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EARLY CLOSING. IMPORTANT NOTICE. THE TRADESMEN of Bridgend having kindly conceded to the desire. of the Assistants to CLOSE their ESTABLISHMENTS at 7 o'clock EACH EVENING (except Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays), the Public generally are res- pectfully urged to transact their business previous to that hour. [374 Barry and Cadoiton Local Board District. "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a PUBLIC MEETING of the inhabitants of the above District will be held at the PUBLIC HALL, Thompson Street. Barry Dock, on FBIDAY, the 15th day of January. 1892. at 8 o'clock in the evening, to" consider the desirability of DIVIDING the above DISTRICT into WARDS. JOHN C. MEGGITT. Chairman of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board. Local Board OfHce. Cadoxton, 6th January, 1892. [678 CADOXTOS COMMON. "T^TOTICE I? HEREBY f:IVEX that a MEET- ING of the COMMONERS of the Manor of CacToxton-juxta-Barry, :md of all those interested in Cadoxton Common. will be held in the COM- MITTEE ROOM at the BOARD SCHOOL, Cadox- ton on FRIDAY, 29th January, 1832, at Eight o'clock in the evening, to consider the desirability of taving out Cadoxton Common as a Public Park. J. C. MEGGITT. Chairman Barry and Cadoxton Local Board Office, Local Board. Cadoxton, 7th January, 1392. [700 To Contractors and Others. THE BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD are prepared to receive TENDERS for Private Improvement Works in the following Streets, vix. :— Thompson Street, Gueret Street, Dock View Road, Wood Street, and Travis Street. Plans. Sections, and Specifications may be seen, and Forms of Tender obtained, at the Onicesof the above Board, Vere-strecf, Cadoxton, upon applica- tion to the undersigned, from whom all further particulars can be obtained. '4 Priv. le Sealed Tendefs. endorsed Private Improve- ment Works." to be sent in to the undersigned, on or hefore Twelve Noon. TUESDAY,the 13th instant. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or ;y Tender. Dated this 7th day of January. 1892. By Order, ggg-j J. C. PARDOE. Surveyor. 4- Station Terrace, Cadoxton-juxta- Barry. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. WM. THOMAS is instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION', at ihe WENVOE ARMS HOTEL, CADOSTON. on THURSDAY. January the 21st, 18S2. tho iolirwHig valuable LEASEHOLD PE3MISES: Lot 1.—All that Mc*su->go or Dwelling-houso known as No. 1, Stition-temoo. Cadoxton. now in the occupation of Mr. H. Morgan, at the weekly rental of IC. Lot.—AH that lfessr.sro or Bvelling-houso known a-s No. 2. St^mn-ierivce. C'd^xton, now in the occurstion of Mr. G. Crabbe. at the weekly rental of lCs. Lot. 3.—All that Messuage or Dwelling-house known as No. 3. Stct'^n-Terri'ee, C'1'c-xton, now in the occupation of Mr. R. Cox. a' the weekly rental of 10s. Lot 4.— All.that Me*v.ago or Dwelling-house known as No. 4. Station-terrace. Cadoxton. now in the occupation of Mr. W. 21. Dougias, at the weekly rental of 10 Lot 5.—All that Me.uag.; or Dwelhng-house known as No. 5, Station-terrace. C-iduxton, now in the occupation of Mr. Ridley, at th.3 weekly rental o ICs. Lotf 1 and 2 are h-M rai^.v-r v-n indenture of lezi. e from Mr. Lemrfl Roberts to Miss Emma Roberts for the term of 09 years (less 3 days) from the 1st May, 1888. at the low annual ground rent of C7. Lots 3 and 4 are held under an indenture of lease from Mr. Lemuel Roberts to Mrs. Annie Evans for the term of 99 years (less 3 days) from the 1st May, 1888, at the low annual rental of 24 4s. Lot 5 is held imder an indenture of lease from Mr. Lemuel Roberts to Mrs. Annie Roberts for the term of 99 years (less 3 days) from the 1st May, 1888, at the apportioned annual rental of £ 2 2s. The sale will take place at 4 o'clock p.m. pre- cisely! The Auctioneer desires to call attention to the desirable situation of these properties, which must always command, good tenants. