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ROUND THE TOWN. There has been this week a resurrection of the rumours about a steel works being erected on the Cadoxton Moors. A Barry correspondent says he counted five drunken persons during a walk from Barry to Cadoxton along the Holton-road last Sunday. The sympathy shown towards the Royal Family is universal, but rumour hath it that a certain gentleman living not far from Bridgend, came from London the day before the funeral, and on that day was one of a shooting party over his own estates. If this be true, it can only be eqnalled by the cousinly conduct of the Emperor of Germany. An application was made at the last meeting of the Llandvfodwg School Board for the use of their schoolroom to hold a concert, the proceeds of which was to go towards purchasing a stone for a certain parish church. A correspondent informs us that the average attendance at this place of worship is about five. A Bridgend correspondent writes :—" The latest word lore is accredited to 31r. T. J. Hughes. In exhorting some electors, he said, Never mind, if he (the candidate) is the son of a squire or the son of a parson, or either the son of a squarson." which is a cross between the two, unless he voces properly.—["Squarson" is a favourite word of Aliquis and Theodore Dodd.-ED. S. W.S.] The Barry School Boa.rd meeting revealed an unpleasant truth. There are 377 children of school age at Cadoxton not attending school at all. The newest literary venture at Barry is a magazine for the Holton-road Schools. All the inhabitants of Barry Dock turned out en along the Holton-road on Monday after- noon to witness a race between two men, the com- petion. however, proving a frost owing to the com- petitors falling at the one sole spot on the IIolton- road where the Local Board mud scraper had never paid a visit. The two rivals, we were told, when we expressed surprised at their falling, had never touched a drop. Then they must have been born drunk. Printers turned up in force at the popular pops at Cadoxton last Saturday. They brought themselves, they brought their wives, they brought their children, and it really made one think at first as if it was a Sunday evening religious ser- vice which was taking place. This thought, how- ever, was quickly dispelled when we heard one compositor most tastefully render "Good Com- pany." and another win a prize for singing the AVhistling Coon." A special meeting of the Barry and Cadoxton Burial Board will be held at Cadoxton on Monday next for the purpose of receiving tenders for the drainage of the Merthvrdovan and to let the con- tract. The next meeting of the Barry directors is on Thursday, February 15th. Mr. Blandy Jenkins has a ready wit. At the meeting at Pontyclown. Mr. Arthur Williams, just before the proceedings closed, spoke in terms of highest praise of the valuable and consistent help he had received since his first return to Parliament from the genial squire of LiMiharran. Having said this, the hon. gentleman sat down, but as instantly darted up again. The next moment Mr. Blandy Jenkins was holding before the audience a shape- less ruin, bearing remote resemblance to a hat. And yet this is the way I am treated," said Mr. Jenkins, supplying the complement to the M.P.'s observation, and holding up the crushed head- gear, while the audience shook its sides with laugh- ter. and Mr. Arthur Williams's features displayed a smile that was at once broad, expansive, and mildly apologetic. Mabon. in his speech at Pontyclown, said "on the map of England will be found a place called Scotland." There was a general titter throughout the audience at this remark, but Yabon's blank calmness of visage displayed the fact that he was at sea." The Iter. Graham Payn. Barry, was one of the speakers at a Wesleyan Mission meeting held in Cardiff on Tuesday. Snow fell at Barry on Tuesday night. The flakes were large, and it looked at one time as if the deep ruts on Cadoxton Common would for once in a way be hidden from view. The time of the Cardiff Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday was well up with Barry cases. The majority of the members of the Barry Male Voice Party are railway men. A Cardiff paper says that a Slojd worshop. the first in Wales," has been established at Gelligaer. For the information of our contemporary, we may state that Slojd classes exist at Cardiff and Dinas Powis. and that both have an excellent teacher in j Miss Cram, daughter of Mr. T. Cram, of the latter I place. The members of the Barry Hearts of Oak Society will hold their annual dinner in March next. Everybody appeared to be surprised at the Market-hall on Wednesday to notice that the con- ductor of the Cadoxton Choral Union was such a young man.


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