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FOOTBALL NOTES. [BY THE DRUID. J A few weeks ago, I noted the strange fact that all the losing teams on a particular date failed to score. Strange to say, the very same thing occurred again on Saturday last. By the list below, you will notice that in all the matches not a single point was scored by the losing teams. And you will also notice that in the four drawn games not a point was scored by either side. I see that the Welxh Athlete have taken the liberty of inserting the results of inter-club matches between first-rate Welsh teams." While in Swansea the other Saturday, I also noticed a local paper had made use of it. I don't for a moment object to this; but I think it is only fair they should state the source from whence they sneaked the idea. Strange, it did not appear in a single paper until a few weeks after its appear- ance in this column. I remember an old copy- book heading, 1; Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Anyone who read my notes of last week will remember that I said the Welshmen will get a pretty hot reception." Consequently, I was not surprised to hear that Cardiff had lost, but I was surprised to learn that the Heathens" had ,crossed the Cardiff line five times. I fancy that Cardiff could very well do with almost a new set behind." It is a pity to see a team of such a reputation being constantly vanquished. Oh, for another such crowd as Hancock, Douglas, Simpson, Hill, Stadden, Evans, Bland, and Phillips On Saturday next West Hartlepool pay Cardiff a visit, and considering the fact that a few weeks ago Newport gave the Northerners such a drubbing, there is hope for Cardiff yet. I hear that the visitors will arrive in Gloucester on Friday evening will stay there over night, and will rrive a in Cardiff about eleven a.m. on Saturday. Their team will be something like this—Back, Devine three-quarters, Greaves. Thompson, Mur- fitt, dark halves, Coates and Cooney forwards, Lavelle, Hurworth, Turnbull, Hopps. Pontop, Gibbon, Nicholson and Hughes. ¡¡ Personally, I expect Gloucester will pull off a victory," was my last week's tip for the Glo'ster v. Swansea encounter. My prediction I based upon the fact that both teams were about equal behind," while Glo'ster had the better pack, and judging from the weather, which seems pretty well" settled," I concluded the ground would be responsible for a forward game. Anyone who has seen the citizens play a forward game will soon understand that Swansea—who are a little at sea just at present—were not in the swim." The All Whites are due at Llanelly on Satur- day next, and won't there be some excitement Athough the task seems a big one—well-nigh impossible—I am inclined to think that the Scarlets will, at any rate, not be defeated. Of course, I had no hesitation in concluding that Newport would defeat Moseley. Yet the game was a very good one, and the Black and Ambers" did not have all their own way. The Newport pack are a grand lot this season in fact, so are the backs, and therein lies the secret of the team's success. Graham takes his boys to Salford on Saturday next, and, no doubt, the Lancashire lads will have a high opinion of Newport after the match, that is if the visitors have a full team. The match at Penarth does not call for many comments. It was quite as one side as the score —21 points to nil—would indicate. There is to be another farce on Saturday, when Abergavenny honour the Seasiders with a visit. I hope the homesters will not give a repetition of their selfish play of last week; during the first half it was simply disgusting. Llanelly did well by defeating Penygraig on the Belle Vue Grounds on Saturday last, for the Rhondda lads play terrific game-on their native mountain. The visitors were a trifle the better team in every department, and the score is a good index of the play. Penygraig were assisted by W, H. Thomas, who captained the Welsh team last season, and the Tinplaters" were fully repre- sented. For the homesters, Phillips, Rees, and Thomas were the pick. Penygraig are due at Pontypridd next Saturday to do battle with the Maritime team. The match is looked upon as a fight for the premiership of the Rhondda and the play is sure to be pretty vigorous, to put it mildly. Forward, the teams are well matched but the visitors are, I fancy, a little better than the homesters. The Pontypridd lads made a poor show at Neath and I was a little disappointed, for they had given the 'Quins a good game the previous Saturday. The Neath ground was very heavy, and told against a scientific exhibition. Yet the game was fairly fast and open, and occasionally the homesters showed some good passing. The feature of the game was a grand dribble by Edwards of Neath he took the ball at his toes for nearly half the length of the ground, and scored a try. Neath visit Aberavon on Saturday next, and should manage another victory. They will have a hard fight, as the