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CADOXTON. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL.—We are glad to hear of the continued success of the Boarding and Day School for Girls, which is kept by Miss Small, at Rectory-road. It is an immense boon to a new locality bo have a thoroughly good, sound, efficient school of bhis nature, and we are glad to be able to recommend Miss Small's schools to all parents. There is also a :Iass for little boys. PROPERTY SALE.—At the Wenvoe Arms Hotel, Cadoxton, on Thursday afternoon last, Mr. William Thomas offered for public competition five lots of villa property, situated in Station-terrace, Cadoxton. There was a good attendance, and the solicitors of the sale were Messrs. Spickett and Sons, Pontypridd. and J. A. Hughes, Barry and Cadoxton. Lots 1 and 2 were sold for £ 210 and £215 respectively, and Mr. William Evans, Bovill Farm, Dinas Powis, was the purchaser of Nos. 3 and 4 for f.205 and £ 210. Mr. Ray, Cadoxton, purchased for a buyer lot 5 for C197 10s. A partly erected dwelling-house and shop was also put up, and a bid of t:350 was offered. The reserve price was £ 500, consequently ilie lot had to be withdrawn. The solicitors were represented by Messrs. Williams (Messrs. Spickett and Sons), and G F. Willett (Mr. J. A. Hughes). COMMONS COMMITTEE.—A private meeting of the Lbove committee of the Local Board was held on Monday afternoon, General Lee presiding. TRADESMEN'S BALL.-The Cadoxton Tradesmen's Ball, full particulars of which appear in our adverti- sing columns, will be held at the Cadoxton Picnic Elall, next Tuesday evening. There is every prospect ;hat the affair will be a. great success. CANTATA PERFORMANCE.—As previously an- lounced in this column, the grand performance of the ;acred cantata 41 Esther, the Beautiful Queen," will ;ake place on Wednesday next, February 3rd, at the Cadoxton Market Hall, by the Cadoxton Choral Union, inder the leadership of Mr. W. C. Howe. The pro- seeds are in aid of the Nursing Association funds, and jromise to be exceedingly successful. The following vill be the artistes :-Estber, Miss Annie Williams, Cadoxton Zeresh, Miss B. David, Cardiff first maid )f honour, Miss C. Loughor Mordecai, Mr. Afanlais jewis Haman, Mr. Sandford Jones, Merthyr King, Iir. W. R. Price, Merthyr Tydfil; Reg-ai, Mr. J. Petty, 3arry Dock Harbonah, Mr. J. H. Spinks. Miss Alice 3arstow will preside at the piano, and Miss R. Howe t the harmonium. THE CADOXTOX COMMONS QUESTIOX.-As will oe seen from our advertising columns, the public meet- ng of Cadoxton commoners, called by the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board, will be held at the Cadoxton ioard Schools this (Friday) evening. THE SATURDAY EVENING ENTERTAINMENTS. Che fifth entertainment in connection with the series f Happy Evenings for the People," given at the tarket-hall, Cadoxton, in aid of the Barry and Cadoxton Nursing Association, was held on Saturday vening, when a capital performance was given by the toyal Alexandra Handbell-ringers, together with Mr. lees, Cadoxton, and the local brass band. The chair ras occupied by Mr. J. J. Williams, Tynewydd, and liss Small, of the Cadoxton High School for Girls, ras an efficient accompanist. There was a large at- endance. On Saturday evening next the proceedings rill take a. very interesting form, as a miniature eis- eddfod is to be held, besides the usual musical pro- ramme, which on this occasion will be performed by party from the Cadoxton Choral Union, under the sadership of Mr. W. C. Howe. THE LOCAL PAINTERS' STRIKE.—Towards the nd of last week the members of the Barry District Trades' Council issued a circular in connection with the painters' strike in the Barry and Cadoxton die trict, in which they say that the Trades' Council are of opinion that the dispute has now arrived at such a stage as to render it imperative on the part of all friends of Trades Unionism in the district to come to the assistance of the painters who are still out in cou- sequence of some of the master painters of this dis- trict refusing to take back all the workmen who came out on strike six weeks ago, thereby endeavouring to throw the Union men out of employment. In order to do this the Council ask and recommend that all painting work be given to certain firms, who recognise the Painters' Union and the working hours as agreed upon between employers and workmen. The firms of Messrs. Dando and Sons.and Morgan Brothers. Cadox- ton, are the only two not mentioned in the cirtular. MINISTERIAL GALL.-The members of Philadel- phia Welsh Baptist Chapel have unanimously decided to ask the Rev. Morris Isaac, of Llanfaircaereinion (Welshpool), to become their pastor. We trust that Mr. Isaac will consider the matter favourably, but as yet no reply has been received. We are informed that Mr. Is aac possesses some excellent qualities as a minister, and we believe in the event of his accepting the above pastorate he will be an acquisition, not only to the church, but also to the locality. Our friends are making strenuous efforts in collecting funds towards the erection of a new chapel, and we trust the public will assist them literally in their endeavours. HEALTH OF THE DrSTltICT.-H The general health of the district." said Dr. Xeale, the medical officer of health, in making his monthly report to the Health Committee last Friday. 4;is in common with the rest of the country—unsatisfactory, this being due to climatic causes. Influenza, which seemed to have nearly died out, has become more prevalent since the last meeting. but not to any serious extent." GUAXD EISTEDDFOD AND COXCERT.-On Tues- day night a committee met at the Shaftesbury Hotel, Cadoxton, to discuss the advisability of holding an eisteddfod and concert at the Marke't-hall. Cadoxton5 on Monday, June 3rd, which is Whit-Monday. Mr. Lewis Lewis was voted to the chair, and there were present besides—Messrs. E. LI. Morgan, J. Rees (Barry Board School), D. Griffiths (Barry), J. D. Davies. Smith Jones, T. G. Williams. D. W. Thomas, J. Phillips (Vere-street). J. R. Llewellyn (Barn/Dock Xeic?), W. Llewellyn Williams (South Wales Star), Ac. It was decided, on the motion of Mr. W. L!. Williams, and seconded by Mr. D. Griffiths, to hold an eistedd- fod and concert at the Market-hall on Whit-Mondav. It was further decided to ofTer a prize of £ 25 for the best choir, with £ 2 2s. to the successful and £ 1 Is. each to the unsuccessful leaders. Messrs. Lewis Lewis. E. LI. Morgan, and Llewellyn Williams were deputed to wait on Lord Windsor, Mr. John Cory, and Mr. Fred Davies, to ask them to act as presidents of the two meetings of the eisteddfod and of the concert.— The proceeds of the eisteddfod will be devoted to the erection of a cottage hospital in the district, and we hope that the committee's efforts will be furthered by every inhabitant of Barry. WELSH DIXXER-At the close of the meeting of the Eisteddfod Committee, who met last Tuesday at the Shaftesbury. Mr. W. Llewellyn Williams (Sonth Wales Star) suggested the desirability of holding, a Welsh dinner at Barry on St. David's Day next. The proposal was warmly accepted by those present, and it was unanimously resolved to hold a Welsh dinner at the Barry Hotel on March 1st. Mr. W. Llewellyn Williams (South Wales Star) and Mr. J. R. Llewellyn (Barry Deck JVeics) were appointed secretaries, and were requestad to write to his Honour Judge Gwilym Williams, inviting him to take the chair. It was fur- thermore determined that the price of the tickets should be half-a-crown, and that ladies be admitted. It is uncertain at what time in the evening the dinner will commence, but it is hoped that the Barry Com- pany will make arrangements to run a late train to Cadoxton. This is the first attempt at holding a Welsh dinner in the district, and when we consider the cheap- ness of the tickets, nncl the excellence of the programme (for the services of several excellent singers have been already secured) the attempt will be certain to be crowned with success.






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