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POXTYPRIDD. PERFECT THRIFT BUILDING SOCIETY.—On Thursday evening last a public meeting was held at the St. David's-hail, Pontypridd, for the purpose of establishing a branch of the Perfect Thrift Building Society at that town. Councillor James Roberts, Tati Vale House, presided over a well-attended meeting, and in the course of his opening remarks said that the Perfect Thrift Building Society was within reach of everyone, and people who joined the society would pro- bably, in the course of a few years, become the owners of their own houses. He was of opinion that when a working man became a house owner, he was a better member of society, and took a deeper interest in the welf:1.re of the mighhourllOod where he liver1. (Hear, hear'.) House rent was high in the Pontypridd dis- trict, but here was an opportunity offered for a work- ing man to obtain his house free of rent. He (Mr. Roberts) would have liked to see a larger number of the working classes on the directorate, but he was certain that they (the working men) would be well repre- sented on that body by Mr. J. W. John. (Applause.) Continuing. the Chairman said he should like to see a large number of the industrious working men of the town joining the society, for it was a real thrift society. He was certain they could put every faith in the directors, for thej were, one and all, sound prac- tical men; and as to the secretary, his name wa3 a sufficient security that he would do what he could in looking after the welfare of the members. (Loud cheers.) — Mr. W. Horsley (of Leeds) having entertained the audience with a few lime light views, illustrative of Stanley's march through Central Africa, proceeded to explain '• How to live rent free," and in doing so said that this society was a practical co-operative working man's society, and in addition to being a building society it could he used as a savings' bank auJ an insurance society. It was also purely local, and \voulclnot be governed by people who did not live in the town. A ballot was introduced to determine priority of the loans but that did not deter other members from buying loans from the society, and in that case the full commercial value uf the house which the memher wanted to buy would be advanced at a rate of interest of six per cent. per annum. Mr. Horsley then pro- ceeded to show how the profit of the society was made and how it would at the end of six years be divided amongst the members. He also went on to explain how in a case of the death of a member, the nearest relation could obtain a frec ballot, and concluded by inviting anyone present to ask any question they thought fit. Several questions were asked which were satisfactorily answered, and the ledurer at the end showed by limelight some of the houses which the society in different parts of the kingdom had bought for its members. We understand that already a large number of members have been enrolled, and the first payment took place at the offices of the society, Hong Kong," Pontypridd, on Monday night last. LIBERALISM.—Mr. Gwilym Hughes, the honorary secretary of the Liberal Club, on benalf of the Liberal Association, has accepted the challenge which was thrown out by Mr. W. E. Helm, the paid defender of the Church, to the efiect that Wales had not a distinc- tive nationality. It is not improbable that a healthy debate will take place at the Market Hall. A NEW CHURCH.—On Monday last the Lord Bishop of Llandaff held a dedication service at St. Mark's Mission Church, Pwllgwaun. There were a large number of church friends present, including most of the clergy of thc district. His Lordship de- livered an excellent sermon, after which the bishop, clergy, and a large number of laymen adjourned for lunch to St. Catherine's Parish Schoolroom. The vicar presided, and speeches were delivered by the Bishop, the Revs. D. Evans, and R. Rowlands, and Messrs. H. R. Johnson, H. L. Grover, J. David, H. S. Cobb, and others. Services were also held in the afternoon and evening. The new church was erected at a cost of £850, by Messrs J. Turner and Co., from the designs of Mr. Arthur 0 Davies, architect, Ponty- pridd. HUNT BALL.—On Friday evening last the annual ball in connection with the Llanharran Ystrad Hunt was held at the New Inn, Pontypridd. The ball room had been nicely and tastefully decorated for the occasion by the Messrs. Howell and Co., of Cardiff, and the music was supplicll hy Messrs. Johnsun and Roberts, Quadrille Baud, Cardiff. The dancing com- menced soon ofter nine o'clock, and a splendid supper had been laid out by Mrs. Miles in an adjoining room. The dance was very largely attended, the duties of secretary being discharged by Messrs. Edwin Price and Morgan Davies. THE GLANFFRWD MEMORIAL.—The tender of Mr. William Morgan, sculptor, Pontypridd, has been accepteù for the erection of the proposed monument on the grave of the late bard, GIannrwd" memorial, at Llanwonno Church. The cost of the monument will be £65. THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF 1893.