the invita- tation of the Cadoxton Eisteddfod Committee to assist in forming a public demonstration of the members of the local benefit societies on the occasion of the Whit- Monday Eisteddfod was considered. The invitation to the members of friendly societies for such assistance has been extended, in vie w of the fact that the proceeds of the eisteddfodic meetings go to assist the fund which is being established to found a Cottage Hospital in the Barry district. The members of the Council were of opinion that as the bulk of Trades Unionists were affiliated with local benefit societies, action on their part was unnecessary, but it was decided to organise, at a future date, a thorough collection, on three successive Saturdays, in the workshops and yards of the district in aid of the funds of the Cottage Hospital and Nursing Association. CHANGE OF RESIDENCE.—During the week Mr. Richard Evans, the general manager of the Barry Railways Company, has removed from Richmond- road, Cardiff, to Barry. CRICKET MATCH.-The opening cricket match of the season was played at the Witchill Athletic Grounds, Cadoxton, Wednesday, when the Barry and Cadoxton District and the Cathays te^ms tried con- clusions. The home team won by 59 runs. W. Thomas and H. Waters bowled well for the homesters. Appended are the scores:—Barry and Cadoxton District.-H. Waters, b Mackay, 20 W. Thomas, b Spears, 8 B. T. Pouieroy, b Mackay, 19 Godfrey, b Milsom, 10; C. Masters, b Mackay, 0 H. Thomas, b Milsom, 0; F. Willett, ran out, 5; W. Hodge, run out, 0; F. Scott, b Mackay, 3; H. T. Lee, b Mackay, 4 F. Williams, not out, 2 total, 71. Cathays.— Mackay, b H. Waters, 0 James, b W. Thomas, 7; Woodman, c H. Thomas, b H. Waters, 0; Milsom, b H. Thomas, 0 F. Rudd, b W. Thomas, 0 E. Lewis, b H. Waters, 0 Giles, b H. Waters, 3; Bowden, b H. Thomas. 0 Spear, b W. Thomas, 0 Butcher, not out, 2 Evans, b W. Thomas, 0 total, 12. DEATH OF MR. JENKIN EVANS, CARDIGAN— We are sorry to have t) chronicle the death of Mr. Jenkin Evans, father of Captain E. O. Evans, Barry Dock, which occurred at Llwyncelyn-llanarth, Cardi- ganshire, on the 22nd ult., from inflammation of the lungs. Mr. Evans was a deacon of the Methodist Church at that place, and had been leader of the singing for some years. The funeral took place at Wern Churchyard, and was the largest seen in the district for some years. Mr. Morgan Evans, J.P., Oakford. was present, and gave out the hymns. THE RECENT NEWPORT V. BARRY FOOTBALL MATCH.—The following is the statement of receipts and expenditure in connection with the recent football match between the Newport and Barry District teams at Cadoxton :—Receipts—Money taken at gate, £ 22 lis. 9d.; diutier tickets sold-Mr. Dyer, £ 1 10s.; Mr. Williams, 10s.; Mr. Nelme?, 2s. 6d.; Mr. F. John, 5s.; Mr. Stradling, 7s. 6d.; total, £ 25 6s. 9d. Expenditure -58 dinners at 2s. 6d. each, X7 5s.; Mr. W. Munday, town crier, 4s. 6d.; Mr B. T. Pomeroy, new ball, 8s 6d billposting, 9s. 6d.; printing and advertising, £ 1 9s 6d.; sundry expenses (per secreUry), 3s.; expenses (per Mr Douglas). 2s. 6d.; Echo (estimated), 6s. total, £ 10 8s. 6d. Surplus proceeds, £ 14 18s. 3d.; total, £25 6s. 9d. J. Felix Williams, auditor; J. R. Nelmes. secretary. PROPOSED NEW CHAPEL.—A meeting was held at Cadoxton on Wednesday night for the purpose of taking steps towards building an English Congre- gational Chapel. Alderman Meggitt presided, and amongst those present were tho Rev. J. H. Stowell, Mr. J. Barstow, Mr. T. Higman, and others. Mr. Meggitt was appointed chairman of the building com- mittee, and Captain Murrell was appointed treasurer. After the building committee had been selected arrangements were made for the carrying out of the work without delay. Plans for the new building, which is to be erected in Barry-road, were submitted by Mr. S. J. Barstow, and approved to with slight modifications to meet local circumstances. An appeal will shortly be made to the public for subscriptions. ACCIDENT TO A CIULD.-Yesterday morning (Thursday) while a little boy named William Crabb, three years old, and the son of Mr. Crabb, coal merchant, Station-terrace, was playing in the kitchen, he fell down near the fireplace, knocking his face against a small hammer which he held in his hand. A serious wound was inflicted near one of the eyes, and the unfortunate child was immediately hurried to the surgery of Dr. Treharne, who administered prompt treatment. BARRY DOCK. A BIG COAL CONTRACT—It is reported that Messrs. Cory Brothers and Messrs. Watts, Ward and Co. have secured the contract to supply the Italian Government with 900,000 tons of coal during the next three years. It is to be principally used on the rail- ways. In the event of this report proving correct a largo quantity of the coal will, of necessity, be shipped at Barry Dock. WHIT-MONDAY EISTEDDFOD.