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L" PARLIAMENT.—SESSION 13?:? BAMY RAILWAY DOCK AND RAILWAY EXTENSION AND FURTHER POWERS. (Additional Dock Railways and Works at Rarry- Xew road at Cadoxton—Additional Lands in the Parishes of Cadoxun-j u:\ta-Barry and Llantwit- Fardre—Additional Capital.) APPLICATION will be made to Parliament iu the ensuing- Session by the Barry Raihvay Company (hereinafter called The Company") for an Act for the following purposes, or some of them that is to say. To confer on the Company all necessary powers for making and maintaining the Dock and Works hereinafter described, viz. :— A Dock to be situate in the Parishes of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry and Sully in the County of Glamorgan within an area bounded on the north and north-west by the Company's main line of Rail way from Cadoxton to Barry Dock on the south-west by their Dock Basin and entranee on the south by the Dam and Works authorised by the B irry Dock and Railways Act 1838 and on rhe south east by the Cadoxton Brook. An entrance to the said intended Dock herein- before described from the north-eastern corner of the Company's Dock. A diversion of the watercourse known as the Cadoxton Brook or the Cadoxton River com- mencing at a point therein 65 chains or there- abouts measured in a straight line in the north- easterly direction from the house situite in the parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry near the Cadox- ton River known as Mill Cottage and so described on the 25-inch Ordnance Map. and 41 chains north of Hayes Farm-house in the Parish of Sully and terminating in the existing Cadoxton Brook near the sluice gates at which it passes into the sea. A Railway No. 1 commencing by a junction with the train line of the CVnpmy at a point 14 thaiti' or thereabouts south-westward of tre Cadoxton Station and terminating by a junction with the Company's existing Railway leading to the North Quay of the existing Dock at a point nearly opposite the centre of the Graving Dock. A Railway No. 2 commencing by a junction with the said proposed Railway No. 1 at a point between the existing Timber Pcnd and the Main Line of the Company's Railway seven chains or thereabouts south-west of the northern cor- ner of the said Timber Pond and terminating by a junction with the Company's existing Rail- way at a point 4 chains or thereabouts measured in a north-easterly direction from the point where the said railway crosses the Passage leading from the Basin to the existing Dock. All which said intended works will be situate in the several parishes townships extra-parochial and other places following or some or one of thom that is to say Sully St. Andrew's Major Merthyr Dovan and Cadoxton-juxta-Barry in the County of Glamorgan. A Railway No. i! commencing in the Parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry by a junction with the Company's Penarth Branch Railway at or near the junction therewith of the Cardiff Penarth and Cadoxton-jaxta-Barry Junction Raihvay known as Biglis Junction and terminating by a junction with the Company's main line at or near the north-east end of the Barry Dock Station which said intended railway will be made or pass from or through or in the said Parish of Cadoxton- juxta-Barry. A road in the Parish of Cadoxton-juxta- Barry commencing by a junction with the pub- lic road on the east side of the Wenvoe Arms Hotel at Cadoxton and terminating by a junction with the Moor Road, leading from Cadoxton to Cadoxton Lower Common.near the Weston Bridge, carrying the Conepiny's Railway over the same, and in connection therewith to stop up so much of the iir.t-mentioned existing public road in the said Parish as lies between a point opposite the eastern, end and the said Wenvoe Arms Hotel, and a point five chains or thereabouts south-eastward thereof, and to extinguish all rights of passage or way over the said portion of road to be stopped up as aforesaid. To confer on the Company in respec: of the Dock and Works to be authorised by the intended Act all or any of the powers which they have with regard to their authorised Dock and Works miller the Barry Dock and Railways Acts 1384 133513831887 1333 1869 1890 1891 and specially to confer powers as to the management use regula- tion and protection of the intended Dock and Works and the regulation and control of vessels resorting thereto. To enable the Company to make and maintain r. II necessary or convenient Graving Docks shipping riaees sluices timber ponds jetties quays dams sidings tramways wharves landing stages ware- houses workshops roads ways approaches and other conveniences and machinery in connection with the said Dock and. Railways. To enable the Company to cross alter stop up or divert whether temporal ily or permanently roads footpaths r.o'viwg paths railways tramways rivers navigations streams sewers and other works and to alter or remove any wires posts tubes or apparatus gas pipes and water pipes as may