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Ystradyfodwg Local Board Private Improvement. TO CONTRACTORS. THE above-named Board invite TENDERS for I- the execution of the several works in the GENERAL IMPROVEMENT of the following STREETS AT BLAENLLECHA, Ferndale 1. Mountain Row or Street. 2. Middle-row or Princess-street. 3. Part of Aberdare-road. marked C D on plans, 4. Baptist-row. 5. Street G H on plan?. 6. Street I J on plans. 7. Baptist-square. 8. Long Row or Street. 9. Albert-street. Plans and Specifications may be seen, and forms of Tenders obtained. at the Surveyor's Office. Local Board Offices. Pentre Rhondda, to the 23rd iU3t. All tenders to be delivered under seal, addressed to the Chairman of the Board, on or before noon on the 24th inst.. and endorsed Tender for the street to which it is intended to apply. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. By Order. W. JONES, SURVEYOR. 8th December, 1891. pbYTmmFOTm ASSISTANT NURSE. \\TANTED, an ASSISTANT NURSE, at the ? T Union Workhouse. Applicants must be between 21 and 35 years of age: Salary. X18 per annum, with rations. See. Applications, with three copies of testimonials, to 1)1" sent to me before the 22nd inst. 571] E. C. SPICKETT. Clerk. POSTTCTM^S TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the ERECTION of an i ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL at Ponty- cyrr. mer. Plans and Specifications can be seen at D. Edwards. Pantygog. Garw Valley. SEALED TENDERS to be sent to Rev. J. LAMB. 3, Pant-street. Pantvgog. Garw Valley, not later than JANUARY 15. 1832. The lowest or any Tender not necessarilyacceptcd. L 574 Llandyfcdvvg School Board. "XT?"ANTED. CLEANER, for Nantymoel Schools. ▼ V For particulars apply. 575" D. VATTGHAN. Ogmore Vale. NOTICE. School Board for the United District of Barry. "V^OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in reference to JLM the above District, that— 1. That the above School Board have (subject to the approval of the Education Department) made certain Bye-laws in pursuance or the powers given to the School Board by section 74 of the Elemen- tary Education Act 1370, fis amended by the Elementary Education Act 1373. 2. A printed copy of the proposed Bye-laws will continue deposited for inspection by any Rate-j payer, at Barry Dock Chambers. Vere- street, Cadoxton. up to the 24th instant, and afterwards at Holton-road Schools, the OtSce of the School Board for one calendar month from the date of the publication of this notice. 3/At the expiration of the said calendar month, the said proposed Bye-laws will be sub- mitted to the Education Department for approval. 4. The School Bcord will supply a printed copy of the said proposed Bye-laws gratis to any Rate- payer. WILLIAM H. LEWIS, Clerk. December 18th, 1891. rpIIE QOLLEGE SCHOOL, LAM PETER j>EXT TERM begins JANUARY loth, 1892. .1, For Prospectus. &c., apply to THE REV. T. M. EVANS, M.A., 570-4] HEADMASTER. ^BIAAR BISTEICT LIBERAL ASSOCIATION. THE ANNUAL MEETING WILL BE HELD ON Monday Next, Dec. 21, IN THE LONG ROOM OF THE Shaftesbury Temperance Hotel, VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. ALL LIBERALS OF BARRY, BARRY DOCK, AND CADOXTON ARE EARNESTLY ASKED TO BE PRESENT. MEETING TO COMMENCE AT 8 P.M. [573 BOSTOSTONB. AN EISTEDDFOD Will be held at the above place on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25th. 1891 (CHRISTMAS DAY), Under the patronage of the principal Ladies and Gentlemen of the Neighbourhood. Prizes will be giveN for SINGING, Poetry, Recitations, &c. PRESIDENT OF THE DAY -— MR. MACKENZIE THOMAS (Bonvilstone). ADJUDICATORS :— Poetry, &c.. Mr. D. Owen (Ap Rhydderch), Birch. 