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at his Offices. Vere-stroet, Cadoxton. or to SPICKETT AND SONS. 679] Solicitors. Pontypridd. — POITYCYMMEB, TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of an ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL at Ponty- cymmer. Plans and Specifications can be seen at D. Edwards. Pantygog. Garw Valley. SEALED TENDERS to be sent to Rev. J. LAME, 3. Pant-street. Pantvgog. Garw Valley, not later than JANUARY 15, 1892. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. Ft;72 EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY ACT. NOTICE TO BUILDERS. BRICK-MAKERS, CONTRACTORS. COLLIERY OWNERS, PAINTERS. PLUMBERS. AND OTHER EMPLOYERS OF LABOUR. THE EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY AND WORK- EPOPLE'S PROVIDENT AM) ACCIDENT IN- SURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED), Colmore- chambers, Newhall-street. Birmingham, under- takes to cover Employers from all Liabilities, Cost of Litigation, ic., arising out of the Operation of the Act at reasonable rates. Workmen's Insurance Policies are also issued, thus securing to workmen Compensation for all Accidents happening during employment, and -G50 in case of Fatal Accidents, for a small sum per week. For further Particulars apply to Representative, MR. E. KNAPMAN, Agent, t-, 16. Romlly Road, Barry. No Employer is Safe Uninsured. T529-680 OYEZ OYEZ !—This is to give notice, that MR. WILLIAM MUNDAY, the original Cadoxton and District TOWN CRIER, begs to give notice that he is open to DISTRIBUTE all kinds of BILLS, and do the Town Crying on tho Shortest Notice. Estimates forwarded. No con- nection with any other. Note the address—29, Harvev-street, Cadoxton. God save the Queen." r595 !-A CARD.] MR. J. CLARK FAIRBAIRN, ARTIST, 55 VEP-" STREET. CADOXTON. [44-632 KIRKKESS "vIIST, &c., THE PREMSSES SET, CADOXTON, rive every satisfaction to e of the public patronage, tention to the following 1. per box unex- -marind Cough "leasant and LIl Pills. nh, See. -,v Happy Evenings for tlje People. „ MARKET HALL, CADOXTON. The Third Concert OF THE SERIES WILL BE HELD On SATURDAY NEXT, JAN. 9,1892, WHEX THE FOLLOWING ARTISTES WILL TAKE PART :— SOPRANO: MISS R. A. JENKINS, FERNDALE. CONTRALTO MISS MARY THOMAS, R.A.M., LONDON. TENOR: MR. JOHN THOMAS (EOS Y DE.) BASS: MR. GWILYM THOMAS, YNYSHIR. VIOLINIST MR. H. DE BOER, BARRY DOCK. The Chair will be taken by GEORGE THOMAS, Esq. PROGRAM ME. PART I. 1. SELECTIONS THE CADOXTON BRASS BAND 2. TRIO "On Thee each Loving Soul Awaits. Haydn MISS JENKINS AND MESSRS. G. THOMAS AND J. THOMAS. 3. SOXG Matrimonee," L»vell King MISS MARY THOMAS. 4. SOJS'G- li O na bydaau'n Iluf o hyd. Davits MR. J. THOMAS. 5. SONG Ora Pro Nobis." .Picolmnini MISS JENKINS. 6. SOXG "Y Dvmhstl." II..S, Hughes MR. G. THOMAS. 7. DUETT I've Wandered in Dreams, MISS JENKINS AND MR. J. THOMAS. 8 SONG "Cvmru Fvdd," Parry MISS MARY THOMAS. 9. VIOLIN SOLO •- MR. H. Ds BOER. 10. DUETT ••• ••• Blow ye Breezes," Glover MISS MARY THOMAS AND MR. G. THOMAS. PART fl. 1. PIANOFORTE SOLO 2. SONG "The Lost Chord," Sullivan MISS JENKINS. 