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NANTYMOEL NEWS AND NOTES. DEAR ,;STARRITE,"—My first impulse after reading your letter in the last issue of the Strl r was to rebel, but on a second reading I determined to fly a flag of truce. So. dear Starrite," behold me truly repentant. and I cannot refrain from giving expression to my sorrow at offending so in- telligent a reader as you seem to be. Eut you have been rather hard upon me for my one fault: and when again I happen to go rather beyond the mark. it will do me good to hear from you but let me ask you to draw your pen lightly over me. Cannot I induce you to give a little assistance in supplying this paper with a paragraph occasionally. I do not wish to monopolise the whole space my- self, and should gladly insert anything from you. Let me suggest something for next week. What do you think of Dr. Thomas as a candidate for the County Council next year. A SERMOV ON "TEMPERANCE."—The Rev. J. Hughes, Saron, preached a sermon on Tem- perance on Sunday last, and we trust some of the truths will strike home. In our opinion, sermons bearing on this all-important subject are needed, and should take place more or less regu- t larly. Anyone who knows Nantymoel will agree at once that there is sufficient room for an im- j provement in this respect, and all reasonable men, whether temperate or otherwise, should strongly uphold the action of the Rev. J. Hughes. One point in the sermon was very striking. The preacher argued that a man was temperate if he dropped when he had had enough, but the judge in the case was the drinker's ovrn brain, which was itself under the influence of alcoholic stimu- lance, and. consequently, net in a fit gtato to decide when the limit was reaCbfidi .NA^TyMOEL-Roy,- SUNDAY rlORXIXG AFTER THE PAY.—The general run of Nantymoelians can have but a faint conception of the scenes in this row on a Sunday morning. There are very tidy, respectable people living here, r*'vl everyone knows who they are but it is of tLo others I v. ish to write. There are only 30 houses in the street, and yyt on Sunday morning there were eight casks Li beer consumed before dinner, to say nothing of sundry bottles of whisky. All who have a cask ne j up early on Sunday morning, and they dl'iult and drink until the barrels are empty and half the household drunk. Two lodgers got a cask between them, and, being afraid of leaving the cask down- stairs, took it to their bedroom, and hoisted it on the bed. By this plan they could keep the beer all to themselves, and none of the neighbours had a share. Os o.-uv.vl vw'r dafarn, yn agor mae'r gog, Y rai droi'r ya 'dyw hyn ddim yn deg. Dydd Sul ma^cnethiwed a'i Ngad yn graft, A bivs sydd yn gwylw ei fwr-anJ-n-hu-'f. Mae Shan l'ygadstenyn a Sally drwyn coch Yn sbvr fod yn dai rhywberthynas a macho Na ddi^iwch am beniil, one! g\risg\rch ycap Diwygiwch a gwellvvch cyn 'r elo'n "Mop-lap." THE Ciiy OF THE CRIERS.—During the last strike in the Ocean some of the men acted as town [ criers and several times announced meetings, and finally late one night brought the news of a settle- ment and of work the following day. Theyara now crying out on their own account that they worked hard and received no recognition in the way of pay. Those in authority had best tako this hint. THE SCHOOL CONCERT.—It was found necessary to give an extra performance on Saturday night after two crowded nights on "Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. Jones, schoolmaster, occupied the chair on the last evening. There is a surplus in hand of £ 15. which it to be devoted towards pro- [ viding the school with a library and a harmonium. GOT DRUNK WAITING- FOR HIS TRIAL.—One of prisoners caught stealing coal by Police-constable Beyncn appeared at Bridgend Police-court last Saturday in answer to the charge. The case did not come on for .some time, and the prisoner visited a neighbourhing public-house several timea, and when his case did come on he was absent. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and that evening lie was taken up. drank of course, and placed in the cells where he had to remain till Tuesday.


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