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CADOXTOX. MR. D. SHAW (Messrs. David Jones and Co.), of Cadoxton, Barry Dock, and Barry, has been appointed deputy-registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for this district. VISIT OF AN INDIAN MISSIONARY.—At the Mount Pleasant English Baptist Chapel on Tuesday evening next the Rev. Mr. Thomas, a missionary from Delhi, India, will deliver an address. The proceedings will commence at half past seven o'clock. WELSH SERMON BY PROFESSOR ELLIS EDWARDS. —We are asked to state that on Sunday morning next at half-past ten o'clock, Professor Ellis Edwards, M.A.. will preached a Welsh sermon at the newly opened Calvinistic Methodist Chapel at Court-road. Cac1<!XtOll. MR. AND MRS. BARSTOW and family desire to ackwHvledge the many expressions of sympathy they Lavereceived from a large number of their friends and. neighbours of the district in the loss they sustained of their little invalid daughter, and to say they ihava thereby h2en much consoled and comfo:.tec1 in their hour of bereavement. IN another column will lie found the advertisement of Pagett's excellent establishment in Vere-street. Ca,cloxtoll. where the hest bread, purest confectionery, jirc., in the district is claimed to be sold. A visit to the premises of Mr. Pagett, and a purchase of his whole- some goods, is certainly worthy of a trial. THEATRE ROYAL.—The chief attraction at this popular place of public entertainment this week has been the excellent and talented performances of the Four A eimomes," who will take a well-earned benefit this (Friday) evening. Several additional attractions are promised, and we hope there will be a bumper house to enjoy the first-class bill of fare which is sure to be presented. BLAST I NO EXPLOSION.—On Friday a blasting ac- cident occurred in Barry-road, Cadoxton. Several men, engaged in excavation work at Mr. David Love's stone quarry, charged a. hole .and let it off, sending a complete shower of large stones and debriinto the public highway, fortunately without injuring the pedestrians. Two large stones were shot into Mr. G. Harnett's clothing shop, doing- damage to the doorway andshopgoods. PUBLIC LIBRARIES COMMITTEE.—The monthly meeting of the Public Libraries Committee was held on Thursday evening at the Local Board Offices, Cadoxton-Barry. Mr. J. C. Meggitt presiding. It was reported that the attendance at the three reading rooms was very satisfactory, and that the rooms were fully appreciated by the public. With regard to technical instruction, the secretary said he had been advised by Mr. Baker, secretary to the Local Board Association, that the Local Board, as an urban authority, had power to levy a penny rate for the pur- poses of technical instruction, irrespective of the fact that the County Council were doing the same over the whole county. A sub-committee was appointed to revise tha list of papers supplied to each room. awl it was agreed that the Tran'rs' CIl;ljlli,<t and Welsh news- papers be supplied weekly. A CHAPEL FOR THE CEMETERY.—A special meet- ing of the Barry-Cadoxton and Merthyr Do van Burial Board was held on Friday, Mr. J. Robinson, M.I.C.E., presiding. A number of competitive designs for a chapel at the cemetery were considered, and that of Messrs. Bruton and Williams, of Cardiff and Cadox- ton, was accepted, that of Mr. J. Alfred Owen, archi- tect and surveyor, Vere-street, Cadoxton, being awarded the second prize of £ 5 5s. The other archi- tects who competed were :—Messrs. W. L. Griffiths, Newport: W. B. Knapman, Barry E. Axtcn. Barry William Stirling. London Seward and Thomas. Cardiff; Leon and Lowe. Cardiff: P. and W. Eade, Ipswich; Phillips and Holdgate A. T. Fisher; j! P. James, Barrv J. W. Brown, Bradford, and' E Webb. OBITUARY.—The funeral of Mr. James Mooney, Holme-street, Cadoxton, who died last Friday, took place on Tuesday afternoon last. The funeral was a large one. as deceased was well-known and respected. He was the first member of the Cadoxton-Barry Hibernian Benefit Society and a prominent member of the local branch of the Irish National League, and his brother members attended the last incident connected with their deceased friend in large numbers. The funeral procession was a very large one, and the body was conveyed to the Merthyrdovan Cemetery, amid many manifestations of sorrow. The coffin, which was covered with several very beautiful wreaths, was carried nearly the whole distance by members of the society. The chief mourners were the widow and her four children, towards whom a deal of sympathy was shown. The esteemed pastor of the local Catholic Church, Father Hyland, officiated at the grave, and at the close of the burial service delivered a touching address upon the life of the deceased, who was a faith- ful member of his Church. Hymns were sung by the Catholic choir during the service. Amongst those who sent wreaths were Mr. and Mrs. M-Cann, Holton-road. and the Hibernian Friendly Society. FOLLICK S is the Best Shop for Jewellery. Splendid assortment and at all prices. Corner of Barry-road and Main-street.—Ad vt. IF YOU WANT your Watch or Clock well repaired or cleaned at a moderate charge tike it to Newman's, High-s reet. Cadoxton. [8 SULLY. A DASTARDLY OUTRAGE.—A dastardl; outrage was committed on Saturday night in the grounds sur- rounding Canford Manor, the Dorset seat of Lord Wimborne. Seventeen valuable statues and a num- ber of handsome vases were thrown down and broken io pieces. The loss is estimated at t:2,OOO. Two per- sons have been arrested. DINAS POWIS. BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY.— During the year ending March 31st last the sum of i;4 4s. was subscribed from Dinas Powis towards the British and Foreign Bible Society. PEXARTH. DEATH OF MRS. DAVID MORGAN.—With sincere regret we announce the death of Mrs. Morgan, which occurred at her residence, The Woodlands, on Sunday morning. The deceased lady was the wife of Mr. David Morgan, ex-chairman of the Penarth Local Board, and one of the eldest and most respccted of Lord Windsor's tenants, having resided in the neigh- bourhood for over a half-century. She herself belonged to one of the oldest and most respected families in this part of Glamorganshire, and was a sister of Mrs. Valentine Trayes, and also a sister of Mrs. Lowrie, of Radyr. The deceased lady. who had been ailing for a few weeks, died from the result of influenza. The funeral took place on Wednesday. LLAXCARFAX. LECTURE.—At the Baptist Chapel on Wednesday, of last week, a most interesting and highly instructive lecture on 11 Garfield was delivered by MiM Lovett, when Mr. W. Griffiths presided. There was a good attendance. The proceeds were in aid of the Chapel renovation funds. ST. NICHOLAS. GLAMORGANSHIRE HOLo; DS.-This well-known pack will meet at St. Melon's to-day (Friday.).



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