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PONTYPRIDD LOCAL BOARTh The fortnightly meeting of this board was held on Friday last. when there were preseiit Messrs. D. Levshon (chairman). J. Snape, J. James, D. Rowlands. P. Gowan. R. T. Richards, H. Ll. Grover (clerk), and E. Rees (surveyor). THE LIGHTING OF THE DISTRICT. The Clerk read a letter from Superintendent Evan Jones stating that the lamps in the Pontv- pridd and Treforest districts ^vere properly Ïit during the past month. hoardings. Mr Evan Watkins. of Union-street, waited upon the board to complain of a hoarding which la been placed in front of wmeh o^truct l lii rrli \vi v and wished the nuisance to oe removed as soon as possible.-The Clerk said that the hoarding was private property, and that it was not such a nuisance as the oar 11 c-t fere with. It was not injurious to they could do nothing in the matter.—Mr Go ja remarked that some time ago a pass CM 1 recommending that some of tne.e hoard- ing should be altered, and asked u th^t h.tci Uen done-The Clerk replied in the negative. A letter was read from the Cnambei ot Trade with reference to the widening of the bridge" of the TafT.—The Clerk said that there was a resolu- tion on the books with reference to this matter-— The Surveyor said he was preparing plans for the work. but that before he could finish them he would have to obtain the levels from Mr. J. A. n. Williams, of Cardiff. POLLUTION OF THE RHONDDA. A letter was read from the County Council stat- ic that a committee from the C utiicd wwild visit the Rhondda district that day. asking if any mem- bers of the Board would wish to join—The Lie k said that the letter had come too hue to come be- fore the whole Board, but that he had asked Dr. Howard Davies to meet them. and he hact done so. THE PROPOSED EXTENDED AREA. The Clerk notified that a draft report of Mr. Deacon had been placed before a committee me. ing of the County Council the previous wee., a he ft he clerk) attended that meeting, and v, a, glad to lpe able to report that Pontypndd mstrict had been treated ve^y fairly Co^Rlor Ho^n had done much for the isoard, as we «-.s ± Morgan. QVARREL WITH BURI A.L BOARD. The CVrk c tiled the attention of the Board to the fact that, despite all their efforts, the Burial Board had made up their mind to extend their dis- trict. and he thought it was high time that a special meeting of the Board should oe called to consider the question. It was now time for them to take it up. if they intended doing so. and he believed that the opposition of the Local Bo:m1 would be fatal to the Burial Boards Bnl.—Mi. Rowlands The only thing we want them to do is to defer the matter until we see whether we will obtain a charter of incorporation or not.—The Chairman I find that some of the members are in favour of incorpora- tion. but at the same time they are in favour o, extending the area of the Burnu Board, and I can see no consistency m tnat. Theies Mi. Ys Jones h9 has taken into his head to snub the Local Board more than anybody has ever aone before. He say. that the Local Board should not dictate to the Burial Board, and that they were already pledged to further the matter. I think that is very unfaii on Mr. Jones' part to use such language-Mr. Gowan said they had better trr and delay the matter for a while.—The Clerk said it was no use for them vo go against the Local Board. for the Local Board was the ruling body of that district. —The Chairman: Yes: and we would, perhaps, not give much opposition if wp found that tiio Burial Board was unanimous. But I find that there were only 4 to 3 in its favour.—Mr. David Rowlands I think we should have a meeting lie-t week to consider the matter, in order that we may positively report to the Board at its meeting -yVr cjp.v-^ • It seems to me that the Burial Board are'independent of us and the ratepayers, but at the same time I don't see that it would he very proper for us to use the ratepayers money to fight what will also be advanced by the ratepayers money.—On the motion of the Chairman it was decided to hold a special meeting on the following Friday. LAMTS UNLIT AGAIN. Mr. P. Gowan called the attention of the Board to the fact that all the lamps in the Pwllgwaun and Rhondda districts had been put out between the 8th and 18th inst. soon after halt-past eienen at night, and workmen were obliged to go to their work the following mornings in the dark. In addition to that one lamp in his district had been broken since the 2nd of November and no steps had been taken to repair it.—'Mr. Snaps is a great nitv that we have to call the attention of the gas company so often to this affair.-1Ir. Gowan It's no use for us to receive their ex- cuses. The Chairman remarked that several people had been complaining to him about this matter, and he was of opinion that the Board should take some steps in the matter. suggested that the Board should take up Lie L ht- ing of the district and have it done by contract It was eventually decided that the chairman to- gether with Mr. Snape and Mr. Gowan shotudbe a deputation to meet the directors of the gas company xuisANCE 0>- THE TRAMROAD. Mr Freedman. pawnbroker, Tramroad-side, waited unon the Board to cotoplam ot a c^n hoarding which had been put up by the proprietor of the Greyhound Inn. in front OL the house wh .ch was now' undergoing some aKeraaonb.^ xho Clerk said that in all well absolutely compulsory to pu. up j. f —Mr. Freedman: But these feet outside the pavement—The Chairman said that the Board would look into the matter. and it was eventually decided that the proprietor should be asked to remove the hoaiamg so as not to coma over the pavement. THE RHONDDA ROAD iMrcovESESTP. Mr. Snaps reported that a sub-committee 'had visited most of the landowners abutting on the Rhondda-road. and some of those gentlemen had given them the price they would require for land for widening the road. — A discussion foJoweu -respectiuo- these compensations, which the reporters were asked not to publish.—?vlr. Snape though. that additional help should be provided for the surveyor, and said that the sub-committee recom- mended the Board to give Mr. Rees (the surveyor) an assistant, and also appoint a man who should net as Inspector of Works who would be a mason by trade, and a man who would work if Kecessary Mr. John James concurred with this opinion.—Tne Chairman said he also agreed, with the recom- mendation for an Inspector or who would also be able to lank aitci the scavenging contractor, but he would pieici delay- ino- the question of assistant-surveyor for a time. -31r. Gowan suggested that a man he employed temporarily to draw plans for the proposed im- provements.—It was eventually decided, on the motion of Mr. Snape. that the Board advertise for a mason as inspector .cf works, at a salary .o. .35s. per week.—Mr. James moved, and Mr. Rowlands seconded, that sketches oe sent to the owners of lajid, showing how muci was required for the pro- posed improvements.—T-Lis wascarriea nem. < Oti. THE PROPOSED S. AT'GHTEilHOUSE. A long discussion took ..nlaoe with reference to 'the cos t oC the proposed .slaughterhouse on -the Tram-road side. but it was found out that the «jost of obtaining land for i'ae same would amount ito a large sum. and it was eventually decided not to pass a.nv resolution oix the matter chat day, and -that the clerk should furths-r communicate with other landowners with a vieycof obtaining ancsdier and a cheaper *-ite. MIS C E L L A N F. 'SL S. A -plan of the proposed temporary circus in the Batchers' Arms "5i"ard was snLmrtul and approved of, .subject to a few alterations whicn should he carried ,t#:it to the; satisfaction oi vbe surveyor, on eondrde-v also thai the structu«.cIiould be taken down as -t ton as the board thought necessary after the end ,o>January.~ -The Surveyors report and the Inspector ,ot Xulsano-s report werd i-r.d.

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