—It has been decided to fix the date of the 1893 National Eisteddfod on the first week in July, in order that those who intend attending the international gathering at Chicago in the fall of the same year may do so. The parish schoolroom of St. Catherine's has been kindly lent by the Vicar for the use of the committees, who will without delay set about making arrangements for the bringing out of the programme, which will be ready in May next. Two days of the eisteddfod will probably be set apart for choral competitions. EISTEDDFOD COMMITTEES.—The first meeting of the Pavilion Committee of the National Eisteddfod of 1893 was held on Monday evening last, when Mr. D. Leyshon was appointed chairman, and Mr. H. S. Davies secretary. Caradog was also unanimously elected chairm<U1 of the Musical Committee the same eveninoo ENTERTAINMENT.—On Friday evening last the last entertainment of the St. David's Sewing Class was held at the St. David's-hall, Mr. J. Kuner pre- siding over a very large attendance. Miss Annie Williams made a splendid accompanist, the following ladies and gentlemen took part, Miss Bessie Davies, Miss Pollie Rowlands, Miss Sophia Williams, and Miss Walters, Tram-road Side Messrs. J. T. Llewellyn, H. J. Spowart, Morgan Charles (ironmonger), W. Gaze, and a young lad from Dr. Barnardo's Home, whose name we have been unable to obtain. COMPETITIVE MEETING.—On Thursday evening last a competitive meeting, conducted by Mr. T. Mayberry Williams, was held at the Congregational Schoolroom in connection with the Band of Hope of that church, the adjudicators being Messrs. J. D. Jones and T. Jones (literature), R. H. Morgan, M.A. (biography), and Mr. Edwards (music). Amongst other competitions was a spelling bee, which created much amusement, but the little ones seemed some- what nervous, probably owing to the fact that this was their first competition. In addition to the competi- tions a recitation was given by Mr. Edwards. Market- square, and a violin duett by Messrs. Forrest and Gaze. LITERARY MEETING.—An entertainment, which took the form of a literary meeting, was held at the Baptist Chapel Schoolroom, Coedpenmaen. in connec- tion with the Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School, the chair being occupied by Mr. Richard Rogers, Market- square. There was a large attendance, and the follow- ing programme was satisfactorily gone through:— Chorus, Coedpenmaen Band of Hope, under the leader- ship of Mr. Esau illiams; recitation, Mr. Henry James; song, Y il'.hvr Bach," Mr. Joseph Llewellyn; recitation, Mr. W. Williams: glee "Ehedydd Bach Mwvn," Peuuel party, under the leadership of Mr. Richard Davies; song, Miss A. Jones, Treforest recitation, Miss Emma Davies; song, Miss Mary Mills; recitation, "Robin Bach," S. A. Reran quartette, Mr. Esau V/ illiams and party dialogue, pin a'r nodwydd," Mr. Llewellyn Grif- fiths and Miss S. A. Bcvan song, Miss A. Jones: song, Mr. J. T. Llewellyn recitation, Mr. J. Williams flute solo, Mr. H. W. Clarke; glee, Y Gwanwyn," Penuel Glee Party song, Mr. D. Thomas song, Miss Mills; song and chorus, Miss Barbara Llewellyn re- citation, Mr. Joseph Llewellyn duet, Mr. E. Williams and friend chorus, Croes i bawb a ddel," the Coed- penmaen Band of Hope. Miss Annie Williams pre- sidedatthepiano. A most successful and enjoyable meeting came to an end with the usual vote of thanks. CLERKS' ASSOCIATION.—A well-attended meeting of railway and other clerks was held on Monday even- ing last, at the County Hotel, Pontypridd, for the pur- pose of discussing the desirability of forming a local branch in the town of the South Wales and Mon- mouthshire Clerks' Association. The chair was occupied by Mr. Massey, and after some conversation it was unanimously resolved to form a branch for Pontypridd and the Rhondda Valleys, with head- quarters at the above-named town. Mr. J. Miles was appointed chairman of the local committee, and F. J. O. Howell, hon. sec. The following gentlemen were then elected to act as a local executive committee — Messrs. T. John, D. Rees, W. T. Griffiths, A. E. H. Benson, E. W. Thomas, and C. T. Gibbon. THE FOOTBALL COMMITTEE.—A general meet- ing of the Pontyprilld Football Club was held at the Sportsman Hotel on Tuesday evening last. We have not been supplied with an official report of the same, hut we may mentIOn that a general feeling of dissatis- faction prevails amongst the members owing to the fact that the match committee have not acted too wisely during the past few weeks. TREORKY. OBITUARY.—We have this week to record the death of Mr. David Skym, a prominent Ivorite, and a mem- ber of various other friendly societies in the Rhondda Valley. Mr. Skym was the secretary of the local lodges and general secretary of the district lodges of the ] vorites, and uied at his residence on Sundav morning last, having been ailing for the last 10 years. MOUNTAIN ASH. THE RHONDDA SEWERAGE.—The Mountain Ash Local Board are of opinion that it is premature for them to join the main sewer of the Pontypridd and Rhondda districts, and for the present refuse to make terms with the Pontypriddians. PROPOSED POLICE-COURT.—We have been given to understand that arrangements are being made for the holding of a weekly police-court at Mountain Ash, and a meeting will soon be held to discuss the matter. Mr. North, the Merthyr Stipendiary, is in favourof the movement. FERNDALE. RAILWAY SERVANTS.