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THE STFD FARM. FAIRWATER. NEAR CARDIFF. Uintli Annual Christmas Fat Stock Sale. (Within Five Minutes' walk of the Ely Station on the G.W.R., and two miles out of Cardiff.) MESSRS. STIPHENSON AND ALEXANDER 1. are instructed by the executors of the late W. G. Cartwrig-ht, E,q.. to SELL by AUCTION. at the STUD FARM. FAIR WATER, on MONDAY, the 7th December. 1831. 34C PRIME WELSH RADNOR AND SHROP- SHIRE DOWN FAT SHEEP. 45 THREE AND FOUR-YEAR-OLD EXCELLENT STALL-FED FAT BULLOCKS. 3 CAPITAL SHOW PIGS. AND 7 PORKERS. Luncheon by Ticket at 11.30. Sale at 12.30. [539 Keep will be provided as usual up to Christmas. ANY Persons having anv CLAIMS against the Estate of Mr. JACOB DAYIES. late of Barry, are hereby requested to send the Particulars cf the same to the undersigned not later than TUESDAY. December 8th. 1891. CHARLES MORGAN. 633] Town Hall Chambers. Pontypridd. TO BUILDEES. rpENDERS ar? hereby invited for the ERECTION A of a COACH-HOUSE. NEW DRAINAGE, icc.. at the Royal Hotel, Cadoxton, for Mr. J. J. Williams. Plans and Specification may be inspected at the Royal Hotel. Cadoxton. Tenders sealed and endorsed," Tenders for Coach- house," A:c.. to be sent to the Proprietor on or before the 20th inst. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily fce accepted. SEWARD AND THOMAS. Dec. 3rd.. 1891. Architects. Cardiff. Ystmdyfodwg Local Board. TO CONTRACTORS. THE •abovr-naniedBoard invite TENDERS for JL the GENERAL STREET IMPROVEMENTS of Llwynypia-road. Contract No. 2. Plans and Specifications may be seen. and Form of Tender obtained, at the Surveyor's Office, Local Board Offices. Pentre Rhcndda. up to Iohe 9th inst. All Tenders must be delivered under Seal. addressed to the Chairman of the Board, on or before noon on the 10th inst.. and endorsed Ll^ynypia-road. Contract No. 2." The Board does not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Bv Order. J. W. JONES. Surveyor. 2nd December, 1891. PUBLIC HALL, VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. A GRAND COSCERT Will be held at the above place On WEDNESDAY EYENING, the 9th inst. Proceeds towards the Reduction of the Debt on the Parish Church. TICKETS lr. Gd. 6c Is. each Doors open at 7. to commence at 7.30. Park Hall, Cardiff. GRAND PIANOFORTE RECITAL. BY Herr StavenMgen, THE GREATEST OF LIVING PIANISTS. Wednesday, December 9th, Doors open at seven. Commence at eight p.m. Admission:—Balcony, 2s. 6il. (Families and Schools above Five in number, 2s. each) Front Seats, Is. 6d. Second do., Is. In order to secure seats book at once at Messrs. Thompson and Shackell. F481 CARDIFF AND DISTRICT ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY. LARGEST SHOW IN SOUTH WALES. £428 IN PRIZES. 17 SPECIALS, 176 CLASSES. THE SECOND ANNUAL SHOW of POULTRY, PIGEONS, CAGE-BIRDS, RABBITS. CATS, and CANARIES, will be heltl on DECEMBER Sth and 10th, 1891, at Messrs. Gottwaltz and Ecwrings HORSE EXCHANGE (near the G.W.R. Station), THE WHARF, CARDIFF. Admission :—First day. Twelve to Two, 2s. 6d.; Two to Six, Is. Six to Ten, 6d. Second day, Ten to Two, Is.; Two to Nine, 6d. C. TELFORD ETANS, ) „ « W. C. BAKER, 2. Frederick-street, Cardiff. PE0PLE7SPA^K, PONTYPRIDD. Very Attractive. Sure to Please. Always Something New. Fcr all particulars apply to Mr. A. C. BEERE, Secretary. EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY ACT. VrOTICE TO BUILDERS. BRICK-MAKERS. 