4 Grove, Porth, Rhondda, and Conductor. Music Eos Havod, Ystrad Rhondda. Knitting Mrs. M. xhomas, Bonvilstone. Accompanist: Miss C. Laugher. Llancarvan. Chairman of Committee Mr. J. Thomas. Bonvilstone. Treasurer Mr. T. Griffiths, Redland Farm. Bonvilstone. Secretaries Mr. L. Roberts, Old Post Inn, Bonvilstone and Mr. E. Deere. jun.. Bonvilstone. The First Meeting will commence at Two o'clock and the Evening Meeting at Six o'clock p.m. The proceeds to the "Star of Glamorgan" Ledge of Oddfellows, Bonvilstone. <> Programmes can be had of the Treasurer and Secretaries, One Penny each by post. Lid. Admission to both Meetings, Os;J SHILLING the same charge will be made to Persons attending one meeting only. Children under 14. half price. [564 PEOPLE'S PARK, PONTYPRIDD. Very Attractive. Sure to Please. Always Something lew. For all particulars apply to* Mr. A. C. BEERE, Secretary. REMEMBER THE LASTI AND PREPARE FOR THE COMING. BE SURE YOU SEE FOLLICK'S GRAND NEW STOCK OF MEN'S, YOUTHS' AND BOYS' Clothing & Jewellery, CORNER OF BARRY ROAD, CADOXTON. Silver Watches 7/3 at Follick's Men's Overcoats from 8/0 at Follick's Silver Alberts 4/3 at Follick's Youths' ditto from 516 at Follick's Trousers 3,11 at Follick's Boys' ditto from 3/6 at Follick's Jackets 5 at Follick's Men's Suits from 1211 at Follick's Vests 1i6 at Follick's I Boys'Suits from 2.11 at Follick's ■ Dress Pieces, Blankets, and Quilts. Good and Cheap Clothing for the Working Classes CAN ALWAYS BE FOUND AT FOLLICK'S ALL THE YEAR ROUND. A FEW PAIRS OF NEW BOOTS. B. Evans & Company HAVE NOW ON SHOW A MAGNIFICENT STOCK OF "s—a A RELIABLE FURS, CONSISTING OF Sealskin Jackets and Three-quarter Capes, Real Astrachan Coats and Capes, Fur-lined Cloaks and Capes, Collarettes (long* and short), Boas, Muffs, Trimming's, Travelling' and Carriage Hug's, &c. R. E. & Co. beg to state that they hold themselves responsible for the character and ivcar of all Far Goods sold by them. This w highly important, as badly dressed skins and spumous imitations are ea-tensirely made up and frequently foisted upon the public. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. NOVEMBER, 1891. [252 W. H. GIBBY, 85, High Street BARRY, FUMISHIM AND GENERAL IE0M0MER, FEXDERS, TRA VELLIXo- 1 TRUSKS FIRE IRO:XS, :.V COAL "Ç' ASES, GllEAT LA:JIPS IX VARIETY. BEDSTEADS GREAT ARIETY. ÄI."