Afan lads play with rare dash on their own enclosure. I fancy Neath could do with about three good forwards to replace some fossils. It does not follow that a man is always worth his place in a team, even though he at one time played for his country. Bridgend were unfortunate in not being able to put a full team on the field and as Llandaff had a full complement, the homesters were defeated by a try to nil. Radley, who played a fine game right through, scored the try. It was the old, old story. The Bridgend forwards were rather weak, and the backs had any amount of saving to do—and they did it in a splendid manner, too. Bridgend, with a weak team, of course, will journey to Ogmore next Saturday. The game should be an interesting one, and should end in favour of the visitors. The Bridgend three-quarters are playing in excellent form this season, especially Emery and Gregoiy and it is a pity they are not better fed. If they were, the result would be gratifying to the supporters of the club. Cogan had a very rough reception at Whitchurch. It appeared as if the homesters were in for a win, tie. or wrangle and as they could not accomplish the first two, they fell back upon the latter. The referee gave them a touch-down, and they wanted a try. This was a good oportunity for the wrangle" to commence, and it did not end till the Coganites had left the village, for I hear that the crowd actually "accompanied" them, to their dressing-room. Cogan are expecting to have a visit from the Barry and Cadoxton District Club next Saturday, and as Morris' crowd have not yet lost a match, they will, of course, strive hard to keep up their record. I hope the District will be well repre- sented, and a good game will be the result of the meeting. The Llantwit-Major team visited Tondu on Saturday last, and, in spite of the wretched state of the turf. a very good game was witnessed. The forwards were well matched, Tondu having, if any- thing, the pull in weight. The Llantwit captain (R. A. Price) played well for the visitors, and, what is now not always to bo seen, the uttermost good feeling prevailed. Tondu scored a try just on the call of time, and thus secured a well-earned victory. CADOXTON WEDNESDAY ~TEAM V. PENARTH UNITED.—These teams played at Cadoxton to-day, the visitors winning by 2 tries (1 disputed) to 1 try. THE TONDU v. MORRISTON MATCH. TO THE EDITOR OF THE-SOUTH WALES STAR. SIR.—Kindly allow me a small space to con- tradict Druid in his notes of the match played between Tondu and Morriston. He states that the score was Morriston one goal three tries to one try. The correct score was Morriston one goal two tries to one goal. One of the tries was dis- allowed after the match according to rule 16. He also states that Tondu had their usual team, and that Morriston were minus four of their regulars. Tondu were without the services of six of their usual team. viz.. E. Lloyd (back), H. Thomas and T. Lockwood (three-quarters), and T. Power, C. Maloney, and D. Grogan (in the pack), which shows that Tondu were poorly represented. Hoping that Druid will be more accurate next time,— I am, &c., E. HOPKIN, Hon. Sec. Tondu Football Club. SEASON 1891-92. Results of inter-club matches played between first-class Welsh teams up to and including Satur- day, December 12th, 1891 :— A win counts 2 points; a draw 1. — — w- rJi • 5 01 -3 53 £ -t E NAME OF CLUB ? » Q £ >5 ?, S 3h a e-t f? £ 0 M 1 Newport 5 3 0 2 8 80 2 Swansea 7 4 1 2 10 71 /"Cardiff 7 2 2 3 7 50 J Penarth 6 3 3 0 6 50 3) Quins 4 2 2 0 4 50 V Llanelly 7 3 3 1 7 50 4 Neath 8 2 5 1 5 31 5 Penygraig. 6 1 4 1 3 25 Results of principal matches played on Saturday December 12, 1891, on the ground of the first- 11 named clubs SCORE. TEAMS. WINNER. REMARKS. FOR. AGAINST. O. T. (J. T. _1 Blackheath v. Cardiff Blaclchcath 1 4 Cardiff backs out-classed (xlo ster v. Swansea Grlo'stcr 1 — — Swansea forward played poorly Newport v. Moseley .Newport 1 2 Newport has an unbeaten record Penarth v. Skewen Penarth 3 3 Penarth were minus Morgan, Garratt, Rowles, Young, and Jackson Penygrail1; v. Llaiielly Liar,elly 1 — \y. H. Thomas, last year's Welsh (Japtam, played for Penygraif Neath v. Pontypridd Neath 1 4 — Visitors completely out-classed Bridgend v. Llandalf Llandaff — 1 — Bridgend weakly represented Cardiff "A" v. Cardiff Star Cardiff "A" 1 1 Losers played an excellent gamo Maritime v. Morriston Draw. — — Ground in a wretched state Pontardawe v. Brecon Draw — — Davies played excellently for Pontardawe Whitchurch v. Cogan Cogan — 1 — Whitchurch men refused to accept Ilcferee's decision Pontyclown v. Caerphilly Draw — — — Home team had best of the game Abergavenny v. Newport A Draw; Visitors had best of the game Kymin v. Newport Y.M.F.S Kymin 1 1 — Kymill forwards played a good game Blaina v. St. David's St. David's 1 2 — St. David's played a grand game Tondu v. Llantwit Tondu 1 Tondu were minus several men I j







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