- Next Tuesday week a. deputation from the various friendly societies of the district will meet the Cadoxton Whit-Monday Eisteddfod Committee at the hotel opposite the Police- station, Barry Dock. The object of the conference will be to arrange the programme for the Eisteddfod day. All the friendly societies intend to turn out in force. I YOUNG WALES SOCIETY. — The Young Wales Society will meet next Tuesday night at the hotel opposite the Police-station, Barry Dock, at 7.30 sharp. The Rev. L. Ton Evans will move a resolution in favour of the Welsh Sunday Closing Act, and Mr. W. Llewellyn Williams will oppose. A very lively dis- cussion is expected, and we understand that both sides are making strenous efforts to whip up sup- porters. BARRY DOCK PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.—The second annual report of the Barry Dock Permanent Benefit Building Society, just pub- lished, shows that the society is in a most satisfactory condition. While regretting the excessive number of withdrawals, the directors are persuaded that the share- holders will be more than satisfied with the sound financial state of the society, as after paring 5 per cent. interest on subscriptions paid, there remains a net profit of £44 12s. When it is considered that the withdrawals amount to £ 316 13s. 7d., the condition of the society will be seen to be very satisfactory. The retiring directors are Messrs. G. Neale, J. J. Williams and Oliver Jenkins, and being eligible, offer themselves for re-election. DINAS POWIS. CONCERT.—An evening concert, under the auspices of the Dinas Powis Calvinistic Methodist Church, will he held at the National Schoolroom on Wednesday evening next. PENARTH. LOCAL BOARD.—-The usual monthly meeting of the Penarth Local Board was held at their offices on .Monday evening, under the presidency of their chair- man, Mr. Pile, the members present being Messrs. Johns, Conrwell, D. Morgan, T. Lewis, Beavan, Court (surveyor), and Morris (clerk).—It was pro- posed by Mr. Cornwell, seconded by Mr. Johns, that an inspector of nuisances be appointed at a salary of £ 80, rising five pounds a year up to a hundred.—A rate of tenpence in the pound was ordered to be made for the ensuing six months.—A letter from Messrs. S. Andrews and Son, complaining of the present position of the cab stand in close proximity to their premises thus interfering with their business was inferred back to the Cabs Committee.— The furnishing of the collector's office was ordered to be done as well as that of the completion of the surveyor's office.—Several accounts for payments were read over and passed as being correct.-A special committee consisting of the whole of the Board was convened for Monday evening next to consider the surveyor's salary.—This concluded the business of the meeting. THE TURNER GALLERY.—Mr. Pyke Thompson has recently added some additional works of art to his fine collection already in the Turner House at Penarth. Amongst them is a beautiful miniature example of W. Holman Hunt in water-colour on vellum," Recollec- tions of the Arabian Nights." Also other drawings fine examples of the late Thomas Collier, purchased by Mr. Thompson a few weeks ago at Christie's, as also an attractive oil painting, A Rest by the Way." A fine sea-piece by John Sell Cotman has been added to the group of that artist's works in Mr. Thompson's possession. The Turner House is open to visitors on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. THE BREED OF HORSES.—It will be seen from our advertisement columns that that well-bred horse Surplanter," bred by the Marquis of Exeter, will visit this and the surrounding district every alternate fortnight. Breeders will do well to take particular notice of this animal, as for quality, style, and sym- metry Surplanter is not to be surpassed. It is not often breeders in this district have such an opportunity afforded them of putting their mares to such a first- class animal. WENVOE. ACCIDENT AT THE ALPS QUARRY.