{D BEDDIXG OF- EVERY BEST LAMP OIL. DESCRIPTIOX. CARPENTERS' & JOINERS' TOOLS. SUPERIOR TABLE & POCKET CUTLERY. Sole Agent for the ALBO CARBON LIGHT. The Brighest, Steadiest, and Most Economical of Gaslights BENJAMIN LEWIS, GROCER, BAKER AND PSOYISIOI MERCHANT, PALMERSTOWN AND BARRY ROAD, CADOXTON-BARRY. Try our High-Class Provisions at Low Prices. SPECIALITIES IN TEAS GOOD FAMILY, Is. 6d.; SPLENDID BLEND, 2s. ¡ AND FINEST GOWN, 2s. 61. I Lewis's Bread is the bread of the day, Lewis's Bread defies competition. Lewis's Bread is the best, people say Lewis's Bread withstands opposition Lewis's Bread is the bread for the young, Lewis's Bread is both wholesome and pure, Lewis's Bread for the weak and the strong Lewis's Bread will just suit you, I'm sure. Lewis's Bread for the navvy is best, Lewis's Bread for workmen to carry, Lewis's Bread is the bread to digest; Lewis's Bread is known down in Barry Lewis's Bread for the Welsh Bard, Lewis's Bread has a very wide fame, Lewis's Bread for all men who work hard. Lewis's Bread bears" B. Lewis's name. N.B.—Tea Meetings Supplied on Reasonable Terms. THE CADOXTON COACH AND WHEEL WORKS, ADJOINING BANK BUILDINGS, CADOXTON, HARRY. Mr. A. R. LEWIS BEGS to call the attention of the public generally that he is now prepared to EXECUTE ALL KINDS ox CARRIAGES, TRAPS, &c., ( I In the most modern styles. ESTIMATES FREE. EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. I CARRIAGE PAINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. I GENERAL SMITHY AND REPAIRING WORK EXECUTED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. I A. R. L. begs to refer the public to his most recent accomplishments for several of the leading gentry Williams, andA. Davies (Barry HoteL) and tradesmen of the district, including Dr. O'Donnell, Mr. J. J. Williams, B. E.Hoddinott, JMPORTANT O riCE QHRTSTMAS SHOW f OF pANCY GOODS. I JJOWEXL AND QOMPANY'S GREAT SHOW OF FANCY GOODS Is N°W PROCEEDING. TROLLS, TOYS. BOOKS, CABINETS, WARE, etc., etc., AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICES. JJOWELL and COMPANY are also SELLING several CLEARING LINES at less than Manu- facturers' Prices. 2 000 rAIBS ELAKKETS, SHEETINGS, QUILTS, COUNTERPANES, FLANNELS, REAL SOUTH WALES FLANNELS, PRINTS, CALICOES, &c. SEVERAL VERY CHEAP LINES IN FURS, MANTLES, JACKETS, FUR-LINED CLOAKS, MACKINTOSH CLOAKS, SHAWLS, &c., AT WHOLESALE PRICES. JYJANY VERY GOOD AND CHEAP LINES IN DRESS GOODS. J^ADIES' READY MADE DEPARTMENT CONTAINS 297 CHILDREN'S AND MAIDS' READY-MADE DRESSES AT NEARLY HALF THE ORIGINAL PRICES. CLOTHING CLUBS AND CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS WILL FIND, AS USUAL, AN IMMENSE ASSORTMENT OF GOODS SUITABLE TO THEIR WANTS. JJOWELL AND CO., rpHE CARDIFF JJRAPERS. CARDIFF. pARRY 1AND, D A V I D AUCTIONEERS, TENANT-RIGHT, HOTEL, PROBATE, AND GENERAL VALUERS. LAND, HOUSE, AND ESTATE AGENTS, ASSESSORS OF FIRE LOSSES, &c. OFFICES: ST. JOHN'S-CHAMBERS, ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE, CARDIFF. MEMBERS THOMAS PARRY, AUCTIONEER, &e., OF Of Newport. f J. J. DAVID, FIRM: I La.te Cashier [566 J National Provincial Bank. Christmas Cheer! BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS DINNER, See the Show OF BEEF, MUTTON, GEESE, TURKEYS, kC., AT J. DYER'S, BUTCHER, Vere St., Cadoxton. 