3. DUETT ••• li Solfa Lesson," MISS JENKINS AND MR. THOMAS. 4. SONG ••• "Wrecked." Xnoides MR. G. THOMAS. 5. SOXG Forget and Forgive," Welling* MISS "MARY THOMAS. 6. SOXG Mona." S. Adam* MR. J. THOMAS. 7. VIOLIN SOLO MR. H. DE. BOER. 8. SOXG "Mariner," Diliel MR. G. THOMAS. 9 QUARTETTE. Good Evening." Smith MISS JENKINS, MISS THOMAS, MESSRS. G. THOMAS AND J. THOMAS. 10. SELECTIONS THE CADOXTON BRASS BAND FINALE-" GOD SAVE THE QUEEN." IN AID OF A COTTAGE HOSPITAL. PPT HALL, CADOXTON. A GRAND CONCERT WILL BE HELD On Monday, January lItll, 1892, t WHEN THE FOLLOWING EMINENT ARTISTES WILL TAKE PART :— MISS NELLIE ASHER, R.A.M., London, Pupil of William Shakespeare, Esq., and one of tho most popular rising London Sopranos. MISS MATTIE DAVIES, Prize Winner Swansea Kational Eisteddfod. MISS KATE MORGAN, The Celebrated Welsh Contralto. MR. R. W. EVANS, Winner of the Tenor Solos, &c., Swansea National Eisteddfod. MR. A. H. PERKINS, Winner of the Bass Solo. &c., Swansea National Eisteddfod, and ■ MISS FLORENCE SULLY, Violinist, Pupil of J. T. Carrodus. Esq., England's Greatest Violinist. MADAME CLARA NOVELLO DAVIES, Pianist and Accompanist. MR. JACOB DA VIES, Conductor. Br, OToimell will take the Chair. 1 Admission Front Seats, 2/ Second Seats, 1/ Gallery, 6U. habitants of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board District are invited to la Musical Treat such as has never before been given in this District. The Proceeds will be devoted to start a Fund in aid of a much-needed Cottage Hospital in the District. I Cadoxton Theatre, IDDESLEIG-H-STPoEET. (Five Minutes' Walk from Cadoxton Station.) Lessee & Manager MR. JAMES ELPHINSTONE. Assistant Manager ME. C. J. WELCH. Efr. & Ifrs, Grafton and Full Original London Conprj. Monclay-, J anllary 1 Itli, and during the Week, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY EXCEPTED. THE GREAT DRAMA Corsican Brothers I Wednesday, January 13th BENEFIT OF iPi C. J. WELCH, (Manager of the above Theatre) UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE. THE BEAUTIFUL PLAY The Lady of LY011S Friday, January 14th Benefit of MR. g. GRAFTON, When "Lady of Lyons will be again berformecL PRICES OF ADMISSION.—Stalls, 2s. (Half-price at 9) Chairs. Is. (Half-price at 9) Pit, M. (Half price at 9) Gallery, 4d. (No Half-price). [400 ROYAL CL A RANGE P ANTOTh,iIl}fE. OF 'Dick Whittington.' GRAND PERFORMANCE EACH EVENING OE MR. W. SMITHSOX'S ECLIPSE PANTOMIME! Produced on a most Elaborate Scale, regardless of expense. Stirring Engagements of the DOLLY VARDEN BALLET TROUPE Those clever Knock-about Artistes— THE BROTHERS DIAMOND AND O'REGAN. The complete caste includes MISS LAURA NOLAN, A Charming Vocalist and Dancer. Miss Madge Yates, Miss Florry Smithson, Miss Edith Cairns, Miss Kitty Phelps, Mr. Charles Homer. MAJOR G A N A And his wondrous Spectrina. Mr. H. P. Cave. Mr. Fred Ingram, Mr. Arthur Prescott, Mr. N. E. Price, Master Harrison, Mr. J. J. Glover, and Mr. Will Smithson. Superb Scenery and Effects specially painted and designed for Mr. Smithson's Pantomime. Ballet Dances, Maypole Dances, and Harlequinade. Don't forget that a DAY PERFORMANCE will take place on SATURDAYS at 2.30. [535 PARK, PONTYPRIDD. Very Attractive. Sure to Please. Always Something New. For all particulars apply to Mr. A. C. BEERE, Secretary. ■" '■ To Mothers Only. HAGON'S Rosemary Cleanser FOR Children's flair UTTERLY destroys Creepers, Nits, &c.