1-, CONTRACTORS. COLLIERY OWNERS, PAINTERS. PLUMBERS. AND OTHER EMPLOYERS OF LABOUR. THE EMPLOYERS" LIABILITY AXD WORK- PEOPLE'S PROVIDENT AND ACCIDENT IN- SURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED). Colmore- .chambers, Newhall-street. Birmingham, under- takes to cover Employers from all Liabilities. Cost of Litigation, kc., arising out of the Operation of th? Act. at reasonable rates. Workmen's Insurance Policies are also issued, thus securing to workmen' Compensation for all Accidents happening- during employment, and £ 50 in case of Fatal Accidents, f or a small sum per week. For further Particulars apply to Representative, T. I. COMPTON, CO MB. W. W. ADAMS. Porthkerry Park. Barry. No Employer is Safe Uninsured. [529 OYEZ OYEZ !—This is to arive notice, that MR. WILLIAM MUNDAY, the original Cadoxton and District TOWN CRIER, begs to dye notice that he is open to DISTRIBUTE all kinds of BILLS, and do the Town Crying on the Shortest Notice. Estimates forwarded. No con- ruction with any other. Note the address—29, r;i""„„v.3treet. Cadoxton. God save the Queen." J [506 J M PORTA NT NoTICE CHRISTMAS g HO W OF FAXCY GOODS. JJOWELL AXD QOMPANY'S GREAT SHOW OF FANCY GOODS IS N °W 1DROCEEDING. TROLLS, TOYS. BOOKS. CABINETS, WARE, etc.. etc., AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICES. JJOWELL and COMPANY are also SELLING several CLEARING LINES at less than Manu- facturers' Prices. (y QQQ PAIRS BLANKETS, SHEETINGS, QUILTS, COUNTERPANES, FLANNELS, REAL SOUTH WALES FLANNELS, PRINTS, CALICOES, &c. gEVERAL VERY CHEAP LINES IN FURS. MANTLES, JACKETS, FUR-LINED CLOAKS, MACKINTOSH CLOAKS, SHAWLS, &c., AT WHOLESALE PRICES. jyjANY VERY GOOD AND CHEAP LINES IN DRESS GOODS. T ADIES READY MADE DEPARTMENT CONTAINS 297 CHILDREN'S AND MAIDS' READY-MADE DRESSES AT NEARLY HALF THE ORIGINAL PRICES. 0LOTHING CLUBS AND CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS WILL FIND, AS USUAL, AN IMMENSE ASSORTMENT OF GOODS I SUITABLE TO THEIR WANTS. JJOWELL AND CO., THE CARDIFF DRAPERS, CARDIFF. .1»: GREAT BARGAINS. FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER AND JEWELLER, CORNER OF Barry-road & lain-st., Cadoxton, Also 40 and 41, BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF, HAS FOR SALE THE UNDERMENTIONED BARGAINS :— Splendid Patterns GOLD ALBERT, French I make, Splendid Design, cost £9 10s; to be sold at a great Sacrifice 75s. GOLD CURB ALBERT AND LOCKET, every Link Stamped,, could not be bought New for three times the price only 70s. LONG SILVER GUARD, Double Link, Fancy Pattern, orginally cost 30s. Price asked now only 12s. 6d. A Splendid Set of GOLD BROOCH AND EARRINGS, in case, Handsome Pattern, very Neat and Splendidly Finished, a Bargain, only 19s. A Large Assortment of Gold Wedding Rings, Keepers, Dregs, Rings, and Signet Rings for Sale. Silver Alberts (Ladies and Gents') in Variety. Watches of all Kinds. New and Second-hand Clothing always in Stock. NOTE OUR OLD-ESTABLISHED ADDRESSES:— FOLLICK, Corner of Barry-road and Main-street,' CADOXTON. Also 40 and 41, Bridge street, Cardiff. B. Evans & Company HAVE NOW OX SHOW A MAGNIFICENT STOCK OF RELIABLE FURS, CONSISTING -OF Sealskin Jackets and Three-quarter Capes, Real Astraclian Coats and Capes, Fur-lined Cloaks and Capes, Collarettes (long1 and short), Boas, Muffs, Trimmings, Travelling and Carriage Rugs, &c. R. E. d: Cu. beg to state that they hold themselves responsible for the character and wear of all Fur Goods sold by them. This is highly important, as badly dressed skins and spurious imitations are extensively made up and frequently foisted upon the public. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. NOVEMBER, 189J.. [252 W. H. GIBBY, 85, High Street BARRY, FURNISHING AND GENERAL IROSIOMEB, FEXDERS, TRAVELLIXG TRUKKS FIRE IROXS, COAL V.t\SES, GREAT LAMPS IX VARIETY. BEDSTEADS GREAT VARIETY. AKD BEDDIXG OF1 EVER! BEST LAMP OIL. DESCRIPTIOX. CARPENTERS' & JOINERS' TOOLS. SUPERIOR TABLE & POCKET CUTLERY. Sole Agent for the ALBO CARBON LIGHT. The Brighest, Steadiest, and Most Economical of Gaslights BENJAMIN LEWIS, B-ROCER, BAKER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, PALMERSTOWN AND BARRY ROAD, CADOXTON-BARRY. Try our High-Class Provisions at Low Prices. SPECIALITIES IN TEAS GOOD FAMILY, Is. 6d.; SPLENDID BLEND, 2s. AND FINEST GOWN, 2s. 6d. Lewis's Bread is the bread of the day, Lewis's Bread defies competition, Lewis's Bread is the best, people say Lewis's Bread withstand opposition Lewis's Bread is the bread for the young, Lewis's Bread is both wholesome and pure, Lewis's Bread for the weak and the strong Lewis's Bread will just suit you, I'm sure. Lewis's Bread for the navvy is best, Lewis's Bread for workmen to carry, Lewis's Bread is the bread to digest; Lewis's Bread is known down in Barry Lewis's Bread for the Welsh Bard, Lewis's Bread has a very wide fame, Lewis's Bread for all men who work hard. Lewis's Bread bears B. Lewis's name. I N.B.—Tea Meetings Supplied on Reasonable Terms. TEE CABOXTON COACH AND WHEEL WORKS, ADJOINING BANK BUILDINGS, CADOXTON, BARR Y. MR. A. R. LEWIS BEGS to call the attention of the public generally that he is now prepared to EXECUTE ALL 13 KINDS of CARRIAGES, TRAPS, &c., In the most modern styles. ESTIMATES FREE. EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. CARRIAGE PAINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. GENERAL SMITHY AND REPAIRING WORK EXECUTED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. A. R. L. begs to refer the public to his most recent accomplishments for several of the leading gentry Williams, andA. Davies (Barry Hotel.) and tradesmen of the district, including Dr. O'Donnell Mr. J. J. Williams, B. E.Hoddinott, ■ 5 I The South Wales Open Stock Exchange Company, STOCK & SHARE DEALERS, MARKET BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. TELEGRAMS—" SCRIP, CARDIFF.' DEAL FREELY IN LOCAL' k|STOCKS AND SHARES, AMERICAN, COLONIAL, & HOME RAILWAYS. FOREIGN BONDS, &c., For Speculation or Investment, on the" Cover System" (and charge no Brokerage on Speculative Transactions). By dealing with us anyone with small Capital, of £5 and upwards, can deal in eE500 worth of Stock, and LIMIT THE RISK to the Amount Paid; and by following our advices large and quick profits can often be made or by joining our SYNDICATE—SHARES, £2 10s. each, with,NO FURTHER LIABI- LITY, where the risk of losing is is REDUCED is a MINIMUM, and the money invested often DOUBLED in a WEEK. LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE PRICES I RECEIVED HOURLY. I I ROOMS SET APART FOR THE USE OF CLIENTS, FOR READING, WRITING, &c. WRITE OR CALL FOR FULL PARTICULARS BANKERS' REFERENCES, ke. N.B.—Straightforward treatment may relied on. All Subscribers to our last three Syndi cates have secured handsome profits, every Subscriber of ,£10 having already received back the original .£10, as well as £2i3 10s. CLEAR PROFITS on the three transactions. The Next Syndicate will Close for Subscriptions on TUESDAY NEXT, and will undoubtedly beat all previous suc- cesses, the Markets being very favourable just now for making rapid profits. Intending Clients should remit AT ONCE in order to participate. Shares, ,£2 10s. each, and not more than Ten Shares will e issued to one Subscriber, s the succes co of this venture is already ssure • WANTED. WANTED respectable YOUTH as an apprentice f (out-door preferred). Apply, Gronow, draper, Market House, Bridgend. [p60 WANTED GENERAL SERVANT, able to f f scrub. Apply, C. J. Welch, manager, Theatre Royal, Cadoxton. [p61 CL UB AGENTS WANTED, to form Clubs for Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Opera Glasses, Musical Inst.