574] Christmas Fruit! Christmas Fare! ALL NEW! ALL NICE! AT WM. OSBORN'S, GROCER AND PROVISION DEALER, VERE-STREET, THE COOMBS, CADOXTON. BACON, THE PRIMEST AND BEST. CARMARTHENSHIRE BUTTER AND EGGS. EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY ACT. VTOTIOE TO BUILDERS, BRICK-MAKERS. X\ CONTRACTORS, COLLIERY OWNERS, PAINTERS, PLUMBERS. AND OTHER EMPLOYERS OF LABOUR. THE EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY AXD WORK- EPOPLE'S PROVIDENT AND ACCIDENT IN- I SURANOE COMPANY (LIMITED), Colmore- chambers, Newhall-street. Birmingham, under- takes to cover Employers from all Liabilities, Cost of Litigation, ike., arising out of the Operation of the Act, at reasonable rates. Workmen's Insurance Policies are also issued, thus securing to workmen Compensation for all Accidents happening during employment, and £50 in case of Fatal Accidents, for a small sum per week. For further Particulars apply to Representative, T. I. COMPTON, cfo ME. W. W. ADAMS, Porthkerry Park, Barry. No Employer is Safe Uninsured. [529 j NOTICE 0E EEMOYAL MR. J. D. JENKINS, HOUSE AGENT, j OF VERE STREET, CADOXTON, BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Barry, -D Barry Dock, and Cadoxton, that he has REMOVED to No. 10, GLEBE TERRACE, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. [563 T. M. WILLIAMS, COURT HOUSE, 35, VERE STREET CADOXTON. 1'IKE CHEAPEST HOUSE in the District for JL HATS. CAPS, TIES. SHIRTS. COLLARS, DUNGAREE JACKETS and OVERALLS. Ready-made Clothing of every description. Bespoke Tailoring. Gentlemen's Garments made to measure. First-olass London Style- Fit and Work guaranteed. Note the Address '— T. M. WILLIAMS. COURT HOUSE. 35, VERE STREET, CADOXTON. IMPORTANT NOTICE. ROBERT KIRKNESS (From North Shields) CHEMIST, DRUGGIST, (Registered by Examination, 1886), AND CIGAR MERCHANT, Will Open the premises 11, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON, At an early date. Particular of Departments and Specialies next week. To Mothers Only. HAGON'S Rosemary Cleanser FOR Children's IJair UTTERLY destroys Creepers, Nits, &c.—Not LJ Poisonous or Greasy. Cleanses from all impurities, Used once a week, it is a certain pre- ventative to all Insect life. Makes Children's Hair Grow Beautiful, Glossy, Curly, Soft, and Strong. If you wish to have Beautiful Hair, if you desire your little ones to have Clean and Whole- some Heads of Hair, you must use HAGON'S CLEANSER. Do not hesitate! HAGON'S CLEAN- SER is oertain in effect, perfectly harmless, and pleasantly perfumed. SOLD BY AGENTS IN EVERY VILLAGE OF SOUTH WALES. Price Gd. per Large Bottle Poet Free for 9 Stamps. Sole Maker A. HAGON, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, 39, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. LOOK OUT FOR THE CHRISTMAS NUMBER OF THE Soutl) Wales Star," k!UUMs !(MCijk!mit WHICH WILL COXTAIX AX ARTICLE OX THE WELSH SHE," BY PROFESSOR RHYS, OXFORD. A Daughter of the G-eraldines, A TALE OF '98, BY J. ARTHUR PRICE, BARRISTER-AT- LAW. (Author of Gwen," &C.) The Spectre of Humbles G-range, BY J. W. NICHOLAS. (Author of the" Devil's Cauldron." "Midnight Chimes," House of Mystery," &c.) JOHN; a G-ruesome Tale, BY A. E. THOMAS, B.A., MERTON COLLEGE, OXFORD. Articles and Tales from OWEN M. EDWARDS, Jf..4., Editor of Ct/M I'll" D. LLEUFER THO.!L!8, Barrixt-rr-at-Luii', And other well-known Welshmen. Christmas Games & Puzzles The First Nationalist Christmas Number Ever Issued. The Brightest, Bfost Readable, and Interesting Number iQ Wales. PRICE ONE PENNY. f. PUBLISHED DEC, 23rd. TO OUR PONTYPRIDD AND RHONDDA SUPPORTERS. The Proprietors of the SOUTH WALES STAR HAYE OPENED AN OFFICE FOR Publishing & Advertising Business, IX CHURCH STREET, PONTYPRIDD (Next door to the Market Entrance). Local Manager, MR. EVAN R. EVANS. WANTED. WANTED respectable YOUTH as an apprentice (out-door preferred). Apply, Gronow, draper, Market House, Bridgend. [p60 CLUB AGENTS ANTED, to form Clubs for Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Opera Glasses, Musical Insts., AC. Members pay Is. per week. Terms, Catalogues, &c.. KENDAL & DEXT, 106, Cheapside, London. Splendid value. Great suc- cess. Mention Paper. Ladies' and Gents' Silver Levers 42s., worth 70s. [523 WANTED. —A YOUNG GIRL, 16 years old, T T for the Binding Department.—Apply, Star Office, Vere-street, Cadoxton. DO you want your FINGER BILLS, Handbills' and Circulars conscientiously Distributed in town and country ?—Apply X. X. X., Star Office, Cadoxton. WRITERS WANTED at their homes, evenings good pay. See the PEOPLE'S FIRESIDE JOURNAL. All Newsagents and Smith's Stalls, Id.; post free, 2d., from 59, Newman Street, London, W. PONTYPRIDD.—WANTED, 250 -IfOYStO Sell -L the "SOUTH WALES STAR." Liberal Com- mission.—Apply, E. R. Evans, 10, Penuel-Square, Pontypridd. WANTED, respectable BOYS to sell the South t T Wale* Star.—Good commission to suitable lads. Apply Manager, "Star" Printing Works, Ve:e Street, Cadoxton. TO LET. Ho USES TO LET in Gueret-street, Barry Dock Jl two minutes' walk from Barry Dock Station rent, 5s. a week.—Apply on the Premises. [p63-3 A-ROOMED VILLAS TO LET at York-place, _Lv/ Barry. Apply, Mr. E. Thomas, 85, Castleland- street, Barry Dock, or Mr. R. L. Thomas, 36, High- street, Barry. Rents reduced. [p5t: TO be LET or SOLD, HILLSIDE VILLAS, JL Porthkerry-road, Barry, containing drawing and dining-rooms, kitchen, scullery, outhouses, five bed- rooms, bath-room, w.c., hot and cold water through- out, large garden front and back. Price £ 450.—Apply Mr. Richards, senior, builder, Porthkerry-road, Barry. UPJNESS ANNOUNCEMFA^rS in^tcd ii7the JD SOUTH WALES STAn, the most widely-read newspaper in South and Mid-Glamorgan, at compara- tively low terms, for periods ranging from three to twelve months. FOR SALE. ILLAS, TO BE LET or SOLD, 1, 2, and 3, V Park-crescent, Barry; 8 rooms and bathroom, hot and cold water throughout. Lease 999 years.— Apply, H. J. Money, Builder, Barry. [p50 PRINTING ORDERS of Every Description at JT the Office of this Paper. BOOTS FOR THE MILLION SHOES FOR ALL CLASSES j SLIPPERS TO SUIT ALL W. H. HOCKINU Begs to inform the Public generally that he has received his New Stock of Autumn & Winter Goods. Which are Reliably Good, and will be Quoted at LOWEST. POSSIBLE PRICES. REPAIRS NEATLY AKDJCHEAPLY EXECUTED WITH PROMPT DESPATCH. NOTE ADDRESS W. H. HOCKING, 3, CAROLINE-STREET, near Post Officc, 6] BRIDGEND. rpHE JlARMERS' SUPPLY STORES. THE SEASON'S GOODS. HAY PIKES (PARKE'S WARRANTED), ALL SIZES. HAY BAKES (NATURAL FORK). SHEEP SHEARS. BARLEY FORKS, SPARS (LONG AND SHORT). GALVANISED CORRUGATED SHEETS FOR ROOFING. CHURNS, CHEESE PRESSES, AND VATS. MILK-PANS, MILKING BUCKETS, AND ALD DAIRY UTENSILS