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YSTRAD LOCAL BOARD. THE POLLUTION OF RIVERS. THE HEALTH OF THE DISTRICT. The ordinary fortnightly meeting of the Ystrad Local Board was held at the Board's Offices. Pentre, on Friday afternoon last, when there were present Messrs. Jacob Ray (in the chair), D. Morgan, M. Llewellyn, D. Davies, T. Griffiths, G. Thomas, W. H. Morgan (clerk), and J. W. Jones (surveyor). THE LLWYNYPIA CONTRACT. A letter was read from Messrs. Elliott and Jones stating that owing to the illness of Mr. Elliott that firm could not carrry out the Llwynypia (No. 2) contract. It was decided to readvertise (No. 2) contract. It was decided to readvertise for tenders for the same. I THE STATE OF THE ROADS. t A large deputation of ratepayers waited upon the Board, and urged them to obtain a steam roller and place the roads in a proper condition. It was alleged that the brake owners in the dis- trict were placed at a very considerable incon- venience. and suffered great loss owing to the fact that no steam roller was in use at the district.— The Clerk said there was a letter from the Rhondda Chamber of Trade bearing upon the same subject.—Mr. T. Griffiths was of opinion that a steain roller would not be applicable to their district.—A member of the deputation said that the roads from Troherbert to Pentro was a a very flat one, and that a steam roller could be easily brought to work upon it. In fact their horses and drays had been obliged to do the work of the steam roller in the Ystrad parish, and they bogged the Board to obtain one.— Mr. T. Griffiths asked if it was not a fact that since tho passing of the Sunday Closing Act that an impetus had been given to the brake traffic. He had resided in the valley for forty years, and was of opinion that such was the case.—A mem- ber of the deputation said it was undoubtedly a fact that the number of brakes had largely in- creased during recent years, but he put it down to tho fact that the condition of the working man was much better, and that he could afford to pay for a drive.—Mr. Griffiths said there were better times between the years of 1872 and 1875 than there are now, so that argument did not hold good, for the men then earned a pound a day.— The same member But the price of living was higher. A sack of flour then cost 65s., so that now the working man has more money in his pocket.— The Chairman said that the question had once be- fore been before the Board, but was then put aside, as tho members were of opinion that a steam roller was not applicable to the district. However, the matter should be placed on the agenda and fully discussed at the next meeting of the Board. MISCELLANEOUS. Saveral complaints wero received respecting the damage which had been done in different parts of the district by the recent flood. Applications wTere also recoived for increase of salaries from the caretaker and from Thomas Williams, assistant surveyor. These were referred to the Finance Committed. FINANCE. Mr. T. Griffiths reported that the books and vouchors of the Board had been examined by the Finance Committee and found correct. There was a balance at the bank of £ 5,927 8s. 7d., but there were several people who had not paid their share of the private improvement works. It was decided that the clerk should write to these people, and insist an immediate payment.—Bills amounting to £1,858 were submitted, and cheques for that amount were ordered to be drawn.—The Collector reported that during the month arrears in the rates amounting to £.33 15s. 8d. had been paid. The irre- coverable rates amounted to £15 8s. 8d. and the recovurable to ;fi12 16s. 10d.-It was resolved that the deductions be allowed, the Clerk remarking that the collectors' report was very satisfactory. THE HEALTH OF THE DISTRICT. Dr. James, the medical officer of health, reported the number of deaths to be 163. Of these 15 were under five years of age. The number of births during tho month were—Males, 171 females, 134 total, 305 so that the death-rate averaged 20'4 per thousand, and the birth-rate 38'28 The chief cause of tho large«mortality during the month was chest diseases, of which 34 had died. Six died of measles, two of typhoid fever, suid four of scar- latina. The Medical Officer further reported that the cow-sheds in the district were in a very bad state and it was resolved that the several Inspec- tors of Nuisances be ordered to visit these cow-sheds and report thereon. Dr. James also complained of the amount of tip- ping into the river which was allowed throughout the district, chiefly at Porth and Fern- ¡ dale.—The Clerk was of opinion that they had better leave this matter in the hands of the County Council.—Mr. Griffiths thought it would be a good plan to prosecuta all who polluted the river.—The Clerk The County Council say that the Local Board are the greatest sinners in this respect.— Dr. James I noticed that tac scavenger of the Pontypridd Board has been depositing refuse in the river, and there is evidence of the same thing being carried on in this district.—It was eventually decided to instruct the Clerk to issue the customary notices without delay. I THE BUTE DOCKS UILL. The Clerk reported that the Bute Docks Com- pany, in their Bill which was to come before Par- liament at an early date, sought powers over the ¡ rivers in their district, and on the motion of Mr. T. Griffiths, seconded by Mr. G. Thomas, it was decided to oppose this section of the Bill. It was also resolved to call a special meeting of the Board to discuss the best mode of opposing tho same. THB SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that the sub-committee appointed to look after the lighting of the district were of opinion that a new patent* gas lamp should be erected at Treherbert. another at Treorky, and two at Porth; and on the motion of Mr. T. Griffiths, seconded by Mr. T. Llewellyn, it was resolved to adopt the recommendation of the committee. The Surveyor also reported that in company with the members of the Porth ward, he had called upon Mr. Idris Williams with reference to the gap in the wall through which the flood rushed at Porth. and had come to an agreement that the gap should be filled up, Mr. Idris Williams paying one- third of the cost and the Board the remainder.—It was agreed to adopt this recommendation also, on condition that Mr. Idris Williams should carry out his part of the work. The inspectors of nuisances' reports having been submitted and approved of, the business of the meeting terminated.






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