—A meeting of the Ferndale Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants was held on Saturday evening last, and votes of sympathy were passed with Bros. Hilborne and Slade, of Cardiff, and Bro. Richard, of Aberdare, who had lately met with accidents whilst discharging their duties. ° MR. ALFRED THOMAS. M.P., visited this town on Tuesday afternoon last, and will probably address a. meeting of his electors in the parish of Llanwonno on Mabon's Day next. A meeting of the Liberal Asso- ciation was held last (Thursday) evening to make arrangements for the same. YNYSYBWL. INQUEST.—On Saturday last Mr. R. J. Rhys, coroner, held at inquest at the Robertstown Hotel, touching the death of a young man named John Lewis, who was killed whilst hunting near the Glannant Drift on Thursday. Although he was picked up immediately after the accident, and conveyed home, he soon suc- cumbed to his injuries.-A verdict of Accidental death was returned. ANOTHER ACCIDENT.—A serious accident befel jUr. Evan Llewellyn, Darwonno, on Friday last whilst out hunting, in company with a few friends Near the Llechfaen grounds a horse belonging to Dr. L. Wayne Morgan, Havod, and ridden by Mr. Grovc-r, Pontypridd, kicked Mr. Llewellyn in the leg, and fractured the same. He was immediately conveyed home, and is now satisfactorily progressing. FATALITY TO AN EQUESTRIAN.—On Thursday, the 10th inst., John Lewis, son of Mr. William Lewis, Tai-rheol, was riding a horse belonging to Mr. Tom Taylor, Pontypridd, to a brook near the Glanant Drift, when he slipped over the animal's head and was trampled upon. He was immediately picked up and conveyed to his home, but died shortly after reaching there. The sad affair was witnessed by his father, who was walking near by. and who was the first to approach the poor fellow after the sad occurrence. An inquest was held at the Robertstown Hotel on Satur- day last, before Mr. Rhys J. Ithys, coroner, touching the fatality, when a verdict of Accidentally killed was returned. The remains were interred at Llan- fabon on Monday. NODDFA BAPTIST CIIAPEL—It is said that the members of Noddfa Welsh (B.) Chapel have decided to present their popular pastor, the Rev. W. B. Jones, shortly, with a sum of money as a wcrlcling gift. Mr. Jones and his young wife are much esteemed by the inhabitants generally, and it is conjectured that a handsome sum will be forthcoming. HAVOD. INTERESTING PRESENTATION.—A large number of the officials of the TnE Vale Railway Company assembled on Friday evening last at the Vaughan's Arms Hotel for the purpose of presenting Mr. Gibbon, the late station-master at Havod, with a testimonial, as a small token of the regard in which he was held by his colleagues. The presentation, which took the form of a purse of gold, containing £45, was made by Mr. John Jones, the chairman of the meeting. Addresses were delivered by the Chairman and Mr. Davie3, of Porth, both of whom spoke in terms of high praise of Mr. Gibbon. The latter gentleman suitably responded, and the remainder of the evening was spent in a convivial manner. MARDY. BANKRUPTCY.—Edward Davies, of Mardv, Gla- morganshire, butcher, first meeting, December 1st, at noon, at the Official Receiver's, Merthyr. Public ex- amination, December 22nd, at two p.m., at the Court- house, Pontypridd. FATAL ACCIDENT.—Oil Tuesday last a married man named Rees Jones, residing at 37, Pentre-road, Mardy, died from injuries received whilst at work at the double parting on the Rhondda side of No. 2 Pit by a fall of stone, which occurred on the 17th inst. The deceased received a scalp wound, and succumbed to his injuries, in spite of the good medical aid which was sent for. He leaves a widow and two children. PROPOSED POLICE-STATION.—It has at last been decided that a police-station shall be erected at Mardy, and it is expected that tenders for the erection of tho same will soon be advertised for. TREFOREST. "BABES IN THE WOOD" CANTATA.—On Thurs- day and Friday the scholars of the Treforest Board Schools, assisted by Messrs. D. Evans (Alaw Gwynno), Clmbb and Lewis, Miss Wallace, and the Treforest String Band, gave two splendid performances of the '• Babes in the Wood" cantata. The school-room was filled on both occasions by audiences who appreciated the performance, as was evidenced by the manner in which they applauded the juvenile performances. The character of "Uncle" was taken by Mr. David Evans, Ynysybwl; "Aunt," by Miss Wallace. Tre- forest; and the "Ruffians" by Messrs. Chubb and Lewis; tho "Babes" by two little ones, whose names did not transpire. The characters were well sustained throughout by all, especially so the cruel uncle and Runians;" whose supposed cruelty to the little ones drew forth embittered acclamations from those assembled. We congratulate Mr Chubb and those who assisted him in being able to produce such a per- formance, and the manner in which he had trained the little ones. TYLORSTOWN. THE COLLIERIES.—The winding engine of Messrs. Tvlor and Co.'s pit was disabled about a week ago, and the new engine only arrived on Monday, so that probably the workmen who have already been idle during the past week will not be able to work for a few days more.







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