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YSTRADYFODWG LOCAL BOARD. THE FORTH TOWN HALL. THE POLLUTION OF RIVERS. On Friday last the fortnightly meeting of the above Board was held. when there were present Messrs. Alderman W. Jenkins, J.P. (chairman), D. W. jDavies, J.P., Councillor W. H. Matthias, G. Thomas, E. W. Lewis, W. Lax, W. Davies, D. Davies, Jacob Ray, T. Griffiths, M. Llewellyn. T. Morgan, J. D. Williams, A. J. Treliarne, and J. W. Jones (surveyor). THE DINAS PARISH ROAD. The Deputy-clerk read a letter with reference to the old Parish-road, leading from Ffrwdamos to Williamstown, asking the Board to widen and improve the same at once as the road was in a dangorous state.—Mr. J. D. Williams was of opinion that a decision had been come to in which it was agreed to carry out the necessary improve- ments The road was at present in a disgraceful condition, and was greatly in need of improvement. —The matter was referred to the surveyor to re- port upon. THE SCAVENGING OF PORTH. A letter was read from the agent of the Tyny- cymer estate, stating that the owners of the estate were ready to let a piece of land for the depositing of the scavenging refuse of the Forth district at £10 per annum.—It was agreed to accept the offer. THE POLLUTION OF RIVERS. The Clerk of the County Council wrote calling attention to the pollution of the River Rhondda, which had been inspected by the Fisheries and River Pollution Committee of the County Council, and stating that unless the Board put a stop to the practice, that the Council would feel bound to interfere in the matter.— The Chairman remarked that it would be well for the Board to communicate with the County Counail, stating that the pollution of the river would be evaded when the sewerage work was ended, and further inform them that the same was now rapidly approaching completion.—Mr. T. Griffiths seconded the motion, which was agreed to nem. con. NUISANCES. A letter was read from the lessees of the Drill Hall, Pentre, stating that a certain nuisance de- posited thereat would be removed at once.—Mr. W. Morgan, a resident of Treorky, wrote applying for a compensation of £ 10 on occount of injuries which he had received owing to the negligence of the Board's officials in not lighting the lamps at a dangerous spot near Treorky.—The matter was referrod to the surveyor to report upon. A letter was read from Mr. L. John, the secretary of the Mid-Rhondda Chamber of Trade, complain-, ing of the nuisance caused by shop-keepers and others, who swept the refuse of their shops into the roads on Saturday nights, i.nd thus caused the papers and dust thus deposited to fly about the streets on Sunday mornings.—Mr. D. W. Davies was of opinion that much of this was due to the distribution of handbills by quack doctors and others to the inhabitants, who always threw the same away. He moved that the attention of the different Inspectors of Nuisances be called to the matter, and that a mild hint be given to indifferent tradespeople.—This was seconded by Mr. G. Thomas, and agreed to. A letter was read, signed by some of the inhabi- tants of Tylorstown. complaining of the state of the brook thereat, which often ran down from the quarry to the houses, and caused much damage.— It was agreed that the ward members should meet the surveyor on the spot, and report on the matter. AN APPLICATION; FOR AN INCREASE OF SALARY. Mr. T. Griffiths applied for an increase in his salary as Inspector of Nuisances, and stated that since the appointment of the new inspectors they had received more salary than he.—On the motion of Mr. A. J. Treharne, seconded by Mr. T. Griffiths, it was decided that the application be granted, and that the applicant's salary should from the first of December be similar to that received by the other inspectors. FINANCE COMMITTEE'S REPORT. The report of the Finance Committee shewed that the sum of £122 Os. 6d. was due as workmen's wages, and it was resolved that cheques for the amount should be drawn. THE POUTH TOWN-HALL. A deputation, consisting of Sir. Poole and Mr. Thomas, applied for provisional dramatic licence for the Porth Town-hall, to commence on Boxing day.—Mr. Poole stated that this hall was one of the finest in the county, and that an audience of 2.000 could depart therefrom in three minutes. They had been told that the County Council was the proper authority to grant the licence, but found when it was too late that it was the Local Board that could do so, otherwise they would have applied earlier.— The Surveyor stated that he had visited the hall a week or two since. but it was not then completed, and he could not advise the Board to grant the licence I without making a further inspection.—It was therefore resolved that the Surveyor should report at the next meeting. THE SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Mr. J. W. Jones, surveyor, reported that the Tonypandy Public Hall Company had removed two large stones which the Board had placed in the river for the protection of the bridge at that place, and he was of opinion that the same should be replaced without delay, or else they would not be responsible for the damage which might be caused. The company, he thought, had no busi- j ness to interfere with the foundation.—It was re- solved. on the motion of Mr. T. Griffiths, that the members of the ward should visit the place with the surveyor, and report at the next meeting. BYE-LAWS. The Surveyor suggested the advisability of having a new set of bye-laws printed, and thought it would be well to have the same indexed.—It was agreed that he should prepare a copy to be placed before the Board at its next meeting. MINOR MATTERS. It was decided that a committee should meet Mr. Archibald Hood with rei'erenoe to the Graig- ddu-road, Dinas. and that a sub-committee should meet to discuss the advisability of remedying the defects of a certain trench at Ferndale.—It was also resolved to call the attention of the owners 01 houses at Treherbert to a certain nuisance caused by a brook in that place, and ask them to put the same in proper order.



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