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ROUND THE TOWN. Surprise is very often felt because the Barry Railway Company do not publish their railway traffic returns weekly, the same as other companies. The South H (dcx Lihrntl, an ably conducted weekly published at Swansea, is apparently mak- ing- rapid strides under the editorship of Mr. John. Stuart. Its size has now been permanently in- crease to twenty pages, and we hope that with its enlargement a still greater spnere of usefulness is enlargement a still greater spnere of usefulness is before it. At the beat of times the lighting or the Barry trains is somewhat atrocious, but the heavily 11 freighted late train from Cogan last Saturday was so far as some of the compartments were con- cerned, not lighted at all. No wonder the in- dignation of some of the passengers knew no bounds. Indeed one of the traveller:? who wa?, however slightly inebriated—gave vent to his feel- ings so forcibly, that Din us Powis uolice-station nearly had a prisoner that nighc. Writing of the lighting of trains, reminds us that the electric system in operation in the Taff Vale Company's carriages has for for some time past been found to be most unsatisfactory, and the directors have under consideration an entirely new system altogether. Electric lighting in their trains will soon be done away with, A Barry football crowd made itself conspicuous last Saturday by the manner in which it abused the referee and applauded each and every occasion on which a Barryite exhibited rough play. Such tactics as these are never going to induce the club's local fixtures to be patronised by the respectable portion of the community. Were a woman's word as conclusive as her will a poor husband would have escaped the penalty meted him by the Bridgend magistrates last Satur- day for being drunk. She thus advocated his case, I have never known him insult anybodv— drop of drink or no drop of drink if you'll please let him off this time he shall reform his ways. Indeed, he have began since last Wednesday." Surely, she ought to know what are his failings and probabilities of reform, since she acts so well as his "Ruling Councillor" (No offence to the Primrose dames of the same brush). Quarrella-juxta-Bridgend is apace with the times. The "latest" innovation, and very latest too! is the fact of a squabble having taken place there The next thing as a matter of course, will be the visit of a polico-constable. The public meeting in -connection with the painters' strike at the Oao.os.ton Public Hall was a boisterous one in every sense. The interest, in- deed the excitement, was unflagging from start to finish. Benjamin Bennett was present with his dog, and made things hum pretty lively until the chairman's forcible interjections caused the illus- trious one to withdraw his innocent visage from the gathering. BennfJtt may be expected to come up smiling at every such meeting in the future. The well-known lecturer, the Rev. Thomas Evans, will delivfr his ever popular lecture 'on Billy Bray," at the Barry Public Hall, next Wednesday. Captain R. Davies will take the chair. The offices of the Clerk of the Barry School Board, Mr. W. H, LewR have been removed from Cadoxton to the new school buildings at Holton Road. The gallant Captain of the Pontypridd Fire Brigade was the object of much interest the other day. An alarm of fire was raised, and the genial Mr. William Jones, bursting with a desire to render valuable service to his fellow men. rushed up Gelliwnstad Road at such a speed that he came into violent contact with one of the young trees which grow in that delightful neighbourhood. He rebounded, and damaged some railings with his back. Mr. Jones is a total abstainer. The Barry School Board have a genuine griev- ance. They advertise for a teacher, and as a result several applications for the post are received. Like sensible men they pay the railway fares of three or four of the best, and select the most promising applicant. So far so good, but when two or three weeks have elapsed they receive a communication from the applicant to say that he has accepted another post. The Board are naturally anxious to get the expenses paid the ungrateful one back, and, in ths case of a young lady from Saltaire, Yorks. intend secur- ing the 41 rhino," even if they have to take pro- ceedings. There is one thing we don't like about the members of the Barry School Board. Because a. new official is desirous of establishing something like a system as regards school attendance work, which certainly has not been in existence before, there is an inclination to charge him with too much officiousness. Mr. Gwilyn Thomas, of Ynishir, who is the bass vocalist announced to sing at the Cadoxton i; Pops to-morrow, was one of the heroes of the memorable Tynewyd colliery disaster. At Barry Board Schools religious examinations at Easter prizes will be given to the successful children. Towards the prizes given Messrs. Seward and Thomas have promised ten guineas. A Welsh column is now appearing in the Trade Unionist. It is from the pen of a Barry labour leader. There were only seventeen defendants, or six- teen cases, at the Ystrad Police-court last Monday. Most wonderful of all is the fact that but three drunkards fell into the hands of the police. This speaks volumes. Perhaps the police were more lenient during the festive season. Oh the rarity of Christian charity One of the applicants for the assistant mastership at Llantwit-Vardre was a man who had lost a good situation as a head-master through drink. He promised to lead a new life, if appointed, b'lt his most determined opponent was a minister of the Gospel of love, of charity, of forgiveness, and of sympathy. One is tempted to repeat Ruskin's denunciation of our gaslight, gas—inspired Christianity, when a minister who preaches the duty of forgiving one's brother seventy times seven times will do his utmost to prevent a poor fellow who has got off the rails to be restored. After recovering from a thumping illness. Mr. I- Joseph Charles Pardoe, the surveyor of the Barry Local Board-who is as energetic a man as one pan find in a day's journey—was naturally very anxious to put in full time at his work. But a eruel law ha3 compelled him to act on a jury at cruel law has compelled him to act on a jury at the Quarter Sessions at Cardiff during the week. By the way Dr. O'Donnell who, perhaps with the exception of the chairman, is the most regular attendant at the Local Board meetings was missed from the monthly confab on Tuesday. Having to give evidence at the sessions in an assault case was ithe cause of his absence. At Heolfach (Ystrad) the eisteddfod is already j becoming notorious for keeping late hours. At .j 11.10 it is reported that the chief choral competi- ■j tion was begun, and Mr. T. Richards, admid sleepy I .excitement, announced the result at 11.45, the .hour '.when churchyards yawn and the world should be a rest!" Some inquisitive meanderers &veu asked if there was a ball at the chapel. Off,.with the lodger was the cry atTynewydd Station on Monday, and a wild excited crowd were shouting their farewell to a faithless wife, who was escaping with her bcav. This is the latest on the part of a London weekly. That the Welsh in London will have a Happy New Year without a doubt, because the Lord Mayor, being a 'Pembrokeshire boy, will see that -they are well looked after." How all-know- ing these Cockneys are Mr. £ >. Randell, M.P., has written a letter to the editor of the Smith W/ilc* Star protesting against the appointment of English-speaking judges in Wales. Amongst the candidates for a certificated assist- ant mastership under the Llantwit-Vardre School Board last week there was one first class certi- ficated master and the holder of a Science and Art Gold Medal, another of the applicants had eleven years experience, a possessor of 18 certificates, and had mastered five systems of shorthand and five languages, and who was also a certificated Art teacher, and a "mathematical instructor of pupil teachers. The members were astonished, but thsy appointed a ravr youth from college.




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