—Not <LJ Poisonous or Greasy. Cleanses from all impurities, Used once a week, it is a certain pre- ventative to all Insect life. Makes Children's Hair Grow Beautiful, G-lossy, Curly, Soft, and Strong. If you wish to hare Beautiful Hair. if you desire vonr little ones to have Clean and Whole- some Heads of Hair, you must, use HAGON'S CLEANSER. Do not hesitate ITAGON'S CLEAN- SER is certain in effect, perfectly harmless, and pleasantly perfumed. SOLD BY AGENTS IN EVERY VILLAGE OF SOUTH WALES. Price Gd. per Large Dottle Post Free for 9 Stamps. Sole Maker A. HAGON, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, j 39, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF". REMEMBER THE LAST I AND PREPARE FOR THE COMING. BE SURE YOU SEE FOLLICK'S GRAND NEW STOCK OF MEN'S, YOUTHS' AND BOYS' Clothing & Jewellery, CORNER OF BARRY ROAD, CADOITON. Silver Watches 7/6 at Follick's Men's Overcoats from 8'3 at Follick's Silver Alberts 4/6 at Follick's Youths' ditto from 5/6 at Follick's Trousers 3/11 at Follick's Boys' ditto from 3/6 at Follick's Jackets 5/- at Follick's Men's Suits from 12/11 at Follick's Vests 1/6 at Follick's Boys' Suits from 2/11 at Follick's Dress Pieces, Blankets, and Quilts.. Good and Cheap Clothing for the Working Classes CAN ALWAYS HE FOUND AT -Lj JLj ± FOLLICK'S ALL THE YEAR ROUND. A FEW PAIRS OF NEW BOOTS. « IMPORTANT NOTICE. B.Evans & Company's GREAT STOCK-REDUGING SALE WILL COMMENCE ON SATURDAY NEXT, 9th INSTANT, AND CONTINUE DURING JANUARY. #>' REMARKABLE BARGAINS IN Drapery, Fancy, AND Furnishing Goods. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. JANUARY 7TH, 1892. [25 BENJAMIN LEWIS, G-EOOER, BAKER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, PALMERSTOWN AND BARRY ROAD, I CADOXTON-BARRY. Try our High-Class Provisions at Low Prices. zn SPECIALITIES IN TEAS :-GOOD FAMILY, Is. 6d.; SPLENDID BLEND, 2s. AND FINEST GOWN, 2s. GJ. Lewis's Bread is the liraad of the day, Lewis's Bread defies competition, Lewis's Bread is the best, people any Lewis's Bread withstands opposition Lewis's Bread is the bread for the young1, Lewis's Bread is both wholesome and pure, Lewis's Bread f°r the weak and che strong Lewis's Bread will just suit you, I'm sure. Lewis's Bread for the navvy is best, Lewis's Bread for workmen to carry, Lewis's Bread is the bread to digest; Lewis's Bread is known down in Barry Lewis's Bread j"or the Welsh Bard, Lewis's Bread has a very wide fame, Lewis's Bread for all men who work hard. Lewis's Bread bears B. Lewis's name. N.B.—Tea Meetings Supplied on Reasonable Terms. THE CABQXTOI COACH AND "WHEEL WORKS, ADJOINING BANK BUILDINGS, CADOXTON, BARRY. MR. A. R. LEWIS BEGS to call the attention of the public generally that he is now prepared to EXECUTE ATT. KINDS of CARRIAGES, TRAPS, &c.. In the most modern styles. ESTIMATES FREE. EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. CARRIAGE PAINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. GENERAL SMITHY AND REPAIRING WORK EXECUTED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. A. R. L. begs to refer the public to his most recent accomplishments for several of the leading gentrv Williams, andA. Davies (Barry Hotel.) and tradesmen of the district, including Dr. O'Donneli. Mr. J. J. Williams, B. E.Hoddinott, i -+- SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. I THE SOUTH WALES STAR is now Published every Thursday Afternoon. Correspondents will oblige by sending- all Communications byWeclnoschty at latest. NOTICE. All communications for publication must be addressed, The Editor, THE SOUTH WALES STATI. Carl oxton, near Cardiff." and