KEPT IN STOCK. CRAGOE AND BROWN, fBRIDGEND. I TEA.. • THEY say that TEA comes from -L Intlia. China, and an Island called Ceylon, but my MOTHER says the BEST TEA SHE EVER BOUGHT coines from J. W. ROBERTS, t I r TEA MERCHANT, f BRIDGEND. J U2L EAGLE IMPLEMENT, SEED, AND MANURE STORES. QOWBRIDGB. EJOHN begs to inform FARMERS ANI> « OTHERS that he has a large lot of HOME- GROWN CLOVERS from the neighbourhood of Uanearvan and Penmark, imported ITALIAN RYE GRASS, splendid ALSYKE WHITE DUTCH fREFOIL, all of good samples. Home-grown old eort SANFOIN. Growers' names given. Agent for Adam's Celebrated Manures. A LARGE STOCK OF SEASON'S IMPLEMENTS. Ax INSPECTION INVITED. [87 J. & C. SANKEY, FAMILY GROCERS, BRIDGEND. TEA IN TINS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. lOIbs. of 1/4 Tea at 1/3 per lb. — 12/6 lilb tin — 6/* 101bs. of 1/8 '1\>.a M 1J6 per lb. — 15/U 51b feta — 1fS lOlbs of ZI- Tea at 1./10 PCl"}b, — 18/4 51b fcto — 9/2 lOlbs. of 2/4 Tea at 2/2 per lb. — 21/8 51b tin 101bs. of 2/6 Tea at 2,*6 per-Ib. 25/- Bib tin — 22*6 10Ib« of 3/-Tea at 2/9 per lb. — 27/6 5tbtin 13/9 lOIbs best 8/4 Tea at 3/. pep lb. — 30/- 51b tin — 151- CEYLON, 1/10 & 2/- PER LB. Carriage Paid for Cash. DUIRAVEI-PIACE REFRESHMENT ROOMS. (Near the New Bridge, BRIDGEND.) JJOT JQINNERS JJAILY- ELL-AIRED BEDS. HENRY BALL. OYEZ OYEZ !—This is to give notice, that MR. WILLIAM MUNDAY, the original Cadoxton and District TOWN CRIER, begs to give notice that he is open to DISTRIBUTE all kinds of BILLS, and do the Town Crying on the Shortest Notice. Estimates forwarded. No con- nection with any other. Note the address-29. Harvey-street, Cadoxton. God save the Queen." [505 PLOUGHS, HORSEHOES, HORSE GEARS CHAFFCUTTERS, CAKE BREAKERS, CARTS, WAGGONS, TROLLIES, TRAPS ANV CARRIAGES of all kinds. Agents for the Bristol Wagon Works Company. Lists free. HIBBERT & SONS, 10 and 11, Castle-street, Cardiff. [75 OWEN'S HAIR DRESSING.—A Specific for Nourishing and Preserving the Hair. Renews the Hair in cases of Baldness. Stays the Falling Off- Restores the Hair to its Natural Colour. Produces luxuriant Whiskers and Moustaches. Sold in Bottles at 2/8 and 1/- each by OWES, 27, EDWARD-STREET, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF; 1517 Cardiff New Market Hall. Local Agents—J. Jones, Chemist, Holton-road, Barry Dock; W. R. Hopkins, Chemist, High-street, Barry; W. R. Hopkins, Chemist, Vere-street, Cadoxton; W. H. Key, Chemist, Taff- street, Pontypridd, and all Chemists. F. J. JJOOPER & SON, CERTIFIED UNDERTAKERS AND COM- PLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. The Best and Cheapest in the District for all Classes of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shellibiers, I Mourning Coaches, at Mayne, Hooper & Co., High-street, Barry; and at 30, Windsor-road, Penarth. JONES rjlHOMAS & CO., UNDERTAKERS & COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUXERALS OF ALU CLASSES. The only Proprietors of Hearses, Shellibiers, &0. in the district. OF-FU'F-S F HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. THE SOUTH WALES STAR is now Published every Thursday Afternoon. Correspondents will oblige by sending all Communications by Wednesday at latest.