be necessary or convenient in constructing or main- taining the said intended Dock Railways and Works and to divert or stop up and appropriate the soil of any public roads and footpaths within the limits of deviation marked on the deposited plans and to extinguish all rights of way over the same and to authorise deviations laterally and "vertically from the lines and levels of the works as shown upon the plans and sections hereinafter mentioned to any extent which may be defined in the intended Act. To authorise the Company to purchase and take by compulsion or agreement for the purpose of the m. -lded works lands houses and other property ana also for the general purposes of their under- taking and of the intended Act to purchase and tan. compulsion or agreement the lands her-- ¿1trer described, viz. r—Land in the Parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry situate at Cadoxton immediately south-east of the said Penarth Branch Railway wnere it joins the Company's n.ain line railway and which land lies immediately to the weSu 01 the road in the said Parish crossing the said Penarth Branch Railway and leading from the Cadoxton Sheeping Moors to Wenvoe. Lands and buildings in the Parish of Llantwit Fardre situate near Albert Road and Kirkhouse Sen. ":z Pontypridd and on both sides of the Com- p iny s train line oi railway and immediately north of the said Albert Road where the said road crosses tiie ~aid Railway and between the said Albert-road and til'.1 tramway leading from Crawshay's colliery t-i the raff ale Railway at Pontypridd ami which Tramway passes under the Company's Geliiwion laiiuet. To authorise for the purpose of the ecus true- tion of Dock orks and of Railway No. the pur- chase and taking of common or commonable land known as Cadoxton Common in the aforesaid Parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry. of which it is estimated that about half an acre will be within the limits of deviation, and may be taken under the intended Act. To enable the Company to demand take and rrt >\ er dues tolls rates fares and charges upon or in respect of the intended Dock Railways and Works and to confer vary or extinguish exemp- tions from tolls rates and charges. To extend the time limited for the sale of sur- plus lands not required by the Company for the purposes of their undertaking. To confer further powers upon the Company in respect of the sale lease or other disposal of these lands. To authorise the Company to purchase and take by compulsion notwithstanding Section 92 of the L.nds Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 a part or parts of any house building or manufactory without being required or compelled to purchase the whole thereof. To authorise the Company tu applj for the purposes of the Bill any of their existing or authorised capital or funds and for this purpose and the general purposes of their undertaking to raise additional capital, by the creation of new ordinary or preference shares or stock and bv borrowing on mortgage and by the creation or issue of debenture stocks. The Bill wiil vary and extinguish all existing rights and privileges which would interfere with any of its objects and confer new riarhts and privileges and it will incorporate with or without exemptions and modifications the Lands Clauses Acts the Companies Clauses Consolidation .-let 1345 the CoinpaaiwS Clauses Anas 1833 ntyp I -the Clauses Consolidation Act 1345 and t:1e Railways Clauses Act 1863. Ou. or betore the 30th November instant plans mi'i sections of the intended Dock. Railways Road and Works and plans of the lands which may be taken eompuLorilv under the powers of tne intended Act with a Book of Reference to such ;l.m..o; containing the names of the owners and iessfc* or reputed owners and lessees and of the occapier,: of iuch lands an Ordnance Map with the line of the' said intended Railways delineated thereon and a ,"opyof this notice as published ill the London (rax. will he deposited for public inspection with th 9 Clerk of the Peace for the County of Glamorgan .t office at Cardiff and on or before the same da/7 a copy of so much of the said plans sections and I)ook:s of reference as relates to each parish or extra Parochial place in or through which the said interned works are to bemade with a co-tyor this notice :8. published in the London Gazette wili be deposit'-A^or public inspection in the case of each such parish with the Parish Clerk thereof at hi.* residence and in the case of any such extra parochial place with the Parish Clerk of some parish immediately adjoin- ing thereto at his residence, AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that on or before the 21st day of December next printed copies of the proposed Bill will be de- posited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons. Dated this 18th day of November. 1891. DOWNING AND IIANDCOCK, Vienna Chambers, Cardiff, Solicitors. DYSON AND CO. 24. Parliament-street, Westminster. Parliamentary Agents.