-t., &c. Members pay Is. per week. Terms, Catalogues. &c.. KEXDAL A DENT, 106, Cheapside, London. Splendid value. Great suc- cess. Mention Paper. Ladies' and Gents' Silver Levers 428., worth 70s. [523 WANTED. — A YOUNG GIRL, 16 years old, f" for the Binding Department.—Apply, Star Office, Vere-street, Cadoxton. OFlnCE BOY, to run errands and make himself generally useful. Apply, with a specimen of handwriting, XIV., Star Office, Cadoxton. [f00 DO you want your FINGER BILLS, Handbills and Circulars conscientiously Distributed in town and country ?—Apply X. X. X., Star Office, I Cadoxton. WRITERS WANTED at their homes, evenings tV good pay. —See the PEOPLE'S FIRESIDE JOURNAL. All Newsagents and Smith's Stalls, Id.; post free, 2d., from 59, Newman Street, London, W. WANTED, respectable BOYS to sell the South TT Wales Star.—Good commission to suitable lads. Apply Manager, "Star" Printing Works, Vere Street, Cadoxton. +- u. TO LET. lO-ROOMED VILLAS TO LET at York-place, XV/ Barry. Apply, Mr. E. Thomas, 85, Castleland- etreet, Barry Dock, or Mr. R. L. Thomas, 36, High- street, Barry. Rents reduced. [p58 TO BE LET OR SOLD—SEA VIEW HOUSE' JL Board School-road. Apply next door, Davies, Newport House, Barry. [p59 TO be LET~m SOLD, HILLSIDE VILLAS Porthkerrv-road, Barry, containing drawing and dining-rooms, kitchen, scullery, outhouses, five bed- rooms, bath-room, w.e., hot and cold water through- out, large garden front and hack. Price £ 450.—Apply Mr. Richards, senior, builder, Porthkerry-road, Barry. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS inserted in the JF) SOGTII WALES STAR, the most widely-read newspaper in South and Mid-Glamorgan,, at com para- tively low terms, for periods ranging from three to twelve months. i j. — — < FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD, Chean. a Plate-glass Front, air-tight JL Enclosure, with Fittings all complete, suitable for a watchmaker, tobacconist, or a fancy business.— Apply 42, Commercial-street, Newport. [53 PONY AND TRAP. Genuine. Dealers need not apply.—Address, Pattison, 7, Main-street, Cadox- ton. [54 VILLAS, TO BE LET or SOLD, 1, 2, and 3, j T Park-crescent, Barry; 8 rooms and bathroom, hot and cold water throughout. Lease 999 yearso- Apply, H. J. Money, Builder, Barry. fpSO PRINTING ORDERS of Every Description at JL the Office of this Paper. EDUCATIONAL. DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS HEBBLE HOUSE, CADOXTON, BARRY. Principal MISS BARSTOW. BARRY PREPARATORY SCHOOL, ATHER- JD STONE, WIXDSOR-ROAD. PRINCIPAL MISS BURBIDGE, R.A.M., Assisted by thoroughly efficient Governesses, Thorough English, French, Music, and other Accomplishments. Kindergarten Taught. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, RECTORY-ROAD, CADOXTON-BARRY. PRINCIPAL MISS SMALL. Prospectus on amplication. A Class |for Little Boys. FRENCH, Spanish. Italian, tGerman, Private Tuition. Classes. Special Classes for Commercial Correspondence and Conversation. Candidates pre- pared for the Medical, Law, Civil Service, Excise and Customs Examinations Scholarships through the post: Arithmetic, Book-keeping,Shorthand.—Mr. W Haines Public Translator, 25, Park-street, Cardiff. DRATOG AJTO PAIMTO DT OIL & WATER COLOURS, PASTEL, &c. AB CALEDFRYN'S CLASSES meet on SATUR- DAYS, at the GRAIG SCHOOLS. PONTY PRIDD. at 10.30 a.m., and at YNYSWEN SCHOOLS. TREORKI. at 3 p.m.—For terms, apply to Ab Caledfryn. Artist, Pontypridd; or, for Treorki Section, to Mr. E. R. Jones, Ynyswen House. MISS CALEDFRYN (late of the Royal Academy of Music. London), is prepared to take PUPILS for the PIANOFORTE, VIOLIN, and ORGAN.- —For terms, address to No. 1, Devon Villas, Ponty- pridd. MUSIC MADE EASY.—Infallible, easy, practical method to play piano, harmonium, withoul knowledge of music no knowledge of keys required Is.