—Thomas Burnett, aged 14, residing at 60, Ethel-street, Ely, a crane fireman employed at the Alps Quarry, Wenvoe, was following his employment on Tuesday, when his foot got crushed by some of the machinery. He was taken to theCarditt Infirmary, where it was found that he had sustained a compound fracture of the limb. and that, in all probability, amputation would have to be resorted to. ST. ATHAN. A GRAND CONCERT was held in the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel on Wednesday, April 27. The chair was taken by Mr. W. Evans, Ty Fry, Pendoylan, who, as usual, went through his part in a jocular manner, the pianist for the evening being Mr. T. Evans, Llandaff. The following artistes took part:—Misses C. Lougher, Carnllwvd M. Morgan, Bryn Hill, Barry and A. Jenkins, Rhoose; Messrs. W. James (Eos Morganwg), Aberaman T. Evans, Llandaff; Jenkin Thomas, Liliput; and E. Deere, Bonvilstone. The choir, which was under the conductorship of Mr. W. Edwards, West Aberthaw, rendered several pieces in a very good style Mr. Edwards deserves great praise for the very active part which he takes in providing these annual musical treats. All the singers acquitted themselves very worthily. Their singing was highly appreciated by the audience. The proceedings ended with a vote of thanks to the chairman, and also to the singers which took part. Refreshments were provided for the singers at the close. LLANCARFAN. ODDFELLOWS' ANNIVERSARY. — The annual gathering of the members of the Loyal Glamorgan Vale Lodge of Oddfellows (M.U.) will be held to- morrow (Saturday) at Lancarfan. In the morning the members will attend Divine worship at Pemnark Parish Church, and afterwards the annual dinner will be held at the Lancarfan Lo(1gl;) Room. EXAMINATION.—Mr. C. T. Whitmell, H.M. In- spector of Schools, and his assistant, Mr Haliiday, paid their annual visit to the Board Schools last Wed- nesday week. There were also present Miss Whitmell. Miss Hughes, and the Rev. A. T. Hughes, vicar; Messrs. T. Price, chairman of the Board; W. Griffiths, vice-chairman; and Mr. Hopkins, Moulton. The examination being over, the inspectors and Miss Whitmell, in accordance with the customary generosity of Mr. Price, lunched at the Fox and Ho'mds Inn. OBITUARY.—We regret to announce the death of Miss Emily Edwards (the youngest daughter of Mr. John Edwards, Pennon Farm), who succumbed to scarlet fever last Sunday morning, after a very brief illness. The deceased, who was only nine years of age, was in school last Friday week. It is very grati- fying to learn that she was the only one affected with the disease in the locality, and it is to be hoped that no fresh cases will subsequently be developed. The burial took place on Thursday afternoon, at the Baptist Burial Ground, when the Rev. E. D. Lewis officiated. MOULTON (LLANCARFAN). TREAT AND ENTERTAINMENT.—On Wednesday afternoon of last week the Sunday School in con- nection with the above place received their annual treat, when a large number of scholars, &c., sat down to a. substantial tea provided by some of the Baptist friends, who are deeply interested in the success of the institution. Prominent among those who presided at the tables were Mrs. and the Misses John Lidmoor, Miss Mazey (North Cliff), Mrs. Lewis (Moulton), and the Misses Griffiths (Witton Lodge). Tea being over, the children repaired to a neighbouring field, where various games were indulged in, until Mrs. and Miss John and Mr. David John, the genial superintendent of the Sunday School, appeared on the scene, scattering biscuits, sweets, ite., broad-cast and in every direction, to the unbounded delight of the little ones. An enter- tainment came off in the evening, when the Rev. E. D. Lewis presided. Owing to the smallness of the room in which the Sunday School is situated, the entertain- ment was held in Mr John Lougher's barn, which was nicely fitted out for the occasion. There was a. crowded audience, and the meeting was commenced by the old patriarch, Mr. David Lewis, who, previous to engaging in prayer, recited in the vernacular and in a masterly manner a chapter from the Ephe- sians. Afterwards several songs, recitations, and dialogues, interspersed by a few glees and choruses, were given by the Sunday School in a mifnner which reflects most creditably on each and all of the per- formers. For the best recitation of the 67th Psalm seven scholars competed, and on the adjudication of the Rev. — Roberts, a student from Llangollen College, North Wales, the first prize, a Bible, was awarded to Miss Lily Hopkins; the second, a prize- book, to Miss Amelia Hopkins and the third, a Testa- ment, to Miss Minnie E. Edwards. These prizes were the gift of Miss Jane Lougher, Moulton Court and Mr. David John. Through the generosity of the chairman, a consolation prize was given to each of the unsuccess- ful competitors. Votes of thanks were passed with acclamation to the ladies for their kindness in serving at the tables, to Mr. R. Davies, Llancarfan, for his services in training the choir; to Mr. Lougher for the use of the building to Mr. Roberts for adjudicating to the Rev. E. D. Lewis for presiding so ably, and also to all those who had contributed in making the meeting a success. The singing of the Doxology brought a most pleasant evening to a close.


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