must reach the Editor not later than Thursday morning All communications must be written on one side of the paper only. and the full name and address of the writer must be enclosed, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. ).11 business communications must be sent to the Manager. Mr. H. MORGAN, Sou fit, Wales Star Offices, Yere-street, Cadoxton-Barry. The rate of Subscription to the SOUTH WALES ST Alt, posted to addresses within the United Kingdom, payable in advance, is as follows:- Ono Year 6s. Gd. Half-year 3s. 3d One Quarter Is. 8d. _m_ MEDICAL. FEMALE Corrective Mixture succeeds after all others have failed; not a onack medicine.— Pearson and Co., Chemists, 10. Caroline-street., Cardiff." ITCHINGS (unbearable), Pimples, Nasty Sores or Ulchers, Blood and Skin Diseases (from what- ever C;Llue ).-Apply now for advice, free of charge, to Pearson and Co., Chemists, 10, Caroline-street, Cardiff, where immediate relief may be had and sure cure guaranteed at a trifling cost. I MUSIC. EW. SMALLDRIDGE, Cert. Trinity and London College of Music, has a FEW VACANCIES for the PIANOFORTE. Care taken with young heginners.-For terms, apply, 56, Castleland street, Barry Dock. [p64-ll. THE FAT-tl IERS' gUPPLY gTORES. THE SEASON'S' GOODS. HAY PIKES (PARKE'S WARRANTED), ALL SIZES. RAY EAKES (NAT AL FORK). SHEEP SHEARS. BARLEY FORKS, SPARS (LONG AND SHORT). 3ALVANISED CORRUGATED SHEETS FOR ROOFING: CHURNS, CHEESE PRESSES. AND VATS. MILK-PANS, MILKING BUCKETS, AND ALL DAIRY UTENSILS KEPT IN STOCK. CRAGOE AND BROWN, BRIDGEND. mji— timi 11 ■IIMII ABERNETHY'S COMPOUND COUGn BALSAM.—A safe and effectual remedy for Eoughs, Colds, Difficult Breathing, and all complaints of Chest and Lungs.—Prepared by J. Ar.ERNETHY, Medical Hall, High-street, Cadoxton, Barry. 9-615 EDUCATIONAL. LLANDOVERY. L A N D O Y E R Y COLLEGE, 1 NINE ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS, JANUARY, 1892. The EXAMINATION will be held on THURS- DAY. JANUARY 14th, at. :< a.m., in the School Hall, SIX HOUSE SCHOLARSHIPS :— One of £ 25 a year. One of £ 20 a year. j Two of £ 15 a year. Two of £10 a year. THREE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS :— £, 8 8s. a year each. These Scholarships are tenable during residence, subject to satisfactory progress and conduct. There "are School Scholarships to the value of £ 750 a year held in the School. There is no religious restriction attached to any Scholarship. School Fees, 48 guineas a year for Boarders, and 8 guineas a year for Day Boys. Foundation. Scholarships are open to Day Boys. Age will be taken into account in awarding the Scholarships. The Examination papers will be set in three grades :— A. Senior—for boys under 17 yejirs of age. B. Intermediate—for boys under 16 years of age. C. Junior—for boys under 14 years of age. For Syllabus of Subjects and further particulars apply to THE WARDEN. 676J The College, Llandovery. COLLEGE (^CIIO:;L, IT AMPETER "J^EXT TERM begins JANUARY 15th, 1892. For Prospectus, &c., apply to THE REV. T. M. EVANS, M.A., 570-2 ] HEADMASTER. 1\,T A E S Y C W 31 M E R THE gOUTH "STALES gCHOOL FOR G I R L S '.1 I' gUMMERFIELD TTALL. PATEONS: The Right Honourable Lord TREDEGAR, Colonel the Hon. F. C. MORGAN. M.P., Sir GEORGE WALKER. Bart., Sir WILLIAM THOMAS LEWIS, ALFRED THOMAS. Esq., M.P. 1 "A School to meet the times; good, cheap, and comfortable and situated in one of the healthiest and most picturesque spots in the Principality."