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OGMORE AND GARYV LOCAL BOARD. The annual meeting of this Board was held at the Fox and Hounds, Brynmenin, on Tuesday, when there were present Mr. J. Blandy Jenkins (chairman), Dr. E. J. Parry, Messrs. Thomas Lewis, W. Llewellyn, John Jones, D. Edwards, Jenkin Williams, Thomas Jones, S. H. Stockwood (clerk), and H. Dawkin Williams (surveyor).—It was re- ported that the Board ba-d a balance at the bank of £ 71 10s. 9d. MR. MADDOCK. ALSTD THE BOARD. The Surveyor reported that Mr. Jonathan Maddock had not complied with the order of the Board to remove paving and channelling now placed on the street at Oxford-street, Ponty- cymmer.—The Chairman moved that he be written to again, and if the obstruction was not removed within seven days he would be prosecuted.—Mr. Thomas Lewis seconded, and it was carried. GARW WORKS COMMITTEE. This committee at a meeting held decided upon the following recommendations :—That the tender of William Martin, Blaenganv, be accepted, it being the lowest, for lighting tliat division. That the tenders for Pontycymmer and Pontyrhil lighting received from George Balds, Pontycymmer, be accepted, no other person having tendered. That the present time table for lighting and extinguish- iag the lamps be altered as regards time of lighting from "finish to light" in lieu of to begin to light." That after discussing the question of purchasing a stone-crusher and placing the same at such a place convenient to sending stone to all parts of the dis- trict of your Board, that it be further deferred, and in the meantime the Surveyor obtain cinders for Tydu-road, and also order 500 yards of lump lime- stone for the streets.—This report was received and adopted. OGilIORE WORKS COMMITTEE. This committee recommended that the tender re- ceived from John Williams, lamplighter, Xanty- moel, for the lighting of that division, be accepted, the Surveyor reporting that Richard Giles, whose tender for the same division v^as accepted at the last meeting, had now been withdrawn, as he could not leave his present employment. That the bye-laws of the proposed recreation grounds at Tynewydd and Nantymoel, as read, be referred to the elerk for further alterations and additions. That the surveyor be authorised to order 100 yards of limestone for Tynewydd and N&tttymoel. That the surveyor see about turning the course of the water now running down on to the Aber road from an old level above Aber House, and that the clerk be instructed to write to the Aber Company, point- ing out tho danger of tipping above the road, as it only tends to further force the present land slips near the entrance to Aber House.—This report was also received and adopted as read. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that the newly-appointed lamp-lighter at Nantymoel had neglected to light the lamps for several nights, and the Place was left in total darkness in consequence. lIe had made arrangements with Rees Thomas to have the light- ing carried out. The lamps at Tynewydd, especial- ly on the Aber road on the 2Sth and 30th December, had been left without being lighted. He bad called the lamp-lighter's attention to the matter, but re- ceived no explanation. However, the lighting was now being looked after in the usual way- A landslip had taken place on the roadside near Tylagwyn Baptist Chapel, Garw Yalley, and he had caused the post and wire fence to be erected for the protection. He submitted plans, sections and estimate for private improvements at Gr^'feg-road, Braichycymmer he had had a section ol a ground taken from the source of the water supply at Graig-v-defaid to the village of Bettws, and had fully examined the present line of pipes carrying the water to the fountain near the Macky/orth Arms. He found that the pipes were in a dilapidated condition and obstructed. lIe had caused excavations to be made at the source, and found that a very good spring existed, whicll. if stored by means of stone cement, would give a sufficient and constant daily supply, and would enable them to erect another supplemental SUpply near the centre of the village and at a higher level than the present fountain.—The report was adopted.



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