—Rev. WM. HUGHES. Oldbury. Birmingham. _[473 SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS. —Principals ol Private and other Schools will do well to adver- tise in the South Wales Star, which circulates very largely in the South, East, West, and Rhondda Di- visions of Glamorganshire. Quotations for a series may be had on application to the Manager, at the Office, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry, or of the local representatives. MR, A. A. WESTON, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, & ESTATE AGENT, AUCTION MART, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. N.B.—HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and TRADES- KEN'S STOCKS Sold at the above Rooms Weekly on Commission. Goods intended for Friday's Sale should be sent in not later than'Wednesday each week. [472 JSESSRSTJOHN "SAMUEL~&Ga, AUCTIONEERS, ESTATE AGENTS AND VALUERS INSURANCE AGENTS AND MORTGAGE BROKERS. PEMBROKE CHAMBERS, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. [530 [A CARD.] MR J. CLARK FAIRBAIRN, ARTIST, 55, VERE STREET, CADOXTON. [44 Public Hall, 1, Thompson Street, Barry Dock. THE Proprietors of the above Hall are now -L prepared to LET this very COMMODIOUS BUILDING, which will accommodate between j 400 and 500 persons for Concerts. Lectures, Meet- ings. &:c., &c. For Terms, apply to R. L. Jordon, Gordon, on the premises, or 6, Kingsland-crescent, Barry Dock. Seats and Gas provided. [519 T. J. RADCLIFFE, HOLTON, NEAR VICTORIA HOTEL. Fruit & Vegetables. Prime Potatoes. Sold at lowest prices. All orders promply attended to. A large assortment of prime Cigars and Tobacco kept on hand. Confectionery of ail kinds upplied. Flowers and Bird Seeds of every description. [30 T. J. R. will be glad to receive Shipping Orders. PLOUGHS, HORSEHOES, HORSE GEARS, CHAFFCUTTERS, CAKE BREAKERS, &c., CARTS, WAGGONS, TROLLIES, TRAPS AND CARRIAGES of all kinds. Agents for the Bristol Wagon Works Company. Lists free. HIBBERT & SONS. 10 and 11, Castle-street, Cardiff. [75 LA CARD.J A LLAN J. ATERS ARCHITECT & SURVEYOR, 136, NOLTON-STREET, BRIDGEND, Late an Assistant-Surveyor of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board. WHY DO YOU SDFFER ? WHY DO YOU SUFFER? GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS Containing something needed by Jlffi* who suffer from Colds. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by Xl-:x who suffer from HEAHTBt: HX. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by Women who suffer from LAXGOUK. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by WUMEX who suffer frum FIJATULKXCK. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS" Contains something needed by CniLDKEX who are NEitvoi/s or FUKTFVL. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by CUILDREX who suffer from WKAKXKSS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by MKx who suffer from NERVOUSNESS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by MKX who differ from LIVER DISOKDEUS. • GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by WOMEN who suffer from CiiEsT AIW};CTlOXS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed bv Wo.MEX who suffer trom IRRITABILITY ok TEMI'-EH. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by CHILDREN who suffer trom Neuralgia. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by CHILDUBK who are iliXCITABLK. DO YOU NEED IT? DO YOU NEED IT ? Head the following wonderful testimony of Pitiable Sufferings Relieved :— Hope Hall, Bethceda, Carnarvonshire. Sir, I feel that I am under great xvrsonfll obligations to you as the discoverer ol 'ch; now world-renowned QUININE BITTERS. To it I owe restoration of bodily health and strength GWILYM when all other remedies and doctors had, failed to give me any laxtiwj benefit. FeW p-rr, VC!, men have suffered more than I have done V AJN fc> and certainly there can be but few cases which could be considered more hopeless than mine OTTTATTXri? beforo 1 tri,>d your invaluable remedy. I 'compelled to be very careful as to what food I partook of, as nearly everything I ate gave BITTTTRS m? great pair.. My stomach was distended with wind, which again pressed upon" the other great organs of the body, such as the FOR lungs, liver, and heart, upon "the fulfilling, ot whose functions proper bodily health, comfort, and strength necessarily depend. IJSDIGES- SO great was this distension at times that I often feared my heart would stop it3 mT^T bt*ati'1-' for ever. I felt weak, dis- 1 IO>N. spirited, ami nervous. I feared to speak a word in public, and I felt I might at any moment fall dead. My breathing was difficult, rapid, and weak, while sometimes my heart beat so loudly that people who sat in the same room with me could plainly hear it. jjiy My life was a burden to me an I a trouble ainl » anxiety to others. In this unhappy condition I was persuaded to try your Qri:, iXK BlTTERS GWILYM though from my experience of other remedies which I had tried in vain r had very little _Tr faith in this remedy. I tried a 2s. Sd. bottle- EVAPIS Before I had finished taking this I felt sucl» a decided change for the better that I deter- mined upon trying a larger bottle—4s. 6d. QUI NIl\E The benefit I received was so evident that I readily obtained another 4s. 6d. bottle, with TJTTT171? c most happy consequeuces. Now I aia X>i J. A fiiVO strong and healthy—perfectly healthy—awl have been so from that time until now— FOR stronger in mind and body than I had been for years previously, ami all that at a cost of TXrrkTr<T7«C! ,S- then I have recommended J.JN UJ-lj*Hi o- It to i.ozens of others, and I have never yeC seen anyone give it a fair trial without being rnjAV benefitted by it and perfectly satisfied with it- E. W. JOXES GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. CAUTION. Above all, see that you get the right article, with the narne "GWILYM EVAXS" on Stamp Label, and Bottle, without whicb none is genuine. Refuse all imitations and insist upon having NOTIJIXO BUT GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Prices 2s. 9d Double Size, 4s. 6d.; cases containing three 4s. bottles at 12s. per case. Sold by all Chemists. Agents in all parts of the World. Equally suited for all climates PROPRIETORS :— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (LIMITED), LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. THE GLOBE FURNISHING CO. 19 CUSTOY mrOUSE gTREET, gARDIFF, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FURNISHING HOUSE, THEIR GOODS RECEIVE )1 UNIVERSAL APPROVAL. 1 THEY SELL AT EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. If you are buying Furniture of any description, i* will pay you to go to the Globe," as they make 1& their special aim to see that the goods they manafaC- iure are soundly constructed and properly finished. If you purpose purchasing upon our System of EASY PAYMENTS, We guarantee that our Priced, will be from 20 to 30 per cent. below those of any Hide Furnishing House- WE DO XOT CHARGE ANY FANCY .1 PRICES. If you wish to pay ) CASH, < We allow you Special Large Discounts. The splendid suecess and continued increase in our rasiness is a proof of the satisfaction we give. ill We have just completed considerable extensions and J ilterations to our premises, and we can now guarantee t- orders to be executed with promptitude Our terms for easy payments are the lowest in the rade. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE. THE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, of QUSTOM pTOUSE gTREET, j CARDIFF. I