— Vide Press. PRINCIPAL :-r.IRs. R. H. JONES, Certificate—First Class (Government). Advanced Art Certificate—Drawing and Painting (South Kensington). First Form and Matriculation Class Miss K. DANIEL, B.A. (Lond.) Senior English Form Miss E. A. HANCOCK, A.A., Certificate—Senior Oxford and Science—South Kensington (Science and Art Department). Junior English Form Miss E. ALLEN, Certificate-College of Preceptors. Conversational French Madame DAN ISAAC DAVIES {nee Mirault). Pianoforte and Voice Culture | Professor A. N. JAMES, R.A.M. Pianoforte and Harmony, Painting and Drawing Miss J. ATKINS. [ Certificate—Senior Pianoforte and Harmony, R.A.M.: Art Certificate—South Kensington. Pianoforte Miss M. HOWARD. Pianoforte (Junior) Miss L. LLEWELYN. English Literature and Theory of Music Mr. R. H. JONES (late Inspector of Schools). Dancing Mr. F. G. ROBERTS, Cardiff. THE NEXT QUARTER WILL BEGIN ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 19TH, 18S2. Five Exhibitions of the value of £10 cach, are offered Annually to the most successful students. For Prospectus and a Complete List of Refer- ences to the Parents of all the Girls who have been in the School under the Present Management, apply to the Principal. [633-2 CADOXTON OpipiAI^ SCHOOL J RE-OPENS On Monday, January 18, AT 9.30 A.M. REES GORING MORRIS, HEAD MASTER. BARRY PREPARATORY SCHOOL. ATHER- JD STONE, WINDSOR-ROAD. PRINCIPAL MISS BURBIDGE, R.A.M., Assisted by thoroughly efficient Governesses. Thorough English, French, Music, and otner Accomplishments. Kindergarten Taught. Next Term commences January 12th, 1892. f DAY SCHOOL FOR GIB, LS HEBBLE HOUSE, CADOXTON, BARRY. 692-68 Principal MISS BARSTOW. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, RECTORY-ROAD, CADOXTON-BARRY. PKINCIPAL Miss SMALL. Prospectus on application. A Class for Little Boys. S^~CHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS. —Principals of Private and other Schools will do wøH to adver- tise in the South IYales Star, which circulates very largely in the South, East, West, and Rhondda Di- visions of Glamorganshire. Quotations for a series may be had on application to the Manager, at the Office, Vere-street, Cacloxton, Barry, or of the local representatives. Sl UN. SNSURA8CE OfFICE fO U ISl (FIRE). FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1890 £361,500,000. For further information apply to the following Agents :— Cadoxton Mr. B. G. DAVIES. „ Mr. DAVID JONES. LIVE STOCK. trade MA* SQUIRE GILES PTG POWDERS Ten 11 iDir Coonng and Fattening. Best for 6HES7^%T>? Store Pigs. Id. per packet. SQUIRE GILES' WORM POW- DEES OR WORM PILLS FOB i^OG-S. Purely herbal and harm- -Jsc yfc;4 less- Certain cure. 6d. per packet '■ of Jill Chemists, Seedsmen, and r ncisrErv-D. Grocers, or of Squire Giles & Co., Cardiff. PLOUGHS, HORSEHOES, HORSE GEARS, CHAFFCUTTERS, CAKE BREAKERS. ,tc., OARTS. WAGGONS, TROLLIES, TRAPS AND CARRIAGES of all kinds. Agents for the Bristol Wagon Works Company. Lists free. HIBBERT & SONS, 10 and 11. Castle-street, Cardiff. [696-71 OWEN'S HAIR DRESSING.—A Specific for Nourishing and Preserving the Hair. Renews the Hair in cases of Baldness. Stays the Falling Off. Restores the Hair to its Natural Colour. Produces luxuriant Whiskers and Moustaches. Sold in Bottles at 2/6 and 1 eaoh bv OWEX, 27, EUWARD-STREET, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF; 151, Cardiff New Market Hall. Local Agents—J. Jones, Chemist, Holton-road, Barry Dock; W. R. Hopkins, Chemist, High-street, Barry; W. R. Hopkins, Chemist, Vere-street, Cadoxton; W. H. Key, Chemist, street, Pontypridd, and all Chemists,