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CONSERVATISM AT CADOXTOS, On Friday evening in last week, at 8.15 p.m-j committee meeting in connection with the abo^e was held at the "Wenvoe Hotel. About a doz^11 members were present. Mr. R. G. Morris, secretary, proposed, and Mr. B. G. Davies. solicitor, the treasurer, seconded, that Mr. J. Robiu:Ol1. East Barry House, be chairman of the meeting' which was carried unanimously.—Mr. Robinso^ said the object of the meeting was to elect officer- for the ensuing year.—Mr. B. G. Davies proposed* and Mr. Williams, Cadoxton, seconded, that 3*r' R. Forrest be president for the coming yea,r' Carried unanimously. — The Secretary prop°se(i that Mr. Hoddiuott, Witchill Hotel, be electe^ vice-president, which was cirried.—Proposed Mr. Morris, and seconded by Mr. B.. Davies, that Mr. Napman be elected vlCS president.—It was also resolved that Mr. Robinson be vice president. — The Chair033 proposed that Mr. B. G. Davies be tr«a' surer for the coming year, which was carried- Mr. Howell proposed that Mr. Morris be secre^f^ for the coming year, which was also carried.—* .j Chairman announced that a public meeting be held in a short time, and good speakers \0n;11 take part, as he thought a little more enthusia^1 ought to be taken in the work.—It was also PT j posed, seconded, and carried, that Mr. Butler Dr. Treharne be delegates'for the coming .vea5'1i) Mr. Morris suggested that a Constitutional ge should be started, and that it would mean a amount of good and, in order to make 1 i 3uccess, a little more energy should be displ^X- —Mr. Williams supported the scheme. Chairman said he had spoken to some memhe^ and they were quite agreed that such an ilist|,e, tion would, undoubtedly, be very good.—A oe SE'c1 man in the room having asked where the Pr.0PoSejJ premises were to be situated, Mr. B. G. Davies it should be held at Cadoxton. which was a suitable place than either Holton or Barry- f aiatter then dropped,—The Chairman read a le from Mr. Lloyd Lougher. the agent, asking f°r, Appointment to hold a political meeting.—-A- '.Lf sussion took place as to the date when the raee should take place, and the secretary was direc be to write Mr. Lougher asking him which would the most suitable—13th, 14th, 15th, or of December next—Mr. Davies proposed a vote bY' thanks to the chairman, which was seconded Mr. Williams, and carried unanimously-— concluded the meeting.